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How To Blow Out Side Swept Bangs

Mar 28, 2020
Hello, welcome to this week's tutorial. Many of you have noticed in the last few tutorials that I'm wearing


, mostly more of the



type, and that made me realize that I've never done a


tutorial before, so I think it's important to do this for a couple of reasons. I know many of you may be hesitant to take a hit because I agree that they require more maintenance and require more work. Styling can be a little tricky, especially if you have hair like mine, which is flexible, wavy and curly. You have to work with your brushes and your dryer to be able to get them soft and straight for my straight haired girls.
how to blow out side swept bangs
You're lucky that bangs are much easier for you. You don't have to fight so much with your hair. Being able to make the bangs fall nice and straight and give them a little movement, but I want to show the rest of you who may con


r themselves to have problem hair that these things are possible and I don't want you to do it. shying away from a particular hair style because you think I can't do this, let me tell you up front that if you have very, very tight curly hair, I wouldn't recommend bangs, it's just not going to work with your natural flow.
how to blow out side swept bangs

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how to blow out side swept bangs...

I can do long bangs and they will spiral up, but I would never do something that cuts right at the eyebrow other than that. I think it is something very easy and simple to do and with some products and the correct uses of the brush we will achieve it. Get into it and I'll show you how to get that pretty Sid look. The key is also to tell your stylist to go a little more on the longer side than the shorter side if you have waves and curls. The ladies know it will grow back. a bit, so you want to make sure you have extra space to play with.
how to blow out side swept bangs
My feeling is that you can always go shorter but not longer, so take it easy, take it easy and easy, uh first and Before my hair is wet, I've washed it with conditioning shampoo and I'm going to add just a couple of products, first of all, a life-proof perfect hair day because, frankly, who doesn't want one of those, so just take a little bit, it's a big


out. Styling cream I'm using that amount and I'll run it all over my head. I used very little because I don't have much hair, so I'm going to run it through the bangs included, we'll get some.
how to blow out side swept bangs
From this again, it really adds a bit of condition, good styling power and makes the hair very manageable and easier to


dry. I'll use my mousse now, here's the trick, whatever you do, don't put gels, mousse, anything. up in the bang area because it's going to give it too much lift and you're going to have a hard time flattening them out and making them sweep to the side, so I'm going to use my mousse about that amount and apply it from here. back, so basically I'm working on the crown, where I want to add volume to some of the sides and the back, but I'm avoiding the top of my hair, because it's just going to make it a problem and we have enough problems in our lives that we do not have.
I need our hair to be a problem okay so don't use too much product you don't want to overdo it because then you're going to have sticky hair and the only way to remedy that is to wash it again and you know I like that. get many many many days out of my hair if possible okay so the tools I use my Elum hair dryer I have used this on every blowout I have done I don't know the particular model but what I can tell you . about Elum is that it generates high power and high heat and that is all you need to know, so if you are looking for a hair dryer make sure it has high power and heat, any model number you tell me is inconsequential and Sometimes they have them plugged in.
In your tent, you can turn it on to see how it feels, make sure it gets hot enough. You need that heat to be able to have your hair wavy properly. The next thing is that the brushes should have a very strong grip, uh, small bristles, nothing like that. wide you want there to be a lot of bristles to be able to grab the hair and pull it. I use this for most of my head. I've even used it for bangs and I can also use this smaller one to really pull it out and straighten it out so I'll show you my technique.
I'll blow dry my hair a little bit all over, you'll see some of that wave come in and then from there I'll focus on the bang first, the other mistake a lot of us make is we save it for last and it's already starting to have a lot of natural curves and funky things so make sure you tackle your bangs first here we go so again. I'm getting the moisture out of my hair right now and you'll see how they flip it from side to side focusing on the roots and that just gets some volume at the roots so your hair doesn't fall out.
Many of you ask what my hair is. The color is a medium chestnut brown all around, a darker chestnut brown at the roots to give it some depth and a honey highlight. I see all my little curls starting to look fun in the summer, but it's not something I can wear to work. Well, I just got back. and forward from side to side, okay, you don't want it too dry at this point because then you're going to have to fight a lot of curls, so now what I do is my bangs are going to start here and I'm going to throw them forward, so I'll take my little brush and start doing it, look how I'm pulling it forward.
Most people will style under-and-over bangs that way, but what will that get you if you want straight bangs that go down? That's how you do it, you go down and then straight, but I like the side sweep a little bit better, so instead I'm going to take it and grab it from the back and then I'll do it to the bottom side and I'll do it. down. and you could do a combination of the two so you can go down and pull down. I can come from the side and pull down, but the key is to have a brush that has enough grip because you want to be able to pull the waves and the curls down and hold them there and slowly release them down, pull them up, hold them there , release them slowly and I'm going to have to fight the curls a lot, you may have to do this a few times to get the end and then the The key is to hold it here because it's cooling down and that's how you get your ends nice and straight, keep pulling and that's the key with a grip brush, hold it and pull, and I can do the same on this side too, get it straight and hold it and just keep repeating straight and hold it and that gives a nice soft sweep bang. by Sid Now I will say that you might want some volume in your hair and I like volume so while I'm going to flatten this part out, I'm going to take a brush and create a little bit of lift in the crown area here and you can do that.
You can continue with your small brush. By the way, you don't have to go to a big brush. Find your partial line, move it back and now what do you want to do? Es kick this brush all the way to the root and bend it like this. You want to warm up right here to give it a little bit of lift and then take it and take it out and see what it did, see how I got a nice little lift here. on my partial line but the ends of my hair are straight and I can repeat that again so the ends of the hair are totally dry, so we go and I can also do the same thing on the other side, kick that brush underneath to get the roots and then pull straight, that's especially important to me around my part and now for faster drying I can take my larger brush.
This is both by the way, the way I bought it. Walgreens, you don't have to spend a lot, but the key is the Grip the bristles, the tighter the bristles are, the more you will get a straighter look and now just go through your hair again. I start at the crown and top because I want to control my frizz and curls. up and then I pull and I go back to my root I pull I go back to my root and it's that repetitive movement that leaves the hair very soft and you can decide at this point where you want your part to be.
I like to take a side. part, but sometimes after I've blown it out this way I can move it towards the middle because the interesting thing is that you can create a very interesting lift just by changing your part and seeing how your hair falls if you want. more of a middle part or more of a side part, that's completely up to you and also this is a point to decide if I want really straight hair, if I want to play with waves and layers so you can do them all. decisions, but the key is to do the blow first and do it right and once you've got that taken care of you can move on to the rest, so I'll finish blowing it and then you'll see the final product.
Alright, here we have the finished product. I decided to go for a super straight look and make it look extra straight when you dry your hair underneath, then you take your big brush and you just lift the ends up a little bit and that eliminates the curve at the bottom of your hair and it will make it super super straight, so now that we're done with the blowout, you can see the straight side sweat bangs there and I'm going to finish it off using the gold standard life proof amp. I take as much as this and I'm going to rub it in and then I'm going to put it upside down in my hair and I pull it from the roots up and what this does is it lifts the roots up a lot. of volume but I stay away from the bang area and go behind it and to the sides and that's it and you can even go through the ends it will give the ends a little bit of a textured look too and then when you flip it to back you will have incredible volume as you can clearly see so at this point all you need to do is just take your hands and put everything together however you want until you are satisfied and then you can kick it in with hairspray and call it a day but let's see , let me turn around, you guys are always asking for a back shot and forgive me if I've been LAX in providing that, but I'll do it now.
I want to make sure I have everything where it should be, hopefully. Hopefully you can give me a thumbs up when you see the back of my hair, but there you have it, a nice side bang looking really popular right now. You can do straight bangs if you have shorter bangs, but like I said. I know mine are cut a little long because of the wave in my hair, so I prefer to wear them sideways. I just like that look of having one eye exposed and the other barely covered, but not as much, I hope. This blowout has been very helpful so your comments and suggestions then you know what I will do.
I think it would be wise if I provided some links to other blowouts videos that I have done because as you know I have had numerous The hairstyle changes so there is a blowout for a shorter look, there is a blowout for a longer look, there is a blowout for each look, but I want to provide those links so you can see the rest of the hair depending on the type of look you have. Let's look at whether you want a more winged look, a wavy look or really straight. um there will be something for you, but I really wanted to address bangs because I know a lot of people are on the fence about whether they should do them.
I don't and if you have the right tools and you know how anything is possible and anything can work for you, so with your new inner burst, sweaty, I hope you have a fabulous week, go out there, be bold and be blessed as always and I. see you next time bye

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