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How to become a Sniper..

Feb 27, 2020
oh man it's going to be a great day well right now we can shoot some guns today we're going to be exciting on that seven grand I got I brought my money my three hundred today we're going long range shooting I haven't done that, I haven't actually done that, I was cold, I don't think I've done it in a long time, but other than that, we're also going to get the rest of my tattoo done today. I'm actually very excited to get it done because it's going to be the American flag that ends up. I know many of you are probably wondering, oh man what kind of yes I wore this shirt on purpose you have to introduce yourself to the Ranger? and you have to be super tactical and i'm pretty sure this is probably the camel i mean i blend in with the background all i need is a pair of knee pads and a plate carrier he's very happy and he's nice it's sleek it's smooth it's alright the first shot out of this gun I've never actually fired it it's going to kick like a mule I'm sure you don't know anything like shooting a target that has 40 holes that's alright ladies you have a weapon that isn't even on paper and is a human sized target at a hundred yards so this thing is saying what is it saying?
how to become a sniper
We have a quarter inch fit. at 100 yards so okay come on just this stuff weighs so let's go down a quarter minute setting at 100 yards okay I will say I find it a little interesting that the fire on this thing is yellow bellies a little bit uh it's a little weird to me but it's good to go give you guys a quick look at what's going on down here gave everybody Alfred here the good job on his nose okay this is Alfred this is in the one we were working on here is where we started here here I made a big correction here and here I don't know what it was but then I started moving slowly, slowly and slowly as you could see we finally got to his nose and I think that's enough well for the rifle we're working with this will basically be mostly used for deer so I think if I'm in a shooting group that big I think I'm good I think we're good to go oh I just realized of something, I wouldn't look in my bag, it's like a man, and I hope I put my lrf on it.
how to become a sniper

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how to become a sniper...

I know where my lrf is that I left it in my washing machine or in my washer and dryer. I left it on top of those when I was going out, so it looks like we're going to do the old thing. school way of using a calculator and milling targets. You may have to walk all the way down milah our far. Excuse me measure that first target and then we'll go from there because as long as you know the dimensions of the silhouette I think it should be the same as everyone else it's no big deal no big deal we'll just have to do it old school , old school ways of calculating a target's range, basically smoothing them out, these are the only targets I'll worry about. about today i'm not going to worry about that at all because i don't have a spotter with me and i can tell instantly where i'm hitting i'll be able to see because they're all white at all times you'll see a big black charge you know what i mean by the round punch , so I'm going to go ahead and measure these quick. oh lord it's down 18 inches ok 18 by 20 now 18 by 30 18 by 30 a lot of you have asked me to show you the basics of being a


shooting long range or something we're just going to go with the basics of shooting long range but this is going to be a guess this is becoming the basics of how to shoot long range I guess or spotting your targets far away I really don't know we're about to do it all together because I have no other way to do it than to use those measurements and a thousand mouths so it starts to get hot Texas sorry you're hot watch 10:38 it's 77 degrees outside anyone new to the channel this It's the gun we have. we're going to be shooting this is a desert tech 300 Win Mag this is the one we'll be shooting today but actually I'm going to go over something really quick with you guys because I know this can be a little confusing for a lot of you who aren't well raised shooting weapons I really didn't I didn't learn I learned everything I know when I was in the military, I learned everything when they grabbed a box of ammunition.
how to become a sniper
I'm sure there's a bunch of you like I got 300 Win Mag right here okay so this is really I got it out the right one very very very quickly but it's very important and I feel like a lot of people probably don't understand this but the grain of a bullet is ok this is 300 by 200 grain they make them like 175 180 150 or whatever ok the grain of a bullet just means how heavy the lead is as the actual chunk the shell is that it's flying ok so if it's a heavier grain bullet it has more impact ok more impact is a bullet that travels slower but cuts through the wind better but if it's a lighter grain bullet like 175 grit compared to a 200 grit it will go faster ok its impact is not that great you know what I mean like impact like when it hits it's stopping power not that great but it doesn't go through the wind is good so it's like you have to find a happy middle ground iz with the bullet I'm trying to shoot you see I'm saying the heavier grain doesn't travel as fast it cuts through the wind it has better stopping power or the lighter grain the bullet cuz it cuts through the wind is good it doesn't have a stopping power so good but it travels faster which means probably a little bit farther it doesn't drift you know you know I mean you have to find a happy medium but today I'm going to shoot 300 300 Win Mag Turner grain which that seven mill i was shooting earlier was a hundred and sixty two grains so i hope that made some sense i hope i can teach somebody something there and grains in a bowl it's very important ok i'm alone today so I have to figure out that I'm going to be capable of what You know, let's worry about shooting the first target and I also found out its actual distance using a calculator.
how to become a sniper
This is the reticle. This is what I'm looking at through a thousand points. This is more or less what you will see. it came out in this scope at 1.8 mils okay so this is what I'm doing I put my crosshairs here okay this is oops right on the edge right on the edge of this silhouette , okay, and then I'll have it reviewed and then I'm reading windmills. I think there was a circle here and other circles right here so this is the edge of the target so you measure from edge to edge and this is 18 inches okay remember 18 inches wide so 1 all the way this was about 1.8 million vit was 1.8 mils is what i'm going to go with so take this right here this is what the math comes into play guys alright so what we do is take his inches 18 times because we're playing with yards here twenty seven point seven seven okay divide that by your mils boom 277 yards there's what it says let's see if we can hit the mark. guys I'm just going to do the first shot let's see if we go back just hold Center good and see if it rings you should be able to hear the sound can go a little further huh?
The mill reading was 1.2 on the next target it's ok to last 1.8 your mils will get lower and lower as you go so you got 18 times two seven point seven seven divided by one point two and that's going to equal your range or this range is at least saying it's 416 out there so we're going to go we're going to go 4 and we're going to grab onto the neck and that should be the center mass. where we hit oh mylanta nice shot nice easy lemon squeeze oh i'll give you something quick a quick fact everything i got from the army i realized ammo is very very expensive i got to just under eight hundred i think it was like thanks a 727 or 777 i don't remember i pinged the target a few times and then i couldn't touch anything after eight now i was like you know what i'm wasting rounds because i don't have anybody behind me telling me every time i would shoot you know you weapon would change from left to right.
He couldn't tell if he was where he was hitting. I could have done a quick adjustment on my own. It's like you know what we are going to stop wasting rounds because these rounds get very expensive over time. Just slang in ten rounds down. I mean he spent 25 bucks for no reason you know I mean some okay we're going to get some tattoos we got to get some tattoos today today is the day hopefully we can start getting the rest of our sleeve and some old tattoos. I covered up the X man on my face, let's get some tattoos, come on Go get your arm tattoos Hello, where is my house?
Yeah, you're calling me from my truck, but my God, my phone was on my bumper. tattoo session of the day is a solid 1:14 p.m. if you want to go online if you need an ink gun and live in the DFW area I'll leave the guys contact info below he's very good I trust him when it comes to inking if they don't. I need to go and get inked if you don't want but if you need ink and you want nice straight straight lines that's the last time they'll ever see my arm hopefully I hope he's not inked but he needs it. down no, I mean, I'll leave the number on him, what if he's a nice guy, you'll like him, he's good at what he does, he can draw very well, let's get in there, let's do it. the way through 114 let's get a quick update went out to my van you have to grab the charger cause the mouth of my phone and i'm watching the season our code while i get this tattoo this is what we have so far yes you really no I can see, but uh, that's a lot of ink.
American flag. Actually, I'm bleeding. These videos will be monetized anyway. because he has guns, but he looks what we have here, he's going to go down to the forearm area and then we have George Washington with a bandana on, it's actually going to be amazing. I will return. there we've been doing this for three hours now it's 5:30 look you got a little yeah there you go there you go let's keep a little update on the tattoo situation a breeze asleep in sara oh you can that's great so that this is what we don't have today, it was four hours. right there, right there, he's going to go down to the bottom and now I'm going to look like a zebra for a little bit, guys, because I've got these stripes, he just decided to take me out with the stripes, the stripes are going to go down. but it leads to george washington with the revolutionary flag bandana across his face guys what the deal is this i hope you enjoyed this little priest.
I try a training session of all of you. I don't really know if you enjoyed the zoo, but you want to, so will you if you didn't need to click here and see that? If you have another team, you have to click on that other one and then they know the deal. and i'm about to disappear

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