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Feb 07, 2022
several bushes and then having to guess which one is more likely by the time they've made this assumption and start looking for you your altar will be up again so you can engage before they get to you if it sounds complicated when I'm explaining it later imagine how difficult that is it's for a player to realize this during a 5v5 teamfight. The blooddrinker in fights is specifically used as an additional area of ​​damage and healing tool which is great because of this sort of stealthy gameplay that sometimes even jumps right into the middle. from the enemy team muffling w and r to slow everyone down and turn invisible forcing him to start a fight without him being in danger, here he will be inside a group of enemies so the blood drinker will keep him healed and do a lot damage with With all the damage Kha'zix has and the options he has with stealth, it's very easy to get overwhelmed, so Speki's way of making sure he's always in control of all of this is to simply take a second to stay still. in fights when he's invisible he can seem like he's always on the move and is very active, but sometimes he just moves around in a fight to make sure he's ready to dodge his skill shot and actually , your mechanic is on pause thinking about what is your best option. if he runs back to the carry, if he gets unstuck and slows people down with his w, he can quickly judge all of his options, but if he decides instantly, he might lose one of the options that is best for him. late game. his wings in third place the reason for this is to allow double jumping in later fights a double jump is when you jump away from a low HP enemy and cut them into cubes right after jumping for a kill while airborne resetting your e during the dash this gives you an extra dash for free to make it even more mobile you can bridge the gap with your first jump and then have another jump ready speccy even has a very strange item he has been building recently t that you would never expect that item to be a frozen heart yes a frozen heart on a slayer this idea works because Kha'zix has such a strong dual element power spike with blood drinker and mana moon he doesn't even really need more damage so if it's against some high competition from the ad team, even kha'zix can freeze your heart and make sure you never lose a 1v1 and then in team fights he is always on top of five people in his stealth , so slow attack speed is getting a lot of value. applied to everyone frozen heart is so good for survivability that this build is nothing like a normal kha'zix with him focusing on being an annoying unseen threat hiding somewhere in the fight ready to show up, deal damage and disappear again like nothing happened if he ever runs for stealth or makes a mistake, he has the gore drinker and frozen heart ready so he can always stay alive, he starts with the longsword, rechargeable, in every game, this helps him reach his main power spike as fast as possible, this power er Spike is a mana moon blood drinker right now, the blood drinker build is much better than the marauder claw build and helps a lot in solo queue against burst damage, which is very common, these two items are the biggest power spike possible and pretty much all you need. do you ever need to win games sometimes even delay buying tier 2 boots until after that you have plenty of options frozen hearts vs a death stance vs more damage as well as vs a serpentine fang vs shields shirelda's grudge vs armor and then knight edge for more safety Speccy runes are probably the most important part of the playstyle fees for the crazy manaflow band of extra movement speed to maintain mana as well as haste and walk on water to allow him to join skirmishes much easier than the enemy amidst the sudden impact of his secondary for damage and ruthless hunter for even more movement speed in fights check out specky's twitch stream in the description and thanks again to molytics for sponsoring this video link below
how a tanky kha zix mid got challenger

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