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How SpaceX will do a BIG Starship upgrade for the next flight!

Jul 02, 2023
fire Why does SpaceX need so much concrete? Did Starship 25's static fire go well? How many people


fly aboard the spacecraft too and how can our Martian habitat be simulated here on Earth? My name is Felix, welcome to, what's up? Let's dive right into the Starship updates. Welcome back to Boca Chica, the place where space


is changing faster than anywhere else right now, as always, SpaceX teams are working around the clock to make sure another Starship can launch as soon as possible. fast as possible. Orbital launch support is starting to look cool. Starship 25 finally reached a major milestone and SpaceX won't be stopping there long to unpack today, let's do it starting at the launch site as that is our tradition on this trip to Starbase, there have been some major metal changes under the launch table orbital or since last In the episode we play the numbers game with Elon's estimate to guess the number of trucks of concrete needed to fill this bad boy.
how spacex will do a big starship upgrade for the next flight
We thought this would at least take at least some time. Well, wouldn't you know before we could publish that episode? Things went up in a big way on the night of June 26. Suddenly, it's concrete. The city trucks roll by, the pumps are installed in the foundations of the mesa at breakneck speeds and the concrete begins to flow and those trucks kept coming dumping their load into the waiting hole every few minutes, it was completely crazy to watch, if you remember , I estimated that around 125 trucks should be working fine, we weren't too far off the mark, the CSI Starbase guys counted that exactly 132 trucks were called to work lining up quite a bit. perfectly with Elon's ballpark figure of 1000 cubic meters needed for the new base, thanks CSI Starbase, we don't know the details of the concrete now, but given its volume, we're probably waiting a few weeks for it to set and cure properly. but don't be fooled into thinking that during this time the crew can work on it.
how spacex will do a big starship upgrade for the next flight

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how spacex will do a big starship upgrade for the next flight...

SpaceX is extremely good and has no delays in the workflow just a day after the big poor cameras already spotted the addition of an intriguing metal frame if you remember our previous speculation I suggest these could be the embedment plates intended for be placed in concrete providing mounting points for the water-cooled steel plate. It looks like our little theory hit on a fascinating twist, although it looks like we're not done with the concrete Fiesta yet, but shots of the ground reveal exposed rebar. This may be an indication of another series of concrete pours in the future.
how spacex will do a big starship upgrade for the next flight
I'll be keeping an eye on the upcoming RGB flyover to confirm this. Thank you. Aerial photography by RGV. This is invaluable. Panoramic of the launch pad. It remains a hive of activity with scaffolding decorating the structure and movements visible 24 hours a day since the shielding was reinstalled on the booster's quick disconnect arm. We are getting closer and closer to those first thruster tests since the inaugural


and recent introduction of Starships. Hot staging finally reveals why the spacecraft's quick disconnect kit was removed from the Orbital Launch Integration Tower or OLED, since hot staging requires additional hardware on top of the booster, we can expect the entire stack to stretch an additional two or three meters by moving the entire ship. raising the arm would be an incredible task, if it were even possible given the electrical and hydraulic connections already established.
how spacex will do a big starship upgrade for the next flight
I'm leaning more towards the idea that the quick disconnect plate itself could get a height extension


allowing it to reach the boat without modifications to the tower itself, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below. We also learned from Elon Musk himself that during the actual staging of a spacecraft, only three of the thruster engines


operate at 50 thrust each. Tony Bayla made a very accurate looking artwork depicting the process. Notice how the booster only runs three engines in the separation. This is done so Starship can generate the acceleration needed to escape the booster.
Let's zoom out a bit to give you a better overview. Take a look at the orbital. tank farm located off Highway 4. This is Spacex's dedicated storage facility for all essential products needed for Starship testing and launch, such as liquid nitrogen, oxygen, and methane. In recent weeks, we have witnessed a complete renovation of the dented tank area. The shells have been straightened with additional supports welded on and a new coat of paint. The GSE shells look much better, much better. SpaceX crews are also busy expanding the tank farm, if you remember, Elon Musk made an announcement after the launch about adding more.
Horizon up bullet tanks are not only easier to protect but can also be easily replaced once a concrete slab uses them as a landing site, if you know what I mean, aerial shots of Mauritius reveal a significant amount of reinforcement work adjacent to the current tanks said it right again, it may seem excessive for some additional tanks, but again, Spacex's strategy leans towards future-proofing everything through robust design. Now back to the star of display ship 25, after weeks of anticipation we finally arrived at the front. row of seats for the long-awaited test on June 26, shortly after 3 p.m.
Texas time, local sheriffs blocked off the section of road near the launch complex shortly thereafter, all personnel left the launch site for safety reasons, and the suborbital farm was sprung into action. It was initially prepared for another Prime spin test, but the publication of an overpressure notice to Boca Chica residents just two hours before the action was a pleasant surprise so I know this notice is a must for any test involving the engine ignition and serves to alert. Residents who will hear a siren 10 minutes before power-up also serves as a warning to leave their homes, as an anomaly at Starbase may cause some windows to break.
Having a spaceship as a neighbor can have unforeseen consequences. Fortunately, Boca Chica Village has spare parts. population, so there is no need for mass evacuations for us and for you, the most important part is that the issuance of such a notice is a positive signal that hints at a possible static fire, then the fuel supply began, filling the tanks with oxygen and methane, a process that is difficult to miss thanks to the formation of frost on the outside of the ship shortly after the sirens sounded and just a few minutes later it happened that the six engines of ship 25 came to life in front of its eyes on these magnificent shots, congratulations to our chief ycam operator, who Recently, SpaceX has been spoiling us with more and more test confirmations and impressive images.
This time was no different, as they shared a great drone shot of the entire ordeal. Take a look together, first you can see the ignition of the three Raptor engines at sea level, followed by the three Raptor vacuum cleaners coming together to cause a remarkable transformation in the column. Something truly exciting that reflects how much things have evolved is nothing short of remarkable. A quick turn. Prime and then direct to static fire of the six engines, all without aborts or cleaning. Just two years ago, SpaceX couldn't have achieved static fire without replacing an engine or two.
We are well made here. SpaceX, all future closers issued by Cameron County were called. Without suggesting that the mission is accomplished, it remains to be seen what the future holds, but I personally think that ship 25 will now wait patiently for reinforcement 9 and the olm, while ship 26 will have the opportunity to spin some Raptors. Now let's advance three kilometers of 1.85. Freedom miles down the road to the Cradle of Starship production, construction site here, what should instantly catch your eye is the high bay. Both Starship 29 and 28 aren't out yet, but to be fair, given the recent influx of prototypes at Rocket Garden.
Finding an available spot would be a challenge at this point, plus there is still work in progress. Did you know that Boat 28 has had its two aft flaps installed, marking the completion of the main exterior construction of this prototype? However, the payload door on it is still missing from the images, leaving the mystery behind. continues what kind of changes SpaceX might have in store. Both prototypes still lack a significant amount of thermal tiles, but that's a step that's typically done less when they're prepared for relocation. Turn your gaze to the left and you will see the second megabay.
The site is still shrouded in secrecy, but is getting closer to completion every day, as I anticipate that the trenching operations have had minimal impact on the progression of the building. The first section of the third level was transported to the construction site using Spmt Transporters on June 23, closely followed by the second. The segment a day later, both were already installed, then on June 25 the third section arrived and the final part of this level was delivered three days later. These sections have not yet been installed, but chances are they will already be installed by the time you are looking at this.
Despite two Starship updates a week, things in Starbase tend to go out of date in not days, but just hours. Notable progress can also be seen in Star Factory. The future of Starship production, although the production tents have not been dismantled as we expect expansion to continue. Highway 4 with more roof sections being assembled and the ground being prepared for more foundations. Have you been wondering about a location we haven't touched in a while? If you guessed Florida's Roberts Road, then you are correct. There's a reason we've had this long hiatus from visiting the site, but given the numerous comments asking about it, it's time for us to take another look at it.
Basically, activities at Bose lt39a and Roberts Road Facility have stopped the third Starship Tower and the additional pair of Mecca zillas remain in the original locations, a part of the QD arm for the second tower, have also not moved, however, now we have an idea why, as SpaceX began testing on the new Talla Starship design with the hot preparation ring which they probably decided to postpone until the final height of the full stack is confirmed for those keen observers, they may have noticed the absence of parts for the Florida Mega Bay. These are the same components currently being used for the construction of the second mega bay at the Starbase Florida star factory, although it does not appear to be complete. manufacturing ships or boosters for quite some time, there are rumors that SpaceX uses this building for Falcon 9 payload operations, but we do not have any official confirmation, that does not mean that there is a total stagnation in the closing inspection activities of


live streams from Slick 40 you can see something New foundations are being laid


to the platform.
It's been known for quite some time that this platform could also launch the crew at some point, which would require a tower equipped with a crew access arm at the same way way pad 39a says we've been looking for signs of the construction of a tower of this type for some time and it seems that the moment we were waiting for has finally arrived, the tower has been detected thanks to photographs taken by Twitter user f346. We can see that another section of the Tower is being assembled on Roberts Road, although at first glance it may look like another Starship Tower, in reality it does not match its size at all, this means that it is very likely the first prefabricated section of a Falcon 9 crew tower.
We'll need another flyover to confirm this, but it looks like the expansion of activities at Slick 40 could begin soon, while LC39A hasn't seen much activity other than incredible numbers of Falcon 9 launches, Of course, here too SpaceX is presumably playing the waiting game. Keen to evaluate the performance of the water-cooled steel plate at Starbase before deciding to install a similar but simplified platform at Flow Florida. I can't wait until we finally see the first Starship in lc39a, it may not come fast but once it does, it will. It will be a spectacle, what do you think?
When will we see the first Florida Starship this year in 2024? Will it be transferred by barge from Starbase or perhaps built from scratch on Roberts Road? Let me know in the comments. I love reading your thoughts and sometimes they even make it into an episode and while you're watching the like button, subscribe, share this video withyour friends and consider becoming a smart supporter for just one dollar a month, you get access to a daily Starbase photo gallery from our ycam. Operator boss, that has over 100 photos every day and many other extras on top of that, regardless of how much you decide to give, everyone gets the same supporting content and access.
We love them all equally. The same link to our Patreon page can be found in the description. thanks to the thousands of followers who already support us, guys, seriously, you will also do something related to the team. We're sending the entire team on a short vacation during the first week of July, it's Independence Day here in the US and they've been working hard so there won't be a July 4-11 release. The whole team wishes you a happy quarter and a great time with whatever you plan to do. We'll be back on the 11th, but hey, wait.
We're not done with this episode yet, did you know that we will soon have another space telescope and that it all has to do with dark energy? No, isn't that so amazing? Euclid, a near-infrared telescope designed to delve deeper into riddles. of dark energy and dark matter by measuring the acceleration of the universe will achieve this by observing the redshift of the galaxy. Now you may be wondering what a redshift is. Does it have something to do with the color red when we observe the light from distant galaxies? It often appears redder than expected. This occurs because the universe is expanding and this expansion stretches the light waves traveling through it.
A lengthening of the light waves shifts them toward the red end of the spectrum as the longer lights appear red to our eyes, this phenomenon is called red shift, it is as if the light from these galaxies appears red as they move away from us, measuring this change. Euclid is expected to reveal the relationship between dark energy and the acceleration of the universe. This remarkable space instrument will further help physicists and astronomers understand it. our Cosmos fundamentally, although the telescope was designed and assembled by the European Space Agency, it will be launched from the United States using a Falcon 9 rocket, who would have thought that this launch is scheduled for July 1 and its target orbit is quite only.
Euclid will do it. It will be located at the famous LaGrange Two Points, home of the James Webb Space Telescope. Oh wait, you're wondering what a LaGrange point is when Granda points are locations in space where the gravitational pull of a two-body system like the Earth and the Moon or the Earth and the Sun counteracts the centrifugal force experienced by A smaller body, such as a satellite, in any two-body system, there are five points designated L1 to L5. L2 can specifically be found beyond the second most distant large body. L2 is predominantly used as an object for space observatories.
At this point, the point lies just outside the Earth's shadow, it can keep the Sun and Earth behind it while maintaining a clear view of outer space. This allows uninterrupted observation of the night sky free of light from the Sun or Earth, as shadows definitely interfere. mission worth checking out, don't forget to follow me on Twitter at Felix slang so you don't miss any updates, but that's not the only exciting release coming this week at the end of May. Virgin Galactic successfully carried out a certification mission called Unity 25. During this mission, the company's employees boarded spacecraft 2 and experienced a 14-minute journey to the edge of space and this time the FAA found no discrepancies in its flight plan, indicating that Richard Branson's company is clear about the start of the


phase of scheduled commercial space flights galactic01. for July 29 aims to take the first paying passengers to the edge of space and I would love to be on that flight.
The crew is made up of two seasonal pilots, three members of the Italian Air Force and a Virgin Galactic employee, Colin Bennett, whose responsibility is to ensure the safety of the astronauts. However, the fight is not just for fun: it carries 13 payloads dedicated to conducting research in areas such as biomedicine and thermal fluid dynamics, as well as experiments aimed at improving the experience of space flight itself, provided that this flight goes smoothly and the subsequent Mission called Galactic 2. should take place in August now, if you have an extra $450,000, you can easily buy a ticket for that flight, however, there may be a bit of a wait as Virgin Galactic has already sold around 800 tickets that are not yet available.
While for some a very cheap suborbital flight is enough to fulfill their dreams, others look much further into the future. The perfect example of how to dream bigger is the Chapel One crew, which recently embarked on a year-long Mars analog mission. If you are not familiar with the concept of an analog mission, it is a type of mission designed to prepare participants for future space missions while they remain on Earth. These missions generally revolve around specially designed habitats that replicate the limitations found on specific celestial bodies in plain English that Mars is trying to copy on Earth, which is why on June 26 four people entered a module printed on 3D 158 meters or 1700 square feet called Mars Dune Alpha epic name by the way located in Houston, Texas, this habitat, as its name implies, is a simulation of a Martian base.
Over the next 378 days, the crew, who had to meet the same qualifications as real astronauts, will face challenges such as resource shortages, malfunctioning isolation equipment and simulated spacewalks. Of course, the health of the crew is under constant monitoring, ensuring immediate intervention if something goes wrong. luxury that will not be available on Mars the safety mode is still on these types of missions they are essential as they allow NASA to prepare for the real deal it is always preferable to eliminate as many variables as possible here on Earth so that we do not encounter problems unexpected events on Mars What do you think you could handle being isolated from the outside world for an entire year facing difficult tasks and problems?
Share your thoughts in the comments. That's all for today. Remember to hit the like button and subscribe for more awesome content. Check out our epic t-shirts on your favorite space nerd story. There's a link in the description and if you want to get even smarter about space and rockets, watch this video below to continue your journey. Thank you very much for watching and we'll see you again. In the next episode, it will potentially be a problem when you read this script four right now. I'm sorry.

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