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How Small Mods Completely Change The Character Of This Unusual 996.2 (GT3 On A Budget?)

Jun 04, 2021
And everyone, another 911 video of mine today and


one presents me with a few different issues, mainly where I post it and how I fit it into my current video schedule. You see I have a couple of series coming out and


would fit into both first you have nine eleven weeks and ultimately I think that's when this will come out but I also have a series on affordable dream cars and I think it's very fair to say that this is both a As your dream car is a 911 and it's affordable, you can buy an example of a 996 911 for just under ten grand, but that would be a slightly sloppy early example.
how small mods completely change the character of this unusual 996 2 gt3 on a budget
Spend a little more, i.e. about twice as much, and you could get something like this is Andrews 2002 996 Gen 2 C 2 now I was about to try to say that C 2 is there, except it's not because in 1996 there was no Carrera 2, yes there was a Carrera 4 and it also creates more confusion. the Tiptronic gearbox, leading many people to believe that a C 2 may have existed, so what is notable about this car, well, in some ways it is not a lock and in others quite a bit, it now has a kit aerodynamic. It's not a GT3 kit, although to the untrained eye it may look a bit like a later GT3.
how small mods completely change the character of this unusual 996 2 gt3 on a budget

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how small mods completely change the character of this unusual 996 2 gt3 on a budget...

There are a couple things I really want to get off my chest first about IMS bearings and stuff like that. The simple fact of the matter is that I don't. I think anyone could see one of these cars in nine seven and 986 987 or something without knowing the problems that these cars are famous for, the reality these days I think most of them have solved their big problems. I'm not saying they can't happen, but overall it seems like a much


er problem than it once was, so I really don't think it's a reason not to buy one of these and if you've already committed to buying one of these.
how small mods completely change the character of this unusual 996 2 gt3 on a budget
Well, you've probably already realized that there's certainly not as high maintenance in the engine department as something like, say, a TVR. They are also much cheaper. I remember nine or ten years ago you could buy a nine. and six or a Tuscan probably have the same money, whereas now a Tuscan really starts in the 20's and goes up to around 50 grand which would get you a very nice 996 gt3, it used to be that if you wanted to get to a nice 996 gt3 would need around 15 grand. I remember one company sold locally about 3 906 GTs three of different ages and specs and they all cost 35 grand.
how small mods completely change the character of this unusual 996 2 gt3 on a budget
However, the cheapest gt3 you'll find these days costs around 50 with examples going up to around 80 or 90, depending on exactly what you are. After this car has a couple of subtle modifications and is well used and well loved by its owner, I would certainly describe it as far from pristine, but that does not at all mean that it is not liked. The two actual modifications to this vehicle are a K&N air filter and a Dansk exhaust system. Unfortunately, I'd love to be able to reproduce some of the glorious sounds of that exhaust, but it currently is.
Stuck in silent mode, that said, it still sounds pretty nice and that exhaust has


d the


of this car quite dramatically. This is precisely the same engine that I had in my own 996 c4 now that the car is really dominated by the low and mids. Range oomph: It had top end, but it wasn't as effervescent as many other 911s I've driven; however, changing the exhaust on these



s that


istic, they lose a considerable amount of low end. and power in the mid range, but what you get is real high end fireworks, this car does its best work above four thousand five hundred rpm and if you're looking for that kind of gt3 experience on a


, it's not a bad one. modification. and it also unlocks some glorious noises in the rear.
The car the 911 most recently drove was the 99 7.2 c2 that you may have also seen as part of 911 week. It's amazing how different these cars sound at low revs, you know, when maneuvering. The m96 engine is used in these, it has a real grunt, it sounds animalistic, it is absolutely fantastic, wonderful, properly mechanical. Now other things that are good mechanically include this gear shift, which is actually excellent and I'm very happy because I've driven a few 906s. including mine, where the gear shifting has been far from perfect. Now a big part of this series on affordable dream cars talks about how realistic they are as an ownership proposition.
Cars like this could have depreciated well below their original list price, which in some cases was over £70,000, however many people will now be talking about running costs. I'm not going to pretend that these cars are cheap to run, but I think compared to buying a new modern sports car, I think. They're actually kind of a bargain. Andrew has had this car for about four years and in that time he has put about 20,000 miles on it, bringing this car to just under 19,000. He spent around £9,000 on it in that time and that's a mix of both regular maintenance and repairs, some of the biggest repairs include a faulty radiator which left him stranded on the side of the road, which is obvious, very unfortunate, and also the exhaust, which was not placed there just to improve the sound, but because the previous system was falling apart. and I can guarantee you that basically on any old Porsche, particularly of this generation, if the exhaust hasn't been replaced properly, all the clamps and bolts and everything will have turned into some kind of big hairy mess, they are absolutely horrible at rusting.
There's really not much the Porsche can do about it because wherever they are in the car, they will heat up, cool down, heat up, cool down to a certain degree and get covered in water, salt, sand and dirt every time they are driven. wear, so honestly, it's a losing battle and replacing them with a stainless steel system is a pretty popular and often necessary option. The KNN is more of a luxury technically speaking and I would recommend people go for one of those with some caution as they can improve this high rpm characteristic as well. with low torque they add a bit of sound and the 911's intake noise is glorious, but if you install a KNN with a loud exhaust system at about four thousand five hundred rpm, if you said exhaust in loud mode, it will feel like everything .
The car is trying to separate. It really bothers me that history has disparaged the 906 for so long and held the 997 in such high regard when they are largely the exact same car. I can accept that the 997 is the most desirable, a little more expensive. A car that has that classic styling but is also a little more modern, but there really aren't many good reasons to hate the 996. One thing I also want to get off my chest is that I've seen a lot of reviewers referring to these. The scary egg headlights, not fried eggs, refer to the early 996 and Boxster headlights which had a more rounded design, this is the most angular style and had amber flashing lenses so they really looked like eggs real fried.
If you're looking for your first 911 and have identified the 996 as possibly the model for you, it may be a little confusing headlights as to what the differences are between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 models, well this one has a 3.6 liters with a little more power, a little more talk, the first 3.4s are supposedly a little more reliable by having a dual row IMS over the cigarette one, but again, I wouldn't worry too much about that, however, This one does have quite a few more luxuries and you have to remember that we are talking about twenty years ago because when I say luxury what I mean is things like a glove box and a cup holder, the cup holder here is very nice and slightly over-engineered design that became in sort of a Porter trademark for the next few years compared to the 99 7.2s I drove recently, this car has had very very little talk over 3000 rpm, you floor it and then and nothing happens, that's a big deal too. difference compared to a standard one of these or poor c4 which as I mentioned before actually has a surprising amount of low end oomph as I'm currently stuck behind a truck that's ruining all my fun it's a pretty good time As Anyone to talk about some of the cool features of this car, when I first saw a photo I thought some things had been changed, but actually we think this car is largely standard on the outside, the only thing is a bit A bit strange is the arrow key, it has the wing of a C4, if it had an arrow it would have to have a different wing or maybe a 96.2 gt3 element and none of these so we don't know if it was quite different. from the factory or put there later, paint is sealed gray, great car.
It may be the most popular color for c4s, but this is also a product of Porsche's exclusive department, so it has some praise stitching here that you wouldn't really have. I notice it as


unless I want to tell you so, but the most interesting thing is that those wheels are apparently exactly how this car came from the factory in a kind of nice two-tone paint scheme. This car also has the sport seats the same as my c4 s, now those can hug your figure quite a bit, if they have been more used to it they may be a little more forgiving, but if you are a larger gentleman I would recommend trying them out to see if you feel comfortable with them on the first drive or two, maybe a little uncomfortable and really cramped, this latest car also has Porsche PSM stability control, which on the first generation car was only standard on AWD models. four wheels.
It's really strange because it's those that didn't really need it, so here we have it. road a little emptier, this car loves to rev those changes in the intake and exhaust really change the characteristics of this engine, the steering is interesting, it's not as direct or as pointy as the nine and seven I drove the other day and that's First, attribute it to a couple of different things. This car is almost 20 years old. It has been serviced but kept to original specifications. One option that this car thankfully doesn't have is the m/t sport suspension. I've driven a few cars. equipped with that and everyone thinks it's a good idea because it makes it look a bit sexy, it lowers it and all that jazz, but it's actually very firm and a bit unpleasant for a British B road, it's actually the car with better cushioning. and it's possibly a slightly smoother ride than the 1972 which was fitted with the TASM gearbox, it's a pleasure to use and that engine, once you get past our 4000rpm, becomes fantastically responsive and very vocal, it's a Too bad we can't really get it.
I'm shouting at you today but I think you get the idea that a 911 should always focus on the way it makes the driver feel and I've had the privilege of driving several 911 GT3s from different generations in my time, they are incredibly brilliant and special cars. . Yes, there are things about them that are a little more special than this, particularly the engine, but in isolation it's still something absolutely wonderful and the fact is that if you can't enjoy one of these in a row like this, I'm not going to enjoy it either. of the GT3 and, as a 911 and as an affordable dream car, this score is so high that I think its appearance has really improved.
I think the market is finally starting to appreciate how brilliant or, more accurately, not rubbish, the 996. is and a lot of people might look at that nine thousand pound servicing figure for four years and say "My God, that's so incredibly expensive." ", but you know there is an element of bad luck there and if you think about it this way, I know a lot of people who spend between five hundred and a thousand pounds a month on a fast Audi BMW or something like that and the reality is that this car has cost only the equivalent of, say, two thousand five hundred pounds a year and it has had the good grace not to depreciate at all, so it is an angelic fact that it is a very cheap car and I spoil myself a little.
I don't always see a 911 as having a special car, but I've known it for a long time. For many people it really is and the idea of ​​a 911 in the driveway is truly a dream come true. I still really enjoy driving a car like this, it makes me smile so if you've been wanting one for a long time. and you have the opportunity to buy it. I'm pretty sure it will make you smile. There are many different ways you can have your 911, but if you want a 996, everyone will tell you which is best and I won't.
I don't think I'm going to try to do it. I know which one is my favorite, but I'm not going to tell you. However, the SI 2.2 manual is definitely good. Thanks for watching, like it, comment below, subscribe if you have. We won't see you next time.

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