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Jun 07, 2021
last sweet woman hands of a semi-automatic glass of the green hands on my semi-automatic glass for the creamy hands on my semi-automatic glass for my three hands on semi-automatic glass in the hands of a semi-automatic pencil semi-automatic class today, today's video I hope that I'm here to save you some money and if there's anything I can do for my subscribers, I want to be able to save you money, especially if you're looking to buy a scat package like mine or maybe even a challenger or something else, but that's the bare minimum. . I want to save you some money so the first thing is to talk to you about how


I paid


for my snapback, so this video will cover the


payment I get.
how much it costs monthly for my 2019 charger scatpack
I was asked a lot of things that my warranty will cover, Stan, I just turned 25 a couple of months ago, if I had any impact on my shirt, so I will cover my monthly car insurance payments, I will cover gas consumption and any something else, so first thing. First, I'm not going to make this video longer. I want to show you that my monthly payments on my Skype pact are seven hundred and thirty-eight dollars, so those are the minimum monthly payments that I have to pay each month with the Scott package. If that is. a little high one night when I first bought the car through the dealership I had another loan open for another reason so my interest rates went up to eight point two percent and therefore eight point two percent cent on our seven-year loan at $738, that's quite a lot.
how much it costs monthly for my 2019 charger scatpack

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how much it costs monthly for my 2019 charger scatpack...

That's pretty high, but the good news is that I recently paid off the other loan, so I'm going to the dealership, not the dealership. I will call Navy Federal Credit Union and refinance with them and hope to get a lower interest rate. I'm okay with anything less than 5%, my credit is in the 700s so I don't see that being a problem, especially since I don't have any mandatory obligations with other things, so if you're trying to look, say some money . The reason why if you have another loan open and you apply for a car loan, it's called income ratio and decks, so the more things that are obligatory, if that's a word, the more things you have to obligate your money to.
how much it costs monthly for my 2019 charger scatpack


The higher your interest rate, the higher it will be and will be on any other loan you try to open, so if you're trying, I say you'll get the most money right off the bat. I recommend that you pay all other loans smarter. maybe even your credit card. I don't see that affecting your loan too much unless you have a bunch of credit cards open and are falling behind on payments, but I recommend paying off other loans before opening a car loan if you're trying to say that most of our money for the first year, before we refinance and before we have a chance to pay off those smaller loans, so $738 a month, that's the minimum monthly payment.
how much it costs monthly for my 2019 charger scatpack
I've been losing $800 and I'm a couple months ahead on payments so yeah it was pretty tough but it didn't affect me too much but I just wanted to pass the information on to you guys to save you some money so the second thing is my insurance, so I know this question, I think. I don't get asked this very often how much I pay monthly for my insurance rate so this question is a little difficult to answer because I have two vehicles in my name so I will have my Twitter Corolla which is my daily and I received my scat package I use on weekends.
I used to run around and finish videos like this so I recently turned 25, a few months ago before I turned 25 my monthly insurance for my two vehicles combined was 360. around 360 per month when I turned 25 luckily my It sure went down by a significant amount. I was actually surprised when I saw it went from 360 per month to 220 per month, so I'm pretty sure the Scott Pack covers two-thirds of that. of my monthly insurance payment on my paid Corolla, so my monthly insurance payments are 220 per month for my two vehicles, so the air package is two thirds of what I pay myself.
I'm just going to go with 150. so on that seven four, let's round up a little bit, so 744 the monthly payments plus 150 because we have a package for my insurance, so Rudy made about nine hundred dollars just for the monthly payments and the insurance with the Scott package, so it's a


Scout Package. I'm still 25 years old. I'm filming this video today, so it's nine hundred dollars and we don't touch gas, we don't touch car washes, we need to touch something to prepare repair cosmetics or anything. Next point, let's talk about the gas man, these Hemis, these Siemens consume a lot of gas, so if I drive on the highway, most of my hour of driving with this car is on the highway if I drive on a highway using cruise control or just driving.
As a grandpa, you could probably get around 26 miles per gallon on the highway, which is actually not bad for a car that weighs 4,400 pounds and has almost 500 horsepower. See the crank, so on the highway the gas mileage on the highway is not bad. it has an eco mode that you could change that converts it from eight cylinders to four cylinders and optimizes the car to save gas and yes, I noticed that there is a reduction in power when you are in the Eco mode device when you keep it on the track. mode or sport mode, that's more than just a myth, they actually turn off your car when you're in Eco mode, so I hope when it does, you get a DiabloSport tune in this car, it doesn't ruin how Eco mode works.
I have never seen a YouTube video nor does anyone talk about it so very soon when I buy those things I will try it for myself so with gas I am far away for me it will be different for everyone but for me I probably spent between 100 and 150 a month in gas with this car because I do a lot of drag racing. I do a lot of pools. I do all of the above. I never like it. I said my previous videos. I don't buy this car, I just soak it, sit in a closet or stay locked somewhere.
I bought this car so I can drive it, so I can have fun with it and that's what I'm going to continue doing, so I'm allowing 7:44 monthly payments. minimum we're at 154 insurance can start a hundred 150 for gas so I already told us this at about one thousand thousand fifty dollars for this car for the three main things that people will do so those are the three main obligations for gas . monthly insurance payments, so car washes, so this car is dirty right now, like I said. I was in Virginia for the last two weeks. I actually had this car parked at the base, so it was exposed to the elements, so a car is dirty right now at the end.
From this video, I'm going to give you a good car wash. In fact, I have a good car meeting. I'm going over to Silver State Mopars tomorrow, we're going boating on Lake Tahoe, so this car wash. I'm blessed with the ability I know how to wash my car myself and I do a really good job of making it look almost like it's detailed and I probably wash my car once every two weeks and I probably pay about eight dollars every time I wash it, so that's a negligible amount of money that I'm paying to wash the car because I do it myself so that's about sixteen dollars a month to wash my car and I know how to look at myself like it's dirty from time to time from time to time Look at all these little critters flying around, I hope you go out with a GoPro and can spot it.
When you get a car like this and the color white, I mean, have you seen any bugs that you hate on a road, it'll just splash and you'll be able to see? I wonder if this is the case with the black sky backpacks or the darker color. It has backpacks, if you could see the mistakes that easily. I mean, I have to see all my carbon fiber racing stripes. I mean, I could say there are some bugs that were exploited, but no. They don't stand out as much as these errors here, attempting one of the most annoying things about driving, at least where I spend most of my time.
Last but not least, last but not least, cosmetics, so I do that every month. I spent a bit of trying to make the car look a little better. I see one. I put these. This does not come with the car. I put this. It feels good. I mean, it's durable. It's nothing too big, but it's kind of small. There's one on the passenger side, open the trunk, I'll show you what else I bought, so I'm going to make another video. It's a bit of an exaggeration here. I wanted to imitate carbon fiber. I ended up putting this on our front in a Skype Hat to give it a little different look, but that will be a future Mars cosmetic video, but about some shopping notes I could put on the car and part of each month I probably spend about forty dollars buying things.
I could make the car look a little better, either with more microfiber cloths or some Kleenex or something to fill the windshield wipers, so that's probably about forty dollars spent a month on something cosmetic related, so everything which I know if you add up all the With the numbers that I gave you in today's video, you will get approximately eleven hundred dollars that I spend a month on this type package, so going back to that question, why do I choose the sky package instead of the hellcat ? It's for videos like this and moments like This is when I tell you that it's not just the monthly payments that you should look for, but all the little extra things that go into trying to keep up with car maintenance and all that kind of stuff, changes of oil trying to keep everything up to date with this car and he will see that this will be fixed in a future video so if you guys made it this far in this video once I want to appreciate you guys I'll be sure to Hit the like button and subscribe yes you've made it this far, but my plans for future mods is to wrap this and leave it white.
I won't use paint. I don't see other Skype x19 Skype asses painting this, but I'm going to wrap it in white and then for the yellow paint guards they used to have. I'll wrap it in red vinyl so I'll do it on both sides, it'll give my car that unique look and those two stripes. They're going to go right here, those two red stripes that I just showed you on my trunk after that happens, these cars are going to look even more of a beast. I'm about to go to a car wash right now, in fact, I'm going to wash this car.
The cruise tomorrow depends on how it goes. I will upload a video of the cruise. It all depends on how it goes. I might have my GoPro Hero 5 mounted on the side of the car so I can get some good exterior shots and maybe if someone does a high five. time for us and prove it, but I want to say thank you for watching today's video. Make sure to hit the like button, subscribe and stay tuned if you want to see me wash my little car real quick before the video ends, so let's get started. it fat class for the handsome dreamer a semi-automatic class for the three handsome ones a semi-automatic class for the handsome game a semi-automatic class for the day that is a Hasidic automatic glass for the thing that is when the semi-automatic glass for the game Panama City for the matter glass full of green hands in my semi-automatic glass of the greedy hands of a semi-automatic glass of the greedy hands in my semi-automatic glass of the free handsome a semi-automatic class full of any handsome a semi-automatic glass of any handsome a semi-automatic class of any handsome a class semi-automatic of any handsome my semi-automatic

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