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How to Make Money On Instagram In 2023 | Beginners Guide ($50+/Day)

Aug 31, 2023
So I'm going to show you something interesting if I go to my Instagram, as you can see, this is my verified Instagram page, so


sure you click on this if you want to follow me, but if I go here where it is. It says professional panel, as you can see, it says that I have been able to reach over 28,000 accounts in the last 30 days and if I click here at the top, we can see that it says information that I have been able to get an increase of 419 in terms Of the accounts I've reached in the last 28 days or so, I've also been able to get over a 30 increase in terms of accounts engaging with my Instagram and I've also been able to increase my total followers by 4.4, so today I decided to do a video going over the most important things you guys need to know if you want to start making


on Instagram, the things I've learned with several different pages that I'm trying to prepare for right now, so I'll go over the five most important things you guys need to know and It is very important that you stay here from beginning to end so as not to miss anything that is happening. to help you on your Instagram journey, so if you find any value in this video at any point, don't forget to hit the like button.
how to make money on instagram in 2023 beginners guide 50 day
I really appreciate that thank you so much, don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell notification. Let's not waste any more time, let's get right to it, so let's jump right into one of the first things that I think every beginner needs to understand and think about: you need to decide on a content style and by what I mean is that there are many different formats and ways you can create an Instagram page now, for example, if we look at the success of Sam's Instagram page, what I'm doing is repurposing my long-form videos from my YouTube channel and posting them.
how to make money on instagram in 2023 beginners guide 50 day

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how to make money on instagram in 2023 beginners guide 50 day...

I include them on this page constantly, but there are other pages that I started creating where I don't necessarily share my face on camera and what I do is I reuse other people's content and I'm using different formatting methods. So, if you are currently starting your journey when it comes to understanding the key aspects of making


with an Instagram page, first and foremost, you will need to decide on a style of content to decide if you want to display it. you face the camera, if you decide to use images, if you decide not to show your face, they all have different pros and cons, but it will all depend on what you want to do in the long term and what you are going to do. you will be able to manage and by this what I mean is that there is no point in choosing a specific style of content that you know is not sustainable and you will not be able to continue continuously posting videos and images, rules, stories, whatever it is on your Instagram page at any time. long term, so


sure you figure this out from day one and choose something that you know you'll be able to continue with as you continue to build your Instagram page.
how to make money on instagram in 2023 beginners guide 50 day
On some Instagram page, the reason I decided to go down the path of reusing all my different YouTube videos is because it provides me with endless amounts of content. I don't necessarily need to spend more time creating unique content for my Instagram because I already have the content for my main YouTube channel, so this is a better way to do it although it might be better for me to create unique content. I'm trying to do things in the most time-effective way. possible and I'm very aware that if two of you are watching this video right now, you may not have a YouTube channel where you can repurpose the content, but while that's not the case, it's not like that.
how to make money on instagram in 2023 beginners guide 50 day
This doesn't mean you won't be able to reuse other people's content, and it doesn't mean you won't be able to find a style of content that suits your personality and the direction you want. grab your Instagram page and quickly move on to the second step that you will have to take when it comes to making money online with Instagram, which is that you will have to decide on a monetization method and for those of you who don't know exactly what I'm about speaking, in my opinion, I think the best way to make money with Instagram is to have an idea of ​​exactly what monetization strategy you are going to use before you start building your own account.
Instagram page because there are many different ways you can monetize your page, you can make money selling your own products and services and you can make money selling other people's products and services, so if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of being able earn some kind of money with your page, of course, you must be clear about exactly how you are going to do it. The mistake I see so many


make is that they will start an Instagram page just so they can get followers but they have no idea what exactly they are going to do once they get those followers and I'm sure most of you right now They're probably thinking, okay Sam, that's great, but what's the monetization strategy?
The best one is what type of product is going to give me the best results and it's going to be difficult for me to answer that because there are so many different factors you need to consider, such as what type of Instagram page you have created and what category. Does it mean how much effort you want to put in when it comes to creating a product? There are a lot of different things to consider, but I will say that this is the most important thing to think about when it comes to choosing the best monetization strategy. what is the type of audience that you have actually attracted and this is actually one of the next things that you will have to think about, you will have to decide what audience you want to build when it comes to creating an Instagram page and the reason why this It's important is because depending on the demographic, the age of the location where your audience is, it will have a direct result in terms of what type of product and how much money you can potentially make.
Let's do like, for example, let's say I created a meme page. where I have not published anything but funny images and thanks to that I have created an audience of children and teenagers and, of course, I will not be able to monetize in the same way and I will not be able to earn as much money as if I had to create, Let's say an Instagram page that posts nothing but news about stocks and cryptocurrencies and just general finance related content, so that's why I always say it's very important to consider what kind of audience you're attracting because it's going to have a result. directly in the money you will be able to earn and the different monetization methods that will be available. for you and another reason why it is very important to make sure you choose an audience when creating your Instagram page is because it will help you understand what type of content to post and what will be beneficial to them, such as. with the My Success With Sam Instagram page because I know that people follow me mainly to ask for advice on how they can build businesses, how they can sell on Amazon, do affiliate marketing, drop shipping, etc., and so on.
I have made sure that all my content centers around this and I have also made sure that I provide the best services and products to people to help them on their journey, but this brings me now to the fourth most important thing that you will need to know when making money on Instagram, which is about understanding Instagram growth strategies and finding out exactly what the best Instagram growth strategies are, you need to understand what Instagram wants to see from you as a Creator and what Instagram wants in terms of the people who They are going to participate. the platform and over my years as a consumer and creator on Instagram, I can definitely guarantee that they want people to click on a post and interact with it and they want someone to stay on the platform as long as possible, so if we can post content with the one where people end up interacting in terms of likes and comments, and people end up staying on that particular post for a certain period of time and most importantly sharing that post with other people on Instagram and of course Instagram will continue. to get mad at more and more people and another way to know exactly what they want to see is to understand the features that they're pushing so one feature that I've seen that they've been pushing maybe for the last nine months maybe last year was meals from Instagram in my opinion.
I don't think Instagram cares much about posting images that may or may not be true, but I can definitely guarantee that if you're able to set really good rules, then, of course. you're going to be able to get a lot of engagement and that's why if we visit my Instagram every day consistently, I set one or two different rules and do my best to make sure they are followed. They are very informative and make people want to click on it and share it again with as many people as possible and the key thing I want them to take away is consistency.
I don't think if I was publishing. let's say two videos a week or even three videos a week, I would have been able to get the growth that I've been able to achieve to be able to thrive on any of the different content platforms today. I need a certain level of consistency and while yes, I am super consistent when it comes to creating my Instagram page, it doesn't necessarily mean that I have all my eggs in that particular basket, this is the last thing I want to share with you that, in my Personal opinion, they should only use Instagram as part of their overall business.
I think it's a great way to be able to create an audience and a community of like-minded people. and for you to share your thoughts and opinions on whatever topic you're talking about, but again, when it comes to monetizing content right now, I think it's just one piece of the puzzle and to show you exactly what I'm talking about if you just go to this website that will show us the most visited website in the world at this moment, as you can see here. Google is number one, YouTube is number two, Facebook is number three, Instagram is number four and Twitter is number five.
The reason I show you this is that yes, Instagram is the fourth most visited website in the world, but Google and YouTube are number one and number two because they are both search engines and people visit them. Regularly to enter a specific search term for them to get an answer to a particular question, so the way I have built all the different content businesses that I am currently running is by using the power of creating information websites. and getting them to rank on Google, as well as building YouTube channels and an audience that way and of course using the power of Facebook and Instagram, so to go back to the main point I'm trying to make, which is that . you should only use Instagram as part of your content strategy, it shouldn't be your overall business model now, of course, from the beginning, if you want to focus on building Instagram, then that's the way you should do it. but once you've built up some sort of traction and once you've understood what it entails to be able to monetize all of these most visited websites around the world, then it might be beneficial for you to start investing in several different baskets so that you can have multiple different income streams and of course there's a lot more that goes into the actual step-by-step process of monetizing an Instagram page that I didn't really get into too much. detail like for example they have different automation softwares, how you can use AI to help you, if you want to see me make more videos on how you can grow Instagram pages then write the comments below, make the Instagram video and I will get Get on with that ASAP and if you'd also like to watch a completely free webinar where I discuss my story of what I had to learn when it came to going from zero to over a hundred thousand dollars in profit with a new online business, then you'll be able to watch that free webinar by clicking the first link in the description below and finally if you also want to watch another YouTube video I made not too long ago where I break down everything I had to learn when I thought about posting more of 100 YouTube shorts on a brand new channel in 30 days.
If you want to see the results of what happened and all the different things I learned on that trip, then you can see it. YouTube video by clicking the link there, make sure to watch it right after this because it has already helped a lot of people and I'm sure it will help you too. Alright guys, see you next time. Make sure you're safe out there, peace abroad.

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