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How It's Made: 2022 COPO Camaro Serial Number 001!!

Mar 12, 2022
Alright, we're going to the airport. Dennis, as you know, the 69 flakes are really special cars and part of that is that the value of those cars is the level of documentation that was used not only to build that car but as a head office production order vehicle, um, and what's the key to that. guys, you can't understand that, yeah, it's not available, it's not archived, Chevrolet doesn't have it, so people would have kept it since 1969. So this is another reason why this document is so special to me, all these cars, yeah, us. I took the liberty of preparing a book for you, but the book that the car comes with knows very specific documents that show that through this construction process here I'm sorry to interrupt, I'm bad about it, I'm excited, no, brother,



one 572. that's what you want to see on your build sheet to start the day, yes definitely, and all the boxes are checked meaning the operator, technician or engineer who needed to be involved was involved, you can see the signature with the actual date of the first car out of production. 72 racer supply pack line with cool graphics, additional information in build station 2, so the car starts as a base flake, yes it starts as a base flake and then you have a few options that you can select.
how it s made 2022 copo camaro serial number 001
I think I selected the two best options, the 572 with the racer package, no doubt, okay, you get the super high level rare paint job, um and then you have that 572 engine with the racer package, the wheel bars, the parachute and the weight box and the dual batteries, so we're done with the build documents and it's extensive, nothing is lost in this, torque specs, that's awesome, okay, so how long did it take to build zero zero one? I love it, I'm getting used to it now, so we move on and this is the first document that I see coming to the building in most cases as cars are built in the future, the first major component that comes from the GM racing is this and cca is this document that says this is the engine that goes with zero zero one so don't lose This I won't lose any of that okay General Motors and Ati have been putting an amazing transmission in these cars from day one turbo 400 um, you have your gear ratios and all your information about your transmission and here's the spec.
how it s made 2022 copo camaro serial number 001

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how it s made 2022 copo camaro serial number 001...

The construction sheet or construction sheet says that it was done, that it was energized. Chevrolet Performance gives you a complete understanding of the


program in this document. It also tells you how to maintain your vehicle and who to contact. Additional information from Holly Holley is provided by hp. The ecu can be upgraded to a dominator if necessary to acquire more data, but this allows you to become familiar with the principles of how to understand how your ec works and how to troubleshoot or find help from Holley in most cases, especially this one. car that is not touching. that and that is my recommendation, I heard you, you hear that kels yes gasoline battery alex gasoline battery strange rear axle brakes and struts throughout the vehicle a partner in the cobo program from day one still an excellent partner never broke one belts seat belts can vary between the different manufacturers that we have and the use, how you are using it, it gives you an explanation of how to make your parachute, it is a Simpsons parachute and this explains that once you have deployed it by accident By the way, it will slow down. the car down, so yeah, you don't want to pull that unless your brakes come loose.
how it s made 2022 copo camaro serial number 001
There's a brochure here that basically says, "Hey, you know you bought a cobot if you want clothes or need extra parts or want to." try to build your car get total comfort parts how special is the 572 engine so the 572 engine is extremely special it is probably one of the oldest engine platforms used in racing everything from drag cars to boats and even aircraft engines in general. has supplied the big block for many years in its Chevrolet performance catalog, it was a natural based on the amount of horsepower it


and the level of development that had already been done with the group's 572 with uh with cca and russell blemist great racing. people who paid a lot of attention to this package, but basically it's a big style engine that you can buy with 720 horsepower and it's been built now as a coppo engine, so a couple of unique changes in that process steel crank steel rods forged pistons aluminum heads roller rockers roller valve train 572 cubic inches running electronic fuel injection It's probably one of the best bracket race cars we've ever built and the best part is that we really went out of our way to protect the value and and rarity, as well as affordability, at the same time, it's the biggest engine Chevrolet has ever put in a car.
how it s made 2022 copo camaro serial number 001
I think it's the biggest engine that GM has ever


when we were transitioning from uh, it was In the period of 2020 or 21, we were looking at what would be the best thing to do to a flake and we said you know something that GM has spent a lot of time creating engine programs, especially big blocks, there are some new ones. It's coming, but the fact that you could make a 58x 572 big block and put it in a coconut to make it really driver friendly was a big win. It took about three days and they sent us an engine and we said pack it in and try to keep the same air in that location, in the same position as the ls engine and like most big block and small block conversion swaps These days, they really are a no-brainer, so you'll know by looking at the Chevrolet Performance Catalog.
You see other programs to create engines. Well, how about this? We can go to ls. We can go big block and small block when we do something, so it's cool that that huge engine is in that car that's a huge engine. I thought it was really cool when you first started the show, you know, because the engine back in the day was a 69. That was a 427, yeah, and you put the 427s in the 2012 and 2013, I really thought it was really special, well , something really interesting happened. Over the years, we had several middle-aged guys and guys who really knew their way around big blocks and with that they competed and we said, "Wow, there's probably a market here, people have been nibbling on these things that would just be a lot." .
I'd rather have a big block and, you know, I just looked at these cars, I like the feel, I like the torque, it's a different feel, obviously there are extremely rare cars, they're built specifically and I think the 572 still does that a lot. further. weird and this is the first car to get one zero zero one thank you again sir let's smoke your tires yeah go smoke the tires get used to saying that zero zero one oh I love it I love it Kelsey are you ready ?

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