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How to Install a NEW TOP on a Dresser with a Kreg Jig

Feb 21, 2022
hey guys welcome back to furniture flipping teacher i'm lauren and we're back for another furniture flip this will actually be the first part of a daycare makeover one of my friends from school high school moved to south dakota, but i was looking at what we were doing. here on the channel and that I restored old furniture and she was so excited when she found an older


and a crib to go with it but it needed some love so they brought it from South Dakota and I'm so excited to get started with this piece for my high school friend before we dive into this video.
how to install a new top on a dresser with a kreg jig
Amora wanted to say hello. This is Neiman's niece and we have baby service today. We wanted to make sure you guys know that we released a surprise video Monday of us donating a thousand dollars through our furniture funding teacher program to the first teacher to receive it so we'd love for you guys to go there and congratulate laura we're so excited of continuing this journey of donating some money to a few teachers to help them with their tuition fees as well as student loan debt, now back to the video, as always, I'm going to go ahead and start removing this hardware, we're actually going to put some new hardware in and so I'm going to keep these in my stash, they're pretty nice wood knobs so there's no reason not to save them in case a later project calls for some wood knobs when I remove the hardware many times, I also like to move on. and get the drawers out because I'm going to get them out anyway and then I'll also go ahead and clean them while they're out there now that I've got all the hardware removed I'm going to use a super clean degreasing cleaner to clean all this stuff off we're going to get all the dirt grime off , surface grease and oil so this is actually one of those assembled


s it's Eddie Bowers it's quite nice it's not solid wood so it's just a little lower quality but I'm going to adjust everything Come on to making sure the new babies room looks nice and new so now that we're clean of course we have to rinse off all that cleaner that wasn't removed when we were cleaning it because we don't want any cleaner to stay on the surface and will get under the paint so we just rinse it with some nice clean water so since this vanity is not solid wood there is one thing I just can't fix and that is a is the top as you can see here since this is mdf and this has gotten tons of water inside over time that once mdf gets water damage like this that bad to where it expands there's really no going back after this what i'm going to do is remove the whole top and since it's structural which means it has to have a top to make it structurally sound i'm going to have to be very careful until i put the top back on, but since I'm going to have the top anyway I'm going to go ahead and paint everything while tha is off so I'm going to figure out how to remove this here it's actually already up so I'm not too worried about that side but this side we're just going to have to take out some screws and figure out what to do from there so there's a couple of screw holes here that I think will make the top come right off but let's see if this works ciona.
how to install a new top on a dresser with a kreg jig

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how to install a new top on a dresser with a kreg jig...

I removed it and I'm going to reconfigure this so we can address how I think we could attach the top although we'll get to that later now that we have that top but we're going to move on to the next part right before painting which it's sanding and I don't want to get too deep into the surface of the dresser or the drawers so I'm just going to use a 220 grit and that's going to do is give the surface of the dresser a little bit of texture and that will help that my paint adheres very well. to be using my surf prep sander and this is going to be perfect for all these little grooves most of the time i find with an orbital sander it's really hard to get to these corner areas because it's a circle and so with this 3 by 4 inch electric gray sander it really helps me get into those corners that way and you can find the link to my surf prep sander and all attachments below in the description and you can also use my code fft 10 per 10 off All your order is fine and I have my microfiber cloth.
how to install a new top on a dresser with a kreg jig
Now that I'm done sanding, we need to clean up all that dust so it doesn't get stuck in the paint when you're using your microfiber dusting cloth. It is up to you whether or not you want to moisten the cloth. I go from one place to another most of the time. I would say I just use a dry microfiber cloth, but sometimes I will get it a little wet. ready to paint for this powder room like i said let's go for a boho neutral more ok my client chose this beautiful green from melange paints and was excited because this color comes in their new formula which means all the things needed to restoring a piece of furniture are in this jar well of course i had to clean and sand and do all the prep except the primer and top coat as well as the paint of course it's all built into this paint so its just a one step furniture paint my brush is a zebra palm pro you know how much i love the little brushes that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand so im going to use thats just tinted yellow when i used yellow paint several months ago the yellow will make it very very pigmented but it won't come out on this paint so im going to go ahead and start it has amazing coverage we will always do two coats minimum but the coverage of melange paint is just amazing and you can barely see it through when you've just applied the first coat one thing you'll also notice is that y You don't want to overwork the paint when using self leveling paint or else those self leveling qualities will be lost and it will definitely show a lot of brush marks ok the first coat of the green thistle is there so that will dry and then we'll come back for coat number two look at the smooth finish this paint has you can see a little bit of marking but that's just because it didn't cover completely, but you can't feel any brush marks.
how to install a new top on a dresser with a kreg jig
I'm very pleased with how this is turning out so let's move on to layer two, ok the second layer is complete with all the pieces and I love the way it looks now. I'm going to show you what's going on with the top? Here is the top. I went to home depot and bought this piece of wood and then had to have my neighbor cut it out with a table saw because the cuts were too small for home depot to make but we cut it down it came down to the correct size 19 by 45 b Basically what I did was measure the old top and then make the new one exactly the same so it's really just pine plywood but it's really good quality this will be the actual top and I chose it obviously because there's a pair. flaws in the back here but not a big deal to start getting the look we want I'm going to smooth this out with 120 grit sandpaper and then I'm going to switch to 220 grit to get a really smooth finish before we have any color here um ok now that we have it all sanded down we have to choose how we want it to look when placed on top ie what color we want it light or we want it dark so we'll try a few things in the back before making a decision on the top so we have a couple different options here we can either leave it this simple wood color and put a top coat over it or we can do a faux stain that is like a wash of paint with a similar color but it would darken it a bit so I'm going to start by testing the top coat and I just got a polyacrylic here and it's the satin finish so it will darken our wood a bit although it's sure it will still leak a bit there.
I just received a foam brush and I am going to apply it. It won't really change it too much. Definitely not even as much as I thought I would change it. So it's pretty much the same color. I definitely thought I would change it up more. than that, but okay so that's option one and then option two is a paint wash with burlap. In fact, I already have some water here and a brush, so what I would do is take some paint. and then add it to the water and then it would basically be a wash so there's my satin top coat, there's my burlap wash and then of course we'd take a lint free cloth and wipe it off.
Personally, I kind of like the burlap. better just because again this one is barely noticeable i even did something if anything it yellowed it a bit more and i really dont want it to be yellow and the reason i choose this is because it was my idea and i have been in contact with my client al about it and I told her this top was going to be more of a neutral color because she remembers nursery is going to be more of a neutral bohemian look and I don't want it to be orange I'm not a big fan of oil based stains so i have a couple of different options which is why i'm trying these out i think i'm going to go ahead and go with the burlap wash here so we're going to flip everything around and go to the top ok i'll let the first coat dries and then we'll see if I think we need a second coat from now on I'm thinking no but as it dries you know I love to make use of my time so I'll head over to the actual base of the chest of drawers and I will prepare everything to put the top part.
I have had this tool for a long time. a long time but i've never used it before and it's a craig jig it's small and a


jig will allow me to create some pocket holes so this is what we'll do to attach the top I'm going to show you that I'm not going to do a tutorial right now, but what I'm going to do is show you what I'm doing. If you want a tutorial on the


jig let me know in the comments and once I have a little more experience with it I'd love to do it for you so I'm going to make eight or nine of these out of kreg jig pocket holes so i can attach them to the dresser and then put the top on so i have it all measured and then i have to clamp it here the kreg jig comes with a specific bit so i have this big bit because this is what actually makes the pocket hole and then the actual jig is what makes it go in at such an angle, lots of sawdust but there is one now that we have all these with pocket holes in them it's time to attach them to the dresser so you might be wondering how i'm going to attach them to the actual chest of drawers.
Well let me tell you that I have my brad nailer here that will actually hold them together and then I have these clamps that will hold them in place while I nail them down with the nail gun. These blocks need to be completely flush here because when you put the top on and we put in the pocket holes this needs to be flush. so that it lays flat and even on top of the dresser and that's in there for sure so once we finish the top and it's dry and all of these are attached what I'm going to do is put the pocket screws in there and it will attach to the top so if you can imagine my hand is the top the screws go in I have them all over the place so the top doesn't come off so this is actually a design that i came up with it myself i really tried to figure out something on how to put on a dresser top i searched on youtube i really couldn't find anything if you've been around for a while in the summer.
I tried to make a plank top vanity and actually haven't even been able to sell that one because the planks were too wavy. I really just used glue and just didn't feel secure enough so I definitely had to fail first before I could accomplish anything so now I'm trying a different method and now that I've learned a lot more I've failed a bit and still try where ever will there's a way okay we've got all ten pieces attached so now we basically just wait until the top is ready to put it on and we'll have one finished piece here we've got the top so I definitely need to make sure everything lined up perfectly, but it looks amazing.
I love this color with the lighter green, so again, the top is 45 inches wide. I'm going to have to make sure that the same amount hangs. here as it is here so I'm going to be doing a little bit more Measuring ok we've got everything in order now comes the fun part of putting in the pocket screws so before I put in the pocket screws I'm going to clamp the top to the actual base of the dresser that way. risk any movement we also have the kreg jig screws these are pocket hole screws specifically for pocket holes and then this is for softwood and plywood so it will have a little bit thicker thread which means it's a little more spread out and then i got the one inch ones because i obviously don't want it to go over the top of my dresser.
I practiced this before doing it on the real thing. I made sure that thisIt wasn't going to go through a three quarter inch board because that would be tragic and ruin everything so definitely test what you are going to do before you do it on your actual piece and also the craig jig has measurements for specific depths of wood, so definitely follow those instructions they have their own bit as well it's a square head but it's very long so it gives you plenty of room to drill your screw we're done so if you remember the top coat i was trying earlier just on raw wood?
In fact, I'm going to use that very thing to protect the top. I'm going to do quite a few layers because this is just raw wood. it's never been finished and i sanded it myself so i really wanted to have a great finish and also this is going in a nursery so i want it to have a nice smooth finish so no one will chip or anything from the style. a couple coats of the satin finish top coat on there and it feels really nice and smooth no longer worried about chipping and might put one more on top just not quite sure yet but just want to make sure it has your ultimate protection our last step here is t I put on the hardware and I'm excited because I get to use hardware that I've seen used before but never personally used but my client really wanted leather pulls used on this dresser so you chose this color for the studs and i think it will really go well with the green color as well as the top, i was a little doubtful thinking it might have been too dark but i think all three colors really complement each other well, so I'm going to go ahead and put them in each of the six drawers so there's a lot of different bits and pieces to this hardware and no instructions on how to


it so s Let's go with the flow, done, let's stage it.
It's been a while since we've talked about staging and we thought what better time than now to do it again, so we actually teamed up with one of our viewers who contacted us via email and thought he could help cheer me up. . my staging a bit he runs a vintage shop on etsy and he sent me a couple of awesome staging items and he has a lot more there in his etsy shop it's called how duh vintage and we'll link to it below but not just that , get 20 off with my code 20 spin so just in time for the holidays if you're interested in more staging accessories but maybe not quite sure what will go well with the staging, well, You no longer have to do that, you already have everything chosen. you at her etsy shop go there and get some vintage staging props so we're just doing some simple staging we have a lot of brass and gold stuff here this is an amazing piece of pottery that adam he sent me so a simple staging will do wonders for your pieces if you're interested in making things more elaborate then much more power to you but this is going to be my staging for now i want to talk a bit about the piece and the results end with you guys again this is my second second time using the melange one line and i'm really in love with that new formula and how it's all integrated into the top coat of primer and the paint is on one end only the finish of this piece is almost very factory like. just finish off the brush marks you can see and it almost looks original which I am very pleased with because it is very hard not to have brush strokes in your painting so if you are having trouble with those brush strokes try the melange paint line it evens out amazingly and this color is to die for so if you're interested in trying this thistle green in a line or anything else from the melange website head over there and use my code trade 10 for 10 off so let's talk a bit about the price of this um like I said it's really just the first part of this nursery makeover so this specific dresser I ended up coding at 340 to 400 and you guys know I really insist on giving a range because I've learned from the mistakes and I think it's going to take me an amount of time or I'm not going to need an additional material or two and then I end up needing it so I always give myself a little leeway and suggest you do the same If you're doing a custom work because I had to replace the top and wasn't quite sure if I was going to do it, I'm going to go between 340 and 400.
Haven't set a price yet. joining this top with the kreg jig and just using new tools for me was a lot of fun for me and honestly it makes me want to build all the stuff so i think soon i want to build some more stuff instead of just painting because that It really tickled me when I put the top on. I hope you enjoyed this vanity makeover and maybe learned a bit about putting a top on things because that was my first time successfully putting a new top on so I hope you learned a bit.
A little bit about that, be sure to subscribe below because the second part of this Nursery Makeover is coming here in a couple of weeks and you won't want to miss it. Thank you very much for looking at us. We'd love for you to follow us on Instagram at Furniture Fliping Teacher for a behind-the-scenes look. Lots of questions and interactions there, we'd love to have you as part of that community too, thanks everyone for watching and I'll see you around.

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