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May 04, 2020
hello my angels and welcome back to my channel today. I'll show you how I remove my glamorous


. It will be a rewound video. Usually I'll show you how I do my


, but today. I'm going to show you all the steps I do to remove my makeup like real good you know when you have a little makeup on and you know it's going to be killer to remove but once it's off you feel as fresh as a daisy that that's what I'm going to show you today and yes I'm going to share some of my favorite products and yes things like that so let's get straight to the first thing.
how i take my makeup off
What I'm going to do is tie my hair up because I hate having my hair down, whatever it is. I am removing my makeup so the next step I do is remove my lashes. Sometimes I forget to put them away but today I'm going to remember so I'm just going to


these bad boys off oh that feeling of taking your lashes off one of the best feelings ever but something else. What I like to do is remove any extra glue that might be on the lash band because this makes it quicker for me to put them on the next time I want to wear them, so I'm just going to remove all the extra glue and that's it. they're going back in their little box, they thought when i used to


my makeup off i used to go straight with the cleanser and start removing it but then i realized it would get really messy i would go like a black panda eyes everywhere so what I like to do is take an eye makeup remover this one as you can see I'm almost done with this one it's the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover if you live near a Sephora then these are fabulous.
how i take my makeup off

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how i take my makeup off...

I really hope I have another one in my little skincare cabinet because I honestly use this every time I take my eye makeup off. I'll leave a few other favorites of mine in the info box below, in case you guys want to know a few. one of my other favorites but i haven't physically gotten here in this video and then w What i do is let this soak in my eye for quite a while but i let this kind of soak all over my makeup nice and everyone likes my lashes and everything and then all i do is wipe myself and you can probably see my lashes doing a little design there and then i do the exact same thing on the other eye and here we are i got more lashes of my own.
how i take my makeup off
I love when that happens. It's so satisfying. So sad. This is almost done. It is possible to interact and this is the last one. I'm a little sad about that, but that's okay. I will leave some. details of some other eye makeup removers i really like but now its time to start removing all the rest of the makeup i have on my face but i always do a double cleanse so the first cleanse i do actually removes the makeup and the second cleanse i do actually cleanses my skin so for the first cleanse i will use my drugstore. clean makeup green melting cleansing balm i love this because it literally turns to oil as soon as it touches your face it's green in color and i love it and it smells amazing too so what i'm going to do is i'm going to scoop some of this .
how i take my makeup off
I usually take this amount and then mash it up with my fingers and then start putting this all over my face and eyes too. My eyes usually take longer to remove makeup. because i was wearing way too much mascara for my own good as you can see i still have a lot of eye makeup on though we got rid of most of it this just does most of it so i'm going to get started. Rubbing all of this into my skin, always make sure I get a little bit down my neck as well, just in case, if I have any makeup on, don't forget to brush over your lips.
I don't know if you guys will notice. but it looks like a slippery oily mess all over my face but this did break down all the makeup that has been on my face. What I like to do to get this off is take a sponge like this. I love the ones I'm going to make Liz, they have to be my favourite, but these I wanted to try because they're from Primark and they're super cheap, so I've got a little bowl of water here and I'm going to start cleaning all this up and as you can see it's cleaning all that dirt and all that oil that I have on my face.
I literally have a bowl of water down here which I don't like to do for my skin because I'm submerging this again in dirty water, but I would do it under a faucet so the clean water runs through this sponge all the time so that once cleanse done you can use the same balm to do the double cleanse but i like to go with a different product because i love it and my skin loves it and that's this torture. One step from the Camellia Cleansing Oil that I am obsessed with. this is very close to luxurious and just amazing.
I have about two bombs in hand and I'm going to go over my face again one morning. e time and this is going to really cleanse my skin as you can see I still have some mascara left over and this is another reason why I like to do a double cleanse because mascara is hard to wash off sometimes I like to give I give a good massage and i like to use like my knuckles and give myself a little massage. I think I'm done. I'm going to get my sponge again and I'm going to start cleaning all of this too.
I can already tell that this is leaving my skin nice and clean. I try to be as delicate as possible around my eye area, sometimes if I'm in a hurry and really want to go to bed after a long day, I'm a little harsh, I'm not going to lie, my second client is done because i dipped this sponge into my bowl of water that i haven't cleaned yet. i'm going to use these glycolic nip and fab overnight pads these are the extreme version and it's like three here but what i'm going to do is take one of these think two here yeah i'll take one of these and just go over face to make sure all makeup is off and on as you can.
I see there was a bit of dirt in there not bad if you ask me so I think it's fair to say my skin is nice and clear already two tone when I've put on like a full face of makeup I like to go in with my liquid gold which is from alpha H this one i use i think its a toner. I will use this or my pixie glow toner and what i do is put a little bit of that on a cotton pad and wipe it off. this all over my face and i feel like this has helped with a lot of my skin issues.
It's a bit sticky when you first use it but you do get used to it but this has honestly improved the texture, the enos kind of shine. I like the skin and I also like the fine lines it gives me a little exfoliation because this has facial acids on it and as you can see this is actually getting a little more dirt off my face so yeah I love it because It has transformed my skin. If there's anything you take away from this video, then this is awesome. out not gonna lie but this probably has to be like my favorite of the lot i'm just making sure i've gone over every little, every little area of ​​my face and now i'm toned so i've finished my cleanse, my toning and now is the time to moisturize a little.
I'll show you one little extra step that I like to do before I go in and I like serums and things like that on my face and that is to use this cure. clearly corrective a dark spot solution this is my 2nd or 3rd bottle but i love this stuff any kind of hyperpigmentation i have had on my skin has been massively reduced due to this looking like water like nothing else it does wonders i mean i noticed a difference after about two and a half three weeks of using this, any marks i have on my face this reduces it tremendously.
I like to take about three or four drops of this three four ninety five and then what I do is I put this all over the place. my skin and now its really time to apply the serum and moisturizer so for my serum i'm actually going to use this one on archer radiant deep illuminating serum tatcha is honestly one of my favorite favorite skincare brands as usual. I'm waiting for the day it's released in the UK because I'm going to go crazy, but this is the serum I'm going to use. I am going to use about three squirts and again rub it on my fingers. and i apply it all over my face and usually every time i take my makeup off is at night so i like to add a night cream this is revitalizing eye torture lemme take the lid off and it looks kinda like this is very very thick so you only need to use a small amount what i do is put it on my ring finger.
I like to use my ring finger for eye creams because it has the least amount of pressure of all the fingers on your hand and it means it will be nice and smooth under your eyes, so what? What I do is I put this under my eyes a few times like this and then always circle it, it's a weird thing I do if I feel like my skin looks a little sad and gray and unhappy then I'll go. with a blend of moonfruit buy it before and lapis lazuli facial oil. I will mix these two together or sometimes apply this first then this after and literally wake up the next day with skin smoother than ever but today.
I'm just going to make it moisturize err and one of my favorite favorite moisturizers is very very very luxurious but I love what it does to my skin it's creme de la mer moisturizer it's like their original one this I think is like a limited edition Packaging looks like this it has the consistency of a pseudo cream it's very very thick but what I do is I put a little bit on my finger and then I warm it up on my fingers first so this is what they taught me when I was in hey creme de la mer stand in dude free and then what you do is you just press this into the skin and i love the smell of this it smells so happy too.
I really don't know if that's a way to be. describing a face cream but it really makes me feel very happy listen one last thing I'm going to do is put on some lip balm this is my almost done torture with Pamelia's lip balm and now I'm basically ready to going to bed because that's how i take my makeup off with the night skincare routine, but yeah i hope you guys enjoyed it. I am a huge fan of skin care in general. My hallowed sauce with skincare is if I'm going to spend 20 minutes. putting my makeup on then i'll spend 20 minutes taking it off but i just love skincare and i love taking my makeup off at the end of the day so one last thing i want to mention has really helped me up my skincare game skin really on point is i have actually stopped buying face wipes face wipes i feel like its such a bad way to remove makeup so easy to pack i try to avoid buying face wipes because it just means i know i get i will remove makeup really well so my skin can be a little bit free and happy and makeup free and you know what i love to be makeup free is unless i'm shooting a video or we have to go out somewhere i rarely wear makeup but i love it because i get so excited when i put on my makeup and one last thing is i just want to know if you guys would like to see my skincare routine and the products i love l Leave me a comment below or like this video if you want to check it out because I'd love to film one for you guys but yeah that's it for now all the products I've mentioned will be listed in the info box. next, so don't feel checked that as always and yes, I think I'm going to go now.
I'm ready to go to bed and hope to see you all in my next video.

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