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How I Made $100,000,000 Playing Minecraft...

Apr 15, 2023
I can't believe it, someone actually bought it a billion dollars for a single diamond and someone paid. I can't believe it but yeah this is my skyblock island it's on my server and you can visit my island using warp SB so you're probably dying to know who paid a billion for that diamond because no one would ever pay it before let it be pretty clear that there is someone crazy enough that I have also been busy using this Farm to level up my herbalists so you can. look if only minus we're at level 866 not far from a thousand but that's not the main focus today lift that too cactus farm isn't that much bigger just left it as it is but if i float All the way up here you'll see they've all grown so what I want to do is mine them because I want to get my Mastery level if I use Farmer's Harvest a little better. yes, I want my Mastery level to reach level one for cacti, but then we can start getting Cactus Minions, which is definitely a plant that is on the horizon.
how i made 100 000 000 playing minecraft
I've been digging a lot of cacti between episodes. It's still annoying that you have to. do it this way, but once I have 5,000 of them, I never have to do it again. five thousand so yeah I'm getting pretty close there's still quite a bit left to do which I guess I should have ordered before the next episode and after mining all of that the Mastery amount has gone up to 4283 so yeah 218 maybe again even more for making all that pretty Sure all these need to sell Auto Sell Justice filling up a bit too so let's go ahead and sell all of those if you say 146 000 every time that's quite a lot it really will be even better when I raise the sale prices making the duty go up and down to the level one spawn farm.
how i made 100 000 000 playing minecraft

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how i made 100 000 000 playing minecraft...

I intend to do more of these and improve on this and things just haven't quite gotten there yet. It is mainly used to obtain food. because he has a lot of pork chops in a flash like that which is pretty amazing so that's where we are today with everything on my island and you're probably wondering who was crazy enough to buy the billion diamond of dollars that even managed to do that. a lot of money because at the time of making the video no one had anywhere that much here but someone spent a billion and who was good if we go to a h you can see it was mr nibs for a billion dollars its an absolute insane, crazy so i want to see you ring i want to see how we did it visit mr nips he looks like he's online and this is his island how he built this amazing island that's crazy i mean i did it lets say i promised whoever bought the diamond and visited his album so maybe he's been waiting for me but this is crazy it's even making my frames go down a bit there must be a lot of good things to see here too because he bought my diamond for a billion and no one else had that much money


me the number one richest player in Better Business this is where he keeps it in this chest but it's stored in this chest because there's no proof then no i can open it, well guys forget i own the server so i can bypass all that but the moment of truth is here.
how i made 100 000 000 playing minecraft
I actually got the Diamond from sp737 that's in this chest, well apparently it looks so good that I can't visit it because it doesn't trust me, yeah I can't even when I tried to use commands to bypass it. take them to the owner he could but i will find a way but not today but he says he bought it he has a place for it he spent the money on it so i guess so. but to steal it again, I'll have to wait and he'll have to make sure because I'll be back, ladies and gentlemen, this is where he keeps his pigs and upside down quills and I want to know how we did it. a lot of money how he did it where he got it all from stores and places must have something to do with this there must be some crazy generators around here or something this is his store where he spelled yes he generated a generator so maybe this isn't exactly a store let's move on I thought it was and realized it's not this is his store over here it's a huge area by the way guys but there's lots and lots to see and it looks like he has lots and lots to sell or maybe not some things you have to sell like pet eggs and stuff but not crazy stuff so maybe your store wasn't the way you really did it maybe you have some huge farms they are doing millions and millions and so we did the fact that he managed to get here first by the way it's crazy to get that diamond because I think a lot of people were trying to get it so it's kind of crazy that he was the first to buy it I'm going to go through here and see if he has anything oh this is storage no way this is his storage this is crazy by the way oh look at this he has all this stuff in there yeah I can't get . there, but you get the point, can I spin the drop?
how i made 100 000 000 playing minecraft
Not even that he can't do a single thing, he also has his stuff, yes his Dragon boss fragments. the best and you would expect that from someone who could make a billion faster than anyone else on the server wow absolutely crazy so this is what the spawners of him are we have we have we have visitors here not me I see it, but we have visitors all over the place using the widgets that also help because people come and donate when they use their sponsors. It's a very nice spoiler room. body with all that and what's out there is like a planet oh it's oh it's meant to be a spaceship so i guess normally it will be night and then you have planets around you oh wow i like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthat i like the In fact the idea is very big and you can see from the outside that it is a complete emergency spaceship that is absolutely amazing and an amazing base but I want to see how we got so much money must have done some Sears Farms to have any chance . from this like his sugar cane farm nothing nothing so special and anything else that doesn't make my game like his character he's gone crazy growing carrots ladies and gentlemen and oh my god the cactus farm is absolutely mustard this must be what my game is doing nigga it's huge it's absolutely huge no wonder you have so much money he's just constantly harvesting them for him that's awesome.
I'm impressed. I need to build a cactus farm this big. of cactus and it's not done yet by the way Cactus and cactus it's right Google if you want but I always get scolded for covers anyway oh and it goes all the way I don't know if there's anyone with a bigger one and there it's where they started the farm on april 9th. I'm pretty sure it probably started a bit before that, wow yeah no wonder I managed to avoid paying my diamond. I should sell it for more money yes. this is how much people can earn from this crazy stuff and then this is just picking things up for that wow i'm very impressed by that i mean yeah i guess i might have the richest nether server but not by much time when people have Farms that are this crazy, so now back to my amazing island, as you can see my cactus farm is not that big.
I'd love it to be much closer to that, though to get my cactus mysteries, I can manually mine these cans. It is not like this? Because these have grown too I would need to manually extract them and then I should add another layer on top as well to keep things working because I feel like I haven't done that enough so I think I might as well. I'm even tempted to put something else up for sale and see if anyone will buy it but I don't do it very often, if I do it too often they lose their rarity, I mean it has the rarest item on the server literally. because no one else has my official Diamond ok it's a pretty crazy thing so you know I don't want to give them away anyway letting just anybody buy them and with that done I can go ahead and swim up here nice and little by little I wish I could make a faster way up and down but unless i can make a proper water lift but you know what this will do as long as i don't drown on top it would actually be better if i could actually swim up you know , like a little boost like that, always good anyway, now that I'm at the top I want to grab on, I need to get some spiders out, actually spiders because I need some rope now I'm going to dip into my money for a little bit, it's okay, we have a lot of strings, but yeah, I'm going to dip my bucks a bit here. you can buy a lot of grit, it probably won't make a dent in the big trillions, that's the main thing to think about, but either way, this is all an investment, so it's worth spending the money. and now i need to prioritize placing a string in between each of these cacti which is a pretty easy and quick task to do really just go around and lay them all out nicely and then place in the sand which has to be accurate, there is really nothing that can go wrong here.
I'll say it if I've said it once. I'll say it again. Nothing can go wrong when you are building a cactus farm. It's pretty repetitive but once you get a spider spawn you have the resources for it, there isn't really any way to farm sand, sadly it's nice though you don't have to worry about growing cactus because the cactus will grow it for you while it you build. Did that make sense? I hope so. Anyway, I'm going to keep putting this all in each Gap and then I'm going to the store to get a bunch of sand.
We are almost at the end. Anyway, this is oh. Did I place it on top? No, I placed it correctly. buy two stacks it will only cost me a hundred thousand when i have a billion in the bank thats nothing ladies and gentlemen i have a billion and 50 million almost well 49 million to be precise so lots and lots but on top of that if i go to the bank, I also have 30 million there from my auto cell chest, slowly but surely getting me bits and pieces, so it's like a double win before you know it. I'll be getting a lot of money. of my potatoes especially when I'm Mastery level thousands I can go ahead and spend all day growing potatoes if I really want to I think having a big cactus farm will be my main way so really what I'm doing here I'm going to put some cacti on top of this but the main benefit I get from this bit is that whenever you grow a cactus that was already planted now it will automatically harvest into the grow hopper which makes life so much better so we're going to cross all the way there will only be two more layers after this and it's always nice to know that with this it's exactly two piles of yarn, two piles of cacti and two piles of sand, that's what it takes to make exactly one layer and that's because the farm is exactly one chunk wide so you'll be able to see here fine if I don't do things like that that get messed up because when I remembered not to go to inventory it came in this crop Hopper so which will be exactly two stacks and a cactus now not my best time oh two stacks and two could i learn how to place Cactus ok luckily I have load spares so it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things and actually, if I lose one, the best thing to do would be to use this because it automatically goes into my inventory.
I think I want to test it properly. It actually moves. Upper picked it up, never mind, I take it back because I did. I don't see it show up in my pictures so oh my gosh I'm getting crap because this one wasn't like that in the sun and the string at least and the sound of this string is the most important to hit easily so it's good that we put them also to complete the final episode, you know what three at a time four at a time seems to be much more consistent, right?, it must be said that it looks much better, so we will include all that and now it remains final coat to do and ladies and gents I've had another light on my Cactus Palm that will get a little more money over time will make things go faster at least they grow they're starting to grow might I'll take a look around a bit and I'll see how close I am four five five two I don't think I'll get it in this video but I'll get pretty close because once all of these have grown and like once all of these have grown too big on top there's literally 2,150 -ish Cactus when you do so it's pretty really I mean I also got what 280 on these so if I let each cactus grow that I own the full height I would get them all no problem unfortunately I'm not going to wait to do it because it doesn't take a long time so instead I'm going to pull these little ones here to help me out and I can't wait to make Cactus Minions because they are going to be very easy to do because I am going to have so many cacti in those chests if anything I should start moving the cacti to other chests or something just to have more space to fill because they are going to go to the car so I'll also want to mine that one up before I forget now continue these around the corner and I'll be looking for Dundee that's a cool little thingnice momentum and more are growing all the time i'm not going to spend all day here for anything uh by any stretch but let's go ahead and tuck these in.
I just took them, look at these chests that are already full and alone. Plus, let's use the cell phone. a big uh that's a great little piece of equipment isn't it now to put all this rope back together? I'm going to sell the spider eyes and when I sell them I'm going to put them in this chest and I'll probably use this one. later, this is how I like to roll with the herbalism level. I'm going to, I think it's just going to go a little higher, this Farm might as well be on right now. No, let's turn it on and then go.
Go ahead, do that here we go. We will get lots and lots and lots of them. I must do it. I'll get it. I will get to her. my way up to level 900 i would say nine out of 10 potatoes will replant themselves which will be very very good level 910 thats more than enough for me now with my Harvester i can mine all of this and see everything reblunt right now only nine percent are refunded once I hit herbalism level thousand, then every one of them will, which will be perfect. I'll probably make sure to do that in the next episode.
Great to use them to grow the pumpkins and melons because they go right into your inventory and you don't have to re-plant them either, which you know is useful in all situations, so I'm still there and there's the pumpkin thing. and melons, however, aren't worth as much as potatoes and carrots, so once you have a Farmer's Harvester that's at level 1000 and everything replants, they're not really worth growing, they're definitely not worth it. It's worth it if you make mistakes like that, but yeah, in my opinion, they're not really worth growing, so I'm going to spend my time mostly harvesting potatoes and getting them to level seven and all that good stuff because then I'll get lots and lots of money. . and a ton of Sky Coins every time I make them and as a side note I'm also very curious to see what this competition will be.
I hope they're not melons because I just picked each one. do it with carrots oh well you know how many carrots I got zero so it doesn't look like the whoops didn't mean to do that it doesn't look like I would extract them unless they use this little setup to do it but you know I'm not too worried about win the competition. I don't need the paltry amount of money. I can't remember but there is nothing in this day and age. I will continue harvesting my beloved potatoes. and it's good to enjoy all the money from that so progress is good we find out who bought the diamond now we have plenty of money ladies and gentlemen to do what we want so yeah I'm very happy with the place where is everything I definitely want to get to that level 1000 herbalism and that level one Cactus Mastery and then a level one I should say and then I can change these potato minions to be cacti or at least I'll probably answer it I'll probably add more Cactus Minions in the part higher because I still have a lot more of those available so it makes more sense then I'll get more money from the cactus although right now I'm getting a lot for hauling I could always get more and if this could be higher I'd get a lot more too as well that's where i'm going with everything that is my master plan, but thanks so much for looking and i look forward to seeing you on the server

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