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How I Find Stocks to Trade (Day Trader Strategy)

Jun 05, 2021
which in this situation are basically the same. Which means I would expect Apple to move quite a bit. It's worth whatever direction the spy moves in, that's probably what Apple is going to do, it seems like these would probably be imitating each other, so you know, I don't really see any kind of advantage that you can get now, the disadvantage you could. winning is to sit here and say yes, I want to go short Apple based on which you have nothing going for you that would make you want to buy now if you say: I would like to go short Apple, that makes sense at least because the markets are down and that's why there's a bearish mood out there Apple is down so it's bearish but you know you can't really say that Apple is the same as Boeing because wow Boeing is relatively weak compared to the market , while Apple is right on the line.
how i find stocks to trade day trader strategy
I hope that makes sense. You see the difference? I hope you see it. I mean four percent is greater than two percent while 1.9 and basically two percent Apple and the market basically say let's see what's happening so CVX again CVX is down 3.6 percent so this is a situation where, well, CVX is relatively weak compared to the market, so in this situation if you were putting CVX on a watch list and you already know pre-market, i.e. you know possible positions short, you know we'll just call them your potential short positions, which means you're looking to make money when prices go down, so okay, I'd say that does In the sense that CVX is relatively weak compared to the market, so what you're getting some advantage with respect to that, now some other things, as you know, here, well, let me mention that so you can see that it's basically a micro limit, so I always rule out these


, I mean, because they just have a mind of its own with penny


, so penny stocks don't care what the broader market is doing. so you can't really sit here and use this for that, uh, because they just don't care, so there are some of these situations where it's completely flat, so again right here, CYCC, let's click on that one, so here again we're talking about a micro cap where it's not even ten dollars a share, it's so big that, you know, it's down 27 percent, so yeah, it's a lot weaker compared to the market, but that's why I want to Saying you really wouldn't do it just doesn't matter.
how i find stocks to trade day trader strategy

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how i find stocks to trade day trader strategy...

I'm not going to say it doesn't have a lot of value, but when you get into the micro cap range, it's kind of a market in itself and it doesn't really matter what you know the main market does. All of this applies to more, so the names that we've looked at beyond Netflix mRNA, a company not very well known at the time of this video because they're pharmaceuticals, have been getting a lot of press, um, but you know Boeing. right, Apple CVX, I mean, those are, you know, good solid regular companies, so that applies to that, but right now you know, like I said, Boeing definitely relatively strong compared to the market, uh, Netflix, you know, strong compared to the market, no. so much, but you know, I mean the markets are still definitely strong, they're down two percent, Netflix is ​​up one percent, uh, and you know, it's just still there and that's how you can set some quick context, like this is how you can create some watch lists that, like I said, I don't guarantee profits and as I started this whole video, I want to reiterate here that I'm not saying that just because something is relatively weak compared to the market or relatively strong means that it just You go short blind or you go and buy it blind.
how i find stocks to trade day trader strategy
I really wish the trainer was that easy and I wish I could sit here and say this is like the Holy Grail of trading and that's all it takes, you just identify a couple of percentages, if that percentage is greater or less than that one, and there No, there's more, but as


rs they know that this is what we want, that's why it's not a game, this is how it's done, it's not a game because we want to count as many things in our favor as possible and this It's one of those situations. where you can lean and just make sure you're in the right Arena where you should be.
how i find stocks to trade day trader strategy
Is it a guaranteed Arena? No, nothing is guaranteed, but is it an arena? Is it an area that can at least put some pressure in your favor? this morning from the video I will be very interested in looking at potentially short ba looking at potentially short CVX I will be very interested in going potentially long Further very interested in going potentially long nflx and mRNA for the reasons It was discussed and Apple doesn't really care because as I said, it's basically in line with the market, but Boeing and CVX are definitely very interesting. Microsoft is, you know, it's uh, I don't know, you know, it's one of those big ones. territory, it's down 1.4 percent, the markets are down two percent, so you could say, well, it's actually relatively strong compared to the market, but it's still right in the same ballpark, so which I mean that's where there's a little bit of give and take. terms of you know when it's more or less the same or when it's not, eh, but like I said, there's no debate here that's very clear, four percent is a good portion above, make two percent CVX 3.6 a good portion above two percent and then Of course, I mean not even close here when you're talking about 11 compared to two percent at that time, it's very clear, but like I said for me and this morning on my watch list short, Boeing will surely be on Surely CVX will be on it and then as for the long watch list, it will potentially be long, by Netflix and then by mRNA, so I hope this helps, let's go back to the drawing board.
Look, I didn't tell you anything complicated at all as a quick summary. A quick disclaimer, please don't come out and say oh wow, the stock is relatively weak and then just blind buy right away. There is more that goes into a trading plan than what you just learned and what you learned to identify, so please don't. Don't do that right, I mean, you can do it, but just promise me you won't come back and say Clay, you scammed me, no, I'm not saying that's the only thing you have to do. what I'm saying is that it will give you that good idea of ​​the triangle, a good firm and solid foundation, which is the goal, so I hope that helps you, hopefully it inspires you to maybe realize, oh yeah, maybe this trading thing It doesn't have to be as complicated as I thought it would be, yes there are more things that go into a trading plan and I would love to help and guide you in building the entire trading plan, but if you at least get that solid, firm foundation and good.
You know you're on the right track and you're not, you put yourself in a situation where you think you should buy a stock that's actually relatively weak compared to the Market brand, which just doesn't make any profit. sense, like I said, I hope it can help you and get you started in the right direction now. If you enjoyed this video, hit the like button and also hit the comments section. I'm curious. I made the board here and for you. Longer viewers, I'm sure you've seen that usually the whiteboard is me standing in front, you know, and I'm on camera, but what do you think of this video where I wasn't on camera?
Do you enjoy them? Do you prefer? when I'm on camera, maybe you don't mind either, that's fine and I'm curious, although in the comments section any feedback is always welcome or if you have any suggestions for future videos, I'd love to hear them. comment section below uh but overall if you enjoyed this video if you want me to continue making these types of videos then the easiest and quickest way to let me know is to just hit the like button and I hope you do too. I encourage you to check out the rest of the channel and hopefully eventually decide to subscribe and then I mentioned at the beginning of the video that I showed the results and made a comment about you know these are community members and all that.
So if you're interested in learning more about the community that I offer, you can learn more about it at Clay

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