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how i do my eyeliner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *hooded eyes*

Jun 06, 2021
Hello guys, how are you? I'm Libya, welcome to a new Pablo is asleep right now, so I'll pretend I'm holding him. Today's video is going to be special because I'm actually doing a tutorial today. This is a big It's a surprise for me and probably for you too because I usually do what I want and I'm sorry when I put it on the Internet, but today I'm going to try to teach you something in today's video that I'm going to show you. you guys how to make your


because of course no one in this world has made a video on how to make a liger.
how i do my eyeliner hooded eyes
First of all, I've been wearing a lot of


and I haven't used one in years because I just couldn't. I didn't find a way to make eyeliner for my eye shape but I found a way so I've been using a lot of eyeliner and a lot of you wanted to have a tutorial on how I make my eyeliner so yeah, if you want to see. how do I do it so please people what is that before I show you how I do my eyeliner. I just want to quickly explain to you what squinty


are because I personally have good


, they're not extremely squinty but they're definitely


, my guys are fit and a lot of people have squinty eyes but I don't know if they like a lot of people who realize who have squinty eyes because all eye shapes are forced to be different, which means you have to.
how i do my eyeliner hooded eyes

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how i do my eyeliner hooded eyes...

Apply your makeup differently too, so someone who has good eyes can do their makeup the same way as someone who doesn't have good eyes and then make it look very different and in my opinion worse or just not as good, yeah, let me show you who the eyes are. I'm going to get a little closer and personal. Yeah, whose eyes basically mean that, like this skin here, this kind of drooping over the eyelids is such. easy explanation, but that's what it is, if I were to look directly at the camera, you can see that there's a little bit of space on the eyelid and it falls here, so I would apply my makeup with my eyes closed and do my makeup. over here and if I open my eyes you won't see it anymore because it's like in the fold, you know, hello, it's the future.
how i do my eyeliner hooded eyes
Lindy looks beautiful. I realized what I was editing this video and I keep saying, fold, but it's my fault. I just want to say crease, I don't know, I kept saying crease, but you know I'm talking about the crease of your eye, not the crease. I mean, the crease isn't forward as well, but you know I'm talking about the crease now. the crease, so if you have squinty eyes, you need to like work around the crease, you know, so you're really going to see the makeup, so yeah, that's just what I'm going to show you today, the eyeliner.
how i do my eyeliner hooded eyes
What do I use for my eyeliner? It's NYX's epic ink liner and honestly, I don't think it really matters much what kind of eyeliner you use. I only have this one, so I only use this one. I like this one, but if you have another one, you can just use that one too unless it really doesn't matter much I think, but I would definitely recommend getting an eyeliner with a little tip because if I open this up you can see, oh my gosh, what a youtuber booty you can see that The tip is quite small and in my opinion that will make applying the eyeliner a lot easier so yeah definitely make sure you use a small tip eyeliner or just you.
I don't know, just use what you want. I do not do it. so strict when it comes to eyeliner, first of all, I'm not going to show you how I used to do my eyeliner and then I'm going to show you how I do it now so you can also see the difference that I see. the mistakes I used to make so maybe you can learn something from that let's get up close and personal again so the way I used to apply my eyeliner that just didn't work for my eye shape at all is that I used to like close my eyes or just look down a little bit and then apply eyeliner so let's show you what I do for the camera base again oh yeah take my eyeliner and I have a mirror right here to see.
What I'm doing this is you know I liked to close my eyes a little bit and then do the line of course I always start with this line so let's see a line so bad oh my gosh okay so I close eyes and then I just attached the eyeliner, yeah, very focused right now, oh my god I'm ruining it, worst eyeliner tutorial ever, okay, but you get the gist right, here's how I apply my eyeliner and if I look like this, it looks something like this. Okay, of course, I did a pretty bad job, but applying it, you know, you get the idea, but then you know, if I opened my eyes right now, it looks like this, in my opinion, it doesn't really catch my attention or look good. it makes it look a little droopy and it's like it's not really how I want it to look and that's because I was talking about the crease of your eye, the crease of my eye when I open it, like the eyeliner that I put on it. here it just disappears into that crease you know you can see it right here so it's nice and it's kind of nice well let me show you how I do it right now that really works for my eye shape so the most important step is that a stop, you can mark when you put on makeup, you want to look forward, you want to look like she generally looks good today, you know no, you don't walk like that every day, you walk like that.
You know, all of this may sound very strange. I don't know, doing a tutorial is hard for me, but yeah, let me show you what you want to do and if you're having trouble getting the details of your eyeliner sharp, you can always put a little bit. of tape there and then follow that line, you know, but I personally like the UM, it allows you to get started and show you what I do, so honestly, it's very easy. I'm looking forward in the mirror, what they like first. What I have to do is I like to have the line a little bit of a restraint instead of so up, well this isn't very far, but I like it, so if it's a little bit straighter, it still has an upward angle. , but not like Kermit, you know? so because that's going to make my eyes longer because otherwise I feel like if you're going to open in March your eyes are going to look smaller instead of longer and I want my eyes to look a little bit longer, you know, but it's just. a personal preference to take the eyeliner and my eye is going to make the first line and I'm starting it a little lower than the corner of the eye, so I'm sorry it's going so badly.
Also I don't have a very steady hand so my lines are usually pretty crusty and dusty which I don't really care much for so we have the general line right and this is the most important thing, what you're going to do is look forward and then go from the corner of the line and then move towards your eyes to start from the end of the liner and then work towards I think about a quarter of my eyes, so I probably eat a little bit around here, as you can see , so I don't take it all. I walk on my eyelid and I go from here to there, I go from there to there, so let me show you how I do it like this, come, come, come, and then I'm going to fill this void that I have here and again, I keep the eyes open, so now it looks like this and if I close my eyes right now, yeah, you can see I have this little H corner, so I don't know if I'll call it oh.
Yeah I've got this going so that's actually what you need so don't fill it in because if it were to fill that void it's going to end up looking the same so definitely stick with this you can turn it into a bit of a cleanser now clean a little bit the edges, so it's going to look like this and then I go a little bit further into my eyes, but I'm not going to line my entire lash line, so I'll just take it on its own. a little bit there a little bit like this and then I do my inner corner too and this is kind of optional, you don't really have to do it, but I feel like if I do my inner corner too, I'll just like it Make my eyes look even longer and I'll I like the way they look more, so taking my eyeliner I'm going to fill in the inner strength of my eye and it's also very important to try to make the line as thin as possible because we can see right here. because this line is quite thick and because my eyelid space is so small, it's like, it just disappears into the crease.
You know, you don't see any space in the eyelid anymore. You do see like a big black line, so I like it. make a very thin line and then extend it towards the inner corner of my eye like this and then fill it in like this oh my gosh but yeah that's how I do my eyeliner. I have a totally different eye shape on this side and then I have it on this side because here it looks pretty and here it just looks like this, but again, this is just a shape that I like and if you like this shape, go ahead and do this eyeliner, you know it honestly doesn't matter. then apply a little bit of mascara and then apply luscious and then you can really see the difference so yeah guys this is how I do my eyeliner well eyeliner yeah as you can see it's super easy honestly , everyone can do it, the only thing is that you can't need to know that this method exists, you know it, but if you know it exists, you can do it and it always replaces it.
Honestly, he always loves you and you can also make the line thicker or thinner. You can do exactly the same. People who don't have squinty eyes use eyeliner, but just make sure to keep your eyes open. I just want to say that I didn't think of this method. This method already exists. I actually got it from a friend of mine. Her name is Anna. Shannon and I will leave her video in the description box below because she also did a tutorial so yeah, I didn't think of this. This is a method that has been on this planet for a while, but yes, so you have some hope.
You guys liked this tutorial, it honestly felt really weird doing it. Oh, because I like to make it look like I know what I'm doing and that hasn't happened in a long time. You know, so yeah, I hope you like it. I also like it if you decide to do this eyeliner too and take a photo in a post on Instagram, please take me because I would honestly love to see it. Yeah, speaking of Instagram, don't forget to follow me on Instagram because yes, I would. I always love expanding my Instagram family and don't forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel.
Well, there are many things I say at the end of the video. Always keep in mind that you think and look and I really hope to see you in the next one. goodbye video

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