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How I Brainwashed Myself to Success - Leila Hormozi

Jul 01, 2023
offer enormous value. That's just not our brand, so you know saying Hey, I want 51, it's not unfair, you're not like grinding them, no, but you're saying we would take 51 from a business that we also knew if we talked about it on our channels. it would blow up the business and they could handle it because it's not a service business, it could be an e-commerce business, it could be a SAS business and they could handle the inflow, yeah, we could leverage a business that, um, is a sales organization and they recruit sales people and fill and fill companies with sales teams, well, well, so I hope to take a break. um, no, I don't listen, maybe I'm missing it.
how i brainwashed myself to success   leila hormozi
I don't hear you selling through your channels. I don't hear you like throwing things, I mean, you're giving, you're losing wisdom, you're giving, giving, giving, so how are you? How are you promoting these companies through your channels? What does that mean? We haven't done it yet. And? What Alex and I agreed is that we wouldn't promote a business that won and we didn't have 50 of two, we absolutely didn't believe in the product and three, the business wouldn't be able to sustain the inflow because we know, based on our Impressions metrics and How many people would be ruined, yeah, so what does that look like? when you finally do it, it's like this episode is brought to you by the photography studio license, blah, blah, blah, or it's like I think it's more of a thing that we thought about doing basically because at some point we will do it essentially. like a mix of the Shark Tank and the earnings type show where we present businesses and break them down, redo their strategy, things like that just to show people because it would be interesting, it would be interesting, yeah, you know what See uh, I helped build the Kevin O'Leary's YouTube channel.
how i brainwashed myself to success   leila hormozi

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how i brainwashed myself to success leila hormozi...

Oh, I think you mentioned that when I first met you, yeah, I was able to go to many, many, many episodes of the show and see that behind the scenes. So what about you? They are thinking about showing people what it looks like or just behind the scenes. It's okay to show people. I think it's a great idea, yes, and it would be fun. That's partly why we need the studio, the office and all those things. uh okay so this is new I like it it's been there it's just you know it's been around for a while well I haven't heard of it so this is new to me so there you go awesome okay , and then you know one.
how i brainwashed myself to success   leila hormozi
The side is that we can introduce the companies there and show how the whole business works and explain everything intelligently and they can decide if they want, like we never try to sell something and the other is that we could bring them. and I interview them as guests as if none of this is in the form of electronic sales because the thing is, I think nowadays if someone wants to buy something and they see a company on a show, they Google it, they Google it. and if they want to buy it they do it well and if we are going to have someone in any of our channels it is because we believe in the company, we know that it is a good company and we would like to maintain that by being very selective of who we incorporate, yes, now that you said the vision, I completely get it, yeah, and I think it's an amazing idea, yeah, that's what it looks like.
how i brainwashed myself to success   leila hormozi
The third part of what we do with companies is the how. Do we have a team of experts in the field? Marketing, sales, human resources, finance, yes, so once we determine the strategy, what should we change overall about the company? What does the company want to become? Let's talk about the three years, the year this year and then okay, great and that's how I do that and a lot of times they have a skills deficit and they don't have the people on the team yet, you know we're going to recruit them, but it takes time, we do not do it.
I want to break them by adding seven people at a time, yes, so we have subject matter experts or consultants who come in and work on projects with the founders of the company or with their leadership team to make sure the strategy is implemented. correctly, so help with implementation is necessary, and that is not usually something that has a lot of PE or conglomerates because we are more like a conglomerate, not like P, but it is not something that you normally see and it is something that we believe that It is important to acquire. com because the reason people want to work with us is because we help them.
You know a lot of people because we're giving them money right, but honestly, you're taking a page from the Shark Tank Playbook. This is what the sharks are doing, you know it well, I don't know, this is what I've seen the show, I don't know what they do next, this is what they're doing and, and you know, I've also seen behind the scenes and I sat next to the lawyer who is negotiating the agreements after they already said you know you got the agreement, they go back and talk about it with the business owner and say. listen, I know we just agreed to this, but if you give us 51 of your company, you're going out of business in three years, so let's restructure the deal to make it fairer for you because we don't want to be, you know, we don't want to take over what you're doing, we want to help you, support you and increase, and you know, lend you media support or yeah, you can borrow our being famous or whatever, so they'll often restructure a deal.
Yes, then it's fairer. You know there are times when they're greedy or you know they're very slick with their negotiations like you know Kevin always wants a royalty blah blah blah but he'll also lend money at a certain percentage but yeah. you're, you're, you're playing from the same playbook. I think he is very intelligent. It's what we like to do. If I enjoy it. not so familiar he's a skateboarder he was on that MTV show Ridiculousness so bad with the names uh he had a show with Robin Big in the back okay I've heard about that yeah yeah okay yeah that's funny yeah he he's in Beverly Hills doing the same thing, so anyway Um, smart guy, now I get it.
I see the vision as great, yes, it's very good, so we just want to do it with as many good companies as possible. All of this is super valuable and fascinating, just to see a little. I mean, that's what the show is really about is pulling the curtain behind the curtain and revealing that you know the people who are actually doing it, yeah right, and how they do it and why they do it. , and kind of get into your brain a little bit about the The process totally crystallized for me when you said you were planning to do this because I was thinking, how are you?
I mean, I know how Kendall Jenner will do it or you know someone famous who will promote their brand and do a brand deal or they will create their own line and then use their fame to promote it, but that's not what we're talking about here, yeah, It's a totally different route, yeah, okay, let's see if it works. Final farewell words to the founders. Advice from CEOs. go Talent is strategy, I firmly believe I just made a video about this before. People don't beat their competitors by being smarter with their strategy. In fact, only one in three strategies that a company sets out to make is actually executed and the difference between those who are at a third and those who can raise it to 78 is people, so I have talked about it for years and I think that It's often said like, oh, it's the soft stuff and it's less, it matters less than Marketing and strategy and everything else is the most important thing and I think first and foremost, the companies that scale are companies where the founders care. and I think that can be felt throughout an organization if you care about people. prioritize them if you take care of them if you do right by them if you really know how to sign people up and you know if you attract people and you genuinely show concern for what they think and what they feel in their opinions, then I think you're golden and I think we're getting there. to a time where compensation and benefits are no longer, not everyone can compete there, you know what I mean, um and it's not what people are interested in, especially this emerging generation.
They're not interested in that as much as they're learning autonomy, you know, culture is like those are the things that do impact, so I think in all the time I've been doing this, it always comes back to the same thing and I think that as the CEO of a company and for everyone who is listening, who has a company like us, we are the ones who get to choose, you know how people in our company behave, what we teach them and how we operate. things and I don't know, just the reason I like having a business and the reason I do what I do is because I really want to create a place where people want to come to work every day, want to like what they do. they like.
Do you love your job because I've had jobs that I hate and it was the worst and I want to help other Founders do that too and I can count you among the hundreds of companies and thousands of companies that I've analyzed? The businesses that will win are the ones where people actually give something and make a big difference and the ones that don't ultimately implode, so I don't think you can manufacture what we were just sitting on. back, you know, you know, remembering about, about, you know, tracing my roots, where I come from, where I'm going, but like I say, the man always said what about destiny, nothing's changed except the weather, thank you, foreigner How do I choose it?
Stay and I've been doing this since I was 11 years old. In the most horrible rooms, baby, it's time to go back, long time ago, long time ago, long time ago, pure chaos when I'm in the building, the flow of grown man has no time for children. Now you can move me, jump, I'm winning, I'm still laying down, shout out to the women why she was great, they were acting wild, they were walking and leaving drunk, it was full for the hallway, the belligerent shooters, man, they got dirty, they remind me of my first show. I did it rested I didn't have a DJ just to take that opened the sun a star kid I love Mathis Candy Larry he was with the Avengers teach me how to do moves and walk with the winners get close to the pin and I've never seen them again but I did a couple from shows with his friends, the clown Lumberjack Brown, so and so in the orange pants ten years later, now I'm rocking the orange pants with big balls, although you know, always and forever, don't get it twisted.
Nitro number one on the list with the cute "Get it", take a picture baby, it'll last longer in retrospect.

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