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How Do You Pronounce "Archive"?

May 31, 2021
Hello everyone, my name is Markiplier and I hope you are very well today. You look beautiful, I love how you look! You have a new look and I like that. New year, new you! Aaaaah... I always find that catchphrase annoying because you don't get a new you on the day that turns into a new year. New you requires a lot of hard work, and that's some discipline I'm committing to this year. I talked about this in the sixteen million video, but this year I've been doing a lot of self improvement stuff, I've been working out the first thing I do when I wake up.
how do you pronounce archive
I wake up at 7:20 a.m. and then I work out for an hour, then I take a shower, then I practice guitar for an hour, then I learn German for an hour, and then all day whenever I feel like it, and then I record for about four hours straight and that's all. the days. What I'm trying to say is that you can't have a new you instantly. You cannot automatically make a new you. You can't wake up one day and say: "I AM DIFFERENT FROM TODAY AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO RECOGNIZE HOW DIFFERENT AND GREAT I HAVE BECOME!" It's still a lot of work.
how do you pronounce archive

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how do you pronounce archive...

Motivation is one thing, and I said this on, uh, on Facebook and Instagram when I was doing my sweat updates, uh, in the morning, uh, but I said motivation is one thing, but motivation is temporary. Motivation is like a feeling you have that fades away. The only way to achieve real change is to commit to discipline. Discipline is committing to something and making it a habit, and taking responsibility for those changes on a day-to-day basis. Doing the same thing every day becomes a habit, but it becomes more and more difficult, because your body resists change. And he doesn't want to change, he's comfortable where he is, so he has to hold himself accountable, and that's where discipline trumps motivation in many ways.
how do you pronounce archive
And that's kind of what I'm holding onto this year. I'm not even trying to, like, push it in people's faces that, "Hey, look at me, new year, new me! I'm doing a great job being awesome!" *sarcastic* Which is what I usually do in all my videos, but at least I'm not trying to because of, uh, what I've been doing there. But I just wanted to mention that it has gone very well for me, considering that this is the first week that I am back and I am in this new schedule, it has gone very well for me.
how do you pronounce archive
But how the hell am I going to know if I'm going to commit when it's only a week? But all things aside, it's nice to know that some things don't change over time. And one of those things is Tyler. Tyler is like the immovable object of the unstoppable force that is the universe. He is a- he is a permanent constant in the universe. You could time that guy's anal behavior. Don't get me wrong, I love Tyler to death, I don't want to… I'm not criticizing him in any way. But he's… he's very particular and if he ever says something that you might think, “Oh, you mean this?”, he says, “No”. "I mean exactly what I said, and I'll defend it to the death!" Even after this video comes out, he won't admit to any kind of mistake in what he said.
So we were all having a little meeting, we were talking about recording things and taking notes, and he said, "Oh, you know, yeah, we should file all the things we do." What? What? "Yeah, yeah, archi-ive. You know." "Oh, file. However, it can be said either way." Ohhohohoho no. No, Tyler. is file. It is definitely a file. *warning headphone users* "NO!!" "It's ar-could be arch-ive!" So, in typical Tyler fashion, he defended him to the death. As is his wish, he is allowed to do that, just as we are allowed to question him. Okay, to settle the debate, because we're not normal humans, we're "'Millennials," apparently.
So Ethan took to Twitter to try and settle the debate, so we asked people to submit a video of you saying the word "file." And to myself, I thought, "How bad could it go? It's probably..." "Archive." Perfectly fine, thanks @Savnarae. You are a wonderful human being. But then OGchan comes along and... "Ar-chay-vay." "File, Archive." "Rech-rekive." "Artichokes". no, not that. "Onions..." "and..." *Mark trying to keep his composure* "Mom." "Subscribe." So it just, just, uh... he just starts to go downhill. "Shit." *Mark loses his temper and laughs* *inhales* *More laughter* "File." Yes, perfectly acceptable, thank you. "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm file?" *Oh no, Mark got a bad case of LOL* Thanks, EvieTheHuman. "File, Archive." Uh huh. "Ar-ee-vay." "No, I'm not ready!" "In agreement." "Ar-ee-vay." *apparently this was turned into a "Try Not To Laugh" video* "Archive".
Yes. "Anchovies." "File, Archive." *laugh* So one- one for the- one for Tyler's camp there. I guess that's pretty good. "File, Archive." Yes. "File." Yes. "Arsiv". *laughing* Oh no. Oh, they are Turks, okay, okay. That's understandable, if you're not a native English speaker that's fine. "*dramatic music* *sighs*" "File." Good, thanks RealLucasElliot. "File, Archive?" "I don't know why that's important, but it's okay." It was wrong! It was wrong! I don't know why it's so funny to me, but this is so funny, it's like when I was doing that Don't Laugh thing, and the guy just mis


d the word "pregnant" over and over and for some reason on repeat. , it's fucking funny.
So, I chose a word. In fact, I looked up, looked up the list of the hardest words to


. Okay, send me a video of you saying the word "worcestershire." I don't even know how to say that word. *spoilers: it's wer-ster-sher. thank me later, Mark.* "War-chester-shire!" "Wer-sherster-sher!" "Worsh-worsh-sherter!" "War-sister-ter-shur-ey!" "War-ses-ter-show-ra!" Uh, "Worship satan!" "Where's Sharon?" "Don't worry sister shire!" Uh, "Warts and shit!" "Warts throw me off track." "Warts for Hire". Hey, "roller coasters." What the fuck is this? What the fuck is this?! WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! "Worst-er-shire". *laughter* "Worse-er-sh-no. Not doing it." *laughing* Well, that's bad. "Wor-shshshshshshshshsh-SSHAAAY-re sh-auce?" *laughter* *smacking lips* *continuing laughter* "Worsh-ter-shire?" "Worst-er-sher." "Yes." "I have it good." *laughs* "Markiplier is the worst youtuber". *Mark is not Leafy, okay?" That sounds pretty good.
That makes sense. If you compare the two, if you put the words next to each other, I think it's correct. "War-kes-ter-shire. " *laughs* That was one of MY pronunciations. "War-ker-shire?" No. No, that was wrong. "War-shter-shter-shire. Subscribe!" *laughs* "War-ster-shire. *chuckle*" *loud muffled voice* "War-chester-shire". What the fuck was that?! *sounded like someone was strangling a walrus in the background.* *loud muffled voice* "War-chester- shire". *laughing* What the hell?! Can't play the media?! Too late! Got it, poecop! Got it! "War-shen-sire?" en-" *laugh * "War-chester-shire". "Worsh-ter-shire". "Penis". *11 full seconds of Mark cracking up* I'm twelve years old. "War-chester- county. Pew pew pew pew pew pew!" *laughs* I love enthusiasm. "You guys are idiots". *laughs* Oh yeah yeah yeah we are.
Oh yes we are. "War-chester-shur". *laughter cuts off, sounds like a honk* *laughs* "Shur?" *with a Spanish accent* "War-cester-shire-ey!" It's probably close enough, well done! Well done, that's good! "War- cester- wer- wer-shen-shot- wer-ces-ter-shire- wer- oysters? I-" *sarah.exe has stopped responding, press any key to continue* *laughs* "How about if not, damn nut? I have never been called a wall-not. Or walnut. Or any of those things. But I appreciate the candor! "It's pronounced wer-ster-sher, but you spell it war-ses-ter-shire, so I don't know what you're into, Mark." in life, not in drugs* Well, uh, it's- What do you mean?!
That's how I- that's how to spell! "War-chester-shire!" I do not know any more. It is "war-chester-shire". What are you talking about, adventurouslisa?! *echoing* "War-chester-shire." I felt that on the back of my neck. Jesus. "Worst-er-shire?" "Worst-er-sh-" *laughing* "Worst-er-sh-" "Worst-er-sh-" "Send nudes." "Mark is a dingleberry. *laughs*" *laughs* Well at least he made you laugh! *clears throat* *disgusting* "Shut up." *Markimoo groans* "Fuck." *laughs* What?! *laughs* "War-ses-ter-shire." Nice effort there, Ysaaaaaa. "If you're talking about the sauce, it's worsh-ter-shire sauce." "Rat". AHA! It's a city! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! "Number one, it's 11 p.m. Number two, war-ses-..." "What the hell is that? War-ses-shire?" "Listen, you have to go to bed you fucking bitch." *laughing* It's okay, it's okay.
I take that as my cue to go. Yeah, but either way, it's really fun. thing, because I- was- was this- this, like, hilarious concept, and- just because Tyler is so funny, he's so funny in the way that he is. It's like- it's like, he's- he's funny because of how "Tyler" he is. I didn't know if this was going to be funny, but then again, I don't know if it's actually funny because I laugh at almost anything. But, I had a good time, so anyway, you know, I just wanted... I just wanted to experiment with this to see what the hell was going to happen to it, and I started giggling like a little bitch.
But anyway, there are a lot of things you could do with this that have audience participation, like, the point of this is that it involves you guys in simple little things that just make people laugh for no good reason. apart from the fact that it's stupid. B But we're all collectively stupid, so it's fun together! Which is also good, so... I hope you're having a wonderful new year so far, I know it's only been a week, huh, and... but I really hope you stick with whatever you've chosen. as your new years resolution, and just remember what i said, it really doesn't come down to motivation.
Motivation will leave you faster than you imagine it will be gone. Like, it'll be gone in a couple of weeks and you'll be back to the same old ways. It's about discipline, holding yourself accountable, training yourself to be better, and expecting more of yourself. Put the goals higher and higher, but higher and higher. Because it's progress day by day and that's the only way you can be better. So I hope you're doing that, and remember, we're doing a charity livestream this month. We haven't decided what or when, but keep an eye out for that. Uh, should be coming, more details very soon, so thank you all so much for watching.
And as always, I'll see you... in the next video. Goodbye!

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