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How Did Sylvanas Wipe Out The Lich King And His Army? (WoW Lore)

May 01, 2020
How did Sylvanas eliminate the Lich King in her


? In this video, we'll explain that you may have been missing a bit before this cutscene and Weiss Livadas was apparently able to pull off these feats and strengths out of nowhere that you see throughout. from BFA and even Legion to a certain extent, one of the biggest criticisms of Savannahs was that we didn't really know what she was doing the whole time she became a warchief in Legion and then she just did things and one of the leveling zones. and then she is not seen again in BFA, we constantly have to inform her, especially if you are loyal to Sivanna and she is very cryptic about what her final plan is, but very obviously has a plan that she never told anyone what it was. and so far with the revealed Shadowland cinematic, we still don't know what their final plan is, but we have a much better idea of ​​what it could be based on all the little snippets of information they've given us over the last two expansions. or this could even date back to the Lich King, probably not.
how did sylvanas wipe out the lich king and his army wow lore
Blizzard said the story has ties to the end of Wrath, but I don't think that's the case. I think they're more likely to rearrange things to fit. with their new narrative they came up with in Legion, so at the end of Wrath of the Lich King, Sivan committed suicide by jumping from the top of Icecrown Citadel impaling himself on the saronite spikes below which I thought during the cinematic of Shadowland when Boulevard psychically picked up saronite spikes and threw them at Sylvanas was a very nice nod to Slavonian suicide and after she committed suicide she found herself in hell and thought it was a terrible place and the Valkyrie found her there and made a deal with them and wine.
how did sylvanas wipe out the lich king and his army wow lore

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how did sylvanas wipe out the lich king and his army wow lore...

Coming back to life, that was basically the end of the story, however, they rebuilt it to the point where she probably also met the jailer during this time and then made the deal with him there, but we don't know exactly what kind of deal. did. because obviously she didn't get her power yet at this point because you'll see right after this, the next time we get Sivanna's story is in the silver pine forest interrogation and at the end of the quest chain she gets shot in the back. back of the head. by Vincente she was freed and if she was the super powerful version that was fighting Bull Var in the cinematic, this would never have happened to her because this killed her and she had to be raised by the Valkyrie who gave their lives in the process to bring her back and this event was never too suspicious because most faction leaders in Warcraft could die if they were shot in the back of the head with a pistol.
how did sylvanas wipe out the lich king and his army wow lore
Now Sivanna is involved in the story here and there before the Mists of Legion Deering. Pandaria helped in the rebellion with Garrosh and even planned with her sister Teresa to kill Garrosh in prison before her sister left the planet at the last second, then in Legion she becomes the warchief after Vol'jin dies in the broken coast and then goes to Storm Heim to search for a magic lamp and during the adventures of Storm Heim, players have to run and find Sylvanas and her own liver glimpse her until the end where you basically see her try to subjugate the Valkyrie main and then to Genn.
how did sylvanas wipe out the lich king and his army wow lore
Greymane comes in and ruins her time, then you're led to believe that her entire plan during the storm was simply to find that lamp and find the Valkyrie's location with the perfect opportunity to enslave her that way they would have an unlimited amount of augmentations. for the Forsaken instead of the limited amount they had with some Valkyries, that serves as honest and during the fight again, Greymane doesn't exactly win, but he is putting up a very good fight against Sylvanas and winning grammar in the story is not that much. stronger than the average worgen, however morgen are assumed to be quite strong as they themselves are a forbidden form of druid that was said to be one of the strongest and as a feat of strength in the tale's elegy again , Greymon is searching for his wife in the burning city of Darnassus and finds her under a heavy stone that a pair of night elves were trying to free her from again they jump towards them fear with fury spinning together in a Malstrom of force like no other he had felt, he lifted the enormous piece of stone. as if it were a piece of furniture no heavier than one of those hideous side tables that Mia loved so much and that Gil had left to rot.
That Deus can lift that stone as easily as he did shows once again that he is a pretty strong character. much stronger than average and he knew that he couldn't kill Sylvanas. Also in the same novel, a character in the alliance mentions a fact about his strength. One of the druids in Ashenvale said this about the savannas after watching the Horde


march towards Ashenvale from the sky. While he was on his druid bird forum, he modified the thought to the certainty that, of course, she would be there. His arrogance would not allow anyone else to take the glory besides Slavonic Windrunner, who was possibly the most powerful member of the horde and later the protagonist of the novel. up to the legion, particularly with a good war and with the opening cinematic of Battle for Azeroth, Lisi Sylvanas has a higher power level than she has been shown in the game before.
In the cutscene, she destroys a siege engine and then kills a group of soldiers lined up with a banshee. Scream reminiscent of his Warcraft 3 Days during the book before the storm, when Sylvanas and Andy came face to face before the exchange in the Iraqi Highlands and made notes in an internal monologue that Sylvanas could kill him with a single scream and Ewan doesn't. she needed a shallow main mace or even the more familiar mace to break fear, her weapon was light and of course Sylvanas was deadly enough without a bow, all she needed to do was open her mouth and utter a whale and he would die, so he was in danger by meeting her.
Face to face like this during a good war, Sylvanas and Tsar Fang have a plan to invade Ted Drusilla and kill Malfurion and the plan was always for Sylvanas to be the person to kill Malfurion since they knew they basically couldn't do it. any other way as he is too strong for a normal soldier to fight him or even a small squad to fight him and he is too smart to try to fight an entire army on his own so he would just run away and Throughout the entire tale, Honest Slav is flying through the trees, basically chasing Mal Farion, there is one particular scene in the book where Mal Fearin is able to successfully set a trap and hide in the middle of a city that the Horde was destroying. to occupy to try to kill SAR. and I'll read that section of the book to you to give you a very good indication of how strong Mal Furion is, especially compared to Star Fang.
He turned and threw himself back to the end, an instant later, the ground shook as Malfurion Stormrage landed. Where he had been standing, this is the end, he thought Bitter Fang as the sounds of chaos rose outside the inn. Malfurion Stormrage in the dark entered through the door with his eyes fixed on Bitter Fang, three of the High Overlord's advisors charged at him, stop, Bitter Fink screamed, Mal Fearn moved and the metal claws tied to his wrist quickly finished him off. the two orcs in the blood. He stepped forward over his body. Morka grabs our Fang by the shoulder.
Run hello sir. She said, "We'll give you time. No, they wouldn't do it more than a heartbeat." It was time to die with honor, take the maps he whispered, bring them to the warchief Malfurion Stormrage. I challenge you MA Kagura. The word sounded strange to his own ears. What you left for the night half in a duel to the death with rowing fish. It doesn't matter that Malfurion was here, he forced our Fang, he wouldn't go after a group of advisors. Malfurion's eyes left no bitter fangs. A double Bitter Fang. He asked in a soft voice, soft as the eye of a storm, like freshly dug soil from a grave.
The crew had calmly stepped forward to listen to our Frank waited. Do you think I care in the least about a duel? You can participate if you are afraid. The bitter thing said that he was buying time. That was the only victory Frank could hope for. last troop movements that will be delivered to the halls his hand so that the battle can continue or fight with me and see if I will fall now fear Ian said nothing he raised his arms and shook the wooden floors and ceilings creaked and groaned as the pieces of the final to fall around the orc's head, he accepted his death against a creature like Stormrage, there was no dishonor or failure, thank the lord, he simply had to meet his end without giving up, a sudden explosion knocked him down, stunning him.
Bitter Fang closed his eyes, it's done. His hands grew numb with tingling from the dark power that roared through the ruins of the end. sour dark power Frank opened his eyes badly fearing he wasn't loo


at him his arms are crossed in front of his face as an arrow shrouded in the shadow of violet smoke exploded right before him an emerald light rose against the darkness and Malfurion charged to fight against Sylvanas Windrunner, who was shot with another arrow and taken out at point-blank range. Frank would have stood up, but his legs did not obey his commands and he collapsed. above them and was surrounded by darkness and pain, but he wasn't dead yet not, then Nathanael brought bitter Frank out of the collapse and says this little dialogue before, at least, the ungrateful masses of the Horde will.
Finally, give the Warchief that respect he has earned time and time again. Evil fear had come to crush groups of hordes and she had intervened. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, had been saved from it thanks to her. This little passage does a good job of showing how strong evil is. Furion is where Sour Frank thought he was so outmatched that he didn't even consider the possibility of being able to win and Malfurion killed three soldiers in an instant while loo


at Sour Fang the whole time and Malfurion constantly ran away from Sylvanas every time she showed up to fight he and she also showed up to save snarfing at the last second, which gives a pretty good indication of how strong Chavannes is if she was scaring evil away the whole time darling in the war mmm Althea and Sylvanas have a final battle. she is on the losing side, but barely and only because she was fighting Malfurion on his home-field advantage in the middle of a force, nothing is more powerful than our guitar in the forest and alone, seemingly without backup, as she had to. pursue him to even get the fight with everything against her in the fight, it was close enough to the point where Sour Fang was able to step in and help by throwing her Ariens accent far enough back, it only took a little intervention from a soldier superior to the average. as a sour fang to turn the tide in Sylvanas' favor, even in-game they show little nuggets of their power, such as during the War of Thorns pre-expansion mission, when fear now summons the wall of whist to kill to anyone who tries to cross it.
Sylvanas can single-handedly open a small pocket using only her innate power to allow a small squad of soldiers to pass through, so when the salesman Frank dared Sylvanas to taunt Cara, you can understand why Thrall immediately told Sour Fang that he would die in battle and why didn't Sour Frank disagree with him? During the battle, when Slavonic beats him easily and taunts him all the time, it wasn't really a surprise to anyone who had read the stories, someone who was flying through the forest chasing someone like Mal Furion. Obviously, she could very easily defeat our tusk in a one-on-one fight, but then at the end of the fight she attacks our tusk with basically a shadow energy kamehameha, something she hasn't done before and something Loretha mentioned further.
I had never seen her do it before and I wasn't even sure what kind of magic, which is quite important for the leader of the blood elves, who love magic, so when she confronts Bolivar, we find out that she had become even stronger. Since his time before Ted fought and Bulevar himself is no pushover, he is no Arthas, the Lich King. Of course, Arthas was much stronger than Bolívar, particularly because he had Frostmourne and Bolívar gifted the last fragments of Frostmourne to the frozen death knights and the legion as they used them to create their artifact weapon and the power that always had the Lich King on how strong his army's forests are and not really on the power level of the Lich King himself.
I don't remember where it was said, but it was in an interview or some kind of Q&A where Blizzard basically said that individually the Thunder King was stronger than the Lich King Arthas, but that if their two armies fought each other, Arthas would emerge victorious. and Bolívar had his undead army with him, it's just that Sylvanas took them all. She went off screen and then had a one on one fight with Boulevard himself and even then she didn't really notice.killed, she just limited him with her new dark magic and they foreshadowed this new level of power beforehand, they showed her how to make dark deals and storm Hein whose details were never told, they showed her making deals in all the PFA material with now leteth azshara ash vane and we never knew the exact details of any of those things, all those agreements were made off screen and we were just aware that something was happening, he saw her flying through the trees chasing Malfurion and fighting him as an equal and we saw Mal being afraid to kill groups of horde soldiers by himself, which sets a pretty decent base power level, since there were a lot more of them.
Scary moments and just killing groups of horde soldiers single-handedly that I didn't read in this video, we saw her blow up our Fang with a stream of dark energy and then we had important magical people commenting on how powerful she had become and all. This was all introduced before the Shadowlands cinematic came out, so it should be pretty obvious to anyone who's been following Boulevard Savlon. It's a story where it's not a level of surprise strength for us to emerge victorious in that battle, but for the average Wow player. There are barely any quest tanks in the game, so of course all of this would have been a shock, people assume Boulevard is literally as strong as Arthas the Lich King, who Ner'zhul sought out to be the champion because of his gifts. in combat and still had Frostmourne with him, so of course if you assumed Bulevar had the exact same power levels as Arthas at full power and assumed Sylvanas was still as strong as she was when she was shot in the back of head at the beginning of Cataclysm, so I can totally understand why you would be bothered by the cutscene.
Blizzard has actually done a good job of setting everything up, you just have to look up these things to learn all this background information, unless Blizzard is very obvious about it. that story and basically screams his characters' main motivations and power levels at the top of his lungs during a main cutscene, most people won't know what's going on, but that would be a sign of bad writing and it's a good thing Blizzard doesn't. does. which are largely a little more subtle than that, although occasionally they do just that because they know who their player base is and with the things we've learned at Blizzcon and during interviews with the developers, we basically learned that they do a soft retcon .
The Helm of Domination on Frostmourne was more powerful than they originally were, as seen in the original story until Jaden basically created the Helm of Domination on Frostmourne and gave it to the Dreadlords to prepare Azeroth for an invasion of The Legion and the Scourge was sort of an appetizer to the main course that was the arrival of the Legion, so what they did was change it so that those two things were actually artifacts that were recovered from the Shadowlands by the Legion. It doesn't really change established


since these two things were never really In the first place, given too much history about their origins, it just makes them retroactively more important and people already thought they were super important to begin with, anyway, so which is a pretty good retcon and Sylvanas has gotten stronger because of all the deaths. deer in the fourth war, so after she burned Ted Russell after the wars in Zanda Loren Colt Ross, the people who died in Ajara, the many more who died, it ends if Sivanna gains a share of power based on The number of people who died in this timeline is very easy to see why it has become so strong.
So many people died during the 4th war that it is now known as the blood war in the game, but we don't know the exact details of this or what their final plan is. es, but then again, she's been doing all sorts of things for the last two expansions without us knowing what's going on, so I'm finally going to look at what she's been up to for the last two expansions, they've been setting her up very heavily and seeing. The Shadowland cinematic was a great moment of revelation to appeal to nerds because of the number one complaint.
The truth is we don't know what her plan is and she's been doing all this for DHS stuff for some kind of super secret plan that they didn't give any indication of what that plan might be so it was nice to see why she kept everything secretly and it really put a lot of things into perspective and I thought it was handled pretty well and that's the end of the video if you liked it. video, make sure to like it, spread it to everyone else. You might be asking these questions and also, did you know that only 21% of the people who watch my videos are subscribed?
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