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Jul 21, 2023
jeffrey sees you reading it can't hurt me by david goggins well why are you reading that it's all fake? he's training too much but jeffrey is the discipline he needs jeffrey is the perfect example of the modern man he's weak he's submissive he's feminine he seeks comfort Just like Asian men chase white women, I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have been a man for most of my life. Please believe me when I tell you that life is so beautiful when you stop being so good. you start leveling up your


skill and yes, it is a skill.
how to actually be more disciplined
Discipline is a skill like the video game skills we used to play and we can level it up by gaining real-world experience. Life feels very different now, but I initially had a hard time going from video games to weight-lifting drugs to binge-reading disgusting, unhealthy food to eat, you know, a diet that's relatively clean, and now I feel much better, not only do I feel like I have


respect from the men around me and


attraction from the girls around me I simply like myself more I feel like I'm good enough adonis how do you say that word brother epitome adonis is the epitome of discipline he conquers challenges he does the hard work especially when he doesn't feel like you adonis does the hard work especially when you don't feel like it he has your back don't worry but no one is born with discipline adonis had to rise level, he had to set himself painful and uncomfortable challenges and that's why he leveled up his discipline skill these are the best benefits of being more


number one you feel proud and respect yourself more you start to feel good enough to be surrounded of people number two you enjoy hard work more you literally start to have fun with these habits of self-improvement and number three, you get more results in the gym, in your business, in your studies, in any company you are currently in, because you are a lot more consistent and you are working more, so Europe right now is modern.
how to actually be more disciplined

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how to actually be more disciplined...

The world has not conditioned you the same way it would have a hundred years ago. Today's men are weak. Why, because all technological advances have been made for convenience, we are a society that seeks comfort and you are the victim, because this comfort is the killer. of man and that is why we are all what we need more than anything is discipline. I've spent the last few months thinking about what the number one trait, the skill, the virtue that Adonis has, that we all need to recreate, is honor, moral justice. It is discipline to achieve anything else we want in life, first we need discipline which is like the cornerstone, the key skill that we must first develop before we can move on and do anything else.
how to actually be more disciplined
I have often said that step zero in anything we want to achieve is to improve your mental health, but to improve your mental health you need discipline. Whatever we want, we need discipline and discipline is a scarce resource, especially among men. Honestly, I think young women are more disciplined than young men these days and that's it. It's embarrassing if I'm talking about you, if you can relate to this and really think, wait like him, he's


right, girls are more disciplined than me these days, trust me when I say you won't enjoy life much. Voluntarily putting yourself in that submissive feminine position that strips men of their achievements when you become more disciplined, everything else falls into line, so how do we become more disciplined?
how to actually be more disciplined
Discipline is the ability to do hard work, especially when you don't feel like it when there is a task to do, but your brain generates the negative thought that it doesn't want you to do that task, that's when you should do that task, you have this opportunity maybe a hundred times a day and most of us are failing. that opportunity when you think a task is a challenge and it could be as simple as getting out of bed, it could be putting down your phone and doing some work, it could be going to the gym, it could be going on an adventure.
I'm going to ask that girl out when you think about a task and your brain generates thoughts, that's your chance, that's your call to action to think, wait, brain, Jeffrey brain. I'm going to do the hard work, especially because I don't feel like it and every time you go and do the hard work, especially when you don't feel like it, you get some experience in the discipline, like in a video game, you get XP, you get five XP every Once you define lizard brain, but right now you are at a low level in this discipline skill and this is where it gets complicated because leveling up your discipline skill is very much related to ignoring your ego, you can just go and do tasks that are currently reasonably unreasonable.
They have to be within your reach, the problem with discipline is that you look at other men and see how disciplined they are and then you think you have to match them. Young men are so confused because of social media because you see other men doing Things that you feel like you should be able to do, that you want to do but can't do, and so you stay in this purgatory mode where you can't go ahead and do Anything, it's like the fat man who thinks about training. It's going to be very difficult so he's not going to exercise.
What advice would you give him? There's a fat guy who wants to go exercise, but in his mind the workout lasts two hours. It is an exhausting session that does not feel. He's prepared right now for me not to work out. So what advice would you give him? It doesn't have to be so difficult. A two hour workout is crazy bro, we've been training for years and it's like a two hour workout. The hour long workout is not something I do often, so to this fat guy who barely works out, I would personally say, bro, just go to the gym for 5, 10, 20 minutes, that's progress, that's discipline , right there, fat, fat, you would get something.
Discipline you think about the height of discomfort, you don't want to sit for two hours and fry your brain, so you don't do it and every time you miss that call to action, every time you have the opportunity to increase your ability to discipline and you don't take advantage that chance you lose discipline xp because your Geoffrey brain has won and this is a constant battle your Jeffrey brain will constantly send you messages like no don't do that work yet do it later or maybe we Instead of every time you listen to that Jeffrey brain you lose discipline x-blade this is like a constant ebb and flow, most guys long term just go down and down and down and down.
A lot of self-improvement guys have a few bursts of ups, but they usually go down and down and down and down. You need to conquer your mind. You need to realize that your mind and the thoughts you hear are not always active. your side and I'm not going to lie, I think most of the time they are not on your side and this is crazy, if you can understand this, you can conquer the rest of self-improvement without my help. I've said it heartlessly before. This is the cure for depression that no one talks about, but doctors will prescribe you antidepressants, but they will never tell you about progressive overload depression, and being depressed is simply your disciplinary ability being completely restored.
The problem is that when his Discipline skill has been completely reset. Our egos still show up, so we won't do the things that would help us right now because we still look at the things we used to do. If you feel bad right now, if you feel bad. Like if you have symptoms of depression right now, I guarantee you won't be able to do the things you used to do a year or two ago. You used to be able to do a full workout. You can't even imagine it. Now all you have to do is keep leveling up your disciplinary skill by doing the hard work, especially when you don't feel like it, so the hard work for you right now could literally be making your bed and this is a famous shameful advice. which a lot of guys ignore because it's a cliché, this is the value of making your bed, it doesn't make you a better person or anything, but it's the first step that gives you a little discipline and experience to get the ball rolling.
To get those small victories, a lot of guys have this ego, this is serious and it literally keeps them stuck in a non-ideal life for years because they refuse to lower the barrier of success, you can't go and do a full workout, you've proven that. For us, you've wanted to do that full workout for months but haven't, which shows that it's too out of reach right now, but you have the ability to do just one pushup right now, but your brain will tell you. but the push-up is not going to do anything and there we go so you will be stuck so you will not do the push-up so tomorrow you will not do the second one and then you will stay exactly as you are today that first push-up is going to be today or in a year yes you want to waste a year of your life then that's up to you discipline is the skill that will get you out of those bad times we've had everything we've been through is just that the ego, jeffrey's brain, convinces you that the things that things you need to do now are not good enough, he makes fun of you for them, he says, wait, this video is stupid because it says to make your bed, but to make yourself the bed does nothing and the radio hams say to do a push-up, but lizards will not give you profits.
You have to reduce that barrier to success. It's the hard work you can do right now that you don't want. What to do, don't you see? That's the same concept, it's hard work, especially when you don't feel like it and your brain Jeffree will tell you wait, we don't feel like doing this because it won't help, I hope this helps. hard work, especially when you don't feel like doing it

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