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Houston Rockets trading CP3 for Russell Westbrook is a 'Hail Mary' — Broussard | NBA | THE HERD

Aug 21, 2022
everyone tells me that Houston really won the trade, what do you think of that? We usually disagree when it comes to Russell Westbrook, but I do agree with you on this one. Now let me tell you this from the trade I've been in. contact with five or six NBA guys some players X players some executives Scouting stuff like that everybody likes the Houston trade and they're bringing up two things that they're bringing up Houston will be able to play a lot faster with Westbrook which is true and they're bringing up bring up the relationship between Russ and James Harden they like each other they wanted this to make it work I still don't believe this is a Houston Rockets Hail Mary it seems to me like that there is no doubt now they are going to be good I mean they will make the playoffs and they're a type of team that I would hate to play on because Russ is relentless and only comes at you for forty-eight minutes and what and uh Harden is just so good you know they're going to be on It's a little problem but can they win a championship?
houston rockets trading cp3 for russell westbrook is a hail mary broussard nba the herd
No, I like several teams more than them and the fact that it matters is that when Russ and Hard played together seven years ago, it was a completely different number one, they were both in different parts of their careers, it's especially difficult, he's coming out of the bench as a role player, he is now the best offensive player of all time, right? I mean they bring it up at the same time as Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain, so everything is different, number two, they had Kevin Durant, people like him, they like him. it was just those two that they had Kevin Durant who was still a top five player in the league even at the time and he made it all work and then three the league was different the 3 was not as prominent so when they played together in OKC, when Harden came in, he handled the ball and Russ didn't have it, which was fine back then because you could have a guy off the ball, good cutting, you know and drive and all that, but c I couldn't really shooting back then like Dwyane Wade was fine with LeBron, but playing off the ball with LeBron in Miami would be challenging right now in today's NBA where all three are so prominent so I don't think it's going to work. to the point where they could win a championship so I just see, look at you, I heard you talk about if it doesn't work or when it doesn't work everyone will blame Russ.
houston rockets trading cp3 for russell westbrook is a hail mary broussard nba the herd

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houston rockets trading cp3 for russell westbrook is a hail mary broussard nba the herd...

You made a great comment about Hart because if he went to work Hardin would have the best chance to make it work, thanks because his game is more versatile as I think Russ alone in a Mike D'Antoni system would be treacherous to opponents like him when picking high-and-roll with the floor spread out and shooters all around him, he never had that in OKC so I think he would be dangerous on that, but not only is Hart going to sit there without the ball, but Hardin is more capable, I think, from playing without the ball, then Russ is not Russ. he's going to be very effective off the ball because he doesn't shoot us.
houston rockets trading cp3 for russell westbrook is a hail mary broussard nba the herd
Okay, that's where Harden, but he looks, everyone talks about liking each other, they wanted it to happen. Harden and Chris liked each other. They may not have been as close as Russ was on Harden, but Chris didn't pick the Rockets out of a hat. they had resolved everything well he calls the Clippers hey I want you to trade me to the Rockets don't think he didn't talk tough and they say yes we would be great together and so on and Hardin didn't change his game one bit thank you which I surprised like this. I was surprised to see Chris Paul off the ball as a two guard, that's what he was doing hard and for the most part, yeah, and if he didn't trade Chris. how much is he going to change for russ so there were reports and daryl morey denied them that chris paul and james harden everything is fine and I'm like all the reporters were fine it wasn't very good right no apparently they had to make the move my first order from day if i were daryl morey i would have i was on sic chris and james one on one and tried to figure it out and if i get some traction there i get them together with mike d'antoni how can we tweak this and make it work like this one says? a



they panicked for no reason now i get it the lakers and clippers are now really good and proud and i think better than


would have been even with cp3 and harden but two years ago this worked you had the warriors down 3 -2 if Chris Paul doesn't get hurt maybe they're the world champions last year they lost Golden State which was even without KD they were a great team they may very well have been the second best team in the NBA last year last two years and once they lost G status they just panicked well they were obsessed with G status and they also let it all out and daryl morey is fascinating because he's the poster child for analytics and i'm with you.
houston rockets trading cp3 for russell westbrook is a hail mary broussard nba the herd
I like mana analysis. Linux is a part of that, but he's not going to dictate everything I do, but he compl Etely ignores analysis when it comes to moose. I mean Chris Paul Jimmy Butler, who they didn't get, but they wanted Carmelo Anthony, the white Howard. so joy touched this chris paul trade is there a place that fits you you know what i mean obviously miami is up for serious play which would be good for chris he wouldnt be a contender in the This one, but they. They would be better and they would be pretty good This is what really intrigues me and I mentioned it here once before about three or four weeks ago in Philly you sound like my staff this morning Chris Paul Josh Richardson Al Horford Joel Embiid and Tobias Harris in the East , that's danger, okay, so what am I giving you?
Ben Simmons, okay, hey, I love that you do that. ok so I'm surprising you as Ben Simmons, well I don't care, and I, I'm not, I'm a Big Ben Simon, so I need to move it to Chris, both of us, but Philly, work well with shooters in a clear lane. Philly got bigger this year. Right, Philly doesn't work for Ben Simmons. It isn't true. I have Horford in the middle like he didn't beat in the middle. They took a kid from Washington who can't shoot, but he's a great defensive player. Tobias Harris, even if even. if Simmons is the jumper it's not like I'm coming back next year like klay Thompson if I'm Sam Presti this morning and I've got those draft picks and I've been Simmons yeah I feel like I won right in the build I got my guy that could penetrate and kick and I'm a shooter built around it and not here if I'm Philly look there's a little bit of hesitation because Chris averaged 15 points last year shot 41 percent 42 percent from the floor down for him if I'm from Philly maybe Maybe you want to look at the first month of the season and see if it was that decline in last year just because there was an injury and the situation and it tightened up or Chris really fell off okay so if the deal goes it would be embiid Horford Jason Richardson Tobias Harris Chris Paul kid, not a lot of white space on that team Now, yeah, Chris played about 60 games, but again, Chris doesn't need to be your closer, he doesn't exactly need to be a closer or general, get the right guys , the ball, you've got a shooter in Josh Richardson, Tobias Harrison, shoot.
I have my man. within i mean horford can actually spread the floor and shoot two he's a smart veteran let me tell you something i take back all the bad things i said about sam presti if he did that i got it because here's the thing with Simmons now Presti I can take Ben Simmons and say listen I know what it is now he's a driver and score now. I can take all these draft picks and get shooters. The problem in Philadelphia is that Simmons was the best player available on the market. he had embed so he had their best player embed and they had spanked a bunch of guys so in accounts this star in the middle but then the next draft is like Oh Simmons is the best player available so we make that fade away problem and you just have to put the blame where it belongs Ben Simmons this is her fourth or fifth she doesn't know sir what year she wasn't so this means it's her third year being third you're playing but fourth year in the league Because remember the year he sat down Why didn't you work on that jumper?
I got you a hit your whole life without him, but it's a different NBA. I'm going to tell you something right now. I'm going to do a parade in OKC if they do that note for OKC that's great the question is Philly and I get the questions like I said it's not a hundred percent foolproof okay gears what I want this is what I want what I want, Chris Paul, but you have 17 picks, give me two in the first round. take your pick i will but you gotta peck me yeah cause you got it for sure well yeah i mean oklahoma city they have so many pictures now it's absurd the guys can't all be on the list so Just say, listen, I want three first-round picks and Chris Paul because you have Ben Simmons on your knee. do both teams i'll do it tomorrow that's brilliant if my team could come up with ideas as well as you would have listened and they still have okc smarter yes they do maybe chris paul and smarter because that gives me the the shooter gives me insurance in case chris paul you brought smoke today hey sam presti i hope he's on the list like i said okc would makes all the sense in the world.
You ask but if you want to win the Phillies win now how good would that team be in the East every chance to make it to the finals oh yes I think they would be favorites over Milwaukee yes I would yes Chris Broussard . take a breather that literally almost changed my weekend im going to obsess over that damn exchange all weekend hello everyone thanks for watching subscribe here to get the latest on the show also be sure to check out more of the best clips of the pack or see some segments of other shows on fs1

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