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Jun 01, 2021
Hello, welcome to the design box. I'm your host, Ronnie Dizon, if you're not subscribed, what are you doing? Subscribe to the channel and have them activate publishing mode. Turn on post notifications so you receive alerts when I upload. a new


, so I'll continue where we left off. I have a list of things I want to tackle before the


sites, so we are here right now, this is where we left off the Dallas finale of the nxl event, so after this finale, these are the things I did so far, like this I went to France, I went to Australia and I went to Boston last weekend, so I'm just trying to give you a summary of what's coming up next.
houston heat pro paintball vlog   texas open 2019
I'll do a longer recap. I'm going to do a recap along with this and then a vlog recap of this, so wait for the reader for the vlogs. I'm going to try to hit it but a big problem I was having was that my computer just couldn't handle the workload I was trying to give it, it's taken me this far and I had to upgrade so I ended up going to Apple and getting one new, so I hope this speeds up my work process and that way I can post more vlogs for you. The next thing I want to talk about is the studio workspace that Thomas just reorganized and which took me about a week of time coming up with a new desk. only the organizational area.
houston heat pro paintball vlog   texas open 2019

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houston heat pro paintball vlog texas open 2019...

I watched that show tidying up so the first time I put it off for a while I wanted to watch it and then finally watching it made me realize that my workspace was really messy so I had to do it, my mom always. I told myself when I was younger that a messy room or area is a messy mess and then the last thing I want to talk about is the new intro, if you guys weren't following me on Instagram first of all, why not? They follow me on Instagram. I know the Papa tag appeared here, but I have a new introduction for you.
houston heat pro paintball vlog   texas open 2019
Same topic, but it's something I imagined with my friend Lexi. She's an amazing editor, a much better editor. I at least am more advanced. that me and I gave him this vision, we made some ideas and we exchanged them and yeah, here we go, let's do that new intro, back up, back up, back up, back up, all good, my first boat, so this is the factory. all sports where they did no visa there it's fine I just arrived at our hotel I give you the Grand Tour we have a small kitchen area here we have a small bathroom area here we go desk area here I am working all night a sofa area and another bed last year we had two beds so I think we're going to share beds or someone is going to sleep on that block couch so we'll see and find out what's going on outside.
houston heat pro paintball vlog   texas open 2019
Oh, it's night, I'm going to take a shower. Yes, yes, why the next day and the ring with the king playing bowling we leave? We really think we're going to pull names out of a hat. We'll play better with three laser tag genes against each other. I'm changing my shoes and then we'll go bowling and have lunch there. I'm grabbing my laser gun. I'm going to attack the boy. Good things, only 19, we have been rained out for practice, so we took the Bubi main event. but what I mean by that is we're going to go bowling, we're going to play laser tag where I have to break for a few minutes and it's going to be great, can I get two claps on a Ric Flair?
What is about to happen? ball, Duncan, ten years old, look at George, here he goes, yeah, use the ball, at least 300, you guys are on the same team, we're talking about everyone here, okay, but attack again, pick that up, pick that up, see George later. That same night, you guys remember the hype podcasters that I was blogging earlier, we have the guys in the bays, these are dogs, yes we have Costa and yes, also on the podcast, so I'll put the link in the description. below for this because it should be available by the time you watch this vlog.
We are here in this gourmet food establishment. I don't know if you've heard of him. It's called Chick-fil-a. Okay get ready for the event here yeah actually going to be shoeless for this tournament Chad George how are you feeling good today are you feeling good today I'm feeling light feeling like I'm going to be a little pig in the mud you know it's like last year or what drives you right now power in me Right now, yeah, two coffees, I'm ready to get some free exercise and then maybe I'll see the penny I need. Does your heart ever hurt?
It always beats fast enough. Let's make gangs. Yes, I'm talking about combat vision. I will not flinch from that mission nor push to begin it within our limits. Your bra disappeared, you simply became a member of the staff. Say the only thing I know is that I will work today. I'm trying to crack the hood, so I boarded a guest. I keep smoking until my third eye finds the way I drew. I went up to his apartment. They couldn't catch me if they wanted to. One to watch the slope fall. My song roles are, oh, look how far I've gone. through Tonto still doesn't do anything amazing today yes, yes, mine today because I don't always have the client.
I've had a couple of heartbreaks in the past. Think about the moment. Now I'm making it last. My depression in my demons. Well, they stay attached. They can ride, but God, stay back, yeah, nothing with my vibe today, the better side and my lesser is, yeah, the dark side of the moon behind the designer curtains, keep going until you like the bed, yeah, pops just don't win. thank God I'm still living I have an addiction to fast money and PAC flip they're bad the loot is just different I'm still getting money like a magician 'cause I ain't got no time today yeah yeah on my mind today 'cause no I ain't got no time to waste, yeah what's up vlog?
So we went back to the hotel to take a shower, have some dinner, but we went to a no, today we beat Thunder in a very close game, in fact, they took us to overtime and to be. Honestly, we had a mental lapse with some body situations and we didn't work together or communicate, so they played really well and took advantage of those mental lapses and in the second game we eliminated the exchange of my weapon outlaw team, so yeah, sitting down to find out right now. In the second game we had much better communication, much better teamwork and a much better mentality.
I think the first game felt a little chaotic and we just need to be better tomorrow, but yeah, luckily it didn't rain today and it was actually nice. sunny all day, the mud and well, I would say the mud in the field is very sticky and then the mud outside feels very sloppy, so running and diving is a little difficult because you just stay wherever you go, but apart from that very, very good day at EndNote, swearing it's here and relax and look at the pictures and get ready for dinner tomorrow, let's throw away the clothes, nice shot, huh, shout out to enjoy the


and Nico hides from enjoy, grandpa, he's going to show me how he made his dad personalized, don't I die like a beach shirt?
It's actually very easy to do this, just grab your shirt, don't drink this, 50/50 kids, this first point here, good morning, side starting, watch the webcast. arranging clothes Federoff still in bed today we played boom and we played dynasty so yeah we don't play for another five hours yeah so hopefully hopefully the weather stays good it's supposed to be in the radar as sunny then, right? It looks great now, so yeah, that's it. Body prohibitions during a break. Autograph signing. Federal has its own personal tone because they enjoy


in the building. Yes. HP Beauty. He's crazy.
Well, I don't want to give him some water. What does this old school t-shirt look like? Yeah. Wait, okay, that's a real gang game, that's awesome, man, oh yeah, you got a Galveston too, dude, that's sweet, that's really sick, yeah, baby. Amazing confirmed murders, hey, Golden Girls, burnout, goes Batman, you're kicking your leg now, what's the video? I'm going to shoot towel, towel, towel point passed, so today I said, but we're still moving forward, now explain it later. I didn't actually end up trading after that and I don't have any footage, so I'll explain now. We played a back-and-forth game, they played really well and it all came down to overtime and honestly, it was like a five-on-one against Ryan Moorhead.
Zach Hill, my friend went to the bunker. Ryan Moorhead was shot right before he got fucked, Moorhead read and got. a major penalty that resulted in a turning point in every other role. I mean, we pretty much lost that game, but in the rule book that's a turning point and we ended up winning it. It's not that rewarding of a win because boom played a really good role. Good game and shout out to my boy Zach Hill. In fact, he told me that I was the reason he got that penalty because he really wanted to bunker with Ryan Moorhead because on the previous punt I made I did this to him, so yeah, it's a crazy game.
The next game was against Dynasty and the Majors outplayed us, so honestly we didn't go forward with the greatest confidence because I don't think we were playing to our full potential, so the next day, Sunday morning, we infamously gave it a recognition to Ryan. they caught us in the wild card game and yeah we ended up being them by a good amount of points and I'm pretty sure it was like six to two or something, but then the next game was against dmg, now dmg had a really good game against us and We were able to get some really decisive points and Mando pulled off a miraculous two on one to save the day, it was basically the nail in the coffin to win that match, so dmg also played a really good match against us, it's just us. came out on top by the skin of our teeth, the skin of our teeth is I think it's, I don't know, that's exactly the term.
I'll Google it for you guys to check, but after that it was a rematch of In the Dallas event last year when we played AC Dallas in the semi-finals and yeah, we were basically going back and forth with them, we had to lead in wait, they recovered some body down situations that the Jackson brothers held strong, it was like a two against four. situation and they ended up choosing everything and sending us home with no chance of AC for us, you know, beating us in that game, they played very well. I think the team has developed with BJ, their new guy, as well as the main players. on the team, so yeah, that's the Fidelis vlog in a nutshell.
I want to say thank you all for watching, thank you to our sponsors, thank you to our owners, thank you to all my teammates for making these vlogs possible by telling these stories and yes, we know we had a few. work to do and with Phil the event is coming up pretty soon we had a really good practice this weekend and obviously I'll cover that more in the vlog and tell you how it went yeah so next on our list is The event from France that I'm going to show you, you probably like a travel vlog about this and then I'll just recap what happened at the event and then yeah, we already made lists so that's it, make sure you're tuning in for the next one. and meat

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