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House of the Dragon's Matt Smith & Paddy Considine break down the biggest moments from episode one

Sep 13, 2022
you are the king your duty is to take a new wife i have decided to name a new ad i am your head do you think the ram will ever accept me as his queen with the targaryen brothers together oh yeah yeah the targaryen brothers that's the name of the band yeah , so I have to ask because everyone is going to want to meet Matt, that's the praise of the first sex scene for you, you will not know the history of Game of Thrones and how they are known for being so spicy did you feel any kind of pressure of having to film that or get into that scene I think you always feel the pressure doing any of those scenes because you know you have no clothes on and there are like 50 people looking at you and you know they always feel a little weird, but no, because it was so fabulous, yeah, and, well, we played it like a dance and, if you can call it that, well, no, it was just part, it was part of the story and I knew it. that was the concert really yeah um so your characters are really amazing scene what i say amazing it's brutal and bloody um with the gold cloaks where he's punishing criminals um and he does it so coldly and almost like he's enjoying and the power he gets from that which is the complete opposite of Ned Stark in


one of Game of Thrones where he punishes the deserter but feels regret and remorse how does it feel to film that scene and get into the frame of mind of that and what can you tell us about what that means about your character Damon how does it feel good?
house of the dragon s matt smith paddy considine break down the biggest moments from episode one
It was like five in the morning in Spain. He was very tired and was thinking that I would like that


fast that is coming my way. he's actually doing the right thing i think he feels he has some weird morality and he thinks well i'm going to go out there and punish these people and show everyone that i'm being diligent about this and yeah i'm pushing the envelope a little bit i know that I don't think it's just gratuitous violence from his point of view, but I do think there's a part of him that probably enjoys it.
house of the dragon s matt smith paddy considine break down the biggest moments from episode one

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house of the dragon s matt smith paddy considine break down the biggest moments from episode one...

Yes, there is a bit of sadism in there somewhere. birth but actually yeah until the bloody c-section that happens um and then he's in such a structured position with the tournament going on outside yeah um he makes this decision and almost picks the throne and the succession about his wife, yes, and everything ends badly, how? do you think that will shape your character going forward, yeah he never recovers from that which stays with him for the rest of his life, like choosing, um, you know, kingdom over his wife, choosing his duty, um , it's something he never recovers from, um and it's something that informs a lot of his decisions going forward, you know throughout the series, but I think for him that's the one thing you know he can never come back from .
house of the dragon s matt smith paddy considine break down the biggest moments from episode one
He's making a decision like that to choose the kingdom over his wife's survival potential yes um it's such a poetic and beautiful scene have you really seen it again yes we did see it and when we were in LA for the screen there, yes, yes? What was his reaction when they both saw it? I thought it was, I mean, it was hard enough to shoot the day, I mean, you know, and I never saw it cut through the tournament like that with all that kind of violence, but it was violent sometimes sometimes like the childbirth is violent you know it's certainly visceral I saw my wife three births you know and they're all different and they're all a little uh you know in their own way they're all pretty violent in a weird way but I think Sean was fantastic yeah the game demo and it was very long and emotional days, it was much more emotional than what you actually see in the final thing, you know, I remember Viserys getting quite anguished at the end. and I don't know if you were allowed to see it destroyed but it got pretty heavy but the physical labor was all on Sean it really was amazing for Sean who you know because it's one thing when you're on the show for eight months yeah for Sean. who is there for about a week a finite period of time having to have some kind of experience exposing that he did so brilliantly we had to speed up that relationship really really fast amazing Nicole she wishes she was more time helping him through the season yeah um like that scene where Damon I'm not Damon viserys confronts Damon about him celebrating his kids yeah it's so full of context it's so layered what can you tell me about the brother's actual relationship and what that scene meant to both of them? you want? go first man yeah um well i just think again it's i don't think i don't think damon said it in it's like from his point of view he's not saying it in a bad way when he's in the pub or in the broth or whatever and he's talking and i re-understand the reason why he's in trouble i think with Damon again is that there's a very deep kind of love for his brother and i think there's a weird kind of fragility to him it's all about acceptance and his angry he's upset with his older brother for ruling like this and not accepting it and i think i think these are all genuine concerns i don't think it's particularly histrionic of him no and i think viserys is torn between being a brother and being king um but i think ya You know if it was someone else who ordered those words, I would be dead, but I think you know that viserys again is the guilt he feels for making the decisions he makes in the first


and I think sometimes viserys perceives Damon as someone who sometimes he abuses his position a lot, um, sometimes he abuses his privilege a bit, while viserys doesn't have that kind of gene in him, he really abuses his position as king in a way and I think sometimes Damon, who seriously feels that Damon doesn't get away with it because he's the prince and ironically Damon says why can't you just get away with me yes because they could because there was a time when they used to hang out together they were more equals no were. they yeah they ain't the same but go ahead clavity go clap your hands there Danny old flea ass you know what I mean take the tubes yeah I think that's it I think you know a point the relationship was very, very different between them, but now he is the king. and he has juices so um and he's always sticking up for Damon on camera yeah he does he tries they want him gone and no one always sticks up for him and tries to find excuses and give him other jobs this time, obviously, we don't get much of your character other than the tournament where he fights Damon.
house of the dragon s matt smith paddy considine break down the biggest moments from episode one
It seems that he has either come up with something to prove or is trying to make a name for himself. Can you tell us the meaning of that scene, yes? oh, I mean, I think he, um, has entered this tournament. I don't know if he has great blueprints to become what he could become, but I think it's from, uh, from a wrestling perspective, it's the


tournament there is. it's the tournament for the king's heir, so there's definitely a feeling that the stakes are high here, um, and obviously fighting Damon, who's highly touted as the best fighter in King's Landing, I think for him it's like the perfect matchup, yes. yeah, so how do you think he feels when he really succeeds at that moment?
He feels very good about it. Yes, I felt very good. um. Can you tell us something about Sir Kristen Cole? so surprised it's dornish well i think you know if you read the books and watch the original show the dornish are looked at with a lot of disdain and there aren't many dornish people in King's Lan ding and um let alone grace competitors in tournaments the ones you need to be in, you know of a noble


and he's not from one, so I think it's kind of a double whammy because not only is he not from a noble


but he's also Dornish and he's the only Dornish character in this show so i think it's that feeling really yeah and then try to make a connection with rhaenery um especially from his experience of not being a noble man what is he hoping to achieve there or what is it? what's going on is he really wants to make a connection with her or to further her own benefit or is it something that happens organically no i think i think he certainly knows that she's Damon's niece and you also know the princess of the seven.
Kingdoms, so I guess there's hardly anyone who could be more important to him, yeah I think it's more of a shaman thing that he makes a deep connection to her, okay, but I definitely think he's aware of that. s he's unbelievably beautiful and obviously Damon has already ordered Allison's favorite so you know I think you know them if he goes the way of the bird it's what you've heard oh it's what I've heard what can you do? I confirm. I can't confirm or deny anything you said, but I want to say that you know you've obviously done some research.
I cannot confirm or deny this. I am sorry. What is the most interesting thing about playing your character? I was actually talking about this before, actually I think he's so cut off from this world and the decay of this world and he's from another, he's from another world, I mean he fought in the war and he comes from a family of low crib and he doesn't I don't think anything in this world


ers to him certainly at first when you meet him like this and he's the only character really like that I don't think he plays the game that everyone else is playing well there's a sense of Pride and a sense of ambition possibly but yeah I don't think he has any great design to be a part of all this yeah I think he thinks it's a bit of a sham to be honest ok so obviously he gave her a phone he says who is a big fan.
Base, um, was there anything that you were self-conscious about portraying authentically or that you were worried about maybe getting it a little off the mark? As the best fighter in the Seven Kingdoms, you're like, I don't know how to do that, so I worked as hard as I could, with the doubles team who were amazing and guided me a lot. um, as far as trying to make me look that way, I don't know how well I did, but there's a really good stunt coordinator out of Rich that I think will have helped me look better than I would have.
I think he would be proud, I think. i'd be proud of what you did thanks you got i've seen some of this back you've seen the first episode i've seen the first episode i watched it once um i'm waiting to see the rap i want to see it when it comes out oh that's good yes yes yes no i don't think so , I don't think I want to watch it all at my house, I want to watch it like you know how it goes yeah how would I if I was watching it anyway yeah are you a big Game of fan?
Thrones, yeah yeah, totally yeah, so how did it feel to come into this role when you got the call? show me it's a whole different cast and a whole different story so i felt like i was walking into something different only now when it started to come out i've married all together and i'm like when you see that and it says game of Thrones so you go oh okay it's Game of Thrones and House of th The day yeah yeah yeah but you know I think otherwise it's like House of the Dragon to me. You know which episode you are most looking forward to.
I know you can't tell me anything about it. I'll give you an episode number, yes. What episode are you from? Yeah, this is the one I feel like you need to watch out for Five Five, okay, and which one are you most proud to be a part of, uh, all of them. I haven't seen it I don't know how they're going to turn out but they were like and actually the later episodes are amazing because a whole new cast of actors came in so it was a really nice feeling when I was like all these actors who hadn't been a part of the journey for the first eight months they came in and they were like a ball of energy and so excited and really talented so anything yeah any of the episodes after as well and what was it like when you told your family you were going to be a part of Game of Thrones? they were bewildered, they couldn't believe it, they were like, no, you're not, um, no, me, they were really like, yeah, I just think so, so happy for me and, um, yeah, my mom hadn't seen it, she did. has seen now yeah um so she might like to talk to me about it um and my brother actually said yeah I couldn't believe it since the shows are so different yeah what do you think the reaction of House of the Dragons fans?
I feel like we've done justice to what Game of Thrones did um because it's like a lot of work went into making this show um you know it exists and I and I feel like I hope they have the same amount of love that I had for Game of Thrones for ours, but you never know, you know, yeah

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