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Horseland Favourites | A New Development! | Compilation | Cartoons For Kids

Aug 21, 2023
Please promise you'll stay. I promise to try, that's all, but if things don't change, I'll get out of here. Oops, sorry, this is the girl who will take gold in the Olympic dressage is about controlled passion that flows in every movement. I don't see much passion today, you want passion, but wait a minute, Alma, I already told you that we could share a cubicle and I already told you that it's not the same, and if you had one. Not at all, you would see what you were doing to Chef, what are you talking about? Look at him, he doesn't look very happy, does he?
horseland favourites a new development compilation cartoons for kids
That's because you have two dogs and you're only paying attention to one. I have not. anyone and I'm so jealous I can't stand it. We all feel jealous when someone has something that we don't, it feels horrible, but if we don't deal with our feelings, it feels worse. I felt jealous when everyone had a horse before me, but Bailey let me help take care of Aztec and I felt better, good thing helping to take care of Cubby is the best thing for you here. You don't understand that I don't want the second best option, we really understand that Zoe and I never settle for the second best option, we want what we want when we want it and not a moment later and we hate having to share especially with each other.
horseland favourites a new development compilation cartoons for kids

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horseland favourites a new development compilation cartoons for kids...

You haven't seen jealousy until you've seen us in action. Wow, you know we're a lot more similar than we thought. Stay with us, girlfriend, we totally understand. Come on, let's put these horses away and get out of this place. The calls from the mall barely touched his food. Do you think he's feeling okay? How do you think it feels? The little mutt has stolen all of Thunder from him. It didn't mean anything. I'm so happy. I have a new home. I just want everyone else to be happy too. that possibility of that you're mad because Alma went with Chloe and Zoe, you can bet we were supposed to see triple, we bought our new best friend a jacket to go with the new ones, we're cool, now you're the jealous ones.
horseland favourites a new development compilation cartoons for kids
Hey, well, don't you like it? I thought we had plans to go for a walk an hour ago. Sorry, I forgot we were too busy shopping. Jeez, a walk on the trail is a great idea. Come on, Alma, you, Chloe and I can go. well, let's move Alma, your ride awaits you yes, yes, let's try our new look. I can't believe they bought that jacket my whole life and I saw it in a catalog. I told him I wanted one now I'm the one who's jealous. you need to talk to her, you know she's jealous of Bailey, maybe she's taking it out on you.
horseland favourites a new development compilation cartoons for kids
I can't believe how nice it was for Chloe and Joey to bring us these wonderful crisp apples and share them with our new friend, meeting Chloe. and Zoe there will be much more for us later they love to spoil us with delicious food I prefer to be spoiled with affection button I can't believe they can buy you for a plate of apples well, could you share some of your treats there seems to be enough for everyone I detect a jealousy note it hurts when a friend turns her back on you all we were asking her was to think about sharing a cubicle seemed to be an option for her she's too jealous to realize we're trying to help this is getting very juicy the first flight Now what do you mean Angora girls don't have fur and fur doesn't fly feathers do what I mean is there's been nothing but trouble since you came to Horseland but what?
I do? You've done a lot, you've gotten all the attention and everyone is jealous. Now everyone is mad at the girls, the horses, me and just look at our boat. I don't mean to say goodbye, little cubicle, where are you going? I'm so sorry for everyone. You can have Bailey to yourself now, come here, wait, what is she trying to tell us? Has anyone seen the cubicle? We've been looking everywhere, so that's what Shep is trying. to tell us Cubby is missing we have to find him before dark there are too many wild animals looking for dinner right now we heard Cubbies left I thought you didn't care since he wasn't yours oh and Zoe you two hang out in case Cubby comes back Go home if he shows up call us Alma, you're coming with Molly, Nani and I need more eyes, come on Aztec, follow the chef, he'll find cubby, the wind whips the coming storm, this is not a good chef.
What's happening? Okay Chef, show me your dad, you're a soldier, you always have been, you're the heart of Horseland. I'm so proud of you, you find that little puppy, Chef, if any dog ​​in the world can sniff him out. you know I lost you I think he's lost Cubby's smell but don't worry he'll have it again he always puts this on Molly thanks I was freezing but it's your new jacket I'm not cold and I like my old one anyway better, you can keep this one, okay, okay, thanks, it has Cubbies sent abroad again, thanks, oh, you're here.
I knew you would come for me. Go ahead, stay away from him. Chef, don't move. Wow, there's safety in numbers, so everyone. Ready. set go wow questions catch boy That's my boy Shep okay cubby watch and learn Chef was so brave he was ready to fight that huge cougar alone, we are very lucky to have him here, he must have been very jealous of all the attention. Cubby was getting on but now she knows he's special too. He really made me think about how my own jealousy was getting the best of me. Well, you learned something.
I've decided that if I can't get exactly what I want, sharing is best. Something like you all said, whether it's a dog, a jacket, or a bale of apples, when I get jealous, I try to remember what I learned in preschool, you get what you get and don't get mad, that wasn't ours. motto why aren't we surprised attitude of gratitude that's what we all need to learn what nonsense you're saying now well for example I'm grateful for my new friend cubby and I'm grateful to have my ciao it's important to remember to be grateful for what you have Instead of being jealous of what you don't have, if I stayed the way I was, I wouldn't have had anything, see you.

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