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Horrible $13 Million Dr. Seuss House

Jun 03, 2021


multicolored mansion only 13


uh how embarrassing it's not going to hurt my eyes oh it's so small this is like a room in John's


it actually looks like it's made in Minecraft and also on the part from behind, into something of incredible essence. This seems like something I would have done in Minecraft or something just random. Oh, here's a cool tree the way it looks when you first walk by, so let's take a look so the owner's inspiration comes from South Africa, which is where they. I moved to Florida many years ago and had experienced the fight.
horrible 13 million dr seuss house
It's like a gender reveal room. Why is everything blue and pink? Here it is bright, but the sofas explode in blue or pink dust. It's everywhere 13 million dollars for doodles on wallpaper, well doodles is the wrong word, wallpaper, that's the passion you'll experience living here forever. Yes, it actually looks like the entire wall is made with crayons from the large room that is 30 feet long. high ceilings in this space, which is the main foot and that works just doesn't work, we are in a comfortable and cozy marble driveway, it's great of course, marble is always good and you love the marble TV, in It's actually a lighting for the ceilings, yeah, that's cool, allowing you to transcend the lighting of several other lights.
horrible 13 million dr seuss house

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horrible 13 million dr seuss house...

I like that marble. Talk about that marble. This is the zebra quartz with these little tears. Of course, three of them. about this get that out of my mansion entertained now that we've seen the main living room, let's go take a look at the rest of the


. How many takes did this guy take? Every two words are a different take. Couldn't I stop vomiting because the house is so ugly or something and the one immediately next to it is made of marble? different because of its zebra type of dark materials that they have used to create the special feeling of that bathroom on this side here I am going to assume it is yes, closet, it is still cool, so let's take a look upstairs while the drama continues.
horrible 13 million dr seuss house
It's easy to be an architect for rich people, it absolutely has to be easy, just ask someone to check your work to make sure the house doesn't collapse, but then go crazy with these ten stairs that go nowhere, so does anyone who have a guest would love to be in this room, yes if you are like 80 years old you would love to look at that beautiful old wallpaper space outside, particularly grandma will feel at home, there is a uniqueness with the raspberry and lime colors and plum so you will never be white this is a combination of a collective with the furniture here with this contemporary fan with the colors raspberry, lime and plum 13 million dollars and the bed frames were dented or is this design choice with similar stains your experience is a combination there is no way it is on purpose look this is peeling it has stains everywhere while we talk about the design you have cubes you have circles that rise 30 beautiful cubes and circles we have it all just for babies baby area Living in the upstairs pool and patio area that is completely within the architectural brief of James Bond's $100 million home in Malibu only has the wonders they find the ugliest.
horrible 13 million dr seuss house
I'm ruling this out a little early, maybe there's a chance it's owned by a legendary. actor pierce brosnan and his filmmaker wife keeley brosnan what 117 foot mouth docks brosnan can afford a 100 million dollar house in malibu is probably still my favorite james bond but he was only in four movies right i pray and die another day uh , the world is not enough. What is the other? There is no way, although I need one more, but how can he not receive royalties for James Bond. He didn't do James Bond. He wasn't even the first. How does he have so much cash?
That's crazy. of this is on the market for a hundred million dollars, oh, so he can't afford it, he's selling it, oh, okay, that makes more sense, as you can see, I can show you what's out there, this place looks super bored by a hundred million. have breakfast for 100 million, I don't know why you would want something old, like high tech, there should be a whole room where you walk in and it simulates the universe so you never have to leave, create like a clone of yourself that you can send on your errands worth of the location yes, I understand that everything is location for that, I don't understand why you would want to pay a hundred million dollars just for a small piece of sand and then share the beach with your 40 neighbors sounds like money laundering.
People use that word a lot. I feel that money laundering is not as easy as most people believe. And you know what I mean. The most technological house in the world. I'm interested, oh, don't give me a top 10 list. $4.7 million smart home with floating staircase and ocean views. I appreciate all five of you, but not tonight, man, okay, let me fill this water real quick before we go on this trip. My house doesn't have enough technology to simply pour water into my glass whenever I want. I have to do it manually like a peasant, just give me a second.
I'll be right back, let's take a look inside. Ride me. Honey, let's run it, what's up? Chase everyone, this is Chase Maher from the Chase Mogger group. We have six security cameras out there. Great, you can watch it from every iPad throughout the house. You can watch it from your phone when you're away. that didn't win, it even worked from your phone, it's pressing buttons and nothing happens, very good, an artist working as planned, I guess, damn, that pool table is crazy, this is the epitome of an artist's dream, Oh, let's beat him up. Now you have devalued the pool table, you idiot, idiot, idiot, you come into my house and ruin the value of my artesian pool table, what a floating bed here with LED under it, folding glass doors overlooking the beautiful cool ambient light , look at that, there is no marble, everything, what a pigsty!
This is incredible. Four million dollars and no marble. This place looks much better than the other two mega mansions. It also seems more spacious. All the neighbors I've been meeting everyone in the area are very nice and type you haven't met any of the lying neighbors smart home just means you can close the blinds with an ipad that to me that's worthless I want something Like this seems crazy, what is this? I'm not going to release a top 10 list for Get to the Bottom of it, but that seems wild as a snowball. I hoped that house would become Mechagodzilla.
That's what I'm saying. These aren't even high tech. They don't even transform. Oh, we're getting there. Holy shit, there's no shortage of marble here, okay, now, we're getting somewhere, this actually looks like a sledgehammer, oh god, what is this? Pretty wild stuff making schnuff and resub sriracha and helicopters, yes ray tracing is here, they didn't skimp. in this it looks haunted, oh it's probably the number of workers that probably died transporting all this marble here, they just buried them. Wow, well that wasn't actually a full walkthrough, that was vague. Whatever, I guess it really looks like it belongs in the future.
I'm excited that it looks like one of those attractions at an amusement park. I figured out how to make the foundation. The futuristic thing is only the design, not the interior. It is absolutely spectacular. It's a bird and a sofa. What have you created this for? I gave you the inspiration for this um I don't know I just wanted a space I could spend the night in, not impressed, only 18 knots top speed for 85k. I better break the sound barrier on my yacht, welcome to my days, Nicholas. you're a scammer the first area oh my god poofs 85 million and I'm getting beanbags from Party City you're kidding sitting at the twelve seater aft table oh it's 85 meters oh moving to this how Is it 20 dollars?
Finish your cocktail, oh it's great or we even watch a little TV just to finish a little exotic, there are different colors everywhere, red gold, the marble floor of the lobby, marble, let's go through Texas, not very excited about this. boat that was fantastic for wet weather this is sick and anything but an iceberg could ruin it. He hasn't shown you the hull which is actually made of twenty thousand pounds of marble looking forward of the ship it would vaporize an iceberg the staircase is really cool the staircase is really cool to the private suite it looks like the private office on the map of Black Ops 3, which is fantastic, I don't remember, but I'll take your word for it, this place is really wild, wow, but I don't see it.
Anything high tech here, all manual, paying that much money, should clean myself if I ask, with double opening doors leading out to a balcony which is great, enjoy your morning coffee or even a glass of champagne . Do rich people care about sunrises? They probably hate it when the planet relaxes, so do you have internet on these yachts? Because if not, what's the point of getting ready for the evening's entertainment and then moving up to the crow's nest from here? Yes, you have it, but you can't have good Internet, though, right? You can't have a concert line or anything, can you go to a beauty salon?
He really looks scared right now. I don't know who is filming, but they are intimidating him. Your nails and you can also get a massage and a shower. Separate shower. Jesus Christ. well this actually seems a little strange compared to the 46 million dollar New York male sensation that has a private bathroom, shower, marble floor, yes, more marble, come on, let's look it up, is it an android? Yes, he also comes with the yacht, he is completely leaning. It's like a black minion when it comes out the driver will keep you protected from the wind let's go to the engine room no I don't give a damn about the engine yes even the cameraman doesn't want to come in yes have a fun ride in my days it was built for an owner with a lot of experience in sailing.
We look forward to welcoming you. Imagine being a professional boater. Yes, I have 20 years of yachting experience. I am qualified to own this boat. Sales inquiries. Yes, can I have it? for free, that's why if I had that kind of money, I would be constantly doing with it like opening up a whole new city where everyone who lives there aspires to be the best in the world in a specific field and trying to create something like that. superhumans there and constantly investing money in the program

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