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Hollywood's Most Arrogant Celebrities

May 04, 2020
In Hollywood, a little self-confidence goes a long way, and so much more. An overly robust ego is practically a job requirement in the whimsical world of show business, and the industry is full of stars who could use a generous slice of humble pie (or two). Or maybe even the whole cake. Many Hollywood stars possess levels of arrogance that border on pathological, and examples are never too hard to find. So, without further ado, here are our nominees for Hollywood's Most Cocky Celebrities. It's humiliating, isn't it? ​Gwyneth Paltrow In 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow earned the sidelong glance of virtually everyone when she declared in Vanity Fair: "I'm really good at my job and people who are interesting and good know that, and that's all that matters." ".
hollywood s most arrogant celebrities
The Shakespeare in Love actress definitely didn't stop there. She is known for spouting hysterically haughty quotes. Some of her greatest hits include: "Sometimes Harvey Weinstein lets me use the Miramax jet if I open a supermarket for him." …or tell Elle UK: "I am who I am; I can't pretend to be someone who earns $25,000 a year." ...or tell Jonathan Ross, "I'd rather smoke crack than eat cheese out of a tin." Her excess of selfishness has not gone unnoticed by anyone, earning her top honors on a 2013 "Most Hated Celebrities" list published in Star magazine. When asked why she thought she earned this dubious distinction, Paltrow he told BBC World News: "There is a perception that I grew up very rich and that I was given, raised with a silver spoon in my mouth." She didn't make her more modest, and in 2014 she didn't win hearts when she suggested that Hollywood actress moms have it harder than


working moms.
hollywood s most arrogant celebrities

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hollywood s most arrogant celebrities...

She told E! News, "I think having a regular job and being a mom is not like, of course there are challenges, but it's not like being on set." It's hard being Gwyneth. Faye Dunaway If al


everyone she's ever worked with is to be believed, actress Faye Dunaway is a real skittish horse on and off the set. She reportedly channels a lot of the spirit of her most famous role. And like a real-life version of Bonnie Parker from Bonnie and Clyde, she's known for regularly berating service industry employees, supposedly believing that she's entitled to special treatment as a matter of principle.
hollywood s most arrogant celebrities
In fact, an unnamed airline flight attendant told the New York Post that Dunaway made a scene at JFK airport when he was denied an upgrade, saying, "I was yelling at everyone and saying, 'Don't they know who I am?' ". filming Chinatown, the actress once threw a cup of urine at director Roman Polanski because he wouldn't let her use the bathroom. It is true? No one knows, because asking about it led to the fiery ending to Xan Brooks' Guardian interview. Dunaway's response was, "I'm a lady and you completely insulted me." Polanski, for her part, recorded that she, I quote, "demonstrated certifiable evidence of insanity." Insiders say Dunaway was nothing short of demonic on the set of Mommie Dearest, that her erratic behavior caused the film's crew to quit, and there's a list of topics that shouldn't be brought up in her presence. "...this closet when I told you never wire hangers!" It seems Dunaway hasn't exactly softened up over the years either, and she regularly makes headlines for her for continuing her tirade against photographers, journalists, and anyone else she perceives to be disrespectful.
hollywood s most arrogant celebrities
Or just existing. ​Miles Teller There are many ways to earn the ire of the internet, but actor Miles Teller found one particularly special. While being interviewed for Esquire in 2015 at Atlanta's Luminary restaurant, the Fantastic Four actor told reporter Anna Peele that the tall glass was inspired by his manly business. He then allegedly tested the same material on the waitress. It's just a disturbing tidbit in a feature full of them. At one point, he quotes Teller as saying, "I was thinking about how I probably think I'm more handsome than the public thinks I am." Beyond that infamous Esquire trait, which Teller said was "heavily misrepresented," the actor has demonstrated a strong sense of self-esteem on many other occasions.
In addition to sending angry text messages to the powers that be when he's passed over for leading roles, he also likes to badmouth his own movies. He told W in 2014 that he complained to his agent Divergent "sucks" and left him "feeling dead inside," then offered the disclaimer that he only starred in the film for "commercial reasons." Meanwhile, while discussing his industry peers, he told The New York Times in 2014, "I feel like a lot of actors of my generation aren't suitable actors." A bold statement, to be sure, but not even as bold as his comments about his heroism. "You, you, this is amazing.
How could you…?" "I thought that's why you had me here. Movie aside, I thought you were honoring the heroes this week." Catherine Zeta-Jones A certain Ocean's Twelve star is fed up, and you should know that Catherine Zeta-Jones won't let you shame her for being filthy rich and distractingly beautiful. She made it clear to The Mirror readers in June 2018: if you're ever inclined to despise her for marrying Michael Douglas and living the high life of hers, she's just not going to take it. "One thing I'm not anymore is humble. I'm sick of being humble. I really am. 'Sorry, I'm rich, sorry, I'm married to a movie star, sorry, I'm not that bad.' searching.' I'm not sorry.
Enough." Zeta-Jones regularly sings her own praises and boasts of her wealth, once bragging, quoting, "A million dollars isn't much money for people like us." Good then. She's also very proud of the fact that collects fancy treasures, like some people collect baseball cards, once quoted as saying, "Some people collect art or a lot of money. We collect houses because if we have to look at something, we prefer the view." Still, life is not without its challenges. He shared a story with The Daily Mail in 2008 about the difficulties of owning several mansions, saying: "The worst The thing about having all these houses is that when I have an outfit and I think it's going to look great with a certain pair of shoes, I remember that they're somewhere I'm not.
That's why I have to buy duplicates." James Cameron If you ever bump into director James Cameron in an airport, you might want to duck. In 2009, he was caught telling a fan to get the hell out of it, but those who know him say he hates equal opportunity, with a disdain not reserved just for fans. Actor Josh Brolin claims the hot-headed director lashed out at him when he turned down a role in Avatar, telling Esquire: "James Cameron calls me that and that. Whatever.” After selling scripts for Aliens, Rambo and Terminator in a matter of months, Cameron reportedly proclaimed that he was extraordinarily proud that he hadn't paid for his own lunch in weeks. he's been quoted as saying he doesn't even bother reading scripts he didn't write himself.Then there's his reaction to winning the Academy Award for Best Director for Titanic in 1998: "I'm the king of the world, whoo!" His ego was still a cause for astonishment in 2010.
After landing a Golden Globe for Best Drama for Avatar, he told a roomful of Hollywood bigwigs to applaud each other for having the best job in the world. that notorious press interview for the Avatar DVD release, when Cameron suggested that he wanted to save us all from ourselves, saying, "At this point, I'm less interested in making money for the movie and more interested in saving the world." or that my children are going to inhabit". Shannen Doherty According to former Beverly Hills, 90210 heartthrob Jason Priestley, on-screen sister Shannen Doherty could be a nightmare as long as she makes the series.
In his 2014 book Jason Priestley: A Memoir, the actor claimed that Doherty's arrogance became very apparent very quickly, thanks to a last-minute 1990 trip to New York City arranged by Fox. with the car that took her to the airport, wryly asking a publicist, "Really? A chauffeured car? You send a chauffeured car to take me to the airport, not a limo?" Priestley claims that Doherty spent the trip "complaining about the short notice and the food on board and the temperature in the cabin and everything else". Doherty has denied at least the limo part, and then says that she doesn't even like limos.
Not really. Priestley wasn't the only one to speak out about Doherty's insufferable divadom. According to her book Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde, co-star Jennie Garth got along with Doherty, quote, "like gasoline and a match." At one point, she was supposedly so fed up with Doherty's bad attitude that the two almost came to blows, but Doherty tends to chalk it all up to completely normal female interactions. "I think when you put three girls together, three girls who are all attractive, there tends to be a bit of drama, you know..." If the rumors are true, Doherty's own right could have gotten her eventually fired. the show.
Producer and writer Larry Mollin told Entertainment Weekly that Ella Doherty didn't ask permission before cutting her hair, so her new hairstyle ended up destroying the continuity of the season four finale. Katherine Heigl If actress Katherine Heigl can boast of anything, it's her ability to rack up loads of bad press. A casual Google tracking creates pages of articles dedicated solely to expressing hate towards the actress, whom she is often accused of creating difficulties for her co-workers. After working with the actress on Grey's Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes now uses "Heigl" as short for "problem talent," telling The Hollywood Reporter: "There are no Heigls in this situation.
No nasty people. I don't have time for that." . Heigl's poor reputation stems in large part from her decision to turn down a second Emmy nomination for Grey's Anatomy in 2008. As she said in a public statement, "I felt like I wasn't given the material this season to justify an Emmy nomination." and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization, I have withdrawn my name from contention." Page Six reports that Heigl occasionally disparages her own films, saying of Knocked Up, quote, "it was hard for me to love the movie." Her comments were so hurtful that they prompted an official response from her co-star Seth Rogen, who said he had nothing against her despite feeling betrayed by her words.
In 2010, she acknowledged that she might have an image problem, but was unwilling to apologize for it, telling Meredith Vieira, "I'm a strong woman and I'm not going to apologize for it. And I'm not going to, on behalf of of my daughters.Kanye West Dissecting Kanye West's arrogance could swallow an entire afternoon, especially considering that many publications have devoted entire articles to cataloging his ego alone.After all, this is a man who was once photographed for Rolling Stone dressed in a crown of thorns and decorated with buckets of blood on stage. If that doesn't say ego, nothing does.
No one can forget West drunkenly interrupting Taylor Swift at the Video Music Awards during her Best Video acceptance speech Feminine But let's also not forget the time he threw a tantrum after a music critic gave his tour a B+, the time he flashed his wife by posting nude photos of her on social media. s. And yet, there is some hope for all of us. In June 2018, West took to Twitter to announce that he had "killed" his ego. In another tweet, he revealed: "I thought my ego was protecting me from the skeptics." Well, as fate would have it, many people are somewhat doubtful that these claims have any credibility.

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