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Hollow Knight: Silksong Trailer Analysis

Feb 27, 2020
Okay let's all take a deep breath, so the Hornet DLC the team told us about for so long isn't actually a DLC, it's a whole damn continuation with a bunch of bosses, new areas, new enemies, new mechanics, and new and funny voice lines, remember when William said.


night - wouldn't come out for another ten years turns out he was lying straight to our faces I can't believe I trusted you William anymore no yes team cherry have left a trail of revealing


Knights silks in a proper sequel to convey the night which honestly looks better you can really tell team cherie is putting the knowledge they gained from making the first game to use this


is full of crap that needs to be discussed so let's dive into the


starting with these little bugs leading to Hornet in some sort of cage across the plains beyond how honest this already raises a ton of questions first of all what happened to hornet in the god master DLC endings how we went exactly from Hornet running to all night until Hornet was captured by a group of Lollipop Guild Representatives.
hollow knight silksong trailer analysis
I feel like we missed our step somewhere along the way. My second problem with this scene is how exactly these puny buggers captured the demigod that is Hornet. he baited her into the cage or something and he can just run away whenever he wants. This did not seem very difficult to do. Why wait until now? Hornet finds himself in a whole new Kingdom to explore. It's a land haunted by a full silken song. of mysteries and secrets that will help Hornet to discover more about his past and his final destiny. Hornet must descend to the top of this new Kingdom to reach a glittering Citadel and do something we haven't gotten that far down the road for Hornet to face.
hollow knight silksong trailer analysis

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hollow knight silksong trailer analysis...

Beast Hunter Slayer Kings Walmart Greeter Monsters and Knights So what new Lance can we expect Hornet to decimate in his new journey? I officially know the names of any of these places. The names I'm using come from the Teen Cherry blog post, so they're more of a placeholder. For now, this area reminds me of the green path, but even then it's much brighter than the green path. this area could also be the game's starting point, as it seems this is where Hornet finally escapes from his cage. The enemies in this area are pretty generic. I don't know if these guys are slugs or what.
hollow knight silksong trailer analysis
There's also this guy who runs. along the roof spitting shit Hornet also looks like an enemy cut from the original game has been added back into Auber's roster still no bugs though the mossy grotto also features an NPC probably called the druid of the temple of Moss according to the cherry team there is going to be a more formalized quest system and silk song compared to the hollow


in silk song. These quest boards give the player a variety of quests to explore. There also seems to be at least four different types of The quests in Silk Song Collect Wayfarer Hunt and Grand Hunt Collect probably only gave this person these items.
hollow knight silksong trailer analysis
Hunts are probably just combat events where you have to find and kill certain enemies. about what they are in this clip we are introduced to two npcs named Garment and Zaza as they crash into a group of enemies with a horn instrument so I think the wayfarer missions will involve Hornet escorting the nbcs around the map worldwide similar to what is happening here also the symbol of the walkers missions is a harp, a musical instrument, and garmin and Zaher Zaher are using a musical instrument, even if they are using it as a torture instrument, speaking of instruments, another NPC we find in the mossy grotto is this singing shaman-like character. in this clip we can see that Hornet is actually playing his needle while the shaman is singing, so it seems that music will play a big part in this game which shouldn't be a surprise, considering that the game is called silk song, too we see a mossy grotto boss who looks like some kind of mossy bee she also looks like a total bitch which supports the idea that this is a star in the game the last area we see related to the mossy grotto of moss is this small town that seems to be on the border now a big question for this game is how exactly does the mosque grow underground in the night green hollow road made lush by the sexy slug monster that lived in a nearby lake of acid, so what's going on is unhak uh zijn or something like a button to return to this village it looks like the area connected to the mossy grotto has a bone aesthetic sounds familiar team cherry f You have finally answered our prayers and given us the forest of Bones or possibly bone bottom but that name is lame so I won't use it regardless of what you call it it looks amazing can we just take a second to appreciate how beautiful it is Is this game just oozing beauty at every edge? le frame is a fucking masterpiece anyway, I'm going to count a lot of areas as being in the Bones forest, pretty much anything with bones or lava.
I guess this area will be broken up in the final game, but for now. just going to cast a wide net let's talk about enemies the simplest enemies in this area seem to be the black bugs that wear skulls on their heads not much to say about these airheads so let's move on to the ants now i think The ants are located in the northern part of the bone forest because they don't seem to be very close to the lava. The ants have the aesthetic of bones, although they wear skulls on their heads and build structures with bones.
There is also a boss fight. what could be the queen and another NPC we meet in Bones forest is Sherma not much to say about this guy except he seems to have his own instrument and one of the coolest bosses from the trailer also appears in Bones forest Bones someone speculated t It's some kind of robot or autonomous being and I think it's possible that it vibrates a bit like it's a piece of machinery as to who built this thing I think the likely candidates are these guys. I'm going to call these bugs bell heads because they now wear bells on their heads.
I don't follow Aussie fashion, but maybe this is where the cherry team got their inspiration. These insects seem to work very closely with the lava, placing it in these strange containers. the contents of one of the containers we see these containers again in another room full of ovens and bells and now i think it's time we talk about bells there are bells everywhere in this game you can see various other characters holding scepters that have bells them, this symbol representing a bell can be seen all over the place, even a room is completely encapsulated in bells, bugs wear bells on their heads, bugs live in damn Bell houses and of course there. it's the most important bell of all bells right here next to the subscribe button make sure you ring it not really the most important bell is right here at the end of the trailer it's so important it even has a binding stamp on it so We've established that there are a metric ton of bells in this game and I think the bell heads in the forest of bones are part of the production of all these bells, but do they really need to make that many? the market is getting saturated after all you don't want your product's life cycle to look like this that's what we in the money business call a bubble it's much better if your life cycle looks like this bell curve wait shit i think there are at least two different golden cities in silk song there is this city that has giant bell houses and a bigger city that has giant buildings in the background we also see some kind of clock tower like building that reminiscent of Castlevania 3 as well as this room with ovens and giant stacks of d carded bells the main types of enemies we see here are these weird insect like cultists who cover their faces in cloth marked with bell symbols and carry hooked weapons now i could get in in some crazy speculation as to why these bugs are obsessed with bells but c'mon except when we're done talking about everything in this trailer, there's some we friendly npc in these cities like a shopkeeper and this street performer or beggar or whatever there is no geo in this game instead of hornet collect rosaries now why these bugs are wearing rosaries?
What the heck is this Mardi Gras in terms of bosses? We have this night scene fighting Hornet in a dark room. There's this guy, I think he's somewhere in one of the golden cities based on the objects in the background, but I'm not sure this bug has heart shaped antennae, big fluffy plumage and his floor s screams fucking confetti or some shit but a dancer, someone speculated he's related to the shady troupe somehow, but I don't think the similar color scheme is intentional right outside one of these Bell cities. Hornet runs into another ally chakra that he has a bit of. of a higher-key vibe, but judging by the scrolls on his back, it seems possible that chakra is the corner of this game for another NPC we might find here is this decapod-looking motherfucker who appears twice in the trailer. once it's a boss and then again as a fast travel system obviously the bail system found in Halla's nest wouldn't really work here so it's no surprise we don't see any deer in this game.
I think it's funny though the night she becomes good friends with the last deer but Hornet only beats transporting him to submission this seems like a good point to move on to talking about how Hornet plays. I know this video is a bit of a roller coaster, isn't it? Hornet is fast as shit. Shit, does it do that? Hornet has a regular walk, run, and sprint speed. We don't know how the sprint is activated, but walking happens in villages. Hornet also has this really cool spider crawl that gives him height and mobility. ramming ability both on the ground and in the air and also has a flair: whenever Hornet deals damage he gains silk which fills his reel on the trailer, many enemies emit silk when hit.
I guess there's some big legal reason. for this, but let's ignore that spending silk grants Hornet a number of different abilities for now: the reel can hold 12 notches of silk, and most of the moves used in this trailer cost 4 notches. First, Hornet has her grab move that pushes her towards enemies. The nice thing about this move is that hitting an enemy gives Hornet more silk, allowing him to do it again. Hornet can throw Neal and enemies, as well as use his storm and Gaza parry abilities. e at a time and Hornet spends all 12 silk notches to heal herself from two masts up to 5, she can perform the wall move in the air and has a very short start and end delay, we don't know if this move requires a full charge of the reel or even how many health skins it can heal when the Hornet reel is completely full you'll see this coil light up which makes me think some moves require it to be full to use while we're here let's talk about replacing silk psalms for the charms on the Hollow Knight tools, so because Hornet is not a mindless fool like the


, he is capable of crafting traps and weapon mechanisms, these tools are equipped on Hornet on a bench instead of using notches which Hornet has crests a crest has slots for different types of tools, presumably weapons, traps and mechs, it seems there are different crests that Hornet can use , which allows you to use different amounts of each of these weapon types, so for example, there could be a c break that gives you two traps, a slaw weapon, and no mech slots.
The trailer shows off some of these tools, the first of which is a spiked ball similar to the one Horner used against the night in the Hornet to fight the next item is called a Pimp Cushion, which is basically just a bomb. The description mentions that the pins can harm friends. This is likely referring to the allies you have to escort during Wayfarer missions, such as Garmin and Zaza. more of these there's the throwing dagger there's also the throwing dagger but three of them are the classic violently stab yourself in the chest with a blood syringe and of course it wouldn't be a team fucking cherry game without a buzz saw, good work William I.
Anyway, I never doubted you. Let's get back to talking about the many different areas in the game because I'm not done talking about that yet, so the Misty Moor seems to be a really wet race. In the lower area of ​​the game we see a graveyard in this area as well as a town on a boardwalk in this town there is an NPC that looks like a LEM relic seeker hiding under a pile of poo or is it a seashell probably a seashell, unfortunately we don't. I do not know ifthere are eggs in this game to sell them, we also see a new group of enemies in this area.
I feel like these guys might be back or content in their latest video. The trailer was backing content from the Hollow Knight Kickstarter and in their latest blog post the cherry team mentioned the backing content again saying get ready to dance to the operatic battle of Queens, mysterious assassins scale a towering warlord tower and that's just a start for operatic queens, i think team cherries are friends of the queen ant we saw earlier, the assassins are probably referring to the sharp steel assassins that have been revealed in previous blog updates regarding the tower of the warlords i think team cherry is referring to this area one of the rewards for backing hollow knight was designing a dungeon with its own boss and enemies.
I think this area is actually the warlords tower so the coral forest is just a better version of Fog Canyon not a single jellyfish in sight and I couldn't be happier we don't see much coral forest but we do see a boss and he can somehow summon coral to the arena at will not sure how that works but ok and of course we have this guy so this will take a bit of explaining in hallow night there is a cave to the east of filthy mouth depending if you are playing normal mode or steel sole mode you will meet confessor Gigi or steel sole Jin both Gigi and Jin refer to their masters if you talk to Gigi afterwards from covering your shadow after getting the empty heart Gigi will say her masters would be impressed Gigi also has the ability to conjure shadow from anywhere in the hala nest which implies she has some sort of control over the void it would only make sense what These Masters taught Jill the handicap after acquiring the King's Mark Steel Soul.
Jin will tell the night that he could not bow down to the minds of his masters or others and that they did not seek order like the king after acquiring ng the void heart Jin will tell the knight that he has become different from his masters, so that we can tell that these masters have some sort of intimate relationship with the void given the theme of steel and the obvious similarities in design it seems as if these masters are also connected to these new enemies found in Silk Song Steel Assassin Sharp. These enemies seen in the coral forest and another character we haven't seen yet are all hunters, presumably sent by these masters to take out Hornet.
We don't know what motivates the Masters, we don't know why they sent Gigi and Jin to help the knight in Hollow Knight and we don't know why they want Hornet killed after they took her to a different Realm, all we know is that no Don't look for order, I hope that helps clear up what we know about the steel hunters we will see in silk song now regarding the shining citadel. I'm not sure if we actually see it in the trailer, but there is one more area. de haven't mentioned the trailer so we only have two shots of this really dark area one with a boss fight called lace and one with a weaver standing in some sort of shrine surrounded by silk let's talk about the weavers first so the weavers were involved in some way in the events of Hallow Night to what extent we do not know what we do know is that the weavers eventually left Hallam to return to their original home, except for one who appears to have stayed behind.
The weavers were capable of performing songs with the farewell song mentioned in the weaver song amulet according to the midwife the weavers created stories shields and spells on their looms we know the weavers are somehow connected to this new kingdom given one of the tools you see on the menu and this subtle hint here that it seems likely this realm is the home of the Weaver they return to after leaving Honest Hal , looks like the weavers might be the reason why Hornet was captured seeing as no one else would probably even know about Hornet, besides they went to lace, lace is the only boss in the trailer that Hornet fights twice, once once in the force two bones and again in this dark room full of white roses and silk the interesting thing about lace is that we don't know who she's connected to she has a hooked weapon similar to what bell worshipers have but also there are several other characters with that weapon so it might not mean anything given the name lace it seems like it could be connected to the Weaver somehow maybe she acts as his guardian similar to Hornet she was a guardian in Hollow Knight, in other words, may not be a true antagonist, but those eyes are pretty evil looking, so the jury is out on this now, I know what you. im thinking holy shit mas bag is incredibly smart and handsome but theres no way i can make sense of any of this lore its literally impossible i mean first of all you have a bell worshiping cult that seems to be in control of much of the kingdom you also have the Masters and their army of trained assassins whose motives are shrouded in mystery and then of course there are the weavers and they are incredibly vague powers and targets this is all too vague to have no no sense now.
I can't blame you for thinking this. In fact, you are probably right. Most likely you won't do anything right in this section. It will be fun for me to come back after the game comes out and see how. wrong, it was right, so this new Kingdom is haunted by a silk song, but what the hell does that even mean? We can see that some enemies emit silk when hit by Hornet. Does this silk really stick to these insects? Does silk just manifest itself? on them, what if this silk literally controls these insects like puppets, turning them into hostile enemies?
It seems, but what if this is a subtle way for the team cherries to tell us something? Those lines were programmed into the game to look that way and remember the whole game is about traveling up when you control a puppet you stand on it so whoever is at the top of the realm could be literally pulling the threads of all these critters now this line from the haunted song is really interesting does this mean they are haunted by the bells everyone is obsessed with? Well, I don't think this line is referring to the bells at all. no i think there is literal music plaguing these bugs, the mass production of bells was one way of trying to fight this, if you play enough bells you can essentially drown out the song you are listening to, in other words the bugs from this kingdom were attacked by the power of some song and their plan to fight was the thing is that these bells are used by various bugs in the kingdom not just the cult madmen so I think there must be a good reason for do it.
Why are they being used, the bugs that captured Hornet in the beginning do so because they need her help to stop the silk song torment that is plaguing the kingdom. I don't think they're really bad, it's just that most of them have fallen. victim of this curse The Hornet Wanderers find themselves with instruments that they carry with them, it has another way to drown out the song that lurks in the kingdom as for the insects that are hostile, this is simply because they cannot escape the song and get trapped, so who is it? responsible for all of this I don't think we can know that however the giant bell in the trailer is protected by a union seal except it's purple instead of the usual white and when most enemies are hit in this game They bleed purple blood, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the antagonist of this game will be related to the color purple in some way.
Another possible culprit is of course the weavers, but I'm pretty sure weavers are supposed to be good. I think it is possible. It is possible that the weavers were actually captured by this being and forced to create the silk song that is used to control this kingdom. The lone weaver in hallo's nest is the only one that wasn't caught and was able to tell other bugs about the Hornets so she could be. captured and brought to help now again, this is all baseless speculation. I'm basically writing fanfiction at this point, so don't treat my word here as gospel in any way, so all that's left to talk about is the masters and their steel hunters.
Why? Do you care what the Hornet is doing here in this new Kingdom? What bets do they have? Remember where Hornet is headed. A brilliant citadel. The keyword here is bright light. The power to oppose the darkness or the void. the god seeker he held was able to counter the shadow of the Lord in this trailer we see a whole field of white roses growing in the light that presumably shines from the Citadel even the flowers grow ing on the pipe in the background I think the Masters fear for Hornet to find the resources needed to combat the void if he ever makes it to the shining Citadel now that's it for trailer


but there are still questions about how this game connects back to holland it's multiple endings i think the song of silk will have different content depending on which endings you've finished with Halle Knight, whether it's just different dialogue or some extra bosses I don't know, but I think team cherry will make sure every Halle night ending still has sense with the events of the silk song, furthermore, we don't have an explanation for the trilobite statue in the deep nest.
Team cherry has said that this game will give us more information about the past and fate of the Hornets so hopefully we will finally get an answer to this so yeah thanks for watching guys this trailer has me very excited and no I can't wait to talk to you guys about all the new story we're getting in this game. i would like to end with one last very important piece of news team cherry finally put jack on your website congratulations jack

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