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Hollow Knight But I Follow The 57 Precepts

Feb 19, 2022
hello everyone and welcome to the best christmas challenge ever someone you may know has given me a list of rules and basically i have to


them during the game so here is the list of rules there are a lot of them there are 57 actually and basically I'll have to do all of this while I'm playing. I must


all the presets so let's start with the first precept of course precept one always wins. your battles and if we are always winning our battles then why not just play on Steel Soul and Wilds beyond? Well, none of this is important. hello, it's me, the great mighty zoat, the person I was talking about who wrote the rules, actually it was me all along, right? pretty impo Important remember that too if you've been paying attention to preset 50 don't dwell on the mysteries get it out of here so we've hit a vital cocoon and I think now is an important time to talk about the setting preset 27.
hollow knight but i follow the 57 precepts
Eat as much as you can, you don't want to go hungry, you may have also noticed me doing a softball maneuver there, that's another important precept, actually precept 38, beware of the mysterious force that being gravity , I guess down is down. about the rules here, okay, it seems there is an elderly figure here that I have the opportunity to ignore, but we have to consult the


for this precept 14 respect your superiors if someone is superior in strength or intellect or both, you must show them respect, don't ignore them or laugh at them, ok we have made the right decision, it's also an important time for precept 3, always rest, make sure you take long breaks and don't exhaust yourself. anyway we have to announce it later so i think now is an important time to mention a couple of


that will be important to this goal here the first one is precept six choose your own destiny now this game might have some things that characters want me to do the characters have a plan for me but let's ignore all that let's make our own goal here also precept 40 is important to obey no law on your own let's think about what we are doing. here ourselves now i think the best goal here is just to become the best in combat and find glory and victory so let's go after that.
hollow knight but i follow the 57 precepts

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hollow knight but i follow the 57 precepts...

I don't know where that is in this world, but that's all I care about. i want glory oh there is someone here mysteries don't persist in mysteries squirrel you love a mystery he has gone too far another important precept to think about when it comes to creating my own goal and stuff is precept 53 don't steal the wishes of others eg fight over there seems to want to solve the mystery but we all know it's a lame wish and should be ignored ok what is this guy here? i think a map would be really helpful anyway ok we ran into an asped here i feel like i can figure something out here uh precept 47 mentions make your own weapon so we'll try to create our own weapon in this arena here , let's see if we can frick.
hollow knight but i follow the 57 precepts
I'm going to redo it. to just make the second one maybe i should ignore the first one utter idiot ok make your own easy weapon since i have made my own weapon i consider this a success insert geo well there is one important precept that we have to check here precept 42 spend geo when you have it to make sure you spend t your geo here is a bad idea save your money always stay refreshed there seems to be some kind of creature in a jar i think what we need to do is check the precepts alright i think i found a good one here precept 51 nothing is harmless given the chance this whole world will hurt you friends enemies monsters even roads be wary of them all you think i will trust this food it will stab me in the back the moment let him open the jar he's just trying to trick me into thinking he's cute and release him we need to drop a lot of these listen we're following zot rules we're going to do a lot of unpopular things lares besides talking to older bugs I mean that's pretty bad though in my opinion oh my gosh a giant enemy we need to refer to the precepts on how to defeat this enemy here some important ones for the battles of those who you're not sure it's precepts 23, 24 and 25, first we need to identify the enemy's weak point, let's try to hit him a bit and see if we can solve it, I think the weak point is the back, okay, it seems we chose the wrong weak point .
hollow knight but i follow the 57 precepts
Let's test the weak point of the uncovered face. Once you identify the enemy's weak point, you strike. You also have to protect your own weak point, which is what I'm doing now. I really wasn't very good at the start of the fight but we can ignore that ah my weak point my whole body ok I think we may have completed this fight here we may have always won our victories hit the weak point all glory to zoe, oh always stay rested, that was a close one. This snail attacked me violently. That is why you should not rely on any precept. ideals remember precept 59 always turns good rng you trapped me here how dare you we will never speak again because as the precepts say precept 43 never forgive i don't forgive you for locking me in there even though you gave me a spell i don't forgive you suck stay rest oh, looks like this shop is open now wayward compass.
Should I buy this? No there's a couple of precepts obviously spend money when you have to or when you have money but there's another one as well and that makes this an even better purchase and that one is precept 29 develop your sense of direction we should buy it and equip it so i know where i'm going even though i don't have a map i'm not worried that the map would be fooling the compass though that's necessary another a battle like the zoat form i wasn't trying that trick i wasn't even trying that wasn't an attempt i.e. i wasn't if you if you try you succeed but i wasn't trying what's that noise they sound very brave and attractive um i need to consult the precepts here precept 26 don't trust your reflection they seem to be something from my reflection it's not like that i just won't trust in them and i'll let them die who is this i can take them you always win your battles you're about to fail that one find the weak point hit the weak point the weak point is your face see if you ever see z all these other characters just followed the 57 precepts maybe they'd have a chance an arena that sounds like the perfect place to go for glory now there's a precept we need to talk about around here because we've got some water you might be able to drink but you must remember precept 39 eat fast and drink slow don't drink too fast you have to drink a little at a time it's just the rules of the precepts don't question it the cloak is getting wet you're right precept 12 keep your cloak dry if your coat gets wet wet dry it as soon as you can this is a cool strategy i made up you jump up and down like crazy move left to right yes this is a strategy called zoomies let's see what's here oh stay cool stay cool so you don't tell me what what you got you're just saying something nice and you want my money well i always have to spend my money can i afford this i need to buy it i have my eyes on this though this sounds c omo is a good amulet and here is why precept five strength surpasses strength if your opponent is strong it doesn't matter just overcome their strength with even more strength and soon they will be defeated i think i have to save up for this one but for now i guess what are we using this who is that maybe a potential companion let's check you guessed it presets precept eight travel alone no one can be trusted and no one will ever be loyal so no one should be your constant companion i don't need company i just need gloria brett is your love not in this timeline you think zot loves to spread it read it so he doesn't give a shit so he just wants to talk about how awesome he is. a very dirty place you don't want to be in dirty places for long because of precept 31 the disease lives inside the dirt we have to get out of this place and spend as little time as possible oh near one i almost got my cloak wet again dammit baby baby quick also wait i must expel the liquids and dry my cloak wait let's check in here oh this is an important precept actually i must stay away precept 28 don't look in the dark we must get away from there ah this is a strange feeling being in this room i feel like something would have been lost ah don't dawdle in mysteries oh a bench i have to stay rested dammit i don't want to stay rested i have to walk all the way out of here now mate i mean oh good i can stay rested here yeah too you're following me, stay rested, precept, good job, oh, it's like that weirdo from before, splattered, weird person, what's here? don't honor them the statue is rubbish but i actually want to go this way precepts 61 3 between us hmm a nail smith we must respect the nail smith as they are very skilled it seems i can afford this so i must spend my money but there is another precept we too can satisfy re precept 10 keep your weapon sharp and whats my weapon at the moment i think it feels a bit old and worn we need to keep it sharp sharp nail here we go honestly i feel like this weapon has been upgraded so maybe we should uh actually change our weapon name too because precept 32 names have power.
I think I think we need to update the Life Ender name to make it even better. the weapon is now in the correct chat because we just fulfilled another precept an enemy a preset hit 15. that's why you keep your weapon sharp it's all connected my cloak is getting wet from the rain oh i fell in the water too whatever I'm going to dry take off my cloak now oh it's still dripping on me wait I need to hide here wait it's dripping in your tent it's dripping like here this is dangerous land my cloak is under constant assault from the waters , this character is willing to buy something.
Items I have for money, but is it okay? Alas, we need to consult the precepts. Is there someone you forgot to ask? The 57 precepts are someone's preset. money we'll have to deny that it's this other one of those creatures that are everywhere it must be planning some sort of attack i hope nobody lets them out of their jars or there will be a lot of trouble we are playing this game the way it was meant to be played, this character looks quite egg-like, doesn't it? There is an important precept about eggs: we know that egg shells are fragile. well in the game and here we go the eggshell has cracked i'm going to have to remember down is down to use the spell oh no water avoid the water we did it my cloak is still a bit wet from the damn rain oh always stay rested always spend your geo all rig What's here?
What is this? A kind of magical barrier. I've been trapped. I have no choice but to read this. Okay, I wasn't paying attention to that. I have no idea what others are saying. i don't know i can't hear you where i have been placed oh is this not a dream i need to get out of here precept 56 don't dream i have been placing a dream against my will i need to get out of here yes what a terrible fate to be put in a dream the Dreams are dangerous things, this is what happens in dreams, your body transforms out of here, I won't go into any more dreams after that, I won't go into any dreams, although it remains rested, oh, there are some like structure by here what could be here deliver a gift to his grave hmm i need to check the presets precept 30 all precept 30. never take a promise i don't take uh a lake a huge deep lake this is the worst thing that could happen now it's important to remember the precept 44 you can't breathe water so everyone and you're going to have to hold your breath while I'm swimming here and I will too okay okay we did good chad is laughing i hear important precept precept two never let them laugh at you no laughing allowed well I kind of have to spend my money I don't spend money when you have it you don't want to have too much money okay I think I'm safe to turn the music on let's see am I out out of the reach of laughter? so this seems to be some kind of mother now there is a precept on mothers precept 11 mothers will always betray you don't trust this mother right here and you know the fight is not over yet because as we know in the precept we are not to trust look at that It was a betrayal right there we won the fight honorably and the mother still had an attack ready yes the arena where is it tell me where is the arena he is hopeless I will find him myself oh there is a character down here he looks beautiful but I don't remember anything he is harmless hmm one kind of uh salt lamp what is this actually i think this is an enemy but they're asleep they're resting well that's good but maybe we can take advantage of this precept 33 show the enemy no respect being brave to your enemies is no virtue if anyone opposes you, they do not deserve respect, kindness or mercy, I believe that the best way to solve this is through thecheese, we'll get rid of them while they sleep, there's no virtue, just win your battles, hmm, so I think I got the key from a merchant.
I'm not sure what this is for, but I think there's a precept about keys, actually precept 54. If you lock something up, keep the key we'll have to keep. this is not that i know what it's for anyway beat force with force let's see this get out this shaman stone that's not that's not a good amulet we need to beat force with force you know this place is starting to feel like home to Me, I'll be honest, but we have a pr Except about the houses, precept nine, keep your house tidy, I'll go mow the lawn, I think there's something else around here, although make sure you keep the whole lawn very tidy, very clean.
I missed one of the blades of grass. very strange looking grass don't you think? what's here? a house of some kind stay arrested hmm is this my father's precept 52 beware of parental jealousy i must learn this or i must be where i think i have to go i must be careful parental jealousy he is stronger than me hmm interesting no, I am stronger than everyone I respect his superiors but I respected the old man well this is what we are going to do we are just going to be careful we are going to learn our nails from my dad and then there is a very important precept that we have to follow here also precept 55. don't bow down to anyone stay rested hmm strange place wait a second it's that fire precept 48 be careful with the fire I'm going to be so careful I'm just going out ah who's here thanks do you want me to lend you my geo precip 37 y'all that's a con waiting to happen huh you know this would normally be a point where you can't get any more not for the powerful though if you try to succeed on the first try more darkness won't come peek into the dark but there is another thing about the dark that may seem like a contradiction but it really isn't when you think about it precept 18 seek the truth in the dark now this can be accomplished by simply running blindly through the dark but not looking into it so let's go looking for the truth in the dark, just make sure you don't look in the dark that is completely different and would go against the law of a far away town.
Yes, rest, I know, but there could be something more important here. there might be something that will actually cancel this out precept 41 everyone learns to spot lies i think they're lying there's something fishy about these people you know what this bank webs if you look close enough it's not even a real bank precept 485 a It's nothing else I'll go to rest but not here we're going to see that friend from before I wonder if they're doing it right they're attacking me don't hesitate don't hesitate don't mourn the dead it was in self defense the chat is breaking the rules ban everyone the members who are mourning for milo ah these enemies are horrible remind everyone of precept 20 tell only the truth and the truth is these enemies are fucking idiots ok ok i wonder if i can find that arena mentioned above i have the Feeling that the reigning bodies of warriors might be a good clue as to where to go.
Is this arena time to claim all the glory and complete every precept? weak point hits the weak point of the enemy each precept is as important as the other if you follow them in your daily life your life will be greatly improved and you will find glory yourself force overcomes force yes an enemy a blow but only like that sometimes, when doable at this point im just reciting all the precepts thats all i need to do its not only a guide on how to play



but also how to win at life whats the final boss of this place?
Oh no, mothers, I don't know if I could take on mothers. Don't trust mothers. They will betray you. The last challenge. All glory to Zoe. I won. I am the most powerful creature in all of Hollow Nest. i have achieved glory i have beaten the entire coliseum there is nothing beyond this i win and now we rest as we all know we all precept 19 if you try to succeed i have achieved that and precept 57 obey all the precepts we have completed the challenge but that was just the dumb idea i had and i wrote this whole path trying to find a way to get all the precepts in the game somehow i had to stretch a bit to be able to do them all because some like they contradict each other and they don't really make sense in a game environment but i think i did my best if tr and succeed if you try succeed first try

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