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HoI4 Guide: Greece - Macedonian Empire Challenge

Jun 02, 2021
Hey guys bittersteel, here I am back with another Hearts of Iron Four video and today we're doing another one of those affordable nations and it seems like you guys want to see me suffer considering the results of the latest poll, come on, the suffering begins, that's right. We will be playing as Greece and no, we will not go for the easy way, without the Byzantine Empire, we will set our sights on something much greater, we will recover Alexander's legacy, so playing as Greece, activate Iron Man mode so you know I'm not doing trap. and historical AI focuses on because, oh boy, I need every little advantage I can get and that predictability will help, come on, but first, if you like these videos, leave a like, consider subscribing if you want to see more videos like this, contact me. the comments with your suggestions and your questions I try to answer as many as I can and if you really want to support the channel check out the new youtube membership there is a button down there that says join click on that and it will take you to the youtube membership page thanks for your support so far, but I've taken enough time to video ah, Greece 1936.
hoi4 guide greece   macedonian empire challenge
Yes, those are some nasty, nasty national spirits, we have practically no economy, we'll use what we have to build two. military factories in Attica well, that will meet the terms of production, there is no production, we have two military factories, they are positioned as such and well, there is no point in changing this, but we will look into the future, add some to the artillery, we need one lots of artillery and some support equipment. I like to organize them this way. I don't have to think too much about it. It will take a while to fill it up anyway.
hoi4 guide greece   macedonian empire challenge

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hoi4 guide greece macedonian empire challenge...

Oh, and while we're here, production could build some convoys. but we need something more, we are going to need submarines. Fortunately, Greece starts with two submarines. Unfortunately, those are too expensive. No, we need something cheaper. We need to produce tubs by the dozen just to gain naval superiority later in the game. We are going to use obsolete equipment and we are going to build these guys, the Katsonis class submarine, extremely obsolete but much cheaper and for naval superiority the only thing that matters is the quantity of ships, the quality of the ships does not matter, so we will build these terrible submarines pretty much for most of the game now you'll notice we're short on steel uh I wouldn't bother trading it for this yeah we would make more submarines but at the cost of halving our already very limited construction capacity so I wouldn't let's do.
hoi4 guide greece   macedonian empire challenge
Nuisance research will begin with the basics of engineering, machine tools, and construction. Now for our focus path, we will rush here to shape the new world order. This strategy is largely based on the work of Spanish, again, I will leave a link. to their channel and the video in the description below so you can watch it. You have done an excellent job with this


and I hope to get credit for it with my career here. I've made some slight modifications to see if they work. but the king's rule comes first, which leaves us with the army, we have a considerable army, 13 divisions and we have no manpower to meet the needs, so let's change things, we will change them all to the horse squad, Yes, I know it's terrible. the smallest one we have and even that won't be enough so we will get rid of two divisions of horses, it is best to get rid of the ones that are not equipped anyway, that leaves us with 11 divisions and some manpower, okay , I'll take two of these horses assign them to a new army assign both armies to one field marshal we'll use the standard three field marshals to start with the army of nine you can have marcos dracos here he's pretty good and sit on the border Bulgarian start building a planning and exercise bonus, the smaller army has the other general with the very long name sit on the border with Albania and also build a planning and exercise bonus, these guys will stay exercising up to 10 xp of the army, so that's the basic setup, come on now, the reason why I've eliminated those two cavalry divisions.
hoi4 guide greece   macedonian empire challenge
Okay, thank you monarchists. Now the reason I eliminated those cavalry divisions is not only because we have enough troops to complete the army because that would have happened naturally over time, but also to have a small margin of safety. manpower so we can continue deploying submarines; otherwise if we don't have manpower and the submarine would be ready, it will just sit there in the queue without deploying until there are 200 manpower available for it and we need a lot of submarines. Okay, the king's rule is over. keep going down metaxism the hellenic spirit up here to recruit the brown shirts in terms of political power we will not spend anything not until we are ready well electronic engineering done the next step mechanical computing is always a good idea yes, this little manpower alert, get used to it, you'll see this for most of the run.
Well, the basic machine tools are done, two options here concentrated or dispersed. Personally, I like this burst because of the efficiency retention and base efficiency now in this run, considering you have so few. factories, there's something to be said for going for concentrated just so the factories you have produce more stuff overall, it doesn't matter too much, I'm still going to go for dispersed because I like to upgrade my gear as soon as possible. as possible, even if that's not always the best idea, I'm a little OCD when it comes to the construction being finished, everything else here is a little ahead of schedule for now, so let's take this research space and get to work with superior firepower, the best doctrine, especially given our size and our economy, all reliable and yes I know we have a lot of political power, we will need it, keep one while we wait for things to happen, the world I could do it too. assign some traits to our generals, they both make excellent leaders because they start with trickster and mountaineer and if you have a trickster plus a terrain trait you get improvisation experts.
One of my favorite traits makes your units faster and more capable of fighting across rivers. Because of the makeshift bridges, that's also why I chose these guys for our army and not any of the other leaders we'll get later. As for the quarterback, yes, I know he has the least desirable trait of the old guard, but that max entrenchment is useful and the other stats aren't that terrible. I like to just give him charismatic and organization first to start. You can also opt for any of these other traits. It doesn't really matter and we have 10 Army XP.
Now he will stop exercising. Try to make sure that if you try this that you stop at or as close to 10 as possible, otherwise we'll be wasting a lot of equipment and it's not like we have the factories to keep producing this stuff, so keep checking that out and In preparation for that 10 army XP, we'll take the duplicate standard infantry template, give it whatever name you want, turn that template into an elite squad, those will be the priority for the team, and turn it into a basic 7-a 10. military experience, I know a 7 2 isn't great, in fact it's pretty bad, but we can't afford to use 14 fours and 10 zeros, just a block of infantry has zero thrust potential without some sort of air coverage and we can.
I won't produce that either so here we are using garbage, it's what we have to work with, we'll suffer it and forget about the units for now, we have other priorities, okay, this explosion and mechanical computing is over, let's get those investigations on. slots to rework in the industry tab yeah it's a little early ok don't worry we'll make this burst more focused on your pick and build too just so we can at least get some factories out and if It bothers you that we have so much political power sitting here unused, believe me, it bothers me too, but we really have no choice.
This is a race where the main theme is suffering and sacrifice, so be patient, this is hurting me just the same. As much as it pains them, probably the most correct Republicans cracked down on recruiting the brownshirts, as they will note that this will cause Romania to cancel our guarantee, which will be helpful, okay, top firepower is gone, Let's bring that space back to the Industry too and get upgraded machine tools. Well, we've recruited the evil brown shirts. Remember what you're going to do is pause immediately when you finish this approach, just pause instantly, it's time to make some political power, spend the first order of business.
Hire this man here Xenophon Josmas the national socialist paramilitaries uh mainly because he's going to increase our brown shirt support now why are we hiring this guy? Well, we have to continue lowering our tree and we could follow in the footsteps of the giants, which gives us a fixed support of 10 for fascism, not bad, but that is a little early, we want it to come true naturally first , because the bigger your support, the smaller those daily changes will be and if you get that 10 early, you're wasting a lot of time, so let's wait with that approach, instead we go this way, from the four year plan until the shock plan, now I know, I know that we are losing all these glorious bonuses to metaxism.
I know it's another sacrifice we have to make. I wish we could run here to revive the Spartan warrior spirits and keep all those juicy bonuses, but we can't, we just can't, it's going to suck, but it's the least amount of sucks I can provide, just follow this. way, then the four year plan is and now that we have finished recruiting the fascists, we also have access to this decision: befriend the communists, which for some reason is only available after you have already recruited the fascists, that's good, let's just click on that. quick recap, we have recruited the fascists, which by the way activated them in the faction management tab in case you have never seen this, this is basically the inner workings of Greece, you have four factions, the loyal republicans, the communists and the fascists, since we chose the The monarchist kings are with us and everyone else was a little indifferent or hostile due to the approach recruit the fascists.
Fascists are now friendly. I've said that word a lot, please don't demonetize me anyway because they're friendly, they're giving us more. recruitable population and more stability. Now we are doing the same for the communists, which will also give us more recruitable population and boy, do we need it? Let's keep this train moving. You'll notice now that labor is starting to mobilize, so we'll start getting a little more labor and that will come in handy later. Okay, this explosive industry is over. I will reserve this research space solely for Earth doctrine. We need every little boost we can to get every advantage in AI and Doctrine will play a big role in that too is a done build.
I'm not going to tell you exactly what to research, although I would recommend sticking with the artillery, upgrading this, and upgrading the infantry. First I'll get the infantry equipment we need. like I said, every advantage we can get in the AI, some important things you need to research after you have upgraded your infantry and artillery equipment, you may want to pick them up in the air, which we will build later. to get close air support, although not that important, it can be quite powerful and of course don't forget that you will also need radios, computing machines and just your basic industry, don't let this delay too much, the excavation technicians and the Synthetic texts are not so important, they are good to have later, when you have some spaces at your disposal that are not doing extremely vital work, and you might want to take a look at this one from the military police.
It's not very important right now, but this is going to happen. To be useful, believe me, we're going to take up a lot of land before we core it, and I noticed we have quite a bit of manpower. Let's go to our recruiting tab and train one, two, three, four horses, one race. high priority and deploy them somewhere near the Bulgarian border, they will join that army and just forcibly deploy them whenever they can just 20 outdoor training, whoa, whoa, okay, the four year plan is finished , it's time to open the country. will unlock investment schemes don't bother they are broken still with bugs it's been about four months five months since launch it still doesn't work so this is just a path to higher skills while we recruit these horses prepare thisarmy to train up to level three so that's just switch click on the gear here give these guys some training like I said we need all the advantages we can get we don't have many troops so we need them to be in the best possible combat ship, all the right countries.
Time opened up to reinforce the crash plan and these are the investment schemes I talked about in the paper, they seem quite interesting in practice, they are useless, they are broken half the time, the AI ​​does not even respond to your request, You should be finishing by now. that last factory in Attica and with the additional text we've researched we can add two more factories to the mix, bringing us to a total of four military factories that will probably be like 1940 or 1939 before we finish them, but they have to do do with what we have, which is not much.
I have also researched new and better weapons. My personal approach is to always get them quickly, even if that will reduce our efficiency. That's why I also disperse, because I know that you don't. No need, you could keep producing basic infantry equipment, just make shitty weapons and work with the ones I like doing this and yes I know we're short on steel, that's hurting our production, but we're almost done with the shocking plan and That's going to fix a lot of things and yes, we are still sitting on a lot of political power, believe me, we have plans for this, okay, we have mobilized all the manpower that we are going to mobilize and that should give us about 32,000.
Let's go to our largest army and select all of those horses and deselect them. four try to deselect the non-rank 3 ones and swap out the 9 you have left over for the standard infantry template. We will have enough manpower left to continue deploying submarines and change and remember to keep training until everyone is rank 3. Now you may be wondering why I am changing them to the basic infantry template and not these new guys we made, the 7 2, are much better. Why not go directly to them? Well, these guys require artillery, and quite a bit of it, actually. artillery, the other template on the other hand only requires a little bit of artillery and mostly requires weapons, so while exercising these guys will burn weapons when they are at rank 3 and we change them for the new template, the change is very small.
That extra training doesn't take much time and as such doesn't consume many weapons and I don't know if you've noticed, but it still takes a lot more effort to build artillery than it does to build infantry equipment. We reinforced the hut plan back to the central branch and now we will follow in the footsteps of the giants. We move on to the next step, the modern movement, the suffering continues, here we go, the modern movement, pause it here, uh, this is an important event, it's basically two party leaders. trying to outdo each other in terms of speeches, or you have mataxas who will promise to take us to greater


sounds good or mercurus who will promise to take us to the glorious


of alexander the great and good, why stop at anything other than greatness? is exactly what we want george mercurus will be our national leader in terms of approaches, let's go towards the cement of Greek-German ties, let's get this first now let's go back to our decisions and make friends with the republicans, which, ironically, is only possible when you're completely fascist, okay? that will improve our stability and war support, plus a bit more recruitable pop, it's definitely something we need, what else can we do?
Let's chat with the Italians, they like us now, let one day pass, yes, like I said, they like us now, so understand. full of non-aggression that will give us 60 perfect opinions, leave it at that and let's also go to the Germans and ask for docking rights, they should be okay with that, no problem, great, now use those docking rights, how do we use those rights docking? the navy we will divide the two cruisers and one two three four these itos class destroyers and we will transfer them to the submarine fleet that leaves us with four hydra class destroyers which is the one we want, we will take these destroyers and we will sail them here to the refuge of wilhelm and we will forget about them for now the rest of the army will still be here relaxing in the port now let's take another look at that great army we formed as you can see the infantry divisions have reached Rank 3.
It's time to change them back to our template 7 -2, which will give us more manpower that we can then use to change the cavalry again and will start to require a lot of toad artillery which is going to hurt. but we don't lose as much experience, which means we're not going to burn as much gear to get these guys back to rank 3. Okay, record, German ties got stronger, let's go for a Turkism Helena where we ask the Turks if they want. play nice with us and make a joint application to the axis, we are definitely not going to stab them in the back, that also gave us an extra research slot, so it is useful, the research will be great and every little advantage we can get and again with these cavalry units are ready, change them to basic infantry every time one of them reaches rank 3 and then when that infantry reaches rank 3 change them to the seven two, yes I know it's complicated, trust me, save equipment costs, okay, hello turkism.
It is time to subjugate the Bulgarians. This will give us a war objective against Bulgaria, but we won't use it for now, we have time and then this event will appear right after finishing the approach. Türkiye accepts the friendship of Hellenic Turkism. The packages are fine, when this event appears right after finishing the focus, we click on the lower options, maybe we don't need the Turks and we will be torpedoing their relationship with the fascist powers. Sorry Turkey, the Bosphorus isn't big enough for both of us. For us now, sometimes you might have a different event where Turkey rejects you outright and it has different results, it will force you right into the axis, which is not great.
I recommend you leave it and it will also cost you war support. I think five percent at that point would be better to restart because it's going to make things a lot harder, but it's still relatively weird where we were a few moments later. Well, subjugate the Bulgarians. Now we have a fancy war target. pre-order, it doesn't expire so grab it, it's time to move on to the last country standing, we are forced to choose this option because we chose to stab Turkey in the back, okay what are we going to do now while this approach lasts?
To closely follow your progress and the world tension, let's keep time flowing until we reach 12 days out of 70. It is now day 12 and the world tension does not seem too great, it is rather low, which means that if we had Justifying Albania, which is our next step for its claimed status, would take 130 days, so, in mind, we're going to wait until we get to the 17th. Now, if the global tension is 25 or higher at this point, already can start justifying about Albania. We're going to wait a little longer because it's going to take longer, trust me on this, it's all about timing, timing is tight, timing is important, what I mean by that, we need to focus on shaping the new order that allows us to create factions, what we are going to do is create a faction with Italy, but to do so we need to be at war, that is why we are keeping that goal of war with Bulgaria, so the plan is to justify Albania, since it is working to achieve the Focus on creating a faction the instant we have that focus for factions done, we will declare in Bulgaria, we will invite Italy to our faction and a few days later, the war objective for Albania will end and we will declare in Albania as well and they will be real free. goods because the Italian guarantee will mean nothing there on the 17th and we will justify in Albania for the emperors of the north 113 days last country standing let's go ahead and shape the new world order and yes we have a lot of political power that is starting to become an issue here, I know that at this point we have also changed the entire army from 13 divisions to the 72 divisions, so we have also changed the entire army from 13 divisions to the new template, this is the seven two now for the Albanian front no worry, these are left as horse divisions, we need your quickness to deal with albania, well let's try just getting in there, it seems Franco is a fascist too, that could be a problem later, but we'll see while we're at it.
We are about to finish shaping the new order here and we have quite a bit of political power and a good idea to spend it would be to increase extensive recruiting. We can always use more manpower, which gives us time to mobilize it as well. come on now when this focus ends immediately pause the game very important there it is finished paused games we have a few things to do here first choose a new focus a good idea would be to finally strengthen our economy and we will head to devalue the drachma down To use our forces, the right path is really not that good, at least not in the situation that Greece finds itself in at the moment.
Not using our strengths will be better, so devalue the drachma, chat with the Bulgarians and simply declare perfect, oh, your little air. the force placed them over the eastern balkans air superiority and close air support should be enough the bulgarian air force is ridiculously small navy wise just set them up to strike hard in the aegean and eastern mediterranean for the giant stack of their submarines and remember that the smaller navy that we separated before we signed them with a different admiral to prevent them from doing strange things and not caring about placing yes, think of the north sea, this tile here, my placement can only be done while we are in war, that's why we were We've waited so long and we need naval reach, that's why we asked Germany if we could dock here now, this will lead to our future invasion of the United Kingdom.
To think it slowly increases their naval superiority and, well, we can use any advantage we can. Actually, just leave those ships there as for Bulgaria, what's the plan with Bulgaria? Well, we want to destroy the Bulgarian army with sieges, obviously, but we don't want to capture the capital, but we don't want to capitulate them until we're good and ready. They can capitulate on our terms, so our plan will be to surround the capital but not capture it and simply invade the rest of the country and destroy their army, then we can let them capitulate at any time we choose.
Keep in mind what we want. to limit our casualties we don't have as much manpower, yes more are being mobilized but there are a limited number of Greeks in the world and it will be a long, long time before we get additional manpower so try to be very careful in your bulgarian war make encirclements attack only on favorable terrain make extensive use of this button makeshift bridges this is going to be incredibly useful to cross these rivers here and just fight the enemy where they are weak and you are strong so, what? that I am? What we're going to do here is push up through the forest tile towards Sofia and try to go around it like this, these units will support the attack, so these guys will head towards this tile towards Plovdiv and these guys will head towards Ascoho again to support the attacks. from as many sides as possible to open combat with the plan here will be to surround these units and these units destroy them and push further north they shouldn't have as much now that's happening let's chat with the Italians now we can create a faction with the Italians very well, do it immediately and they are in perfect condition, that will allow us to eat the Albanians in seven days with impunity, what else can we do?
Oh yeah, when Germany wants to send you volunteers, decline, I know it sounds great. extra troops to help us, but the Germans will just ruin our plans, so keep saying no, what else can we do? Queue up as many of these seven twos as you can, that's going to put us in a huge team deficit, but that's just fine. chat with the Italians and ask for some equipment, they will send us weapons, support artillery and support equipment and they will do the same with the Germans, they will not send us weapons, they are still building their army, I assume they will send support equipment, but no. towards the artillery oh Germany is stingy at least the Italians are giving us a lot of stuff so go back to your recruitment and take out the last one in that line we only need 11 which will fill the army to capacity and deploy them somewhere nearby. the Turkish border they have other tasks now keep a close eye on this fighting it will be important to minimize our casualties these units are moving they are trying to escape from what they see as an encirclement waiting to happen do not let them pin them in place with their other divisions excellent, that is a fence made immediately,push across the river, help close the pocket and we finish our justification in Albania, just go there, declare in Albania and the Italian guarantee doesn't matter since Italy is in our faction. and again, don't call any allies.
Albania only has one or at most two divisions. Use one of your cavalry divisions to lock what they have in place if it's two divisions, just surround them if it's one division, pin it down and surround them. matter and just use what's left to take his three victory points your cavalry is fast enough it shouldn't be a problem and again for bulgaria make extensive use of makeshift bridges now that we're fighting albania and bulgaria we have access to efforts of propaganda these go It is very important now, do not click on war propaganda against Bulgaria. It has not yet started with war propaganda against Albania.
Albania is going away soon, but this will still work, so click on this first in 90 days, when it's done, we can click on war propaganda. against bulgaria and get the benefit of both, otherwise we would be stuck with just one and as you can see we need a lot more war support on this, we are below 50 percent which opens us up to some pretty events unpleasant. We cross our fingers that they don't happen and again perform pinning attacks to prevent the enemy from breaking out of this encirclement waiting to happen. Oh look, Albania found a second division, it shouldn't matter.
We have taken Tirana, everything ends from time to time. albania goes great now we deploy those units on the bulgarian front excellent so that's another three bulgarian divisions surrounded now we will destroy them and move on to the rest of the country and again be very careful not to capture sophia we don't want to capture sophia oh that's albania just take all the perfect states and do it right pause the game again we have some more changes to make we definitely need the maximum minimum of our manpower and to do it we go to our occupied territories change the staff to the horses they They are cheaper and have more repression and we establish our occupation law for the local police force that should keep them under control.
We also assign garnishes a high priority. How is that Italian team looking for their things for 18 days? Great, keep an eye on this every time they ship ask for a new one otherwise they'll keep sending you small fractions of that initial shipment so if they give you 10,000 guns they'll stick with I think 10 or 100 guns each month , so just wait for the big shipment, cancel the ground lease when it has arrived and then order another big shipment, otherwise you will keep getting small shipments that don't really matter, let's take a look at our lows, we are already at 3.7k I know, I know it's a small number, but Greece doesn't have much manpower, they try to keep these casualties extremely limited, so be careful not to waste manpower here, as the Bulgarians should surrender at any moment as we continue tightening the rope around Sophia while that happens. let's take a look at our approaches, okay, we are working on devaluing the drachma, very good, what is Turkey doing?
Here we go, Turkey is now doing it, um, it's not historical, that's why we play with the historical. Türkiye is now working on the abuse of the soil products office. The next focus. What they will do is reconfigure Turkish foreign policy, which will make them lose their Romanian guarantee, as you can see, Turkey is guaranteed by Romania and we cannot fight against Turkey and Romania. Sorry, we're not strong enough. Fortunately, Türkiye will soon lose its guarantee. Right after they start this approach, the Anglo-Turkish agreement gives them a guarantee from the UK, which means that there is a 35 day window in the entire game where Turkey is not guaranteed by anyone and we are going to jump to that window when presented.
So immediately after Turkey finishes reconfiguring Turkish foreign policy, that's when we strike, that's the reason we rushed up this approach tree and lost any hope of these excellent and excellent approaches of methoxysm. If we took them, yes, Greece would be stronger, but we. We wouldn't be able to reach the Turks in time to make use of that small 35 day window, that's why we are rushing in the meantime, we keep these trainings going, we first implement them as soon as they are ready, but that will take a few more days . The correct evaluation of the drachma is done, let's move forward and use our strengths.
What is Türkiye doing? Yes, they are reconfiguring Turkish foreign policy and if I'm not mistaken, it's a 70-day, 70-day approach, so in 70 days we need to clean this up. So while there is no rush to defeat Bulgaria, we are on a kind of stopwatch and we have the entire Bulgarian army surrounded in Sofia and in here we will clear the interior and then we will conduct a joint assault on Sofia to destroy the units, but stop the attack in time before any of our units come in, we don't want to capture Sophia, the reason is that we want to be continually at war, we will declare Turkey and then finish off Bulgaria that way, we always are.
In war, this ensures that our mental layers continue to function. We need every advantage we can get if we are going to invade Britain at some point and this will allow us to make use of these war propaganda so that in 60 days we can click on war propaganda against Bulgaria after that. It doesn't really matter, by then we should be fighting the Turks. Now we have Sofia completely surrounded and the Bulgarians do not have a perfect army. We can move on to the next step of the operation. We will station our entire army, the big one, on the Turkish border leave a division in Sofia to capture it as soon as we are ready and we will take our horses.
A horse division here. This is where the battle line must be drawn for this island. I know it's absurd to cross. here, but if you want to assign troops to this little island, you have to click on that corner up there and then the other horse can occupy the southern island of samos. This will keep the Turks concentrated on these two islands, thus freeing up many divisions that would otherwise be here, it is already going to be difficult and the Turks are also going to send quite a few troops to protect themselves against Italy, although we will not call Italy correctly, how are these other divisions?
They continue to deploy force in the fields. perfect and these units can exercise while we wait for our Turkish adventure and the air force has done its duty, we will leave them on the ground for now we would not want to lose any more planes due to accidents, we have already lost two so just ground the planes until let's be ready to fight Turkey draw a battle line here the plan for Turkey is the same one I have used in my Byzantium video we will go towards Istanbul we will capture their port here preferably from the rear because there is a river cross here and surround and destroy the army Turkish on this side of the Bosphorus, then withdraw to our defensive positions and allow the Turks to move more troops and rinse and repeat until the Turks really have no army left except for our Turkish war. but for our Turkish war again, be careful, we can't take too many casualties 25 30 000 okay, anything else is starting to hurt Greece.
Thank goodness we are still mobilizing troops. Oh, and while you wait for the Turks to finish their rally, keep an eye on Sophia with that unit next to you, sometimes it's not often, but sometimes the Bulgarians manage to find enough troops and some weapons to field a unit that understand and although it doesn't really matter it can be annoying if they retake most of your country while you don't look good quick summary in 48 days we can click war propaganda against bulgaria and for turkey uh yeah in about 55 days we can going to war we have time we can use to get these divisions out the door actually I'm going to queue a little longer the cheese the Italians send me more stuff five days they'll send me some cannons what the Germans will send me no artillery time you Germany what a stingy at least Italy is a loyal friend willing to send me more artillery everything Well, all of these deployed units keep them training so that they are at least at level two.
Well, ideally, at level two before we have to fight Türkiye. These guys are doing very well. They are building entrenchments. The Navy strike force does not consume fuel. Perfect, but at the same time it gives us naval superiority, which means that the Turks cannot invade us navally again. I don't know why the paradox made it this way, but I accept it, I accept it, we need all the advantages we can get and there is war propaganda against Bulgaria that should be enough to get up to 50 war supports so that we can finally change the economy of war.
The reason I haven't gone up to partial is that I hope it's obvious. This has a lot of political power. I'd rather go straight to the war economy as far as approaches, uh, seven days until the Turks get what's coming. It is best to stop the exercises, yes, not all of them are level two, but that will do. I'll get some organization, okay, we'll use our strengths, that's done. it means that the Turks have reconfigured their national policies and here we go there is no guarantee for the turkey, delight in these guys, these are the only 35 days in the game where the turkey has no guarantee and will immediately declare that the big turkey is alone and he will take her. this division can defeat bulgaria and redeploy to the turkish front and we will wait a bit to see what the turks do there, that's for the air force, deploy them over


, close air support near superiority and slow down the game to the point The Turkish front is worried.
I've given you a rough summary of what my plans are, so I'll show you now that I'm going to attack this tile and advance directly to Istanbul. Half the army is going to do it too. Instead, let's go to this tile, so we're going to push down and then expand, push towards Istanbul and leave a division in Istanbul that will prevent the Turks from crossing here. It's a pretty heavy penalty for crossing, so one division should be able to contain the rest. The army will work together to close the gap around the rest of Turkish troops in Europe.
It is very important, although like the battle of the Bosphorus, Turkey now has a port here in India, we must take that port and the easiest way to do this is Take it from behind because of the unpleasant river crossing at Alexandroupolis. They also have an armored division there, so it could be unpleasant to take that out. You have to be careful. We cannot suffer too many casualties, since for our domestic approaches, we will now open subsidized foreign factories. will give us a military factory and a civilian factory for each of the following countries that have an opinion of us higher than 80. france is not going to happen, the united kingdom is not going to happen, german fever, which is an option, and Soviet Union, which is also an option.
Let's start with that approach and immediately improve opinion with the Soviets and improve relations with the Germans once these relations reach the maximum, although I suggest canceling the improved relations because it is costing quite a bit of political power, but that should get you more than 80 with both. of these the Soviets start at minus 10 so they cap out at 90. The perfect Germans start pretty high so it should be easy, like I said the UK is already at -23 so that's impossible and the same goes for France, minus 23, meanwhile it does not happen and the Turks. launch attacks immediately on our small islands, but that river crossing should really allow our horse battens to hold the line.
Oh and one change I forgot since we've looked into it, the military police could also use it on our horse divisions and I'm going to duplicate them, call them low priority parliamentarians, save them and use them instead since our divisions as for bulgaria take all the states there, I'm also going to launch attacks using makeshift bridges just to prevent the Turks from moving to oppose our pocket, here's the eye. It's not brilliant, but they know when something happens, so even though we're missing these attacks, okay, we just want to keep these units in position so they don't move, you know, out of the pocket, okay, we've got a nice little pocket. here, that is a large portion of the Turkish army that we have trapped, now we will leave a division in Istanbul to avoid Turkish reinforcements and we will close the pockets, that is going to be so spicy that we will stop attacking for a while, let these troops to reorganize they get a planning bonus and we start putting pressure on them and again make extensive use of makeshift bridges.
I wonder how many divisions we have here, we just have to make sure they don't leave here, there are four or five, another five. 10 13 17divisions I think it's about half of the Turkish army we just have to make sure we don't take too many casualties to close this out oh boy we've already taken quite a bit of cash okay it's getting better and better I just have to do it. make sure these units in the south don't escape, close that pocket there, open it, that's bad and just close it again, should be fine, perfect as far as the islands are concerned, yeah the Turks aren't going to push there, Istanbul. a split can easily hold without breaking a sweat and now we close what's left there and try to remove the ports.
I don't want these units to leave the port, so I'm going to hit other makeshift bridges and start pushing towards that port for as long as possible. since those units are in combat they can't withdraw from that port and that's perfect, there are a lot of casualties, okay, let's take the ports, see how many Turks we kill here, oh, I think it was more than half of the Turkish army that we just destroyed . the cost of unfortunately almost 20,000 greeks, sad, sad, but sacrifices have to be made now, we are going to move the entire army back to an alternative line between burgas and the port in the air, that way there is no port that we have to take it a second time and Let the Turks come in here again.
They probably won't commit as many units simply because they don't have as many units anymore. Great, we'll try that again, destroy four or five motivations and then push through the perfect Bosphorus, now we have over 50 or support, which means we can finally move towards a war economy, finally Greece has something resembling a war economy. Your favor now we should be finishing that last military factory, let's add some shipyards. and mills, I'd rather have a few more mills now and a shipyard or two three four maybe later so we can get a few more submarines out. Yeah, I don't think we're going to get another big siege out of this, so just give them the coup de grace and now we'll pass Istanbul across the street, the rest of the army will have time to clean up to advance towards Anatolia and start searching victory points.
The purpose will not be to completely annihilate the Turkish army. It would be great, but we can't afford those casualties. Now we will go after their victory points as many as possible just to capitulate to the Turks in a timely manner and I am again concentrating on taking victory points manually. surround the Turkish divisions to destroy them or just ignore them if they are nowhere near one of your victory points and you keep pushing Turkey has a lot of victory points yes, but we should be far superior to the Turkish army at this point. We should be able to win this without suffering too many additional casualties.
Well, we have opened our subsidized factories abroad and yes, we gave excellent marks to the Soviet and German factories and stopped improving relations. That makes no sense. Perfect. Our economy is improving slightly. I've moved on to making a bit more interwar artillery, but I just realized I should also make some toad at the air units and some cass. I still haven't researched Cass on how well the mistakes were made before I forgot. We focus that we will continue to lower and export more luxury products and it is probably better to continue increasing mining operations. It's such a horrible mess and I love it.
Oh, look at that mess we've made. How advanced is Türkiye? The next big victory point should do it, yes there we go, Turkey has capitulated some weapons, some equipment, most importantly a lot of land and we will just take all the states are finished and end well with Turkey defeated there is some light to the end of the tunnel at least the decision to form the Macedonian


has appeared and as you can see here we have a long way to go before we can leave this, what do we still need? All Bulgarian and Albanian states.
We have them, as well as all the Yugoslav states south of Serbia. Those are it, I think. Yes, everything below Belgrade and Montenegro is fine. So Yugoslavia is next on the chopping block. there is Iran, Afghanistan, Stalin, about Pamir and Tashkent, I think we will take those from the Soviet Union, we also need Iraq, all the French states in Syria, so that's a bit, Egypt, yes, United Kingdom, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, yes, also the states of the United Kingdom and Pakistan, these are, I believe, from the Raj. So our path is quite obvious, we have to confront the allies, but first we will try to sneak into a small war in Yugoslavia, assuming that the allies do not intervene because, as you can see, world tension is high and if we had to justify ourselves. yugoslavia now the allies have the guarantee to intervene there, so what are we going to do?
Let's wait, if we wait for World War II to start, maybe we can sneak in a little justification before anyone really notices. The reason for this is simple: Italy is not in the German faction, so they will not be at war with France, which means that France will not deploy troops on her borders. The same goes for the UK, so they will feel threatened by Italy's presence in the area and are less willing to commit to a two-front war if they are already fighting Germany. However, this is not set in stone, it is entirely possible that they will still guarantee Yugoslavia.
Now you could go around and throw justifications at all the Nordic countries. countries and other democratic nations of the world just to make the allies politically powerless, but it is also very costly for you and even then it is not really guaranteed to work because at some point even countries like the Netherlands and Belgium start to rule out guarantee. giving the same results, so what are we going to do? We will wait for World War II. We will justify the Yugoslavs. If the allies do not guarantee that they are perfect, we will eat them and, unfortunately, we will also have to eat the Romanians from then on. that guarantee is not going away anytime soon if the allies guarantee them well, we will have a difficult uphill fight ahead, we will see how we handle that, it will be a matter of rolling with the punches and adapting to the situation now that we are not really equipped to deal with that kind of consequences, so that race will be dead.
Sorry, I wish I had a better way to deal with the AI ​​or it will be very difficult but also satisfying when we finally land. the uk, so come on, fortunately, we are mobilizing some manpower because, oh boy, the garrisons are absorbing quite a few exported luxury goods, uh, in terms of focus, we will now head down to increase mining operations, mobilize the economy and clean up the slums, generally this is Not the best option, however, this gives us 66,000 labor and labor is a scarce commodity, we need that labor. Rejuvenating Athens is usually the best option here, but like I said, we need the manpower, so we will head to clearing the slums in terms of political power we will stop our spending and start saving to hire some military advisors.
Good choices here are the Army Maneuver Genius, the Division Speed ​​is excellent, as well as the Infantry Expert and the Artillery Expert. Greece has some pretty good generals or army commanders and just In order to fill our front line, I am going to start training horse divisions, these are not very good, but as manpower arrives we will be able to replace them with real infantry, we just need something outside the door and force deployment again. divisions when they are ready, let's get them exercised and once we have more manpower in the bank, let's start changing them to an infantry template.
Now the big problem with Yugoslavia is not going to be our justification. I usually say that the allies ignore our justification unless there are some really crazy things going on with world tension, however, in historical terms, eventually Italy will start justifying Yugoslavia as well, usually for a couple of northern states at the same time. at the same time, so this is a major spike in global tension and Italy is seen as a very threatening country for the allies and that is usually, I repeat, I still say that normally, but that is where the allies tend to go off the rails. and guarantee Yugoslavia.
This is pretty much the point in the video where the


goes off the rails and becomes a matter of rolling with the punches, the eye becomes so unpredictable that it's very hard to say what you should do, it becomes more a matter of reacting to what it does. AI because, like I said, they become incredibly unpredictable. Fortunately, we can still think better than we punch. In the meantime, I continue recruiting horse divisions until there are about 16 in the field which should be enough to man the Romanian front and then start changing them to infantry. Well, the Germans have started World War II and are at war with the major allies. we will start our own justification about the Yugoslavs 175 days 35 political power I am going to click on this and I am very afraid, I am very afraid that it may appear immediately with an allied guarantee, if so, we will have to see from Well, so far so good , 30 days in almost and there are no additional guarantees, but I am not ready to celebrate yet, since 16 horse divisions are being trained, when they deploy, we will start switching to infantry and do the same. with it, with the army in the first preparation, we will change the regular infantry, first we will train them up to level three and then we will change them to the seven twos just to conserve the artillery.
We don't have as much artillery now that we have a lot. of the political power available to us, I'm going to spend a little, I'll start by hiring the army's maneuver genius, he will be excellent, as well as the infantry expert, always a good option, and who do we have here?, the expert in artillery. a pretty complete military cabinet these guys will lead us to victory hopefully well we have cleared the slums now we can move on for industry you can continue here connecting our prefectures to the athens academy then you can also head here to obtain more resources or the Hellenic armed forces, since we will fight a lot.
This unlocks the academy's battle plans and they are pretty good at giving you a bonus against certain countries. I would recommend choosing this first. Going further down will give you some interesting bonuses for research or the Atlantic Navy will give you a couple of extra shipyards that could be very useful for pumping out some more submarines just so you can invade the UK. Well, 70 days have passed with almost no allies. I guarantee I'm starting to have hope, please don't crush the paradox of my dreams, I have a good amount of manpower, but we are not going to avoid the fact that we will have to tighten the manpower laws for the next 93,000 and we won't.
Getting just one extra soldier and we have several more countries to fight, we need to eliminate Yugoslavia, Romania, France, well Fiji, France probably, the UK, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the Raj, although we have plans for these countries. I'll talk a little about that. When we get there, you'll see that you don't have to fight every battle and we'll eventually start providing close air support. These guys will be useful even if we're not going to get green air. Cass always works, enemy fighters don't. It doesn't seem to target Cass as much in the aerial combat, so yeah, pretty good, meanwhile Yugoslavia is still free real estate.
We have 50 days left. Can I start dreaming? Please don't take this away from me. Paradox please, oh no. Italy has just begun to justify. uh still safe still safe this is usually the point at which the UK or France decide they've had enough of our shenanigans um it doesn't seem to be happening so I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best now in your case If this happens, there are two options: restart, which I wouldn't recommend, or if you're pretty good at the game and confident in your ability to fight this war, just fight, conquer as much of Yugoslavia as you can and at least get it.
Occupying the states that are going to be needed don't call Italy if you find yourself being fought with reinforcements from the UK or Romania is too much, what you can still do at that point is expel Italy from your faction which is still possible . because they won't be at war and will ask to join the germans in the axis, just disband your faction, join the axis and germany will come to your rescue quickly, eliminating yugoslavia and romania, which will free you up to finally start planning an offensive against the states joined. realm with the risk of having a pretty bad peace agreement, you will be at the mercy of the AI ​​as it will be cheaper for them to take lands if you are on the same faction in the peace agreement.
Okay, the Hellenic armed force is ready. I'm going to get to work, a couple more navy submarines are going to be incredibly useful. It's okay, enough has happenedtime. What is this justification? It is done in about 20 days. There is still no guarantee. I'm starting to dream, so I'm alone. Changing the entire army to seven from two is not the ideal way to do it, but we need these units ready. The reserves still look good. The production isn't that bad either, so let's get ready for our big showdown here because these are two pretty powerful ones. countries we will fight against yugoslavia is no joke if left alone as you can see they have quite a few divisions and are well equipped and the romanian army is practically the largest in the balkans so they are a tough nut to crack However, we are not afraid of a couple of nuts.
We can do this now. There goes France. Now I'm done with the Hellenic Navy. um I'm just going to work on the industry focus. As for what you do, it doesn't really matter. at this point we have what we need anything else is a good advantage plus the main objective will be to fight from here on we need to conquer yugoslavia defeat the romanians get vichy here that will mean joining the axis put our hands on the united kingdom land in egypt e Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Tiraj, we could conquer our way there, but I think our plan will be to eliminate the allies before the United States joins, so we have about a year, maybe a year and a half, to do it , but first, Yugoslavia. here we go, we have our war goal, there is no other guarantee that the romanians will declare it immediately and now we have about 95 days to do it on our own before italy decides to join now it is not terrible for italy to join, but it would We prefer to do This on our own and we'll start by trying to go around this southern salient by pushing through the weakest points of their lines, we'll pick up speed down and see how this goes.
Oh and uh, labor is again an issue. so surfacing by requirement I don't really like doing that, but we need more soldiers, okay, and let's put our open air force joke over the Eastern Balkans, every little bit helps, okay, that's a complete encirclement with a portion quite considerable of the Yugoslavian army trapped in the south now to destroy them in the north yes we are suffering uh the Romanians are going to push hard um there's not much we can do about it maybe redeploy our air force here just to give our guys a Bit of an advantage, but the Romanians actually have an air force, so it could be difficult.
I wish we had more manpower and more troops to spare. I could pull off some fancy naval invasions and try to get a good encirclement of the entire south, but I just don't have any. troops I will do my best to create as many encircles as I can destroy Yugoslav units, practically the only chance we have of defeating these guys without suffering massive casualties, are two other divisions that we deal with and again we make use of these makeshift bridges whenever you run into a river, it's great and there are more divisions in circles, well, Yugoslavia should start to feel the pressure now, maybe you can notice it, but this is very micro-intensive, so don't set a battle plan and leave it Go, that'll get you. killed now we need to conserve manpower and we need to be quick to finish this too because how much time do we have left in about 60 days?
The Italians will want to join in 20 minutes later. Oh, we've done so much damage. to yugoslavia i haven't given up yet just turn around preferably before romania joins the axis okay let's walk towards belgrade maybe that will be enough to convince these guys to give up let's go yugoslavia 99 okay so a plus victory point is probably zagreb then oh there you have the yugoslavs perfect ok now i just need to take all the yugoslav states south of serbia and that would be montenegro we need that one we need southern serbia i have that one and macedonia great anything else could go to a real puppet I'm going to satellite a group of these countries that will prevent me from having to garrison the area and that right now we will deploy the army on the Romanian flank and eliminate Romania.
Let's check the decision. Yes, we have all the states we needed. The peace agreement now be careful because Germany can still come in and eliminate Yugoslavia because Serbia here counts as attacking Yugoslavia and Germany has some events to destroy them. One way to avoid this is to join the shaft at this point. It probably wouldn't be a terrible idea, but it will put Romania among the allies, since it's not a great idea, but if we don't do it, the Romanians could join the axis, which isn't a great idea either, let's see if we can pull it off.
Labor, we took advantage of this window of opportunity to take as much territory as possible before the Romanians managed to redeploy their army, although quite satisfied with this they managed to inflict a good amount of damage on Romania. In that window they gave us oh manpower it's still rising we haven't lost too many soldiers here no casualties it's pretty good let's just keep going how close they are to capitulation it can't be much more 23 okay so probably these victory points and galati up there I guess oh there goes Romania , perfect and we don't need any Romanian territory so I'm going to split this up and give some to Transylvania since they have cores there and we just pop puppet, what's left of Romania ended up fine so we're looking pretty beefy, we've got the territory we need from the Balkans and everything else will come from allies and neutral states in the Middle East, now how are we going to proceed?
What we are going to do next is probably what you will have to do in case one of the allies guarantees Yugoslavia anyway. What's the plan? We'll build an invasion force in northern Germany trying to lead from, I think, Hanover, here and we'll try to The navy invades the UK close to the hull while we're doing that, we need to keep some troops in reserve along the Iraqi and Iranian front. We don't need that many troops, just a couple of divisions to hold this front. It's mountainous, so a division. per tile should be able to hold up perfectly not to mention that we will also receive help from the axis because after our construction is completed we are going to expel Italy from our faction for Italy and join the axis and with help from the axis, we should have no problem securing our home front in case of naval invasions because that will be a risk and we will begin our offensive operations against the United Kingdom and these Middle Eastern states and in preparation I will release To get some manpower to defend ourselves against these Middle Eastern countries, we'll need one, two, three, four, five, six tiles, six mountain tiles, two holes, so I'm going to reduce this army to a size of Well, Riley, that's perfect for getting rid of four divisions and these twelve. will be enough and we will start changing these divisions into fourteen fours, the perfect division for an invasion on a limited budget, this is what our 14 fours will look like, nothing special here, just 14 infantry battalions, four artillery battalions with a little support. thrown into the mix they also support anti-aircraft, these are the guys that are going to land in the UK.
I have at least 10, those are the units that do the actual landing and we will change more as we have more manpower available, oh and we. we have more political power to spend and conserve our valuable manpower, this guy is also a good choice, extra recruitable pop, very nice, reduced damage to garrisons, very useful considering we are sitting on a lot of land and also reduces our required garnishes, this is going to be incredibly incredibly useful, that will free up more manpower quickly. I also realized that I'm not going to get our opinion of Germany high enough to gain military access, so I'm just going to kick Italy out of the faction now and dismantle it. our faction, bye bye meme bros, and we'll just join germany, you guys have no problem with that, hey, here we go now, I'll redeploy my entire army here near Hamburg. 24 divisions can go there.
I will prepare my naval invasion from There I will also send the rest of our navy that giant stack of bathtubs to the German port of Wilhelm's Haven and they will be very useful when we conduct a naval invasion there. Right now, to invade the UK, we're going to attack them on the flank near the hull, like all the way down between the hull of Newcastle and this bit up here, uh Norwich, I found out that these two sea tiles are the easiest to get through. because the royal navy is very dispersed and two, the German navy tends to show up. on these tiles from time to time, giving us a small window of opportunity, I will send most of my army there and try to change as many of them to 14 fours as I can without crippling my industry or manpower as much as possible.
As far as our Middle East front is concerned, once we join the fight against the UK, we will quickly start justifying Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, getting them into the war, hopefully bringing them into the peace deal. Okay, most of our army is trained and equipped. They are all there. ready to go, I'm going to stop this training session, let your organization get busy for a bit, prepare the naval invasions to break out, as you can see we are definitely lacking naval supremacy, but the navy is here ready to provide all support that we have to the naval invasion.
What we need to do now is accept this call to arms and click to slow down and see if we can actually make this landing happen. Oh, lucky us, our naval invasion is over, so bear with me, we're in the home stretch guys, in the meantime. I've started a quick justification about the Iraqis. It should only take 10 days to get them to war. They will join the allied faction. Then I will do the same with Iran and Afghanistan. Everyone will join the fight they will have. We are involved in some fighting along this border and we should be able to include them in the peace agreement as well.
Hopefully now we get to the main event here, the naval invasion. Okay, they're challenging us in Hull, but I think I'll be able to land on the other tiles. Well, the troops have landed. I'm going to do this manually, so there will be a lot of micromanagement involved. The basic idea is to cut towards Liverpool, cut the country in half, clean up the north. It's usually pretty easy and then start moving south in an attempt to completely surround London without taking it, which will allow us to occupy all the home islands without actually capitulating to the UK, giving us time to potentially get some out of Iraq Iran Afghanistan in case I need more participation because participation is what gives you the peace agreement you want and it is one of the weak points in hearts of iron.
I must say that peace agreements can really ruin it. We ran into huge resistance almost instantly, so the UK, I'm afraid has most of its military at home, that's going to suck. Oh wow, this is going to be really hard. We have landed successfully. We have taken time on board to send the rest of the army. Those are the Iraqis. they involved will join the allies, that's fine, I will justify it before the Iranian god. I hope they get my army across in time. Okay, reservations are coming in, which is very welcome because our lines are extremely extended.
Fortunately, the eye does not. too bright and they're not really doing much, so they're starting to move into unpleasant positions. Okay, to get organized, I'll use the seven two for the north front and everything else goes to the south edge. We need all the combat capacity we have. We can meet towards the south, there are many divisions of the United Kingdom. It's not good, we have a fence. Every little bit helps. Now heading north we can make some aggressive moves. The terrain is not very good, but the United Kingdom will begin to withdraw these units so they can.
You shouldn't have entrenchment or high organization, so I'll continue to harass them while they try to retreat to a port. Hopefully I can catch them before they run away and join the fighting in the south. I'll have to play south. this works strategically for fences trying to close the gaps here and there and prevent them from going too deep, okay that's our justification on Iran, let's get them involved too, yeah still join the allies okay and Afghanistan is next, like I said on this front. It should hold up well, maybe we'll even get some German support here and we might be able to push a chip or two, although we don't overdo it, this is our main concern, this is going to be difficult, that's another cool pocket, okay, the UK is not. it's on its knees but we're making progress we're definitely making progress okay that's Afghanistan and yeah okay just call them and now they're also among the allies and our puppets are providing us with some troops I'll just assign them to the front of the Far East, if we can take Bristol here, we will isolatethe whales.
Well, they still have a port there, but we can hurt them with this. We can hurt them quite a bit. increase the pressure yes, I know attacks like these will cost us a lot of manpower and we don't have that much, but right now it's a matter of life and death, um, this is make or break as far as this one is concerned, oh yeah We take Cardiff, oh yeah, that's the whole Welsh army in circles, they're not going anywhere, those units have gone north, they've got virtually nothing left, so we're advancing there easily, that'll just lead to a mop-up in the south and we will be done, excellent, as I said, I hope to get around London without taking it, that will allow me more time to clean up in this region as necessary.
We just need to be able to finish it by the time it gets to the US is ready to join, I don't want to deal with America, I'm just doing a small offensive against these Middle Eastern states, just for them to be included in the peace agreement, they will need to have some kind of contribution. here to be counted so a couple of losses uh should be fine iraq is already included iran should be soon afghanistan uh unlikely they are quite far from any fighting hey more troops surrounded around norwich six divisions missing oh united kingdom we have achieved We cut Cornwall also great heading north, everything is going exactly to plan, so yeah, I'd say we're definitely in control at this point, now that it's an unstoppable tide of Greek fury, we're engulfing the islands and fire, oh there's so many. divisions we have trapped here now oh there are so many casualties the United Kingdom oh that invasion I want to see what it did right the United Kingdom is on the verge of surrender if we take London it is all over for them and we have caused 768,000 come down, oh man yeah 27 share I think we'll end up here if the grind is costing us too much and Italy is getting more and more share as they devour more of Africa so I don't think it's worth it I guess.
Let's just end this fight here and settle for the peace deal we got and there goes the UK and we get our robbery of p, let's see Germany went first and took a bunch of irrelevant things. Our turn, what do we do? I need, okay, let me, let me open the wiki here, so I just grab the provinces that I need. Okay, let's start in Egypt. I have to trick the AI ​​a little. I only take coastal things or things that don't border that way. They cannot accept it in a peace agreement or at least they are not willing to accept it in a peace agreement.
Fascist AI only wants to take states that are next to the sea or can get a direct land route. too connected to its territory, so if you're ever in a peace deal trying to put together some kind of empire, the most tactical way is to use your points to first go to a territory that would isolate the AI ​​from further expansion, so anything coastal and anything contiguous to your territory and a quick summary, we have all the territory we need except Afghanistan, we can go back and take it at a later date and the Pakistani territory we can get by integrating the Raj and also we need some things from the sovietic Union. and we will ensure that when operation barbarossa begins we will also be able to have a tiny united kingdom here as a puppet can integrate them into the fleet, that is always one of my favorite moves now our next order of business will be to eliminate official france or quickly justify ourselves with them and take their territory, it's the right time to make Pitta disappear, it shouldn't be a big problem, we should be able to eliminate the Vichy French there without too much trouble, it still doesn't solve the problem. problem of getting to North Africa because we need to get to North Africa to really capitulate them.
I think it looks like the invasion of North Africa was actually easier than expected. It actually works fine. I will accept it. Here we go. France, let's take Syria away from them, that's all we really need. Anything else, we can reoccupy it or I just think we'll satellite a bunch of stuff. There we have Syria and that was much more of a headache than it was worth and the Hellenic austhenia. looks good, doesn't it? many months later, okay, almost everyone is in position, we will


them in the caucuses, uh, we will advance from here as well and I will leave a couple of divisions ready to face Afghanistan.
I will justify it as soon as we join the fight with the Soviet Union, so let's get into this and start pushing aggressively. We need that territory, okay, Afghanistan, goodbye, yes, it will call the allies, no, no, I don't really care, that's it. Afghanistan is gone, let's redirect those forces to the Soviet push and if we look at the decision, all we need now are all the Pakistani states we will get when we integrate India and Stalin over the Pamirs and Tashkent. I think that's Stalin over Pamirs and where Tashkent is. So just make your way through the terrible areas of Russia and we'll eventually fix it.
We control all those Russian states. Now is the time to integrate the Indians. Let's send a bunch of convoys. That is the easiest way to achieve independence. we will, we will get them back anyway there we go, we can reduce the autonomy of India, they are ready for integration, let's click on that and the game will be delayed, oh, there we go, look at that thick Hellenic state and with that we can finally honor the legacy of the argeots it is time for the world to recognize that greece is no longer a small mediterranean backwater no no we are not one of the great states of the world click on that and look at that


empire i love this color i love that flag oh Yes, and look at the workmanship.
Oh, nine million manpower, my God, our factories have not been upgraded yet, but we have 113 cities and 125 military factories. Yes, this is now one of the most powerful nations on the planet. I hope you enjoyed my suffering. If you left a like, consider subscribing and don't forget to click the bell icon to get notified every time I upload more content. Also if you are interested. Supporting what I do there is a new join button next to the subscribe button that will take you to the YouTube membership page. The channel was just approved for memberships, so it's a great way to support what I do.
Thank you so much. I'm always looking for your suggestions in the comments section below and don't forget to check out our discord too. This has been my goodbye.

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