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History Is Repeating Itself...

Nov 17, 2023
The question has ever been a player in NBA


like Nicole Yic, a big man who can give you 30 easy a night, passes the ball like he has eyes in the back of his head and can dominate games without conceding more than 6. What's up with Steph? There have been countless great shooters throughout League


, but what about a shooter who can come off screens and make shots from 30 feet away while being chased like a criminal? I have always wondered if players like these are really one of them or if the plan for these players was designed years ago, but today I found my answer while doing some research, I found this website called NBA Elaborate.
history is repeating itself
It has some of the most advanced NBA data available today and with this data they have created. some interesting algorithms and predictive models, one of them is their application of historical similarity within their database, every season for every player who played at least 500 minutes in the NBA since 1978, choose any player and the site will give you a report full scouting with a ton of stuff shot quality free throw rate offensive load portability a plus less offensive and defensive designed and any other complicated metric you can conjure up gives each player a value for each metric based on their performance and then grades them based on where they rank compared to other players in the league — for example, Nicole Yic — is about as good as it gets when it comes to shooting efficiency, playmaking, and offensive versatility.
history is repeating itself

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history is repeating itself...

Now here's the trick: this algorithm takes all of these grades and percentiles and compares them to its entire database to find the most similar player throughout NBA history and guess what a player like Nicole Yic was in the NBA years before he came into the league and his name was Larry Bird, but not only did I run yic through this similarity app, I ran it for Luca and Giannis and Steph and LeBron and Durant and many other players to find the most similar players in the past to our biggest stars of the present and some of their comparisons may surprise you.
history is repeating itself
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history is repeating itself
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The well-designed NBA Similarity App has the answer and, according to more than a dozen advanced metrics that describe very specific and unique facets of Lucas's game and production, he is actually most similar to a young Tracy McGrady with a similarity score of 85% specifically to a young McGrady in 2004, although Luca is a better passer and McGrady shot more threes relative to the league at the time, these two have striking similarities with the quality of their shots and creation Offensively Luca is a better rebounder, but defensively they fall within exactly the same sub-average percentile with an offensive game that more than makes up for it.
The next most similar players for Luca were 2005 Kobe Bryant, 2000 Grant Hill, and 2005 Mike Bbby, now Giannis. Anmo has established himself as an all-time talent over the last half decade, but like Luca, we have seen this player before in the current League, it is difficult to find a suitable comparison as the physically imposing and athletic big men seem to become in a thing of the past, so that's where we're going to go find the most similar player and I'm sure you can guess who it is based on the similarity app. The player most similar to Giannis is Kevin Garnett from 2006 with a similarity score of 85%, a phenomenal post scorer who also led the league in rebounding, was not limited to the paint, but operated within it for most of the time and was one of the league's most versatile top defenders with his length and athleticism.
In fact, Giannis and Prime kg are not only similar, they are almost identical. with offensive and defensive metrics that are almost impossible to distinguish. kg was a better shooter and rebounder, but all other metrics are pretty much the same, from his efficiency to his offensive versatility to his passing. The next most similar players to Giannis are 1993 David Robinson 1993 Carl. Malone and Tim Duncan from 2002. Next, he wanted to take a look at a player who might actually be one of the real ones. Steph Curry has adopted a skill set that was created and polished by sharpshooters who came before him and perfected it, but before him was the closest thing to what we see from Curry today.
Any guesses, here's a clue: he's the other greatest shooter of all time. If you said Ray Allen, you would be right, but not this Ray Allen or this Ray Allen, but this young man from 2001 flying around the Curry and a young Ray Allen are expected to share most of the things in common: their great efficiency and all-time shooting quality, his offensive portability, and his perfectly average defense. Curry is a better. playmaker and is capable of carrying a heavier offensive load, but there are striking similarities as shooters and shot creators and even defenders, making them the most similar players to each other.
Interestingly, the next most similar player to Curry is 2007 Offensive Juggernaut Gilbert Arenz, followed by 1998 Danab Barrow and 2003 Chanty Bops Below, I took a look at a player with the size and skills we often see in the greats of all time. The versatile wing that is Jason Tatum, similar to his contemporaries of the past, Tatum can do almost everything on the court. at an elite level can score at all three levels can run an offense has great defensive instincts has the size and athleticism to turn most defenders into a mismatch and when I think about these traits there are many players that come to mind mind, but agree For the similarity app, the closest thing to Jason Tatum is Kevin Durant from 2010 with a similarity score of 83%.
Looking at a young KD's metrics is almost like looking at a 2K build with top stats offensively, he had no weaknesses and the defense of him. The metrics suggest he was quite underrated on that side of the ball, and while not as amazing, Tatum's metrics paint a similar picture: a great shooter who can get to the line at will and can carry a team with his versatility and ability. to create offense in the next moment. The players most similar to Tatum are Rashard Lewis from 2007, a young Tracy McGrady from 2004, and one of my favorite borderline niche stars of the 2000s, Danny Granger from 2009.
Next, I wanted to take a look at one of the stars most polarizing in the current league and a player with the game reminds me of some of our favorites from the past jawar when I watch jaw play I can't help but see a lot of young Derrick Rose in Russell Westbrook is the obvious comparison the elastic and fast guard that can come to the rim whenever he wants while keeping his Elite playmaking skills intact, but what do the numbers say? According to the similarity app, the closest player to the current John Rant is actually a young Steve Francis with a similarity score of 83%.
Both Morance and the franchise have questionable chances. selection and are quite limited as stars in their specific role in offensive defense, but they make up for it by being Elite in that specific role by keeping defenses on their heels getting to the line at an incredible pace despite their size, excellent rebounders and among the top. in running an offense and creating open looks for his teammates of all the compositions I've heard about John Morant, a young Steve Francis maybe came up once or twice, but it's a great comparison and the numbers would agree that the Next most similar players to Jaw are 2002 Kobe 2008 Brandon Roy and 2010 Tyreek Evans Now thinking about competitions for this next player has always been a difficult task as he has truly been a unicorn of talent over the last decade and a half and that is Kevin Durant when he rose to stardom 15 Years ago there wasn't a single player like him and to this day there still isn't a single player like him, but if we look for size and incredible shooting touch and elite offensive versatility specifically similar to this older, more efficient version of Durant that we see today, then look no further than 2010, Dirk Nitzki, who revolutionized the power forward position with his shooting ability and has an 84% similarity score with Kevin Durant and, Across the board, Durant and Durk share eerily similar offenses and skills.
As far as defensive metrics go, the main differences are Durant's absurd shooting efficiency and the fact that he handles the rock a bit more than Dirk, leading to a higher turnover percentage, but other than that, they're big guys who can score at all three levels. an all-time index possesses guard-like skills to be the centerpiece of an offense while maintaining the integrity of his 7-foot frame with rebounding and switching ability. The next most similar players are 201 Paul Pierce, 1987 Kevin McCale and 1989 Tom Chambers and for our last player comp. We have a player who has spent his entire career being compared to a guy who doesn't play like him in terms of success and greatness.
LeBron and Jordan are the obvious yin and yang, but in terms of playing style and on-court metrics they are not. very similar at all one is a jack of all trades with creative instincts the other is a two way scorer to find the player most similar to the current LeBron we have to look for size and passing and a complete scoring package that according to the application of similarity is Larry Bird from 1988 with a similarity score of 84%. Now, looking at Prime Bird's metrics, you would think I made a mistake on this chart, but I didn't. He was so good, there were virtually no weaknesses in his game, hitting at least the 95th percentile of all players in the league in most of these metrics, and even though LeBron is not currently at this level, the 38-year-old LeBron is still one of the best players in the league, the metric suggests Bird was more efficient. offensively with a low turnover rate and league-leading shooting quality, but it's his offensive wing with playmaking and passing excellence and overall malleability where both LeBron and Bird find their real value.
The next most similar players to the current LeBron are 1996's Tony Kach, 2001's Rasheed Wallace, and 2005's Vince Carter, but this version of LeBron and this version of LeBron are apparently two different types of players, so what if instead of connect an older LeBron in this similarity application we are looking for the players most similar to a young LeBron? Well, our results change drastically. The player most similar to a 23-year-old LeBron is 1992 Scotty Pippen with a similarity score of 87%, an elite defender with the size of a forward, the playmaking skills of a point guard and the athleticism to get to the hoop at any time and apply pressure.
On defense from anywhere on the court, the next most similar players to a young LeBron are 1997 Grant Hill, 2002 Tracy McGrady and Clyde Drexler's 199, and that's eight players and nine of their most similar compositions across of NBA history, according to the numbers that are now one. One of the most interesting things I discovered throughout this process is that some players from the past came up again and again. Players like Dirk McGrady and Grant Hill kg were found to have a lot in common with many of the current League stars, confirming what we've all thought for years that these guys had the tools and skills far their time and had a style that not only thrived in their time but would also thrive today.
McGrady had similar metrics to Luca LeBron Tatum and even a few other guys than me. I checked the app as Anthony Edwards Dirk and the kgs were similar to almost all the big stars. I reviewed the app like joic embiid ad and Giannis. These guys excelled in a very different League 15 20 years ago and similar metrics and scores suggest they have become. The blueprint for most of the dominant big men in the League today is a testament to the paving of these two and how much they change the game, so there it is, what do you think are these accurate comparisons or do the metrics need some adjustment? ?
Leave me. Know your opinion in the comments below and as always until next time

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