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Historic Apollo 11 Moonwalk Footage

Feb 27, 2020
you you you neil this is houston what's your status on hatch opening? uh everything goes here we're just waiting for the cabin pressure uh to drop uh to a low enough pressure to open the hatch it's about 0.1 on our gauge now houston over here roger we're showing relatively static pressure at your cabin, do you think you can open the hatch at this pressure of about 0.12 psi? I'd better get up. The first hatch was reported to have opened at 109 hours, eight minutes and five seconds. like you cycled a fan in cryogenic hydrogen tank number one and it's time for this orbit to be one one one one nine three one correction do that for next door but you already have the aos for this robot roger outside so weird maybe watermelon them my bee n in the plss now for 16 and a half minutes columbia this is houston we show you approaching the limits of high gain antenna scanning when you lose lock on us we request omni delta omni delta when you lose lock we are eight minutes from signal loss in columbia ok my windows clear im going to go to my cool down a bit or grab my window all rcu windows are clear six circuits is four two area neil armstrong pressure suit four point right there like this which i called pop secondary circuit breaker open by computer i have to lean this way ok go further my booth ban one is uh it's open you scared ok and things radar breakers open ok im looking ahead i will i will ok and now we are ready to connect the led here ok that should go down they wouldn't twist now but the bag is like that even ok your visor i think your back is against the bird right now it's on top of the drift ahead now you're a little clear towards me roll towards the He left his left foot to the right a little bit ok ok yeah ok now i'm going to review the pass here, okay, not quite square, all to the right, a little there, but okay, okay, I have plenty of room. for your left is a little near the back how am I?
historic apollo 11 moonwalk footage
You're doing good, okay? You want this bag. It's okay, Houston. I'm on the porch. go there ok a little flag neil armstrong on the porch at 109 hours 19 minutes 16 seconds 25 minutes plss time wasted now ok everything is fine and right here ok you can open the door i'm going to break it down roger we copied and we are waiting for your tv loud and clear break break hum this is houston uh radio check and check tv breaker on azure tv certified rogers and we are getting a picture on the tv uh there is a lot of contrast on it and it is currently upside down on our monitor but we can make out a fair amount of detail ok we can check the position huh the aperture it should have on the camera ok Neil we can see you coming down the stairs now ok I just checked huh back to go up in that first step, so it hasn't even collapsed too much, but it's suitable to go back up, understood.
historic apollo 11 moonwalk footage

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historic apollo 11 moonwalk footage...

We copied a pretty good little jump for shadow photography on the sequential camera. Okay, at the bottom of the ladder, the lamb's legs are only depressed to the surface about one or two. inches though the surface seems to have a very very fine grain as you get closer it's almost like a mass of dust sound it's very fine now take off the lamb now it's one small step man a diaper , as the surface is fine and dusty. i can i can lift it loosely with my toe it sticks in thin layers uh like body carbon to the uh to the spool and the sides of my boot only go in a tiny fraction of an inch maybe an eighth of an inch but i can see the traces of my boots uh and the trench on the iron sand particles hey we're copying houston uh it seems like there's no difficulty moving as we suspected uh it's even maybe easier than the 160 sims we ran in various sims on the ground absolutely no problem walking ok the uh defend engine didn't leave a crater of any size it has about a foot of ground clearance we are uh it's actually in a very small spot here uh i can see uh some uh evidence of lightning emanating from the defense engine but a very negligible amount ok you'll have to pay all the LED that seems to come out fine and uniformly ok it's pretty dark here in the shadow, a little hard for me to see that I have a good balance.
historic apollo 11 moonwalk footage
I'll work my way into the sunlight here without looking directly at the sun ok it's tense now unofficial time on the first step 109-2420 ok I'm ready to turn it down now there's still a little uh left on the good don't hold it so tight ok and uh looking at the lamb uh i'm standing directly in the shadow now looking up and buzzing in the windows and i can see everything pretty clearly the light is bright enough backlit on the front of the limb but everything it is very clearly visible ok I am going to change it ok the surgeon says we are installed in the ICU support the surgeon says the equipment is working fine the data is good the equipment is working fine I am still in the lec on the secondary steps so i'll go out there and take some of my first photos here ok Neil we're reading you loud and clear getting some photos and the contingency samples. 35 and a half minutes of time dedicated now to the contingency sample. for that just make sure you finish the image series so okay you'll get the contingent sample right there in your life okay the contingency sample is down and it's way up high like it's kind of hard to dig through the uh very interesting it's a very smooth surface but here and there where i connect to the contingency sampler i find a very hard surface but it seems to be a very cohesive material of the same type i try to put a rock here a couple oh that looks beautiful has a stark beauty to itself it's uh like much of the high desert in the United States it's different but it's very pretty here he noted that a lot of the rock samples came here the hard rock samples have what they seem to be vesicles on the surface too i'm looking at one right now it seems to have some kind of penetration houston roger above it's ok the handle on it i'm sure i could push it further in but hey it's hard for me pin it down beyond that dammit didn't say you could throw something really throwing things right, in, okay, in the pocket, yeah, push down, you gotta go, my oxygen is 81, I ain't got no flags and I'm in flow minimal this is houston roger neal ok i got the camera going at one frame per second and i got ei ght zero percent no flank are you getting a tv picture justin neil yes we're getting a tv picture we're getting a picture in the one you're not at right now we can see the bag on the led being moved by a buzz although here you come into our field of vision on the handrail, ok that's it, are you ready?, are you ready?, did you see the difficulties he was having.
historic apollo 11 moonwalk footage
I'll try to watch your place from below. like it's clear and ok the doors are about to go over the padding ok now drop your bliss there you go you're clear and laterally you're ok you've got an inch of clearance on top , okay, you need a little arching in the back. to get the move down no problem that's good 45 minutes plz expanded time neil this is houston based on transferring your camera with the lec do you anticipate any difficulties in lrc johnson that's the sample return containers the rock crates that capcom i want to back up making sure you don't lock it on the way out particularly well i thought it's our home for the next two hours and we want to take good care of it ok ok i'm on the top echelon and i can look down over the rcu and stand here that's very simple .
The matter of jumping from one step to the next is also very comfortable, but you already have three more steps and then a long one with both hands down on the fourth step. go sleep some more in another inch there you have it thats a nice step yeah gorgeous desolation both plss its nominal on consumables seems the secondary strut has little thermal effects right here hey can you take it out yeah it bounces and then its very easy to dirty my suit at this stage the mass of the backpack has some effect and pressure there is a slight dependency that i can now see behind because of the mix soft very soft you are standing on a big rock there now i wonder if just under the in the engine is good or open I like that yeah I think that's a good representation of our speed on the curb two other standing boats can't save too much for reserve for visibility here without the rod and by the way these rocks they are a dusty surface say again please buzz are you cutting and i say the rocks are pretty slippery so just a very dusty purpose easily neil armstrong getting ready to move the camera to tv now to your panoramic position traction seems pretty good start to lose balance in one direction and recovery is very natural and moving arms around jack doesn't drop surface not so light footed and now i have isolation out off the table and Mason seems to be in good shape, you have to be careful to lean in the direction you want to go, otherwise you're a bit handy or you have to cross your foot an extra foot to stay below where your center is mass find a purple rock no very small shiny uh the magnets are the box they are like biotype we'll leave that for later analysis more than a quarter inch biotite is a brown mica substance ok houston im going to change lamborghini life support consumables still look good ok houston tell me get a new picture nail this is houston thats affirmative we are getting a new picture you can tell its a longer focal length lens and for your info all limb systems review your info appreciate that thank you roger we got you four sided but for those who haven't read the plaque we will read the plaque that is on islam undercarriage there are two hemispheres . one showing each of the earth's two hemispheres below says aviators from planet earth first set foot on the moon in july 1969 80. he came in peace with all mankind has the signatures of crew members and the President's signature o If America is camera ready I got it look at the LED vents I'm afraid these mod materials are yes surface material above much like a very fine powdered carbon but nice but can you focus things?
This is houston, we can see a buzz on the right hand, it's a little bit out of focus, I'd say we were focusing probably eight inches to a foot behind his hand position when he was pulling the cable. the camera shows i'm kinda cool and then the color location elevation camera let's see the least of my stress the direction of travel there which was right to left to right so it's here under the method uh for the first hit , I have a lot of cable, you have a lot more money, okay, I think I finally have something interesting at the bottom of this little crater here, maybe, I go on, we have, we have a lot more, okay, it's a little harder to get it out. here if you stand on the ladder facing forward, strut minus and it's landing gear on your left let's say I'm both 40 50 feet why don't you turn around and let's take a step?
Let them have a view from there and the sun if I can afford it, okay I guess I'll leave it all at that and walk around. I just denied that the field of Houston the field of vision is fine. We'd like you to point it a little more to get it right, okay, that's all the cable. we have, oh, a little bit too far to the right, can you bring it back, to the left, about four or five degrees, okay, that looks good, Neil, okay, now I think it will be further or closer? try it like this for a while.
I'll get a couple panoramas here. uh, got it, you look good as far as distance goes. here we have a beautiful image now ok i'm going to move it ok there's another good one ok we got that one ok now this is right to the great west huh and i want to know if you can see a angular rock in the foreground , Got it, we have a large triangular rock in the foreground that looks like a much smaller rock, a couple of inches to the left, right now. beyond about 10 feet there is an even larger rock that is very rounded that rock is closest to you it is sticking out of the sand about a foot it is about a foot and a half long and about six inches thick but it is standing on the edge, danielle, i have the table in the back, we have this view, look out, roger, and we see the shadow of the branch and the hills, the hills just beyond the shadow of the branch, there are a couple of elongated craters, uh, the pair together is probably 40 feet long and 20 feet wide and that's probably 60 people, probably more work there later, for a final orientation, we'd like it to be to the left about five degrees uh, back to theright, about half. like a lot okay that looks good now okay one hour seven minutes time wasted okay you can make a heart juice for me I just want one and by the way you can use the shadow that makes the staff to buzz is erecting the solar wind experiment now some of these uh little depressions uh a little bit that you can force through the top soil surface and about five or six inches of the bay breaks loose and uh moves as if it were caked on the surface when in fact it is not. look at the parts of the dip where we have tracks almost an inch deep but the soil is very cohesive and will hold a slope of probably 70 degrees all the limb systems still look good ok so come on oh install a rocker, okay? i'll have to extend that one columbia columbia this is houston als about neil armstrong he's been on the lunar surface now almost 45 minutes yeah radio go clear how you doing roger the eva is progressing wonderfully i think they're setting up the flag now g great i guess you are the only person who doesn't have tv coverage of the food oh it's beautiful mike it really is yes in fact now they have the flag up and you can see the stars what's up?
Awful it won't come up ok snail this is Houston radio check ok you used to loud and clear ok so I would like to assess the various spaces a person can babble on the surface , i think m out of your field of vision is the right crown houston that's an affirmative buzz you're in our field of vision now you have to deal with it ok you have to be uh pretty careful uh to keep track of where your center of vision is mass is that sometimes it takes about two or three directions to cut a bit the so-called kangaroo jump does not work for the issue of its forward ability is not as good as it is in the conventional work mansion one but after another now it would be rather exhausting after several hundred but this may also be a function of the suit like lack of gravity ok tranquility base this is houston can we put you both in the chamber for a minute please the president nte of the united states is in your office right now and i would like to say a few words to you about that i would be honored go ahead mr president this is houston hi neil and buzz i am speaking with you on the phone from the oval room of the white house , and this has to be the most


phone call for all Americans, this has to be the proudest day. of our lives and for people around the world, I'm sure they too join in recognizing what an immense feat this is, for by what you have done, the heavens have become part of man and as you speak to us from the sea of ​​tranquility inspires us to redouble our efforts to bring peace and tranquility to earth for a priceless moment in all of human history all people on this earth are truly one in their pride in what you have done and one in our prayers for your return safely to earth Thank you Mr.
President, it is a great honor and privilege for us to be here representing not only the United States for the future. It is an honor for us to be able to participate here today. hope to see you at the hornet thursday columbia columbia this is houston over ron clear here right here i got an auto update p22 uh auto optics pad for you are you ready go ahead roger p22 landmark id lam p1 110 2656 t2 zero 1103206 three miles southern time floatus approach one one zero three three four zero axis three five three decimal eight five five trillion four six decimal four niner five roll zero pitch two five zero yaw zero over all good thank you very much for noticing that when I kick my it goes down this trail with no atmosphere here , they seem to go away and most of them have about the same exit angle and speed that I'm standing at, this much of them will impact at some distance so it's very much up to the best I can. the initial trajectory up determines where most of the particles are already composed like the terrain is fine your buzz and rest columbia this is houston when you track outside the bounds high gain antenna request omni delta omni deltover oh man i noticed multiple times in going from sunlight to shade that just as I walk in I catch an extra reflection of the limb along with the reflection of my face on the folder makes this capability very poor, just the light transition from sun to shade it's essentially so A lot of glare gets into my helmet visor for battle and then it takes a while for my eyes to adjust outside of combat condition inside the battle area. the footprints we got and the ground mission min and after we're out in the sunlight smile it takes uh look there you can feel you're on the wire ok now connect your right foot right foot , neil armstrong got the scoop for the bulk swatch collection the blue color in my boots has completely disappeared now in this oh i don't know exactly what color to describe this other than bayish cocoa color used to be very fine particles huh this is houston you ' it's cutting out at the end of your transmission can you talk a little closer into your microphone it sounded a little wet cool neil has been on the surface an hour now buzz not exactly 20 minutes less than that there's a difference huh of course in the huh having radiation and timing so i think there is a tendency to feel a little cooler an hour and a half spent in the plss now columbia refuse so columbia houston over here roger you should have vhf als with the limb now vhf stall will be at uh four zero minutes one five seconds thank you so the heart rates of both crew members average between 90 and 100.
The flight surgeon reports that they are correct on the predicted number of btu expended on work energy and he thinks they are in good shape i look around the area the uh the overall contrast is uh from the south lately by mercury very light gray color light gray color like a halo around my own shadow around the shadow of my helmet uh so when i look at the cloth gun and more battered areas facing us overall atomic area color we've picked up considerably darker in next year's house has picked up one imagine this hasn't been safe it's uh on darker contrasting color so you can see Neil Armstrong bringing the scoop.
I'll be taking around 30 to 40 feet. There are two assailants. 'watch position from the spacecraft about 30 to 35 feet of moss and several stray boxes of six and eight inch rocks in the following sizes that is the landing gear r directly in front of the stair field has been on the surface about an hour and 10 minutes now I'm in the area of ​​the struts less and maybe because that buzz is circling the lamb photographing it from various angles looking at its condition on all sides nails are still busy with the bulk sample one hour and 40 minutes the time expanded in the plss now it's like this go ahead with the coordinates on the little white objects but i think you would know if you were in a place like that. it seems his language is pretty high he's in the southwest huh roger copy echo decimal three and seven decimal six and columbia this is houston while I'm talking to you they will be at one eleven one nine three one years one one two zero five f four three over columbia this it's houston did you copy the times from the over time roger off so the dot baffle that's mounted on quad one looked wrinkled right now on quad four uh you're coming apart again sprout again yo lets say the baffle The jet that is mounted on quad 4 seems to have the surface appear to be more wrinkled and the one that is on quad one generally uh uh under part of the lamp seems to have held up quite well to the uh uh lighting the thermal effects are much better than we could get here at the front ok uh uh right light emil badger is 66 percent o2 no sign of minimum cooldown and suit pressure e s of 382 hours. houston, did you get the close-up camera off the table, thanks, thanks, so ok, got it, looks like you're a half hour late.
We are working on the consumables, all good. just to clarify my lab huh your consumables are ok at the moment the 30 minute bias was over the cool timeline over nice I understand Neil has been on the surface now a little over an hour and 20 minutes. limb normals appear to be in good order primary and secondary suits are in good order antennas are all in place but no evidence of a problem below ground due to engineering laws or drainage of any kind is very amazing the uh very surprising lack of penetration of all four foot pads uh the price is probably even less than that ok great job we get a picture of uh it seems to be pretty minimal of the surface color uh, a pretty minimal amount of uh, uh, radiating, uh or etching or surface erosion, so now, decent, we both commented that we could get a lot of very fine dust particles out.
It was reported in advance that we would likely see a release of surface gases after engine shutdown. but i remember i couldn't verify that too big an angle neal yeah i think you're right so that will require very little force and impact that we actually have and now if you take the camera it's ok work on the sequence hey stop and take a picture of something and then you want to start moving and turn to the side. It's a big trend to start doing it with uh just gradual uh side hop because you start to get them if you see us under the lamp. in the sdq bag you yesterday c secondary thread so sgt based not necessarily no problem columbia columbia this is houston we about to lose it in the request of the omni high gain antenna reaction mode six two zero yaw one three five more of one seven past how am i going to pick an area deal that y'all 175 columbia you 175 in the high game predicted via emu flight forward well how are you doing? i'll get an update here i'll get it in a sec the surgeon says everything looks good once again i'm getting mixed up with all his work huh right now roger could you tell colombia that capcom stuff ok yes he may if he's watching it he may not you're looking at the seismometer has been manually deployed received, they've been on the portable life support systems for two hours and the manual deployment of the uh lr cubed uh little spring that's on the end of this thing ripped off the uh fish however i was able to reach and grabbing the moat snap and pull releases so it will be set manually too roger and the panorama is complete and the position of limbo 7 7 30 at about 60 feet that's neil armstrong to the left of the screen by those doors are closed i think right on that rise to the right there it's probably as good as any that's the only guy for it um on the high ground there and uh look at the edge of that crater coming into view a to the right bringing the two experiments about 40 feet apart i would say after the end of well it's going to be a little hard to find a good level spot here but stop the next little ridge there isn't that one that would be a pretty good spot yeah but i put this right here it's just as small and they'll make it out of the camera's field of view while you set these experts stones full of stones uh they look like basalt and uh they probably have uh two percent white minerals in them uh white uh purple and uh what i reported is vesicular before i'm not i don't think i already think it's uh little craters look like little impact craters where uh dippy shot has hit the surface yeah i'm eating last night how you doing?
It looks like we cut a little bit, we have about uh 15 minutes and for the extension beyond the 240. As for the consumer, how are you counting the 240? Where did it start? Are you? We're still curating the activities and protecting our profiles and the current rate right now is around 15 minutes past 240. And you go with that watch up there that's okay I feel like smoking I'm having a little trouble that the meat is still in the center wants to move around and around on the outside you're cutting again but I say I'm not too very successful in uh leveling the experiment uh bse Ent, but experiments, the main thing is to get the ball off the edge, get one, get the ball off the rim, you don't necessarily have to be centered if you can't get the ball off the rim, yeah, you said you were having trouble getting it off. the exterior at all i thought he said ok i missed it so he seems to be hanging around the exterior hey you want to take a look at this bbc with jamaica i found it quite difficult to level her perfectly too well i think its me . used and i don't think there's any hope of using this uh leveling device to get to an accurate level it seems to me that it's already the top here that the baby is on uh now it's back to aconcave let's have enough to fight too let's just forget about it roger 11. press uh if you think i'd like to level my eyeball go ahead ok looking for monitor our rates are still low at a comfortable level i'm going to keep going ok uh capcom flight fao surgeon and emu in the loop ok looks like we can take another 15 minutes water based surgeon says ok i think we should tell them we're good for 15 more minutes buzz and market uh minus 10 when you start off ok but we agree in that ok plan you go the number looks a little better than here vs auto deployed pfd polar array i had to manually uh based on consumables and uh and anyway that's lined up we can give it another 15 and still give it a minus 10 minute mark for the buzz to start ending if he can swear ok go ahead ok for my question the buzz will then get closer to nominal time i know it I'll go ahead let's give the full 15 minutes and still give buzz a mark of 10 minutes minus 10 to start based on that all grapes 15 minutes yeah if he agrees neil mrs houston nowhere ok , we've been looking at your concealables and you're in good shape uh subject to your agreement we'd like to extend the duration of eva one five minutes from face value we'll still give bugs a cheat 10 minutes early for uh the header on your time current elapsed is two plus twelve plus and that means buzz has to start again roughly ok i'm fine flat the experiments work it out with a camera get a picture of the bubble 'cause it's still there got it it will still send you no I've seen it come back from the side. from tv but can try to be limitless is the time spent on the plss this is houston if he is still around the pse could i get a picture of the ball level I will but ok we'll put it in there what time would you estimate so we can allow the sample documented on the glitch cross standby for about 10 minutes about 10 capcom capcom about 10 minutes right in the middle now wonderful to take a photo for a move really question asked asked how much we would estimate for the document we are estimating about 10 minutes uh now this is we are estimating about 10 10 minutes for the document sample or the e-town flag did you get your message to capcom?
Yeah okay so yeah you got a message for the bia column or your battery charge flight network we have a game good alright columbia columbia this is houston here 15 over roger you have about 10 minutes left before you start your finishing activities from eva finished i understand flat experiments ahead i just go out uncaging works well let's say a lot of short period seismic activity in z it goes out and past it yeah you can tell we're looking at information on the basis of tranquility this is houston the fact that that this icing experience has been done and we're briefly looking at period trades that also ended now you have nine minutes ok we're supposed to give you ten minutes at the bottom of the ladder yeah there we go what about you, gfc, does everything look good? from round four because aldrin is collecting a core tube sample i hope you're seeing how hard i have to slam this into the ground to a tune about five inches experiments core tubes flight in solar victory ds what you want experiments i got it sample experiments give me an answer two colored tubes in the solar wind roger ok uh wait a minute cut the wire again uh we would like everyone to get two core tubes and the solar wind experiment two core tubes and the solar wind it's over thanks as i was taking the seismic data if possible sometime next two minutes before he walks in if he does a little hop while she was waiting here at a time when he left the psc . i want to have a jump roger let's let him finish what he's trying to do so buzz this is houston you have about three minutes until you need to start your eva colombia completion activities this is houston about a minute and you plan to start sleeping in the back of this path, if so, we'll disable the uplink as we talk to limbo here as we finish the capcom flight. the dis time.
Just in case we can record uh in a documentary way where the two or two samples were taken, but they are and the solar wind, anything else you can throw in the box would be acceptable. Call me. buzz this is houston it's about time you started your dva clearance activities they've been on their life support on their life support 265 minutes on film magazine and neil gets it too so he gets the stereo cassette at the film magazine roger Well, I like this ebay. The mmp is supposed to help him get it and put it in his pocket so he doesn't have to fumble around trying to get into his pocket. they from the close up camera, yes neil and margaret houston like to remind them of the close up under the maze.
I'll have to choose and I'm picking up several pieces of really residual rock. quite a margin on those portable life support systems so uh hey go up the ladder that white dot just over the horizon to the right is a phosphor dot from the tv converter box at park station in australia ok i think that you can reach telecommunications control, fly, go to flight, look at your breakers and circuit breakers neil has been on the surface a few minutes over two hours buzz about 20 minutes less than that neil this is houston uploaded hasselblad magazine in that bin from sample return i got uh to what i got a plant magazine hooked up earth 15. mike is in the back now let's get everything in order out of the sleeping setup csm here lap i just hey so ok that's something clear transferring the sample containers to the extremity booth now oh camera went out i mean the field went well they just loosen it up now don't throw the fat at them it's alright let it go flight surgeon your surgeon ok we feel it's a cdr you're getting off the familiar heart rate here by a s.
Sufficient period of time, we all ask you to slow down the wrestling, do you want an emu control? laser button concern no answer needed but we are in good shape with the consumables on cdr right here on the same story heylan bugs fyi your consumables remain in good shape you are in good shape roger ok i have the one side hooked for the second box and i have the field right on me as i do so it looks like down here now i think my watch stopped now it hit it lightly from the spaceship i dont know if its worth mentioning or not but it could be if you need to put on a new magazine and get some photos of the lacy person.
I don't know if he let me go back, okay, this is the hardest part. 2 hours and 40 minutes in the others, please. they give up i get that oh ok i'll get it i get up there now let's go ok ok ow the flight epa yes they dropped those mags again they got that capcom magazine you got the handpicked magazine yes no doc examples justin out time unofficial off the surface one eleven thirty seven thirty two start arching back that's good thanks patch ok our data is closed and locked and verified safe ok so we press open flight kevin go up roger three times yes one again you're supposed to get some sleep in here somewhere no yet no captain fail fly hellfire check your flight plan for columbia from now on you will show up about an hour later than this fido flight ok gather all your data, we'll try one more time, roger, thanks, fao, will you gather the information?
I'm going to push them. Alright. The traffic. The limb systems look good. to the vehicle communication system, we estimate it will be another 10 to 15 minutes before they are in the lam communication system, which is why a replica of the American flag is now being erected on the lunar surface here in the control center and a replica plaque based on tranquility has been hung on the wall neil this is houston neil is this houston radio jack over buzz buzz this is houston radio control radio control uh this is houston uh copy a transmission calling houston everything else is cut off uh neil this is houston if you read we suggest you install one more antenna so we can have comms thanks hey take off hey elizabeth houston it looks like we are reading you now how do you read us about this train quality, how do you read? houston loud and clear how we are flat and clear we are in the process of switching to lam comm here here tranquility base this is houston we would like to check your steerable antenna in track mode slew we are going to do a comm handover here on earth over roger that is affirmative we are in attack mode slope right you are out columbia columbia this is houston over roger charlie how do you read roger columbia reading here loud and clear on omni charlie the tranquility crew the base is back inside their base uh repressurized they are in the process of removing the floats all went great over hallelujah and uh we would like to pooh and ok from you we have a status vector uplink and after that we would like you to realign your rig with the new replay mat we sent out every day, okay, you want a one-piece option, this is a puddle of control, Dr.
Charles Berry reports that the fr Heart rates during this EVA period ranged from a low of 90 for both crew members to a high of around 125 for buzz aldrin on peak periods and a high of 160 for neil armstrong on peak periods that peak reading occurred during the time that he was transferring the boxes of rocks into the ground dr barry says the data tells me neil was working very hard at the time so columbia this is houston we're going to send you a new image of the state and then we'll send the wrestling again, because sending the state vector will remove the one you have on board and then you can do an option 352 one over so i'm uh i'm uh so so ah foreign so so columbia this is houston lee over columbia we've completed uplinking the computer is yours you can go block, however we would like you to wait in the lineup for option one p52 until after you pass landing site two and request s you do another p22 and try to find the lamb as fast.
I have some numbers for you and you are ready to copy over roger columbia p22 waypoint id is lunar module do that uh tranquility base d1 one one two two five zero eight three zero one seven four nautical miles south approach time nearest one one two three one five two axis three five seven decimal zero five one stump zero four seven decimal four three two roll zero pitch two five zero yaw zero reread columbia this is houston did you copy my p22 update on colombia columbia this it's houston you copied my pad p22 columbia this is houston you copied my pad again ok wait ok uh yeah this is


control at 112 hours 19 min base dwellers still quiet they are in the post eva cleanup period, have not fully set up voice comms yet, however we are getting good telemetry telemetry from the base of tranquility showing cabin pressure of 5 pounds per square inch temperature of 60 degrees we expect to establish communications shortly during this period the crew is removing portable life support systems checking their spacecraft systems preparing to dispose of life support equipment Tranquility Base the cabin will be depressurized before too long and the team will be dumped on Tranquility Base on the lunar surface this is houston can and you give us an idea of ​​how you are progressing on shutdown and preparation for a depressed Tranquility Base in houston we are in the process of using the film we have and i am getting ready to change the uh ecs primary canister roger calm down we would like to transport as long as possible in the lithium hydroxide canister uh make it one of the last few things you do to prepare for the deep chest, if you can, all good, you were planning on ago r that uh i wonder how much longer uh we want to wait though we probably have another half hour of uh pic taken and i guess we could uh run a cycle of eight uh and uh uh then change the uh canister and empty it press ok it will be Kinda grounded here for a while, oh we don't mind a bit

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