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Hikaru is the Guy You Send to Kill the Boogeyman || Carlsen vs Nakamura || FTX Crypto Cup (2021)

Jun 11, 2021
Hello everyone and welcome back to the ftx


cup knockouts. We continue with the second match between magnus





. If you have been following the game yesterday. Well, the match ended in a draw. They both won. Their games with the white pieces was a pretty fun day, but now this one is really spectacular. I'm sure you'll enjoy it, so without further ado, let's take a look. There are many things to cover. Things have happened so magnus with the white pieces reopens with e4 and again we are going to have uh well the joko piano we have knight on f6 uh knight on f3 knight c6 bishop on c4 we have bishop on c5 and now uh yes now magnus castle , I'm pretty sure he's saving all the good stuff for, you know, maybe the semi-finals or the final, so here he castles, we have knight to f6 and now d3, we have


rook castling to e1 and now, if you remember , You have been following the channel for quite some time.
hikaru is the guy you send to kill the boogeyman carlsen vs nakamura ftx crypto cup 2021
I always mentioned that the knight to g4 doesn't really do anything for Black because, well, if the knight comes here, then you can just defend this with the rook to e2 and then kick the knight. but this is exactly what he plays so he is trying to mix things up here so magnus goes from rook to e2 the defense is the pawn and then he is going to kick the knight with h3 we have the king to h8 by hikaru moving away from this diagonal setting up f5 and now h3 and now hikaru of course looking for the sharpest move possible and that's f5 f5 is basically the only good move for black here because that's why you play this line with knight to g4 the point is that if white gets greedy and goes after the knight, black will most likely win this game, for example, capture the knight here, the knight has to move somewhere.
hikaru is the guy you send to kill the boogeyman carlsen vs nakamura ftx crypto cup 2021

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hikaru is the guy you send to kill the boogeyman carlsen vs nakamura ftx crypto cup 2021...

You can see that there is incredible pressure here on the f2 pawn, so you can play g3, the pawn cannot capture and this is simply terrible for White. if you go knight f3 if you try to save your piece then even the rook captures on f3 g captures and the queen h4 and now they are checkmating you so this is not hikaru's plan of course he knows magnus won't fall for this , but you know, maybe he studied this a little more specifically for this match, so this is where he'll look for his opportunities. Magnus played bishop to g5, which is the most common move here.
hikaru is the guy you send to kill the boogeyman carlsen vs nakamura ftx crypto cup 2021
There is a remarkable game. Wesley, so versus. anish giri from the bilbao masters 2016 where uh wesley played the c3 knight and defeated giri with this move but here, as I said, we have bishop on g5 attacking the queen uh and now the knight returns to f6 uh the knight now only defends and now we continue with the knight to c3 and d6, so as if nothing had happened, but by playing this move from the knight to g4, the auto was able to sneak into this move from f5 and now your rook will very soon have a nice semi-open f-file to use. to attack the knight on d5 by magnus now f captures an e4d capture and now bishop to e6 here we have a couple of knight capture exchanges on f6 and now there is a game where the bishop captures and c4 was played but here we have g captures on f6 by hikaru and now from move 13 we have a completely new game and it seems that this is what hikaru prepared now he is going to use the g file to attack and let's see how magnus deals with his magnus first eliminates the light square bishop uh we have f capture sol g5 and now c3 controlling this knight very well so that the knight cannot jump into the game uh and now you too uh well, if necessary you have queen b3 queen a4 it all depends on what Black plays uh we have queen on f6 by hikaru goes after the bishop here and magnus removes it we have knight to e7 now and now you can see that hikaru's position is very very solid, he is planning to take the knight to g6 from there, the knight can reach h4 to f4 depending of what White plays, but he has many good moves and his plan is very simple.
hikaru is the guy you send to kill the boogeyman carlsen vs nakamura ftx crypto cup 2021
He'll probably he'll move this rook here, he'll bring this rook to f8 or maybe he can even triple here on the f-file and magnus spent some time. seven minutes for his next move, since it is not very clear what to do, he played the queen to d2 and now goes for the pawn on g5 and carl has just defended with the rook to g8, so this rook can now reach f8 , uh, we have b4 for magnus uh attacking this bishop here bishop back to b6 and now a4 of course playing a5 would be the dream for White uh no uh even if you don't win the bishop even if c6 was already played but you just want to get the darkness Bishop square away from this diagonal of course Hikaru won't allow this, he plays a5 and now queens to a2 by magnus magnus knows his position is not that impressive and he has very little time, he has about four and a half. minutes on the clock, while hikaru has almost 11 minutes on the clock and now wants to play the queen on e6 and get, maybe, exchange queens and we will try to survive this attack.
Hikaru only plays the queen on g6, we have the queen on e6 for magnus and now hikaru goes with the queen to g7 here hikaru uh loses a little bit uh well, uh, a very good move here with h5 because now, after playing h5, the bishop doesn't really have good squares, you could go to f5, but only then do we move. uh the queen to g7 in black's position is fine and the problem with the exchange here is that if you capture on h5 now then the f4 knight simply gains material since your bishop, rook and e2 are under attack so so on There may be a slight improvement here, but that's okay, queen. a g7 by hikaru uh we have b captures on a5 uh bishop characters now for the moment the bishop leaves this diagonal and the rook a b1 goes after this pawn here, so now, while you could bring the bishop back, the rook just goes to a7 uh defending the pawn like this and now keeping the bishop here to target the c3 pawn we have the queen on c4 defending the pawn and now the queen on g6 so what are you playing here?
Now the queen again protects the h5 square and the car wants the h5 bush uh and that's fine, Magnus. I'm not going to tell you what Magnus played here because there's a really awesome move here, so feel free to pause the video and try to come up with a really cool idea for White while I give you a couple of seconds. So for those of you who can do it, congratulations on finding the rook on b5 because this is what Magnus played. However, there is a much better move and that is the knight to d4. The knight to d4 is just a beautiful move because now they can do it. change your horses to f5 and you will have practically solved all your problems.
There is nothing good here for Black and the other thing is that if the knight is captured, then look at this, this is very unfortunate for Black. we will simply capture on d4 we will deliver check and after the queen g7 we will pick up the rook on a7 so this was in position congratulations to everyone who found it well obviously not an easy move to spot in a quick game so that here rook to b5 by magnus now with a lot of pressure on the e-file magnus might be thinking of sacrificing a piece here to open this diagonal and hikaru goes for c6 here he even forces this to happen or he just says okay, come back with the rook and the problem is ok maybe the rook captures it would be too aggressive yes you attack the queen but after the f6 queen you don't really have a good follow up if the f7 knight checks we only attack the knight twice and that's everything, black. he just wins, so magnus decided to do the other exchange, he played knight captures on e5, giving up the knight for two central pawns, uh, pong captures and now rook captures on e5, but rook captures on e5 are not the more correct way to play this.
Again Magnus misses a slightly better idea which is to simply play instead of capturing the rook, see rook captures on a5 and now, after the rook captures a queen on a5, before with a double attack here and now, after that the rule goes back, now we capture on e7 and Then we continue playing this, so now White's position is much better, but here after the rook captures an e5, well, it just gives Hikaru too much, we have the rook on d8 and now Hikaru says, you can take my knight. the problem is that if magnus captures this rook on e7 then we have this check and after king to h2 uh queen to uh d6 it's just a game over for white since you make a mistake with a rook here so it's never a good idea to try and tackles hikaru when it comes to tactics so here we have put the rook on e6 with magnus attacking the queen but he only reigns on g7 now the knight is well defended and magnus wants to eliminate all his problems along of the dark squares, so now just play. g3 so now if this rook ever gets here you can just move the king and you'll be very safe here and well that's just one of the problems for magnus his position is worse but he also has 22 seconds on the clock , while hikaru has over six minutes and here hikaru just plays the rook with his back to a8 and says okay, use your 20 seconds as best you can.
I will improve my position slowly but surely. Now we have twisted the g2 for magnus. knight g6 now again this knight is controlling many squares here g3 has been played so these two squares have been taken care of uh but uh you know uh you have to play something we have e5 for magnus uh now this is very Dangerous pass pawn, but Hikaru He immediately attacks it with the bishop on c7 and now there is a triple attack on the pawn. There's not much hope of defending it, so here Magnus has to abandon it and plays the bishop to f5, but now Hikaru just grabs it.
I don't even think about it for long, maybe 10 seconds, he wants to force magnus to waste his time, so here magnus finds the queen on b4 and it's a very good move, not only attacking the b7 pawn but also the rook on e7 and then you could really have some problems because the bishop covers h7 and the dark square bishop would be attacked, so hikaru can't allow this, he plays the rook to f8 and is now ready to block this rook with the rook to f7. Magnus goes for it and now the rook to f7 uh. magnus now grabs b7 attacks this tower, uh, but hikaru just doubles up nicely on the f file. magnus changes once we capture captures or rather capture the queen on f7 and now he returns the bishop to e4, the bishop is under attack so the bishop goes after this. pawn and now if magnus removes this pawn, then okay, he has two pass pawns, uh, for the piece, so this again could become playable, but now he carves, he says, okay, let's start the attack, push h5, now h4 comes and if the position opens.
So that's all there is to say about this game Magnus says okay, I don't have anything better, I have to eliminate the pawn and hope for the best. Hikaru now goes queen to c4 with a double attack on the bishop here, but he is ready too. to eliminate one of the passed pawns, so here the bishop to b5 and now comes the queen captures on c3 and magnus centralizes with the queen to e4 so again, how do you play this with black? Well, he takes the queen to c5, now you won't. You will be able to start advancing your pawn even if the bishop was not defending now the bishop would be hanging.
Also, there is a lot of pressure here on the f2 pawn and yet Hikari is waiting for the perfect moment to push that pawn to h4. brushed c2 with magnus attacking the queen now comes the queen to d6 now what you play here magnus goes back to the bishop to e2 and now there's really not much Magus can do here uh, there was a move here that you could play, but it's uh, I mean, it's such an ugly move to play the queen on b7, this allows you to prolong the game and now if you play something like let's say bishop on b6, press this pawn, now maybe you can do a rook to rook lift. here but it's not something you'll find in a fast game and black is still better here of course but it's a unique way to fight now maybe you can harass the black king and maybe good things will happen but that's okay , after the queen. the sixth bishop back to e2 was played by magnus but now we have h4 finally h4 is on the board uh magnus plays g capture and now the knight comes to g6 now the knight again threatens to come here to come here and there is also the queen on h2 king f1 and queen to h1 uh okay uh h1 for the moment covered by the white queen but you still don't want to allow this because for example check if one and then the queen can capture on f2 with checkmate because the bishop now covers. this pawn, so here we have the king f1 not allowing this to come with check and the bishop goes back to b6 again, he carved threatening to take the bishop from the f2 pawn to defend f3 and here, well, you have to make sure you don't make the mistake of capturing an h4, although it seems like a really impressive move, it completely ruins the game because the rook c6 and that's it, the queen is under attack and there is nothing to play here, once the queen moves, let's say you want to protect to the bishop. just a very good rook h6 czech king here and queen to h7 checkmate so hikaru has to be extremely precise here and plays knight to e5 uh we have rook to d2 attacking the queen here uh and now the queen comes to c5 uh the thing is that you don't want to capture this rook it is not a free rook if you capture the rook then the queen captures here and now black is again in big trouble this comes with check no matter what you play bishop d5 controlling h7 queen for e7 with check and that's it, let's say here check h5 and whatever you do, they will checkmate you.
A good one is that the kingcaptures and the queen checkmates to h7 because the pawn covers the g4 square, so instead of doing that, after the rook to d2, hikaru simply improves further with queen to c5 and here magnus goes to the rook to c2 he continues to harass hikaru's queen but now hikaru does what he does best and you can also pause the video and win this game for hikaru in the best way possible while I give you a couple of seconds so for those of you that you can do it, congratulations on, of course, going for the motion, and for those of you who just want to enjoy the show, of course, it's a horse shot at f3, a beautiful one, really, really.
Temporary sacrifice of queen but you will win. the queen back because there is this knight to d2 mark a beautiful fork and there is nothing better for magnus, he has to capture the queen knights to d2 with check to fork the king and the queen king e2 and now we pick up this piece here uh and now Magnus only has one rook and he has a rook, a bishop and the knight, but Magnus still has a pawn in the past and he's going to do everything he can to maybe somehow get a draw here, so here the bishop captures an f2.
Hikaru continues to win happily. pieces uh pawns we have h captures knight captures and now a5 magnus begins to push his pass pawn mounts knight on e4 and now king d3 uh we have knight to c5 check the king to c4 and no knight to b7 attacking the pawn here uh we have rook on h6 by magnus king g7 now rook h5 defending the spawn uh but uh it is of little use we have taken the rook of a8 attacking the pawn twice now magnus plays the rook to f5 attacks the bishop here but hikaru instantly plays it and I know you all see Of course, the knight at d6, even Magnus is not immune to falling into a good fork here and there, but it happens that when there are too many threats to Perry, you will fall for one of them, whether it is just a passed pawn or a good fork . an ice cube or something nice, you know the position just deteriorates on itself and there is nothing you can do, after the knight reached d6, it was in this position that magnus


left the game and the first game returns to be for hikaru, so now it's up to magnus to recover, we'll see what happens since the second game is already underway, so that's the game, I hope you enjoyed it, we'll see, we'll see if the action will continue like this fierce.
I would like to thank you. roberto gomez uh sean ellis uh ryan yaglovsky andy arden for your contribution to my channel thank you very much for really appreciating it as always you can see two of my previous videos here thanks for watching and I will see you soon continuing the coverage of this same Good event to review your wonderful suggestions and anything else that happens in the world of chess. Thank you all. I'll see you soon and have a great rest of your day.

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