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High End Dollar Tree Farmhouse Diys/Farmhouse Decor Diys

Apr 03, 2022
hello everyone and welcome back to my channel today we are going to create a beautiful








elements let's start with our first project for this project we are going to use three of these



banners now they're six and a half inches by six and a half because I'm making a pair I'm actually going to use six of these but I'll show you how to make one after the backing is removed. I'm going to give each of these frames at least two coats of white chalk paint some of them will take three coats and I made sure to paint the back and place one of the frames next to it we're going to use two of them actually it will be four if you are making a pair and using some of these quart paint sticks from lowe's you get 30 in a pack for a dollar to create a pair we are going to use 24 of these i am going to cut off the rounded end with my scissors hand miter, you can find this in my amazon store at the link in my description box below, if you are interested in those, place it inside the slot on the back of the frame, make a mark so you know where to cut so everything sits and rests inside the frame so you will need six for each frame which is a total of 24.
high end dollar tree farmhouse diys farmhouse decor diys
For the other two additional frames that will be the center pieces we are using this corrugated metal Dollar Tree sign, for it you'll need two of these and I'm going to hold that inside the slots so that I can cut the side down that has the hanger. I'm going to make a mark with a marker so it rests inside the frame at the top and bottom and then connect those two lines of course I just grabbed what was closest to me which happened to be a level to cut this out. I'm using tin snips so you have to make sure you're very careful not to cut yourself because this can is very sharp once you cut the edges. it will be extremely sharp so you may want to wear gloves and probably even some eye protection ection if you are cutting out some very small pieces i found it was easiest to cut the line until my tin snips couldn't reach any further and then go in from the side and cut that out and continue until you get to the end Now for the bottom we're going to do the exact same thing lining it up inside the frame slots making our marks drawing our line then cutting it making sure everything fit inside the frame so we can I can put the backing back on now before we put it up I'm using some of this scrap wood that I had it's about an inch wide and about a quarter inch deep I'm going to hold this under of the frame so that the front part of the frame rests on the wood and then I will draw my angles from each corner to have the wood lined up from one corner to the other i will draw those angles and then use my hand miter box and saw which by the way mine is so old and rusty i think i need to buy a new one because its getting pretty boring.
high end dollar tree farmhouse diys farmhouse decor diys

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high end dollar tree farmhouse diys farmhouse decor diys...

I'm going to cut all those angles for that piece of wood. Once I've cut them I'm going to put this back inside the frame to make sure it sits. inside of it so it's not sitting on the part that rests where the back um the back goes back in it actually fits inside the frame so once I know it's going to fit I'm going to take the same wood hold it under and go in from the other corners make those marks as well as the mark in the middle because we are going to cut this into two separate pieces so that when we put our x back on our frame everything will be flush with the piece of wood that's already in there again I'm going to cut this all out with my handsaw and place it inside the frame to make sure that everything will line up and that everything will fit back together perfectly because I'm making a couple that I'm going to create two of these so once I've cut both I'm going to take a piece of sandpaper to sand all those rough edges off all the end pieces that I just cut and then I'm going to create a stain I'm using old fashioned wax and I'm going to mix some water like this I know it's about a 1 1 ratio of water to wax and I'm going to shake it really good and it's going to give us like a very light thin watery stain.
high end dollar tree farmhouse diys farmhouse decor diys
I'm using a lint free cloth to go over each of our paint sticks we've cut, I'm doing the front and sides as well as the other pieces of wood we cut again, make sure you get those sides because you'll be able to see them dry . I'm going to take the picture frames and we're going to use a foam brush and the same old wax and water mixture and we're going to apply it to the frames so I was originally going to use a chip brush but decided against it. because the foam brush was giving me the effect that I was really going for so you're just going to take a coat of that water mixture and you're done all the way around the frame especially on the inside edges because you'll be able to see that once the project is done complete i only had to put one coat on and it takes a while to dry because it's thinned out so be careful and be patient and allow them to dry completely before handling now here mine have already dried and i'm going to use a little bit of glue clear gorilla now the manufacturer recommends that you dampen the area before you apply the glue so I'm using a damp paper towel and dampen the side of the frame then apply the gorilla glue and I'm going to add just a couple dots of hot glue to temporarily hold it in place so I can add the frame on the other side so once I have these two added up I'm going to put some clamps in there and make sure everything stays put. to flat and even and then I'm going to add the third frame to the other side to create two of our blinds so that each has three frames I'm going to put those clamps on th Here and let the Gorilla Glue set in completely so I let mine set Please install for several hours while it sets up.
high end dollar tree farmhouse diys farmhouse decor diys
I'll focus on the back of the frames, now this isn't completely necessary, but since the paper doesn't peel off and the wording is a bit shiny. I wanted to take a regular copy paper and cover that wording in case you could see through it so you only need to do this for four of the frames because the middle one will be completely covered but the one with the paint bars that can see in between those paint bars because we're not going to glue them down so once I have all of that in place my glue has now set on my frames I wanted to add a little bit more stability to the back so I'm going to use my staple gun and staple the seams between the three frames.
I just added a pair between each of the frames. Now we can take our paint bars and apply them to the top and bottom frame. i won't glue them together the backing will hold that there but that's why we covered the backing in case you could see between the paint bars because they're not perfectly straight in the middle we'll put our piece of corrugated metal put our backing and then we can flip this over and add our piece of wood x right through the metal piece again. I'm going to make sure everything is flush before I put it up and just add a little bit of hot glue to the bottom edge of each of the corner pieces and then glue them to the sides of the frame so as you push that down , if some glue comes out make sure you go ahead and clean it up, then we'll do the exact same thing for the other side, I like to tuck them inside the frame while I glue the other piece down to make sure the intersecting end pieces meet line up perfectly and again I'm putting this on the bottom of the piece of wood so it doesn't ooze out the top so now that I have this together it has a little bit of weight to it and I want to add even more stability to make sure these three frames they don't fall apart, so I'm going to take some of these smaller craft sticks that you can get at the dollar tree and hot glue them to the ones in the middle. each of the frames are attached so you will have four in the back but make sure you push them in far enough that you don't see it from the side when you hang your piece of course repeat this with the other one and now you have a pair of beautiful wooden shutters.
I love how they turned out. They look beautiful on their own, but they also look really beautiful grouped together with a nice picture or something in the center. You guys let me know what you think of project number one. For our next project we are using four general one dollar wooden garden stakes they are three quarters of an inch square they sell for a dollar a piece we are going to cut two of those down to 24 and 5 8 inches and the other two down to 18 and a quarter inch to create a frame i'm going to have the top and bottom pieces rest on top of the two side pieces, so once I know everything will be square, I'm going to take a bit and drill a hole through the bottom piece in the side piece and then i can attach this with a screw so i pre-drilled my hole to make sure my wood doesn't split when i put the screw in i did it for all four corners now we're going to use four of the very long bbq skewers from Dollar Tree, I'll actually end up needing only three of those.
I'm going to give each of these two coats of white chalk paint, so I painted the entire frame front and back as well as each of those barbecue skewers using two of the dollar tree garden fences we're on. I'm going to cut the outer edge pieces now you can use a utility knife and score this and then tear it off but I'm just going to use my 10 scissors because it cuts pretty straight and it makes this job very easy so I'm going to trim those two edges outer edges down as well as the other two outer edges and you want to bring it as close and straight as possible and then cut each of the bottoms of the stake and it will do this for both frames and this is what it should look like once you cut all those tabs we're going to take our second piece and we're going to flip it over so they're facing opposite directions now if you need to you can take some sand paper and sand it down to make sure all the edges are very smooth to attach these I'm going to flip now we're looking at the back of the fence and I'm taking some regular craft sticks and I'm going to glue them to these seams between the two so they're glued together and I'm squeezing it to make sure it fits tight and then I hot glue those sticks together.
I leave a bit hanging off the edge of the two outer pieces and you'll see why in just a minute so once I've got that middle secure I'm going to take some of the craft sticks and cut them into smaller pieces to attach to the outer o part. of the frame so you want to have about the same amount of hangover that we had on the center piece but you don't want to be able to see the other end we're gluing through the fence so just hold it in place and let the hot glue set nod and I'm going to add one on the bottom and on the top and I'll also do that on the other side so that I have two craft sticks on each of the sides the little two little pieces and then where each of the bows it's on the fence we're going to add one in the center of each of these at the top and at the bottom again try to make sure you have about the same distance for each one of the sticks that are hanging from the fence over there now once we have all of this in place I'm going to run my blow dryer through and try to get all those strands of glue off and what my blow dryer doesn't get I will.
Go back in and remove them now by taking some black chalk paint and I'm painting the ends of those craft sticks and the sides if you can check out those when we put it in our frame and then again I'm going to paint the outside edge also to assemble this I'm going to lay the fence upside down and those little craft sticks are going to rest on the back of our frame so once you have everything in there make sure it clicks and push it down you'll have a little bounce in the middle, but that's ok, we'll fix it when we get to the end of the project.
I'm going to lift and glue each of those craft sticks around the frame and now when you flip it over it will have, like I said, a little bounce in the middle, but that's okay, this is where they roast. The spikes are going to come into play so I want to put one in between each of the seams of the arches and we're going to create like a faux window so I'm holding it in place making my mark by cutting that out and I'm just going to place it. there for now before you glue it in if you need to you want a nice tight f so if it doesn't fit perfectly just run it through some sand paper until you can get it to fit nice and tight.
I did that for the three sections where they all come together and then I can go in and paste each one of them. those bbq skewers down then i'll take the other bbq skewer and measure the distance between each of the bbq skewers and the frame we just put in so again i'm going to hold it there mark it and make sure it all lines up and then I can go back in and glue each of these down, which will take the bounce out of your fence, but also create this beautiful faux rock iron window. Now you can post thiswith the command strips for hanging pictures. or you could put a hanger in the back or you could just lean it against something and not hang it.
I love how this project turned out and I can't wait to share with you how great it looks with our next project now before we get there. started on that if you are enjoying today's projects I would love for you to stick around and become a part of our community by clicking the subscribe button to all my current subscribers thank you so much and I would also love for you to visit me on my other accounts social networks. those links are in my description box below ok for project number three we are going to use that short piece of garden stake that we cut this is about 11 and 3 8 inches we are going to measure four and a quarter inch from the top and use our handsaw to cut that down sand all those rough edges down and then I'm using a drill bit and I'm going to drill in the center of that shorter piece on each end So once we're done , will try to make it as centered as possible.
We'll drill a hole in the end, not the end, with the point of the other end in the center of that toward the top and us. we're going to drill all the way through this is how we're going to attach this cake ce to the shorter piece now once I get all the little rough edges removed I'm going to drive a screw through the piece with the pointy end and screw it in one of those pre-drilled holes on the other end so it should look something like an inverted l for the other pre-drilled hole. I'm going to add a hook.
These are just a few hooks I already had on hand. I think maybe you can find them at walmart. I'm going to screw that in now. You can leave it up or you can leave the hook down. I like that it looks up. This is how I'm going to leave mine. We're also using two of these dollar tree LED pendant lights we're going to remove that piece of the bulb and then we're going to tuck our light string into that so we can tape this down because we're going to paint everything that I just did place. there and make sure you have everything covered so that when I spray paint this, the paint doesn't get inside of that and I also flipped it over and I'm going to tape the top because I don't want the paint to get on all those mechanisms to light so I think it's easier to just apply the tape and then flip it over use a utility knife to trim off the excess so it's all nice and clean with your tape we're going to use one of these wire baskets from Dollar Tree that measure five inches in diameter at the bottom and eight inches at the top.
I'm also going to spray this all over with some krylon fusion matte black paint so I'm doing a couple so I have duplicates of everything I have set up with the lampshades and I've removed the hangers so we have our pieces wooden we put together as well as our wire baskets this will just take one coat of black spray paint let it dry completely and don't forget to flip everything over and be sure to spray the inside piece now once everything has dried it i'll bring it back inside and take the ape shirt off the bottom and then take it off the top so i still want the top to be black.
I'm going to paint that with a brush and some black chalk paint, this way I can paint it in very carefully and make sure the paint does it. no going down inside the little lamp to mess up any of the mechanisms that will make the lamp work once dry, now we can take our string lights and feed them back to the bulb and turn them on again and I'll make sure it's going to work before moving on it's so pretty now once i have all of that to put back together it's time we make our pendant so this is the bottom of the basket i'm going to place the lamp shade under the basket and then secure it with the hook or the hanger that comes with it on the center section of each of the lamps then we can hang it right above the hook we have on our piece of wood now for mine i'm going to hang them with two of the jug hangers on the back but you could also screw these right into the wall and see how beautiful they turned out for about two dollars and fifty cents each and they are beautiful with our wrought iron window faux ear, if you have a pet project from today's video, please let me know. the comments below always love to know which one is your favorite thank you so much for watching please take care and i'll see you next time

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