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Hi-5: Star Dreaming

Feb 21, 2022
dream about this imagine you're singing on stage i'm making silver music look at silver bells and silver bells twinkle twinkle twinkle i wonder if the


s make silver music like that hmm we could go for a ride in my silver spaceship to the


s and i find out that you're coming with me okay the silver spaceship is getting ready to take off I'm counting down ten nine eight seven six five four three two one shooting across the sky in a spaceship shooting across the sky the spaceship listens to the la music got a silver star when we went down to land on the star now that we're there Wow check out a test of Silva stepping on Stein's I wonder where it leads come on let's hop hop hop hop Wow a silver like hey you can do that that must be the music of the silver stars hello, where are your silver glitters? mm-hmm why do people stop? you want to be silver, stop pestering - Tim, sure, and you? yes, your gleaming silver turns.
hi 5 star dreaming
I love the sound of silver shooting across the sky. in the if lver spaceship to SIL shooting across the sky and a silver spaceship listen to the music of the silver star what would you do if you could travel through space and reach the silver moon or reach and touch a silver star let's see what's inside let's dance and we'd sing, then we'd take a slide, we could jump over the craters and look around, see the man in the moon and fly to the ground. Hey, you want to come and dance with me on the silver moon, come on, touch it, see what's inside. we danced and sang then we would go to the side we could jump over craters and look around see the man on the moon and fight to the ground this picture of the moon looks so amazing i would love to go to the moon right? i wish i could fly i wish i could fly in space flying in my rocket every day flying through outer space hey i know i couldn't feel the spaceship yeah ok what do i need?
hi 5 star dreaming

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hi 5 star dreaming...

I know where I put them put them here somewhere in the cans I couldn't build a spaceship out of these, okay? maybe it could look like this, start with the biggest ten on the button and then the next biggest 10 on top and a smaller one here make sure they're balanced and an even smaller one here and the smallest on the bottom top hey that looks a bit like a spaceship, doesn't it? mm-hmm, we just need something pointy to go to the top tens. massive imbalance. very annoying. one two three four tens but I had five teenagers. one but it's much smaller than the one I had before hey but it's exactly the same size as this can actually I put these two cans next to each other they're like tanks tanks for rocket fuel and yeah I place the other cans on top. hmm one two cans yeah that's like the rocket body and a tapered nose hey that's where the rocket crackles sick hmm that looks even better what a wonderful spaceship i think i can fly into space flying on my rocket every day flying by the outside i'll go into space until nathan you love this i think i can fly to the moon i think i can fly through space i can see the bunny on the moon tonight can you imagine what it's like to be a bunny on the moon let's try this bunny on the moon where there is a DZ space helmet to jump it's easy to jump space floating barely touching the ground jumping all over the place moon bunny i'm going to be like you i've been invited to a costume party i'm going to go as a superhero someone very special who has magical powers someone who I can do lots of things, like well, everything to walk in outer space.
hi 5 star dreaming
I can swim deep underwater. Rescue kittens from a tree. wide swirling cape already looks like a magical cape with stars now i need a belt of power now it looks like a nice belt and long enough for me to stay let's see putting it on like this how are we going to make this ship look like a superhero belt maybe he needs a picture on it perfect a sun and if i touch it it will make me sing very loud water rescue kittens from a tree i can find a raging fire to open cool my superhero belt upcoming superhero boots - cool boots look like superheroes and should fit me well feet good what do you think so yeah that will do I could walk on the moon in these boots, oh, and goggles.
hi 5 star dreaming
Every superhero needs goggles to swim in the depths of the sea. Yes they are great. Now what else do I need? cover it up superhero helmets perfect for fighting violent fires and rescuing kittens from trees super nathan i'm super space i can swim underwater rescue kittens from a tree i can find a raging fire super i'll see you at the party i love the night the stars are so wonderful shining shining silver mm shining silver like my silver bracelet it's already night yes look at the wonderful shining night sky shining night sky i think the night is dark kill i guess the night sky is dark but the silver the stars are so bright and twinkling that they make everything look brighter the stars are quite bright you're absolutely right you know what they look like how diamonds look lots of sparkling diamonds in a black jewelery book the stars look like diamonds i love diamonds so beautiful shimmery shimmery bright night you know kel i like it quite the night and i like this trembling star some would like to sing it with me yes please silver girlfriend one side shimmery so beautiful shimmery i'm silver shiny shiny in the sky at night look at these chats it's black velvet mmm it says velvety soft looks a bit like the night sky velvety soft and beautiful i guess the night sky it looks like velvet at night mm-hmm and these silver buttons look like silver stars in the shiny silver night sky what a wonderful bright light and more sparkling silver stars in the velvet sky it looks wonderful yeah now look at that a special bag for him night sky good to you chats no thanks kel i'll stay put it on my bed to remind me how bright and sparkling the night sky looks diamonds and super bright sparkling in the sky at night silver brides such a beautiful and sparkling bride sparkling and silver chiming and the sky at night big dance kel you look like a shining star oh thank you chats good good night kelly i'm gonna curl up to sleep and dream of stars oh goodnight chatterbox sweet dreams of stars once upon a time three friends decided to go on an adventure on their magic carpet you know i wish i would go to the moon yes and i would like to go and say some stars Well, why don't we go to the land of the clouds?
So we could see the moon and stars in the white, yes we are up, the economy car flew into the sky into the cloud. earth hey look i can see the moon and there's a flag on it oh wow look a SAS line part machine star and before you knew it three friends landed on father wow look the clouds are so soft and fluffy it's like walking on a marshmallow something oh i think the three friends may have worked someone up hi i'm charlie cloud great i'm kelly and these are my friends tim and kathleen we came here on a magic carpet a magic carpet well that's fun can't you see every day of all Anyway I'm going back to sleep but it's the middle of the day yeah well Cloudland is so nice and quiet you can sleep most of the time but I guess that could stay up for a while the three friends sat on the clouds and talked to his new friend it must be great life here makes it soft and bouncy then something unexpected happened Thunder starts to rumble and it started to rain bedrooms often in the land of clouds oh s Yes, we have big thunderstorms all the time, but the thunder is a long way away.
I really like storms don't be afraid we love the stones in cloudland we sing and dance and our special cloud dance and we dance the storm and you are not afraid of thunder and lightning no I love it it's so much fun we are nice and safe and dry in a special cloud the sky is gray it's raining ng the thunder is growling a star me on my way the storm is on the way clap the thunder hold hands and dance the storm walks away dance stomping friends came together to the song and they dance to the rhythm of Bath as the thunder rumbled across the sky it's a great workout the rumbling thunder the storm is on the way the storm is on the way the clap goes from the thunder hold hands and the dancer move ten systems away friends have so much fun watching you and dancing that i almost didn't realize the storm was over hey the storms are over yeah i'm not afraid of storms either but now it's time i didn't s let's go home, so we'll have to see you another day, hello, good night, so the three friends returned home singing all the way. re up we're up well that's the end of the story time for song I like peas you like beans I like good you like t-shirts I like to run you like what I like to hear you like to talk no matter who we are hair is dark i like the beach you like the past i like the sun your back puddles i like kisses you like it if your baby goes thats a start all over space shooting stars everywhere come with me to a place i know with suns shooting stars shooting stars everywhere what if we played the music of the sun again ah, there's the sun Now what about the moon?
Now we have the Sun, the Moon and the stars. We have a band from outer space. Are you ready to make space sounds with us again. make a star shape with my fingers it's diamond shaped it's a bit like a star and this could be a twinkle star it's twinkle stars you have to thread to reach it stretch real high stretch real high so we can reach our twinkle star high in the sky so we can oh what's that about a shooting star there's more and more and more let's try to catch them stretch high so we can catch a shooting star in the sky so we can catch a shooting star so we can count oh shooting star Shh caught one l Let's put it back.
I'm making a special picture of the world with all these different colors. First, the green grass on the ground. Nail the blue sky on the green grass there. And up here is outer space. I need some shapes to make them stars. in outer space a black and white cow a cow in outer space i don't think so wall ah i have some diamonds here they will make good stars like diamonds in the sky there ah and these two circles can be the white clouds in the blue sky there they will it looks good a big yellow sun well it looks very nice I don't need it I have some stars there the red square can be my house down on the ground house in the green green grass the big one with clouds floating past and high in outer space stars like diamonds everywhere hmm now i need to glue these i wonder where my glue stick is oh now this should work come on where are my diamonds oh i can only find triangles thats not what i want in a minute.
I put these triangles together, yeah look at a star made of two. triangles are even better than my diamonds a star with one two three four five six points now and there are three beautiful stars a red square house on green green grass a big blue sky with floating clouds and high up in stars from outer space like diamonds everywhere is very nice but i dont know even though something is missing hey a black and white cow and a big yellow sun i know what yes you guessed it the black and white cow jumps over the big yellow sun thats very different wow did you hear that cow noise im gonna see where its coming from thats that bad snake i feel flat i could in outer space in outer space wow that was amazing i just traveled in my spaceship from my home on earth all the way to the moon i'm gonna plant this hi-5 flag on the moon so everyone knows i've been here now where should i put my flag maybe over there? take a step back say kiss i feel sad i might all night in outer space in outer space i go see them mmm no i think everyone who goes to the moon will be able to see my flag if i put it up here yeah nathan The astronaut has landed on the moon.
Bravo, now my next mission is to collect some moon rocks to bring back to earth. round moon rocks Wow that's a very light rock now it looks like a good moon rock oh no maybe the other one is better it's not as easy as I thought these gloves are too big and I just can't hold it a moon rock Wow , it's big and so light you better hold on tight i got another one - moon rocks moonwalk here i go again oh no one tries it last uh huh i guess a moon rock will have to do it right you better get back to earth now feeling a little hungry nathan the astronaut walks back to his rocket see you back on earth i'm walking on them we step forward shaking you soon i feel sad i couldn't in outer space in outer space i'm a glowing star a sparkling twinkle light see me in the sky at night a bright star realize i'm a glowing star a twinkle shining light see me in the sky at night a bright star shininga light i'm a glowing star on the swing chilling glowing lights look at me in the sky at night a bright star II light makes me very sleepy chatting i think it's just time for bed i'm not tired at all i don't want to go to sleep i still want to stay I wake up and look at the stars they are beautiful I think when the stars go to sleep I don't think they sleep I think they shine all night Wow imagine never sleeping the stars wouldn't have a bed or pajamas or a teddy bear of course not talk maybe if we sing a goodnight song to the stars you could go to sleep night night night shining stars with my blanket snuggle up tight close your eyes and dream until morning dream until morning hey sue marie star you couldn't go to sleep now whooit's a little cold huh here you go chat you can snuggle in your blanket thanks Cal oh I can see the moon and stars in your blanket chats it's my comfy moon and star llas blanket yeah hey it seems the night sky wraps around you and the moon and stars shine I always have my moon and stars blanket when I go to sleep well I always wear my pajamas dressed when I curl up to sleep when I go to sleep tonight I go to dream that I'm sleeping on a cloud, well here's a white pillow like a cloud, you can curl up on this and go to sleep, all this talk about clouds is making me very sleepy. idea with my snuggle black close eyes a dream once upon a time there was a little turtle she was very very tired she loved to be curled up and asleep in her bed but she didn't want to get into her shell because she thought it was just a little too dark in there i'm tired i'm tired I don't know who to tell I'm worried I'm worried because it's dark inside my shell it wasn't long before a visitor came his good friend the duck it's getting very late well you see I'm a little worried about the darkness inside my shell I don't want to go to bed what can I do hmm let me see I don't know if I'm worried about the dark but I know I'm a little worried about the water that's why I always have my floats near my floats I love my floats but if you think they can help you , you can borrow them, no, and I think floats can help in the dark.
Thank you duck, I don't know what to do, so the duck couldn't help the little turtle, but here comes the dog. maybe she knows what to do how sad she says it's my bedtime and it's getting dark and i'm just an Incy Wincy a little worried about the dark inside my shell can you help me like a dog? Sometimes I worry about loud noises that's why I always keep my earmuffs close my funny mops dirty mops came smart is giving up hmm I don't think earmuffs I can help in the dark but thanks dog hey oh what I feel, I can not hear.
I put on the earmuffs. No thank you sir, the dog couldn't help the little turtle either, but it wasn't long before another visitor arrived. i don't see every day i kinda stay up past bedtime what have you got there bird well sometimes when i fly high into the sky i look down and realize i feel a little worried about the cabins so i wear this umbrella to do i feel better i want to go fly but i need to go i push my umbrella and i fly through the sky but enough about me what are you doing here just okay like i told duck and doug no sorry but i would love to tell you in the chat , but I have to say goodbye, oh well, the little turtle should really go to bed now, but he still hasn't solved his problem.
Should we help her? I'd love to help you, little turtle. I don't think anyone can worry us about things. Sometimes I used to worry that it was dark inside my shell. you did but you're bigger than me yeah maybe just a little anyway i thought you'd like this see it's a torch i used to keep you inside my shell until i didn't care about the dark anymore geez thanks I guess that means it's time to go to bed goodnight goodnight little turtle sweet dreams Kathleen time to sing a song now Oh we won't sing we'd sing well bedtime time to save the night when it starts to shine good girlfriends nights moon sun lights snuggle up in your blankets snuggle tight close your eyes and dream dreams

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