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Hi-5 - Star Dreaming (High Quality)

May 03, 2023
let's do it together hey james dream of anything dream of everything imagine this imagine you're a


singing on stage this imaginary


running in the race when you close your eyes and dream close your eyes and see what you can be when you dream right Kelly hi, I'm Kathleen, hi I'm Nathan, hi I'm Tim, hi I'm Charlie, I'm making silver music, I see silver bells and silver bells, twinkle, twinkle. I was wondering if the stars make silver music like that. to take a ride in my silver spaceship to the stars and find out you're coming with me okay the silver spaceship is getting ready to take off and it's counting down ten nine eight seven six five four three two one takeoff we're shooting for the stars on our silver spaceship shooting through the sky in a silver spaceship up to the silver stars shooting through the sky and it's still a spaceship listen to the music of the silver stars whoa when we're coming down to land on a star now and ah we're there wow watch the silver stepping stones quiz i wonder where it leads come on let's jump and jump and jump wow to silver lake can you hear it must be the music of the silver stars hello hello wow y'all are silver shining we are star people you want too be a silver star person tim sure what about you now you're silver shiny too I love the silver sound once again shooting through the sky in the silver spaceship of a spaceship listen to the music of the silver stars oh my god


five circle right triangle circle circle rectangle square what would you do if you could travel through space and reach the silver Moon or reach and touch a silver star?
hi 5   star dreaming high quality
We could bend down touch, let's see what's inside. We danced and sang and then we'd take a slide we could jump over craters and look around see the Man in the Moon and fly to the ground hey i want to come and dance with me on the Silvery Moon come on we could bend down touch him see what's inside we danced and sang , then we slide, jump over craters and look around, we see the Man on the Moon and fly to the ground, thank you, this Moon photo looks so amazing, I would love to go to the moon right? i wish i could fly to the moon i wish i could fly to space taking off in my rocket every day flying through space hey i know i could build a spaceship yeah ok what do i need? where did i put them?
hi 5   star dreaming high quality

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hi 5 star dreaming high quality...

I put them here somewhere uh huh cans hmm I could build a spaceship out of these ok maybe it could look like this start with a bigger can on the bottom then the next bigger can on the top top and a smaller one here make sure they're balanced and an even smaller one up here and the smaller one on top hey that looks a bit like a spaceship doesn't it? hmm, we just need something pointy to go on top of it, how did that happen? the cans must i got too balanced very annoying one two three four cans but i had five cans i'm sure that's ok ok where is it no no huh i found this one but it's much smaller than the one i had before hey but it's exactly the same size as this can actually i put these two cans next to each other they are like tanks tanks for rocket fuel and if i put the other cans on top one two tints yeah thats like the body of the rocket and a conical nose thats where the rocket crew can sit down hmm that looks even better what a wonderful spaceship i think i can fly to the moon i think i can fly to space flying in my rocket every day flying through space i'm going to go to Nathan he'll love it.
hi 5   star dreaming high quality
I think I can fly to the moon. I think I can fly through space. Let's do it real quick. I can see the bunny on the moon tonight. space helmet it's easy to jump on the moon it's easy to jump in space floating barely touching the ground jumping all over the place moon bunny i want to be like you one more flower of cats i mean i've been invited to a costume party i'm going as a superhero someone really special who has magical powers someone who can do a lot of things like well everything i'm a super superhero flying with my game about it gives me power wants to walk in outer space i can swim deep underwater rescue kittens from a tree i can find a raging fire super Nathan let's be so if super Nathan can fly he will definitely need a cape ah now this looks good a wide swirling cape it already looks like a magic cape with stars on it now i need a belt of power now it looks like a nice belt and long enough how am i going to make this book look like a superhero build maybe i need a picture on it um perfect a sun and if i touch it it will make me sing really loud that gives me powerful food for walking walking from space i can swim underwater rescue kittens from a tree i can fight a raging fire soup under them cool my superhero belt upcoming superhero boots Two cool boots they look like a superhero and should fit my feet well what do you think they will do?
hi 5   star dreaming high quality
I could walk on the moon in these boots oh and goggles every superhero needs goggles for swimming deep down under the sea they are great now that i need a crash helmet the most this should cover it a superhero helmet perfect for fighting fires and rescuing kittens from trees super nissan who is i'll see you at the party are you ready superheroes c'mon wow hats hats hats i love the night the stars are so wonderful shiny shiny silver shiny silver like my silver bracelet ya it's night yeah look at the wonderful bright night sky bright night sky i think the night is dark Kell i guess the night sky is dark the silver stars are so bright and brilliant they make everything seem brighter the stars are pretty shiny you're absolutely right you know how they look how diamonds look lots of shiny diamonds in a black jewelry box making the stars look like diamonds I love diamonds Diamond stars for us to see shining on you and me and the silver bride shining in the sky at night still the bright silver light a shimmering side so beautiful shimmery silver bride shining in the sky at night you know Kell I really like the night and I like Star's shimmering song.
Would you like to sing it with me? Yes please, in the night sky, look at these chats, it's Black Velvet, it's so soft and velvety, it looks a bit like the night sky, soft and velvety. beautiful i guess the night sky looks like velvet at night and i put these silver buttons on they look like silver stars in the night sky silver shimmering what a wonderful bright light and more shimmering silver stars in The Velvet Sky it looks wonderful , yeah yeah, now look into that, a special night sky bag for your chats, oh thanks Kell. I'll keep it on my bed to remind me how bright and sparkling the night sky looks.
Diamond stars for us to see shining down on you and me. in the sky at night silver light silver shining so beautiful shimmering sides shimmering and silver Pride shining in the sky at night Big Dance Kel you look like a shining star oh thank you chats good goodnight Kelly I'm going to curl up to sleep and dream of good stars nights chatterbox sweet dreams of stars is too big once upon a time three friends decided to go on an adventure on their magic carpet you know i would like to go to the moon yes and i would like to go see some stars ok why don't we go to cloudland then we could see the moon and stars on the way yeah yeah let's all go to Cloudland oh we're on a flying carpet above the city we're up we're up we're up up and we're down down down Magikarp flew into the sky towards Cloudland hey look I can see the moon and there's a flag on it wow look at a satisfying part a shooting star and before they knew it the three friends landed in cloudland oh wow look at the clouds they are so soft and fluffy it's like walking on a marshmallow looking at something in the air ah oh i think that the three friends may have woken someone up um hi I'm Charlie cloud girl I'm Kelly and these are my friends Tim and Kathleen we came here on a magic carpet magic carpet well that's not me you can't see every day Anyway, I'm going back to sleep, but it's the middle of the day.
Cloudland is so nice and quiet that you can sleep almost all of it. the time but i guess i could stay up for a while the three friends sat on the clouds and talked to their new friend it must be great living here everything is so soft and bouncy then something unexpected happened The thunder started to rumble and it started to rain storms often in cloudland oh yeah we get big thunderstorms all the time but the thunder is so far away i can tell oh i don't like storms very much. Don't be afraid we love storms in cloudland we sing and dance in our special dance club and we dance the storm and you're not afraid of thunder and lightning no I love it it's so much fun we're good safe and dry in our special cloud the sky is gray it's raining the thunder is rumbling there's a storm the way the storm is on its way the clock is ticking the thunder hold hands and dance the storm away dance the storm away friends joined in the song and danced while the thunder rumbled the storm is on the way the storm is on the way dance a Stone away the friends had so much fun singing and dancing they almost didn't realize the storm was over hey here i'm not afraid of storms now i now it's time for us to go home so another day hello good night so the three friends came back home singing all the way up we're up we're up up and we're down down down well that's the end of the story time a song I like peace you like beans I like skirts you like jeans I like to run you like to walk I like to listen you like to talk no matter who we are we are all different my hair is blonde your hair is dark I like the beach you i like the park i like the sun you like the puddles i like to kiss blue no one else can tell you because no one else is you no matter who we are no matter who and no one else is me is a shooting star through outer space shooting stars everywhere parts come with me to a place i know with songs shooting stars in outer space oh shooting stars everywhere.
I wonder what would happen if we played The Sun's music again. Alien, there is the Sun and what about the moon. i'm ready to make room ring us again shooting stars again come with us somewhere shooting stars there you go yeah quick it's ok foreigner i'm trying to make a star shape with my fingers which is a diamond shape it's a bit like a star and this this could be a twinkling star the twinkling stars are up


you have to stretch them stretch high stretch high so we can reach a twinkling star high in the sky stretch so we can breathe oh what's that there's more and more and more let's try to catch them stretch high so we can catch a shooting star high in the sky stretch high so we can catch a shooting star high in the sky so we can count our shooting stars I caught one let's put it back out hello, i am making a special picture of the world with all these different colors, first the green grass on the ground, set the blue sky above the green grass there and above, here is outer space.
I need some shapes to be stars in outer space. a black and white cow a cow in outer space i don't think so lana ah i have some diamonds here they will make good stars like diamonds in the sky there oh and these two circles can be the white clouds in the blue sky there that looks great great yellow sun looks very nice but i don't need it i have some stars uh there the red square can be my house down on the ground a red square house in the green green grass the big blue sky with floating clouds and very high in outer space stars like diamonds everywhere hmm now i need to glue these i wonder where my glue stick is ah now this should work wait where are my diamonds oh i can only find triangles thats not what i want a minute if i put these triangles together yeah look at a star made of two triangles they are even better than diamonds a star with one two three four five six points now and then three beautiful stars a red square house in Green Green Grass a big blue sky with floating clouds and very high in outer space stars like diamonds everywhere it's very nice but i don't know although something is missing hear a black and white cow and a big yellow sun i know yes you guessed it the black and white cow jumps on the big yellow sun which is very different oh, you heard the noise of the cow.
I'll see where that came from. my spaceship from my home on earth to the moon i'm gonna plant this flag high five on the moon so everyone knows i've been here now where should i put my flag maybe there? I'm walking on the moon, every step I take slowlyI feel so happy that I can't walk all night in outer space I think everyone who comes to the moon will be able to see my flag if I put it here yay Nathan the astronaut landed on the moon Bravo now my next mission is to collect some moon rocks to bring round moon rocks to Earth ah now that's a very light rock now it looks like a good moon rock oh no maybe the other one is better ah it's not as easy as I thought these gloves are too big and I just can't get a good grip on them I got 'em I'm Moon Rock wow it's big and so light you better hold on tight while I get another one come back here oh no yeah got it two moon rocks moon walk Here I go again oh no one last tried ah I think that a moon rock will have to make it right you better go back to earth now feeling a little hungry nathan the astronaut walks back to his rocket look you're back on earth like i'm walking on the moon every step but it's slow i feel so alive thank you thank you stretch i am a glowing star a sparkling twinkle light see me in the sky at night a bright starry light i am a star that shines bright twinkle shining light see me in the sky at night a bright starry light i am a shining star bright twinkle shimmering lights look at me in the sky at night a bright starry light we need our scissors back uh ah a haha ​​hats grab hats oh i'm getting really sleepy chat I think it's almost time for bed I'm not not tired at all I don't want to go to sleep yet I want to stay up and look at the stars they are beautiful they are not when they go to sleep the stars Kel I don't think they sleep I think they sparkle and shine all night wow imagine never sleeping the stars wouldn't have a bed or pajamas or a teddy bear of course they don't talk maybe if we sing a goodnight song to the stars they could go to sleep at night bedtime say goodnight dolls shiny and shiny goodnight silver moon invite to snuggle with me blanket snuggle very tight close your eyes and dream until morning me I think these stars are getting a little sleepy.
Can we sing that song together now? Kell, yes, night, bedtime, say goodnight, goodnight, the stars twinkle, twinkle, goodnight, the silver moon and light snuggle into my black hair, snuggle tight, close their eyes and dreams sleep until the morning light oh hello shining stars you can go to sleep now it's a little cold ah here you go chats you can snuggle in your blanket thanks kell ah i can see the moon and stars in your blanket chats it's my moon snuggle up and Stars hey, it seems that the night sky surrounds you and the moon and stars are shining.
I always have my Moon and Stars blanket when I go to sleep well. I always wear my cloud pajamas when I curl up to sleep. to sleep tonight i'm going to dream i'm sleeping on a cloud well here's a pillow white like a cloud you can snuggle into this and go to sleep all this talking about clouds it's making me very sleepy me too we tried singing the stars to sleep once more, that's a good idea, chad, night, bedtime, say goodnight, goodnight, stars twinkle, twinkle, goodnight, silver moon and light snuggle my blanket, snuggle real tight , close your eyes and dreams dream until tomorrow light night night thank you once upon a time there was a little turtle she was very very tired she loved to be curled up and asleep in her bed but she didn't want to get into her shell because she thought it was too dark in there I'm tired i'm tired i don't know who to tell i'm worried i'm worried because it's dark inside my shell it wasn't long before a visitor came her good friend duck quack quack quack quack quack oh hello little turtle you shouldn't be in bed it's getting very afternoon well you see I'm a little worried about the dark inside my shell and I want to go to bed what can I do hmm well quack we I'll see I don't know if I'm worried about the dark but I know I'm a little worried about the water that's why I always I keep my floats close. my floaties help me splash what i love, my floaties, but if you think they can help you, you can borrow them.
No, I don't think floaties can help in the dark, but thanks duck, oh, I don't know what to do. the duck wasn't able to help the little turtle but here he comes dog he might know what to do hello hop why so sad well you see it's my bedtime and it's getting dark and i'm just a little worried about the darkness inside me shell Can you help me take good care? Sometimes I am a little worried about loud noises. That's why I always have my ear muffs close. My earmuffs. My earmuffs. in the dark but thanks dog hey oh sorry i can't hear you I put on the ear muffs.
Have you got there, bird? Well, sometimes when I'm flying high into the sky, I look down and realize I'm feeling a little worried about Heights, so I carry this umbrella to make myself feel better. I want to fly, but I need to go high. pick up my umbrella and fly to the sky, but enough talk about me, what are you doing here alone? Well, as I said to the dogs and the duck, I'm sorry, but I'd love to stay in the chat, but I have to say goodbye. toy, oh well, the little turtle really should go to bed now, but she hasn't solved her problem yet.
Should we help her? things sometimes i worried it was dark inside my shell you did but you're bigger than me yeah maybe just a little anyway i thought you'd like to see a torch i used to keep it inside my shell until it was gone i didn't care anymore the darkness Gee, thanks, I guess that means it's time to go to bed. Good night. Good night. Small turtle. Sweet dreams. with the fishes i live on a mountain far away or i sleep in a bed of gold above me in a different place different times we would sing if we danced my time sleep say goodnight goodnight begins Shine and shiny goodnight silver and light snuggle up in love with your blankets snuggle up tight strong close your eyes and dream every night thank you foreigner

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