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HermitCraft 7 | SECRETS & PLANS & BASES! | Ep 32

Nov 11, 2021
greetings cyberdogs and citizens of interbus this is ren diggity now coming to you in another minecraft episode from the


server we are starting today my friends from the brave tattoo ren after quite a long break from the server since the last previous episode christmas last year and i have What to say my friends, it feels so good to be back in our Star Wars inspired corner of the Minecraft universe, am I now? I know some of you have been worried about where I've been but rest assured everyone is fine in the world of ren diggity dogma dicks you see I usually take all of January off to visit my family in South Africa every years old and even though I couldn't go home this year due to the lockdown, I decided to.
hermitcraft 7 secrets plans bases ep 32
I'm still taking the month off to refresh my brain for what will no doubt be an amazing 2021 especially for us here in the valley Add Rate so the good news is we are finally back in the grind in 2021 the bad news is out. on our map here in the tattoo rain shack we have a huge amount of work to do before we can complete this megabase project so i spent the last few days on the server sorting out chest monsters gathering resources and trying to figure out where we started even from where we left off last year, maybe a good place to start would be to finish off the lava flows surrounding the mustafarian biome as it's a pretty easy and pointless grind though the more I fly around Tatty Rain , more unfinished projects start to creep into my brain, so maybe the best thing to do first to start the new year off with a bang is to make a good old fashioned project list somewhere so we can see exactly how much work remains for us to do.
hermitcraft 7 secrets plans bases ep 32

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hermitcraft 7 secrets plans bases ep 32...

Sounds like a plan now folks, since I'm not exactly the most organized guy in general, making


and lists and stuff like that isn't something I'm very good at to be honest, but I think we can use our tattoo map. rain here to help guide us in this logistical effort the first thing that strikes me as I mentioned earlier is these unfinished lava rivers around the perimeter of our mustafa buyer and while we made pretty good progress on these molten rivers last year we still have a few sections to complete here in the back of the mustafa biome and behind the renpuras fortress though i just realized we're a bit ahead of ourselves but folks i mean we can't begin to make a project list if we don't have an actual project list right so i guess first things first let's make a fucking project list somewhere you know what we haven't really used our tie fighter hangar bay for nothing yet so this hangar storage room will be perfect for our tattoo rain project plan wall of things and things we have to do er around here I have created five categories here to keep our projects and brains nice and organized we have the mustafa biome the valya tattoo ren the fortress business renpers and of course the shenanigans of which there are already two projects connected, unsurprisingly, We'll get back to them in a second, but let's add our first project to Mustafa's list of biomes. rusty dude so this could be more painful than anticipated here we go first project is to finish the lava flows on mustafar boom plugged in probably should have used signs my friends oh gosh next big thing what i see on the map is these massive black stone areas with no detail around our mustafarian biome clearly we have a lot of terraforming still to be done here oh yeah i totally forgot about the fact we have a huge section of land to convert into black stone on mustafar's back not only that we also need to completely cover the entire black stone landscape with lava pools and rivers to complete mustafa's vision we originally had for this custom biome, right? oh, and while we're at it, we definitely need to do something about the connection between the mustafa biome and the natural mesa biome here at the jawa sandcrawler base i mean i think you'll all agree it looks really weird in here man we need to figure out a way to make these two biomes blend better right mustafar biome terraforming plugged in ok inspiration is surging in my friends i had some ideas while flying for a couple of new projects here at mustafa to help bring the world to life i really love seeing all these star wars inspired constructions on the map and i think we need to add more of this kind of thing to our world and the first thing that came to mind was maybe a spaceport with a landing pad somewhere in mustafa's biome, maybe a place where travelers from the universe might land one day try nudge nudge oh this pa looks like a great place for a spaceport actually right behind our awesome lava swamp with the rainpros fortress towering over it in the background oh yeah that will suit me really well i think mustafa spaceport with the platform landing plugged in and speaking of new projects i'm thinking now we need to add some native inhabitants to our mustafar biome we already have the jawas on their caterpillar but how about we use this huge space behind the fortress for an outpost of bad guys that are raiding the hermit infested jungle beyond their borders or something yeah we have a huge area to work here actually and my first thought is maybe make something some kind of Tuscan raider outpost from star wars maybe a tribe of Tuscans who have adapted to their molten environment and maybe have some spaceport issues yeah that sounds pretty sweet today we would be co fizzy fizzy folks though it's probably time to ditch this old nether portal to be honest the ocd is going live right now and boom toucan raider outpost connected right now with all mustafa buy projects added to the list let's head our attention to valia tattoo ren and a very sad project that has been left alone for a long time now the tattoo ren canteen we were going to build next to the hangar bay we never got to build i think it's about time they got it up and running this canteen folks will basically be a dusty bar where travelers from across the galaxy visiting Tatiran hangar bay can rest their weary souls and drink some mustafarian crab juice while a hideous alien band plays some chill jazz in the background oh we might as well turn it into a working potion brewing facility or something nerdy like that but yeah the powder bar orienta sounds amazing, right? tatiran city, the original plan was to also build a connecting tunnel filled with slum housing and passageways that the citizens of tatiran city would use to reach the industrial factories on t the other side of the mountain, so this tunnel and city will be a project with the goal of creating a bustling desert trading post at the base of the rainforest fortress, basically we are going to make a Star Wars version of a Minecraft desert village. out here and it's going to be absolutely amazing building tatiran city plugged in oh and let's not forget the huge cliff above tachyren where we cleared all the trees to make it look more like star wars and where our plan was to start setting up some industrial factories to help make our lives a little easier on the server.
hermitcraft 7 secrets plans bases ep 32
I'm thinking a fireworks rocket factory to blow up elytra might be a good place to start, so a sugar cane farm and gunpowder farm maybe sounds like a plan industrial district on the cliff plugged in and talking about tattoo rain city we need to get back to work on our first big project that we started here namely the fighter fighter hangar bay while the hangar bay is loo king really amazing right now it's still not finished I think and we need to start filling the different hangar bays with things and add a little more detail to the overall build, including maybe an underground connection to our tattoo shacks and the canteen or something. like that tie fighter hangar bay upgrade right plugged in and we've left the best four seconds here folks the time has finally come for us to start doing some major work on renpres fortress of course we finished last year with preparing a giant area within the fortress in which we will build a massive auto sort storage system, but there is so much space within the renpro fortress that I think we can fit a few more buildings within this giant structure quite easily, So I'm thinking we'll build the storage system first, followed by an epic throne room for the renpra, an amazing Star Wars-inspired portal room, and finally another Thai fighter hangar bay near the bottom of the fortress, So I, now, that's a fortress of one man's power, am I right? muddy storage facility, throne room, portal room and hangar, plugged for the emperor.
hermitcraft 7 secrets plans bases ep 32
Next on our list of projects is the very important matter of business. I would like to expand our log business this. year perhaps setting up some lucrative partnerships with my fellow hermits as well as potentially expanding our long standing store to sell more than just logs potentially oh baby this list of projects is really coming together now isn't it? Although we still have one final column to talk about guys who, being the shenanigans column you see when I first got back on the server a few days ago, the first thing I found was a book outside my front door and, in typical fashion of hermit shenanigans it's an invitation from my old buddy green buddy to build a secret base inside the pens base because well why not ironically I was planning on making a new base anyway to store my collection of mini heads ? off with the secret base inside the pens base because well why not and speaking of shenanigans this is one of my favorite things about this server guys take a few weeks off and it's back to absolute madness every time I mean you. gotta love it and speaking of crazy i found a really weird new machine in the shopping district when i first logged in it's full of fire and flames and cryptic clues and signals all over the show i mean i literally have no idea what this is all about so please help me out in the comments below my friends whatever it is we are going to hook it up for sure and there we have two big shenanigans hooked up together with a massive list of projects for us to get down to work this year. and you know what even though this list was a pain in the ass to put together I think it really helped us see everything organized and what needs to be done and I have to say I feel very inspired by this whole organization and I'm ready to go back to earth darling though im thinking after all that logistical brain thinking let's get on with the mischief today before we get to any real business here how about it folks?
Let's go to the pens base where we are going to try and build a secret base in the pens base because well why the hell don't you know what my friends before you start snooping around trying to find a perfect location for a secret base? Let's take a moment to admire the incredible. the pens job is here on the


server i mean there's so much amazing stuff going on here it's really hard to even begin to take it all in it's a sprawling metropolis here on the hermitcraft server with so much detail all over the place and i I have to say man, it absolutely amazes me.
I have no idea how this got out of the pens brain on the server. It really is a magnificent piece of Minecraft art in my opinion, although we can't spend much time admiring this work. because we need to find a place somewhere in this amazing landscape of the city where corrales will never suspect that we are actually living here or making a base within his base and that means we also need to keep our eyes open on the server to make sure that when corrales logs in, we're not around and yeah, i guess i better start searching the dark alleys of this city to find a perfect location for a secret base that not only will corrales never find, but you guys won't be able to either because, Of course, if we're going to keep this base a secret, even you guys won't know where it is, which will be pretty hard to do because they have super eagle eyes and I don't think us hermits can hide. anything from you guys but im going to do my best oh we would be secret gas cooking here today my friends I just spent the last few hours trying to find a perfect position on the base pens for a secret base and I thinkI found it, installed some redstone ov. er here and when I press this button, we'll go down to the foundation of my new secret base and the guys don't even try to figure out where it is right.
Some of you pen fans think you know where we are. right now, but trust me, you have no idea, there are no clues, absolutely nothing is going to give away my position at the corral base, you can try as hard as you want, but there is absolutely no way for you to find out, I mean look. It's not a secret base right now, it's just a hole in the ground that I now need to dig up and turn into a base, but yeah this is perfect, this is where we'll set up and as I mentioned earlier. in the episode this base is going to be where we'll store our collection of mini heads so I'm thinking of making a secret base with really awesome display cases on the walls or something where we can display all of our mini heads in a really sweet way to hold onto those hyperdogs we're getting a little ahead of us here, I mean how are we going to build a secret base without any damn resources?
Am I right now that I found the perfect secret location in the city, let's gather some resources for base building, starting with my collection of mini heads of course, which is why we're making this base in the first place, to Next we need to quickly go to the city to buy some more parts for the construction of the secret base and I guess we can start with some chains that could work quite well in the construction and maybe we'll get some of these soul lanterns here as well, if you'll see some pretty sweets in the secret basin idk maybe there's something else around here that would work well in some kind of decked out inspired build wait what the heck folks there's a lot of mini heads here for sale on the barge lots of which I don't actually have at the moment so this is absolutely perfect sounding and I have to say at a diamond for three hands that's a deal.
I can't resist my friends, so let's collect as many of these mini heads as possible. Oh man, you love to see a plan. know what while we're here let's p grab an extra box of scott's monster chess shulker to stock our new collection of mini heads here looks like scar has recently restocked the shop and at four diamonds a box that's another bargain im happy to spend some diamonds in thank you scar we finally need to pick up some dark oak logs for our base build and for that we're going to dive into our larger built in log storage warehouse and yes for those of you larger log built ins that have been wondering i've been slowly but surely stockpiling hundreds of heaps of logs to get bigger logs up and running again this year but more in the next episode folks ok that's all we need i think let's get back to the pen base and let's start working on our secret base within your base i guess you can now from being considered our base which is also inside your base huh or something like that oh this hurts my brain folks let's do a little time lapse to do this seriously guys could you please stop trying to figure out where did i hide the base now ok i covered my tracks in the most cunning way trust me i mean if you think this button is a clue of some kind you are dead wrong you will never figure it out. out boys and neither are the pens, so this is a secret base, as always.
I just completed the first room of our secret base and it looks amazing although I still need to find a better way to get in because even though it's super secret right now this button gives it away somewhere in the city so yeah , we need to find a better entry in the next episode, but check it out folks, the first room of our mini head collection base is ready and I think it shows. absolutely sweet man also the way i made sure to cover the drop tunnel so there are no tracks in there guys don't even bother but yeah guys i have to say i really enjoyed this project today although it's been a a little stressful here and there karanis is logged in a had to hold down the shift button to disappear huh but other than that it went off without a hitch we haven't been found out and well i really don't know what will happen next I mean Green invited me to do a secret. base at kerala base i started doing that um now what i dont know if anyone has any ideas or was it just some really pointless prank but super fun no idea welcome back to the hovercraft server at Dog well i guess we will have We just have to wait and see what happens next with this whole secret base, my friends, and in the meantime, unfortunately, we ran out of time on today's episode. base at base pens my friends let me know what you think in the comment section below and i must say guys super happy to be back on the server and cant wait to see you all in the next episode and talking about which we will smell you all in the next episode

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