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HermitCraft 6: 49 | Mumbos worst NIGHTMARE!

Jan 14, 2022
last i noticed you opened or opened a shop here you got a side and all yeah but here's the funny here's the funny it's ok every other place that isn't busy has a stone frontage , yes, and then some like this one here is put as a record you know a future show future and a junkyard does not say do not enter because it is obviously just a stone wall but we make it worse it is like here is a stone wall stone don't go in so i see the legs are ok so we had this very good idea yeah brilliant idea or you had an idea to adopt the chicken cutlet basically my shop is you get a chicken but the original idea was: you get chicken, you adopt this chicken that has lights like these lights has a particular place to live you know how that sounds let me just let me stop you right there sounds like you're copying someone. you're not the chicken but then i want to say we had like a brain the morning session was pretty fun actually yeah so you're ok ok i'm excited about this but now you buy a chicken let's try to explain this, this is very difficult, you buy a chicken, you have to build a habitat for it. so we're sticking to your original plan ok ok we should go there yes we can do it yes by the way i brought you a treat for your eyes one for the left eye yes one for the right eye thank you i'm joking.
hermitcraft 6 49 mumbos worst nightmare
I didn't actually bring them I found them here on the ground yeah it's flat and that's what you mean forever like 20 minutes okay so you've done this so you buy a chicken you raid the chicken and then you put them or not. are you going to put chicken how are you going to spawn them with a spawn are you going to cheat oh well so are you going to spawn a chicken here and there will be one in each and then I buy a chicken let's say and is that do I know which box is my my box to decorate and fill in you decide which chicken you want to adopt it obviously you have and our adoption certificate is fine so if I take a chicken from the desert this has to be changed to desert but if I get a desert and I would like to add like I want to add sand obviously so i want to have cactus and then the chicken goes into that which is spicy i like that maybe i can be clever when you build what you can do or you could build clumsy kicks all night because it's not dangerous but it's ok anyway like this that we came up with this idea that shit out there shit loot so on each side they have an H they all start with the H theory they are all babies when you buy them and every cycle you will or they will get older and as you get old cen, we wanted to make it so that either the chicken dies or continues to live and if it continues to live, it expels the rewards exactly.
hermitcraft 6 49 mumbos worst nightmare

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hermitcraft 6 49 mumbos worst nightmare...

I'm not going to lie guys, the last episode wore me out. I built building that stupid icing cake. I'm not going to lie, I spent so many hours on the last episode and yes, I'm sorry. ry for the giant mess the comments were pretty nice though as if you care they sent me a lot of really great suggestions on twitter and in the comment field and we'll be back in the visual space but in the meantime I create this little project that has started the stress It is brilliant. I am very excited about this, it is also very different and I realized that I was not in a rush to get here, so I thought: why isn't there even a rush? and it turns out that I asked her to have built this beacon so she can find her way back here we were coordinates in the game for God's sake we fully upgrade the beacon and rush it to be nice so now we can dig a bit I think.
hermitcraft 6 49 mumbos worst nightmare
We'll start by doing here. In fact, I have quite a bit of junk in my inventory. I went and collected a few things here, specifically Glowstone. Apparently, I didn't have a bit of Glowstone on my base. actually but i need this like a redston e lamps and yeah let's try to figure this out together since she's for pens here each pen will contain a chicken someone will be alone on that chicken and the chicken has different yield different poop , different things than each cycle and we go just for the easy to understand let's say a cycle is one week in real life ok whenever stress decides now it's a cycle the owner should feed the chicken and she'll figure it out and then she has her age where each time a cycle passes the chicken can die ok there should be a chance the chicken will die and the chance the chicken will buy should increase each time it gets older if that makes sense and if she survives it would deplete the yield she has so come on let's say she has a redstone chicken every cycle maybe you will get a redstone or a chest full of redstone dust which is great for mumbo jumbo and mass command and fan of the cup and all redstone errs tango is great for them would be a good chicken to own so long it doesn't die because then you invest your diamonds and you may not even get anything back so we need to build a system where we can randomly with a increasing probability so each week should get much more likely more likely the chance that the chicken will die we need to build a system that will tell us if it dies well or not and I got an idea in my head that I think is very very easy to do for this i don't think this is complicated at all dropper to hopper that fall or immediately shoot this dropper here and then when this topper is on send it to this dropper and this dropper this is basically a t flip-flop but we'll use it for something else I'm going to compare here and we're just drawing from time to time if I do something like this and then that and a redstone block on top where a to lamp if now i feel lets see here what i have to do if i fill this dropper with nine different items where one is not stackable item like a tray trident we should have done it shouldn't be harder than this this is the only time we it's nice to have bird poop in inventory by the way it actually came in handy ok so let's put a button here this could be so every week she comes here and she clicks this button every cycle and it will tell her if the chicken dies or lives if it dies this lamp must light or light so that year it actually survived next year it survived so now it's two years old it's three years old so it's given three returns of whatever loot the chicken has 4 years 5 years 6 years Wow 7 is ok they're tied so this chicken in this specific example would have given 7 times its content if it's a redstone chicken It would give rest 7 times and not just a redstone dust.
hermitcraft 6 49 mumbos worst nightmare
She has to figure out how much redstone powder she obviously gives to the owner and then dies, so the owner has to buy a new chicken. Now how does this work and why. it worked this way is that randomly a dr op will randomly choose an item every time you input it correctly it will randomly choose one out of nine so the first time we press it there is an 11 percent chance it will choose the Trident and the Trident is important or any known stackable item. I'm going to go with a wooden pickaxe at the end of this, but any known stackable item emits a redstone signal that is stronger on a comparator than an inventory that is a stackable item.
I can give you a clear example here because this is actually a very good thing to know if you redstone in minecraft you see a power one EVEN one is not right my error is there its the same but if i put a try on the non stackable item you can see that the power level in the first one is also power so now we have a signal of two and all we're doing here is we're checking to see if the signal comes through if it does it will turn on this lamp so it's pretty simple and then , to reset the system, we could have a clock on. this dropper here should work but for now let's test it with a button so if I have a package in this block here and I simulate a clock this should reset it completely and turn off the comparator when it's ok so I created our example here which we built in the actual place and then i asked and stress connected to do some stuff here so i asked if you like this it's that good you go down to a control room you press this button to check if the thing is still alive that he's alive that's another year another year and another year jeez I play stick in five six seven there we go we die and she said yes but I don't want I don't have to sink into a little hole where I can't see the light and she is right. she has a point so she wanted something central where she can plug this in or where she can control this from so I think we'll do we have four of these and hopefully she's messy she measured the center let's try to put the button for check-in she lives here and then we need the lever somewhere the level r that resets it so every time she puts a new chicken motor it's easy to pull this lever because this obviously will this is a little compared to the chatter that shoots everything back into place like that, okay, I just had the dumbest idea and I want to see if this works.
I couldn't find a location to reset the lever, so I thought, what if we can use? Can we somehow use the same block power to reset the machine and I think we can? I have connected something here. Let's try. the button wire is this wire that goes down this repeater that goes directly to this repeater through this block and then adds or checks whether or not it dies on this dropper and then I added another line that goes right here with a length nerd of pulse pulse lengthen sorry pulse extender why y'all got like oh it's not the pulse length - no its pulse extender whatever it's the same ok folks geez anyway i walk into a pulse length dinner I press this extender here I have it I have to ch Pick one, right?
This extender here I'll call it an extender ok it makes sense that this extender here doesn't have time to time out if I press the button because the button sends X number of ticks and this is longer than that so essentially with pressing the button, nothing happens here however when i put the lever on it should be essentially burnt out and i am lighting this torch which then lights this dial gauge and lights this piston ad which then eliminates the possibility of a signal getting through. here and that's important. I'll explain why in a second this checks against the clock and then turns on this block which resets everything correctly in theory.
The reason this is important is because if I have this line fed from the stick as well, then this here. this redstone here will look at this dropper so you can't send items to it two three four five Wow six seven ok well he maxed out of all max ages eight is nine so now he's going to die no matter what you don't ok now the chicken is dead and now to reset it we should be able to do this and we should see the light coming back to the piston go off allowing the elements to go through and once we hear that click you hear that very slow click then it's done , so we change that back and the chicken now restarts wow that worked wonderfully actually yeah perfect.
I forgot about this. This is totally one thing. max get to eight life is she updating a sign i don't really like that idea i could just rotate a life cycle two three four five goes all the way to eight to the right and then resets which is perfect for this so if i could fit oh this is exciting if i could fit this in the front here i guess eight isn't the biggest number but if i can fit this on the floor say one because otherwise i'm feeding that block in there yeah eight isn't the best tho hmm no we can do none because i'm saying this because we have an odd number here so it's going to look a bit stupid unless you remove the center piece which you can probably train with comparators to continue to send the signal if you have a comparator that outputs a certain amount of signal strength based on the thing it's connected to in this scenario, the item is boxed to the right to be two which is three which is essentially eight te and then it resets to the right if you want to continue this signal if you want the game to remember what strength you have you can't just put a repeater here and then use the signal because now this is full strength so now this comparer here is pretty much useless unless you want to use it as a button, but if you want to continue you can always do so. this and then another redstone dust and then this and another redstone dust wherever you want and this here inherits this here inherits this power here so if I do it now we should see a 2 here if I do it again n, we should see a 3 etc so with this technique we can get an element frame to sit here but have this function where we want it basically just a little skull trick ok guys we solved it very easily here but what I have connected. going up two three four five was a little tricky but it could work on six seven and eight and then a super super cool one and I just used that technique that I showed you with the comparators so you can see the signal that goes here the only problem with this is that the wall should be double or however she wants to design it, but noit can be like this because i need to pick up this signal here and then i need to send it. down so yeah kind of like hello cub fan i'm scared i don't know who this is right now but yeah this sign goes down to here and the way i figured it out here is that a the comparator it will always continue the input it receives so if a comparator gets force 1 it will carry Y on force 1 if you get force 5 it will continue force 5 so what I did here this is fifth life , just made sure to run that through this comparator and through this and then and up here with a force of one turning on this this light here's a weird helicopter or something outside my window right now okay so I have a system that works here, but I'm still not getting over having to turn a thing that's separate from the button being pressed to indicate lives.
It would be much neater if everything was controlled from this button and like those who play with comparators. here the comparators are great because of the way you can do a lot of things with it but while playing with the comparators I had an epiphany you know when you get to one of those moments it was like uh I've done this before I've seen this before and i remembered that Copa fan, big read smoker, also a hermit, one of my best best mates, Lob Cobb fan, he once did exactly what I'm trying to do and he knew it because he was a big fan of his single - player series he had and ended up in hermit crab season 4 so i asked him a cobb do you remember that counter you made for your race track and he said yes i remember and he showed me in the episode where did he do it and so?
Basically what you have is a machine that allows you to increase the intensity of an input signal on a compare line each time a button is pressed, so it basically does exactly what an element frame does, but with a button press instead and talk to myself, I took a walk. I went out with my dogs and thought I was going to redo it. I'm going to go all out and try to copy his counter he did and this is back in 2016 early 2016 when the hermit crab Ford just started now of course I want to give some credit to the man so if I managed if I managed this it will work i don't know if it was built with minecraft 1.8 or 1.9 so it was a long time ago but i'm going to put his video in the description as well if you want to check it out if you haven't seen that series it's a big wat it's true i think i will i've watched it twice it's like 200+ episodes but yeah i'm basically going to delete what we did here so i spent most of my date on this now and i ended up deleting what i spent the most hours and then checking it from scratch or scratch and this is a beautiful thing it's working perfectly as far as i've tested it anyway again i need to do this four or three more times which yeah i'm a bit out of time for today it's getting really late but i want to show you this so now as you can see there's just one button no toggle no element frame there's just one button and it does everything so right now the chicken it hasn't started aging the first year you push the button and boom the light comes on then grows again boom light comes on oh it died and this time it died and now look what happens reset the circuit it's a beautiful thing to see so now the chicken is dead new chicken we're going to H this year 1 year 2 and it's pretty fast here 3 year 4 link whatever this light burns here 5 and unfortunately we'll get an age before the links here 6 now it's getting very ooh this gets old oh wow ok live the oc ho years no wait i don't hear they can die here 9 so i can survive that last loop but yeah it died the light went out we hear that sound and then the whole machine resets oh it's such a beautiful thing it's something so beautiful. and again this is all done with the same mechanics I did on my first build but I'm using that cup fan circuit from your video this here and it looks super complicated when you break it down it's still pretty complicated so I'm going to leave his link in the video description he does a great job but he explains what he does and if you want to build it yourself you can watch his video but this is what the circuit looks like the two chests here contain one item each. your only important thing otherwise this is the uit circuit this is your output that goes to the lights in this case and this here is your input to add lights and this is your input to subtract lights because that's what this can do so like this button here we'll add a light on the light and this button here will subtract the two lights really really really cool and this is all connected to the system here so when they say instead of having a lever I take that cue delayed a bit so it doesn't happen instantly.
I press extend the signal and I do it because I need this clock to run this clock here to run enough times for this button to be pressed at least eight times for it to fully reset oh and now I can also display it. It's Cal, come find me, brother of my base, and bring the obsidian. I asked, okay, so Green texts me randomly and says hey can you get me some obsidian? I mean, yeah, I'm curious to see where this leads. I'm here. Is this a trap oh oh there's so many people lined up too him and I'm Kyle man what was going on why did they say run I don't know I hope they didn't mean anything because I'm scared this is a trap you asked me to bring obsidian last time I was here I remember him falling down a well and yes I remember no this is not for you this is for our mustachioed friend ok come come come with me you better show you what he has done to himself and then you can understand again where i come from has done it happens so rarely on this server that we have to do something and I don't feel bad about what we're going to do because I gave him a free Trident and as everyone knows there's no such thing as a free lunch right? this is this is what makes everything alright dude but what he's done is he's taken off all his gear and put it in that chest because the last time he was here he died and lost everything because the ghosts spawned so much just to be sure, it's all been taken off and really the teacher asks me to bring you p City and III connect the dots correctly the planets have aligned yeah it's time to prank mumbo mm-hmm that sounds good hats off to this one yeah , I better put on my good face too, there we go alright well my face because what I also have here is a binding green head curse let's dispense this his face yeah yeah there's so many layers to this let's take this so exaggerated I'm going to excuse I'll wait for you but I'm going to excuse this I have a green head and it will be called together forever What's wrong with you brother?
I just feel like I can't be good or bad. I have to be neutral, but since I gave him like a pitchfork and helped him with the vine farm, I feel like I just have the balance of nature been thrown, uh, scattered, you know I have to restore the balance just enough, so i'll call or i will, did you give me the book by the way? ed to I need to combine it too no, I have the book, okay, I'll come back. I've called this chest plate, this quiet chest, yeah, yeah, I don't know, it's something about him, it's something about his posture, yeah. it's just something about him in his suit being weird it's shiny it's beautiful I mean it's also a nice reward not only for the Trident but I've played here for like four hours and it's very slow which oh yeah this vine farm has been slowing down the server why all that so don't wrap it up here sir i made an entry for us for the fancy ones i mean so the theory is it's going to start session will uncover all the stuff and we need to put some chests so we'll put like this maybe yeah beautiful ok so i'm going to put the save on the top left one that there and then this woman we need to have you have the anvil yeah let's change the name of a couple of fish wearing pants that say what they say are Canada pants yes they are Galilee pants and a green head on their face that says together forever then he starts to get into Panic about why it's covered in cobblestones nes and then and then he starts collapsing now if he has a spike this is all already broken it doesn't work but it's still fun but if he doesn't have a spike he'll go through the cobblestone and fall down here and he's going to say what the hell and then you'll see these signs, yeah, and then you'll have to go through this obsidian here to get into the chest or it'll break through and fall off the bottom, but you don't know exactly how thick we did. golden rule of minecraft that person doesn't know he doesn't know how to play the game obviously what have you done have you done subscribe i have done it sorry no sorry and this is the price of a free trident this is epic ok this is beautiful he knows he'll take it he's very good or very bad either way it's all so much fun


he won't get mad he won't get too mad anyway yeah he won't lose his moustache. big day i mean mr green has left me for now but i mean punishing obsidian which is essentially what mom will have to do in her obsidian box to drill obsidian takes 4 minutes 9 seconds per block, so in most he's very unlucky he's expecting a 16 minute blunt obsidian punishment which I understand he's a little harsh but yeah he's so angry we have to take the chance when and he does these things anyway Thanks guys so much to watch I hope you enjoyed today I hope you enjoyed our Redstone Chicken Mac mechanic I've been very proud of that and yes I hope you enjoyed if you did please hit the like button if you are new to the channel enter to subscribe and i will see you there friends in the next episode

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