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Hermitcraft VI: #30 - Grian Heads Taketh and Giveth!?

Jun 06, 2021
right now, I'm hearing the click, oh, they're all carved, okay, I think that one will be out there, that's just me. I'm holding down the right click now, this is a beautiful thing here, so I might go make a roast beef sandwich, you come back and I'll have a whole ton of cut up pumpkins, I mean, there we go, we're. done, we're done good, that actually didn't take as long as I thought, the sucker is empty, give it back to me and I'll fill all these guys and all the dispensers, hahahaha, you stupid redneck face, this is going to work.
hermitcraft vi 30   grian heads taketh and giveth
Well, yes, I had to change all of them. I had some dispensers. I just changed them droppers because apparently the dispensers are trying to do pumpkin things or something I don't know but all I know is that makes me laugh right now this is just comical I love it oh these guys here, like each of these guys with their skull. I love it, let's open it up here, come on guys, everyone come to the hole, well, yeah, oh, you do that one, okay, time to change it up a little. I had the opportunity to meet with Accordin and it's time to make the green head official.
hermitcraft vi 30   grian heads taketh and giveth

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hermitcraft vi 30 grian heads taketh and giveth...

It's supposed to be the count, when do you take off this costume, I mean supervisor, okay, I'm here to count the


, so in the end you've made your vault here as a pretty significant exit, yes, yes, I want say, we can. You don't even reveal the wires now, you know we're in negative 2013, yeah, there's a long way to go, jeez, okay, so kuda, so I'm going to wait, let me get my book out, let me add this one, tango tanks , Well. hidden, okay, okay, let's dive in here, yeah, now we both know what happened here, yeah, okay, there were two green tango


, yeah, funny, this is where they were, this is the vote, uh , was somewhere around here until they tell us.
hermitcraft vi 30   grian heads taketh and giveth
What happened? Go on, go on, spit it out, wait, some people already know, yeah, all right, so my heads were safe here, so I thought until Cub Fan and his Khan asses decided they needed to free me from my skulls and normally I would. Let's be fair, let's be real, I was a thief too, that's how I got most of my skills, but it's more the methods he used to get my skills that yes, the Cub fan decided to use his cam account, which is on game mode. 3, meaning you can fly through blocks very quickly and look around the server, now congratulations for spending hours in each world, you must have looked in the abyss, you must have looked in the overworld and you must have looked at the end too. unless I already knew at the end, I knew they were at the end while watching my live stream, yeah sure, but he got some cops together and I have to give him credit, he was pretty clever, but it was still fun, yeah, use count of cameras is a forbidden zone for me that I said like gentlemen rules and that is not justice, friend, my pinky is out tonight is not happiness, so that will go on your record, I'm afraid, yes, I had I think about 300 skulls in here something like that just saying I lost count there are so many I just wrote puppy is not a gentleman in my notes here okay that will go on the permanent record yes now unfortunately the way all the green heads have been distributed I really can't refund you that amount, but I can take it into consideration very well.
hermitcraft vi 30   grian heads taketh and giveth
What I will say is that they could have put their heads in different places so that it couldn't be the impact, but then I also calculated that halfway through the end there were three thousand blocks probably yes, yes, apparently I was wrong, so how many successful robberies did you do? and who did you steal from? Oh, let's see, I stole a ton from Joe and his little Pacman base on top of the bottom. I stole a good handful of fake, I stole a good handful of Scar and some more of Jack Sparrow's puppy recently and his boss's little parrot.
Oh, so it was revenge that they were gone, yes, and I solved the In fact, the first two puzzles and you solve the puzzles, yes, okay, I left the future puzzles for other hermits so they would have a chance, but well, here Also, gentlemen, basically in this competition it is not only how many green heads you manage to find them and keep them safe, but also how you played and how you hid them now. I didn't tell anyone about this because I wanted to see what they would naturally do so that people who made a very fancy vault or have significant pushback.
They will get extra points. I was going to do that, but I ran out of time. Well, at least you got points for the extra effort of hiding it somewhere and you solved some puzzles, so points won there. All may not be lost yet, okay, I'll keep my fingers crossed, thank you very much, then I tango, oh, thank you, and there you have it, which is the official end of the green skull hunting competition. I did most of my work, in fact, I didn't. I do not think so at all. I work in live series where I got all my skulls.
I stole and did the puzzles and stuff. There are some puzzles here. I made them. It was actually a lot of fun doing it on the stream and getting the viewers to help me. I really enjoyed it all, but I agree absolutely amazing competition, a fun little game, any game that lets you search for things on the server. I think it's great, it reminds me of what season 4 was like when we made the pokeball. hunting thing or whatever they called me but I think it was rented and it was a lot of fun, he does a great job at that and it reminds me that they were good times.
I think there could have been a little more clarity in the rules around Stealing other people's skulls, which caused drama. Everything, are you giving them a hard time, puppy? The verdicts will be: I think Green will take some liberties in his scoring. It won't just be who had more skills, so we'll see, we'll see, and by the way, protecting the skies, the rockets now have three stacks for one diamond. We are trying to compete here, but not low, we will see, we will see how this works, we will see if the market responds to the new prices, oh I am so sick of the shulker expansion that I am already done.
I'm done with this I'm done with all the random elements, they were like we had an emerald here, some slime, a donkey cap, yeah, all kinds, there was just a banner, a tangled banner, I don't know what that is about everything is just random here I'm done I'm done next episode I think it's time to start building something big around here I think we're going to build my storage room. I have some plans for it to not be an automated storage room. but some really cool ideas, some new ways I'll be storing items this season. I think I'll do it differently and do it there once I've finished it, then we can start building the structure around it.
I have to find the right place though because oh man this is like a vine city overlooking this eye you can see this like a purple line right here okay this is the projected river that's going to come down here to here up and it will be like here there will be like a big lake or a small pond or something like that, I guess you could say and I want my base to be a taller structure and still have the same style of construction. I guess I'm still not sure. Maybe I am a little bit. more masonry and then the storage system will be right in the middle like raised a little bit and everything will be like on stone stilts with arches and things in the middle.
I don't know. I'm very, very, very excited to get started with this whole area here. We also have a little more digging. I see you can see. I started digging a little more there. I want to push that wall back a little further. To do that, yeah, in the next episode we'll do a lot more groundwork I think, and we'll finally get a storage room, oh, but that seemed to be it for today guys, thanks so much for watching, as always, it was a good episode. I'm very excited about the improvements we made to the vine farm and I'll be doing a lot of things there, hopefully there will be some thunderstorms and hopefully I'll bring in those with your skills for a major event coming up shortly, but like I said Thank you very much guys, see you.

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