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Hermitcraft 9: Episode 13 - IT'S BIGGER

May 07, 2023
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time and that means it's base building time. I've been desperately wanting to work on this o all week, but unfortunately I've been on a bit of a secret project, a project I can tell. absolutely nothing that youtubers always say about and it always annoys me so much but since i'm the person saying it now i feel great on the previous




we build the bridge that will surround our industry. The district and also our base became considerably more sustainable now, my plan for today's hermitcraft


is to pick up where we left off and just build the bottom section of the bridge because we obviously have the top but it's all floating in the air.
hermitcraft 9 episode 13   it s bigger
Right now the civil engineers are yelling so I have to build the lower area and then build our water supports. The civil engineers are still screaming. Only in Minecraft is this considered to be a structurally sound build? opposed to those fake unofficial action plans that everyone else has been selling what the hell is this what is this show me your coolest collectible from season nine you could win a prize this could be a little challenging i mean i dont know if i have lots of cool stuff i mean it's cool exuma bow is always cool i have all hermit crab diamonds that's cool though i have a better use for starters i know technically not my collectible but some of the content generated by grumbot could potentially work bugs I like bugs I know I have something better I know it's hard to believe I could have anything better than a piece of paper called bugs and I had to go on a bit of a search to find it but is this my first vault key, the original one? it's all the little bits we're going to work on today much simpler than the top section which is always welcome but now that i'm looking at it i'm thinking maybe we should have something to connect them i mean something like that it's probably a little too blue.
hermitcraft 9 episode 13   it s bigger

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hermitcraft 9 episode 13 it s bigger...

I definitely prefer this to this side, but I think it needs some work. I wanted to avoid extra splashes of copper, but it looks better, it looks better with copper. I'm just running out of copper so I have to go out and collect a lot more. I really like this, although I really like this droopy middle section. I like the Frog lights, yeah I think I think this is what I'm going to do. go pro, oh, and one thing i do want to say. I don't think I'm actually going to have these supports on the ground.
hermitcraft 9 episode 13   it s bigger
I think I'll just get them up and then build a platform that the whole thing. will sit on top of it so all of this will probably be surrounded by cyan concrete or something but that's a bit far in the future let's start working on the resources so I'll have a pillar here and a pillar there and technically a pillar there although I don't think there's room for one so I have two pillars going that way and two pillars going that way I have a pillow here I have a pillar there I have a pillar there and the pillar at the end and I have the same thing on the other side and then I have a pillar here a pillar there and a pillar there which means we have 12 pillars in total doesn't it mean we have 17 pillars in total and then we have 18 connecting pieces that join the pillars together which means we need this amount of resources to build everything? 102 copper stairs 34 copper slabs oh that's actually not a problem at all i have a lot more copper than i thought i had in fact i have a lot more of everything i thought i had and i haven't even started to reviewing green stuff yet but despite this very welcome Discovery there are still a ton of resources i need to gather first from the Warped bits oh my god i didn't bring enough firework rockets for this i finally made it back home the only thing we need now it's green frog lights which i think i should be able to buy in this absolutely huge store and apparently they're on floor four so i guess i'm about to go to floor four which is a very fancy system right there he's doing a pretty crazy noise which is unbelievable oh my gosh go on ok lamp so green ok i need thats what i need so ok how does this work ok how much is ok ok yes i do i just take it i mean im going to start taking them and I'm obviously going to pay for them.
hermitcraft 9 episode 13   it s bigger
Also, I'd say two diamonds per stack is probably pretty good if I just broke this incredibly complicated system. Anyway, I sincerely apologize before I continue, it's time for a quick ad break. Imagine if everything you looked at on the internet was visible or audible to the people around you which could be really very embarrassing. Is Belgium really a real country? What does the CEO do? Every once in a while I like the smell of my dog's farts. I'm a bad person? The crazy thing is that this is the case whenever you are on an unencrypted connection, hackers can intercept the intercepted data from your internet connection and see exactly what you are doing online and, at least in the UK, your internet service providers store all your web activity for two years which is Bonkers expressvpn prevents this by encrypting all your online activity and redirecting all your network data through their secure servers and the juicy advantage of this is that you can choose which country you connect from which means you can access content that is otherwise unavailable due to it being region locked, for example I wanted to watch Forrest Gump because I think it could be one of the best movies ever times, but I was horrified to find out that it's not on the UK version of Netflix.
I was ready to catch a flight and never come back but then i remembered i have expressvpn so i just changed the country i was connecting from to germany and faster than you can tell jenny forrest gump was on telly not my best rhyme , but I'll take it so if you want to find out how to get three months of expressvpn for free then head over to slash mumbo or click the link down below in the description let's build if I die now I'm going to be very upset as well that the first pillar that I'm going to build is going to go under this area here and I would say if this is a good height for the pillars is it high enough off the ground that the platform will look good I think that's correct yes if i envision our industrial district starting from around this level here and going up and then all this order being surrounded by a wall going down to the floor at that height i would say it would look good so i would turn around and that's the first one done It's just that I already was, but then I found that continuing to build is super frustrating because I don't have anything to build out of, so I'm going to have to add some scaffolding first and from there I should be able to make some pretty serious progress, so let's just do it as a lapse. of time and this time span will be a fairly short time span because you see, I'm experimenting with the length of time spans.
You never know. people on the hermitcraft server who do really long time-lapses there are some people who like minuscule time-lapses and then there's me who doesn't really know what I'm doing and occasionally I do them once, occasionally I do short ones and occasionally I'll talk about the duration of the time lapses, which is what I'm doing right now, it's kind of breaking the fourth wall, is this a good duration? I mean, what is the perfect tense? everything has been built and this build is starting to look a lot more complete it's starting to look really substantial it's starting to look robust it's starting to look like a proper structure now i think i'm looking at this lower section now instead of having the floor on this level next to the wood I'm actually thinking the floor is one block down which means we need to shift all these blocks and again I think we're running into the same problem that I'm running into this area and that's the fact that this it's a darker build on average than this and I think that's because I actually use a lot of these deep blackboard tiles for the other build while I haven't.
I really used them for any of this structure so I think if I get them involved it should make a big difference, however that's just me being picky at the moment. I really really like the way the build looks. I think it looks amazing. Cool Shapes there's a lot of cool detail in there which is incredibly satisfying to see and I think once Some Farms gets to the middle and also once the whole base is built as well as the giant platform that's going to go in this area I mean here it's all going to fit together nicely, oh, and I haven't added the stuff that goes in the middle of the streams yet, so that should add another layer to this thing as well.
I'm dressing up as a builder again, am I not cool? All of our deep slate tiles are in place now let's see what it looks like it looks good my head is in the shape that's why I'm doing it like this. better ok great great this is coming together I'm still wondering if I should make the Upper Bridge a little bit


I mean this wall is this wall I think it's just the wall so how big is this wall this is is pretty big? No? It's like three blocks four blocks five blocks six blocks six and a half blocks whereas I think this only goes down one two three four four and a half so maybe we need to make this area more substantial to more closely match this. substantial and even darker and I think I have a way to do it is essentially adding streetlights on this thing or not necessarily streetlights but just streetlights on poles and I'm using the deep slate tiles to do that and then I'm also covering our frog lights in these trapdoors to raise the blue level, you know, bring that sign up so it balances out the rest of the build now at this level it looks really nice.
I'm very, very happy with it, but what is it? The important thing is that it looks good while I'm flying and I must admit I'm a little nervous about this the darker colors look much better and I also think I accidentally solved another problem I have with this build which is that everything has a height as if everything was one level but the slabs are like a line of blocks it's very very flat whereas with the light poles you can't really see right now with the light poles it's like dividing the height so it's giving high and low areas of the build, it's giving it like a wave and I think that's really adds to the feeling that there's a lot going on in this area and I'd say it's improved it significantly.
I would also say that it significantly improves the walking experience. this and the horizon line and that's all build build is kind of fun isn't it? I'm having fun so let's continue I've installed all the lamps that go all the way to the junction and I've also started putting some of them over to the side and they look good very very good this is also very very cool and now I have a little question in my hands you see I have made a lot of the lamps and they look great I am liking the way it looks but the little doubt in my mind is that now I have too many lamps and I am running into the same problem with the one i ran into earlier where now it looks a little too consistent again so on this other hand i've experimented with not having any lamps in the corner and i think it looks better the gem is stealing heads again just do your best to ignore it let's see how it feels i mean it's not really that noticeably different but i think foreigner is so hard i mean i like it i like it but i still like this side too this side seems a lot busier though i want to saying there are obviously eight more lamps up here it's very hard to tell i think i'm going to go without i think when in doubt the simplest option is usually the best however and this may be counterintuitive i might leave the posts just to augment this part a bit, I'm missing it.
I'm losing my confidence ok yeah 100 this looks so much better boost getting killed four times by GEM makes me feel a little better about my performance the other day oh do that five times that's remarkably six times you know what I'm gonna do let counting now it's getting embarrassing well seven times ok i can't help that it finally made it finally made it and finally got this build it looks so good it looks so much better than before I'm really amazed at how much those lanterns have transformed the construction of these lanterns, those water pillars, the entire area below that we've built.
I'm incredibly happy with how it's all come together here, so let's move on to something else. There are some mysteries that have appeared overnight I mean first of all there is a sign that looks like Yoda looks like Yoda is what is doing this there also seems to be a massive line of copper blocks on my base I mean, someone is trying to oxidize copper in the most inefficient way. possible and byanyone i mean green yes i mean green now the question is can i land on this thing can i yes yes i have talent there is no sign here i was waiting for a sign i really dont know what to do about it i mean it gives a pretty good view from my base very sustainable and also gives you a good view of the green spaces.
I have almost 1 half stack to play with so I need to think of something fun to build thinking thinking thinking. I've thought and honestly this is one of the stupidest things I've ever thought of. it's incredibly satisfying to say try it out well so if i'm just building something here i think i'll cross over like that yeah i mean things seem to be going pretty well although i seem to be using up my copper a lot faster than what I expected. You might actually have to donate copper for this build. I mean, I'm already donating a bunch of slabs and stairs, but I figured the copper would pay for itself.
It looks very, very small, but that's okay, it's a good start. I have 36 copper blocks left. Yes, this is really very stupid. A bit stupid from here. on the sign and then I mean having a sign that said Liberty looked a little too serious so yeah I'd say this is good this is cool oh yeah I should probably show you what it looks like I mean it's kind of like hard to do on such a small scale but actually i would say i was inspired by several different statues of liberties i found on the internet this little small scale model is pretty cool it has no back but thats really in sticking with it bass I'm building him on so okay I mean come to think of it I'm not sure I've ever seen the back of the green you know he himself might not have a back behind his Frontage there's just one astral cloud of strange phrases and words a quantum field of things crashing into each other two particles collide and you never know you might end up with a dolphin freeway you might end up with a whole civil war anyway my little my little deviation from the plan It's come together nicely that stem of copper blocks that Green placed on top of my base hopefully if it wasn't green it would get very mixed up now it's effectively morphed and looks quite lovely so let's move on to Lamps now. we're going to be looking at lamps that now i've figured out sounds unbelievably boring that sounds that sounds boring like anything i promise this is exciting i promise i'm going to do i'm going to do something cool with lamps now i'm doubting myself if neither I don't even I really don't have any lamp are you serious?
I don't have a single lamp how could this be an absolutely huge storage system? I don't have a single lamp here I'm going to take this as a threat and go find my resources elsewhere I mean imagine you're working in someone's house and you open a cabinet and your own decapitated head is in there wouldn't you go on to steal it oh could you Boggle your own head is it even steal your own head if you steal your own head like that it's yours or is it if it's ok it's obviously going to be a duplicate of your head because otherwise that's just a whole extra kettle of fish like that that in this world someone has created a photorealistic decapitated version of your head and now you're burglarizing their house and I mean you're burglarizing maybe at some point you signed an image release allowing them to do this in that case you probably you're stealing and that's why you should always read the terms and conditions when you sign up for a website, can you tell i'm lost by the way i'm totally lost?
I still never know how to get to the lower center of the green to the nether portal and its path I could definitely do with some work I finally did it and now that I'm here I've remembered the reason I came to the nether is not so I can get to the center bottom is so i can go and pick up some glowstone when i thought i was lost actually they found me and now that i'm here i'm definitely lost i could put myself in times new roman over a picture of a sunset sounds like the plot for a darman video i don't even have a silver pick in my beak this is painful i think i'm losing my marbles lamps let's make some lamps there is a very small build i want to do near my industrial district or at least my industrial district and this again is something i took on impulse impulse i used to do this every time i created an industrial district at least i think it was an impulse yeah it was definitely where he would have a literal checklist of all the Farms you wanted to build and he would take them off as he built them and it was an actual build, it was part of its base, this is not going to be a scrappy list in a book or a notes document outside of minecraft, i actually want to make a feature of it and i'm going to center it in our walkway here now i'm curious what that looks like it looks good if this was for example a test farm huh i mean it looks like this it looks great if i start stacking them it will look good i mean i guess i just I'll find out once I really start to put a lot of this stuff in place that's the thing with these tileable layouts when you build one of them you can every once in a while look a little pants but then when you start to get a lot involved , that's when it really stands out and I would definitely say this build is making it look really cool so far I'm a fan when I can see why I'm so bad at minecraft.
I've played this game for so long and I'm still terrible. Yes, this is satisfactory. It tickles my brain in all the right places. I am so curious. the thing will stand anyway. I'm just doing some terraforming here just to spread out our landscape to find our Redstone lamps and that now looks absolutely lovely. I currently have 15 Redstone Lamps but that can of course be extended if I decide I need more farms than I probably will. Let's be honest with you. I really enjoy building farms, so let's think about what the first farm should be. the one that should probably be at the bottom would be bamboo because it's quite tall so it requires quite a bit of vertical space and then and then probably sugarcane because again it works similar to bamboo farm and then it probably leaves to be melon and pumpkin those are the four starting farms now this farm will be very important for when we switch to minecraft 1.20 because we will have bamboo planks which means I can then make tons of chests using bamboo. which means I can make tons of Hoppers using bamboo and I don't have to go outside.
Collect a lot of wood, which means that industrial buildings will be significantly easier to build. Now next, I think having some sort of commercial transport of villagers would be fantastic, but I would imagine that it's actually going to go under the base, not in the industrial district, but still a farm, which is incredibly important. I want to build an iron farm though which should hopefully be able to fit within this earned footprint It won't be the fastest but it will be nice to have one now once I have built the iron farm we should have enough iron to make a magical cauldron to make a bunch of cubes and then make a Lava Farm which is done. using the cauldrons and the big piston power belt and that should give us enough fuel to make an industrial fern from there we can definitely make ourselves a cobblestone generator and that's going to need a lot of TNT so we're definitely going to need a mob then on top of that, to make sure it's separated enough from the iron farm, I'd say some form of villager, carrots, and potatoes.
Etc. farm and then since I eat a lot of golden carrots. Would he be able to get enough nether portals to make it efficient? That is, it would constantly load every time I'm online. That could be interesting. From there I've got three more slots for various different farms and obviously we've got chicken farms and dive farms and all sorts of other bits but they're a little more specific so I guess I'll see what happens once that's done. all these other farms are created so we have a wicked outline of what our future industrial district is going to be we've made absolutely massive progress on the mega base and it looks incredibly fancy these days but more importantly we've installed a small Statue of Liberty at the base of Green and I would say it is the makings of a very good episode of hermitcraft I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next one.

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