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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 54 - NEW HEART!

Jun 06, 2021
there's something very important i need to do now it's the day after halloween and i still look incredibly creepy and that's not good if you look creepy in the weeks leading up to halloween then everyone thinks you're just dressing up for halloween but as soon as You are creepy after Halloween day, everyone thinks you are ugly, so we need to find some kind of solution to this problem and then sell it in the horror chamber to make even more diamonds. This is the most profitable thing I've ever made by far, it's five stacks of diamonds just from killing people and also some base food, some kind of diamonds and, um, yeah, some carbon crystals and some granite. a little creative with their payouts, so I've created a little system that allows us to take the fear out of our skin, so if we read this, you'll be able to see the skin on the ghost, deposit eight diamonds and press the button.
hermitcraft 7 episode 54   new heart
Thank you now if we press this button. right here we have this thing that tells you to go somewhere and somewhere there is this little lectern on this little island that will have a set of instructions and if you follow those instructions you will go back to looking like a normal human being, someone who will definitely This guy, Mr. Joe Hills, could use a little creepiness, what the hell is he that's horrendous? In fact, you know what's so bad it's in the house one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, hopefully that covers the cost and she gave him three.
hermitcraft 7 episode 54   new heart

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hermitcraft 7 episode 54 new heart...

There are too many diamonds anyway. My plan for today's Hermitcraft


is to have to do with this, the golden


on top of my base. Now I love the way this golden


looks. I think it looks fantastic. I love the way it looks. fits the base I think it's great I'm very happy with it but this is okay I feel like it's not executed perfectly now as I'm sure most of you know my original plan with this was to have a base visible. beating heart there are a lot of pistons inside there are all kinds of red stone inside that makes the edges pulsate but that caused a lot of lag which was a lot for my little computer to handle so I opted for note it crashes and You can only hear them when you're right next to them, which is fine, but I want my bass to really feel alive, you know, it's alive, it's asking me for golden apples all the time, so it's alive, okay? it's working, but when you're down here you have no idea it's actually alive and when you're down in the storage system once again you have no idea, so I want to make it a little more audible and potentially visual.
hermitcraft 7 episode 54   new heart
I want the heartbeat to vary depending on how healthy the base is. This will be the most designed heart ever built in Minecraft, so let's move on to the world of Redstone testing. Now he had the idea to send the Redstone signal down by making use of it. of daylight sensors, but it turns out that daylight sensors are not really transparent, they don't actually let daylight through, which is a little negligible because then we can have a central red stone clock in the heart that then will send the signal. wirelessly across my entire base to all the Redstone clocks so that all the heartbeats are synchronized because that's the important difficulty, the fact that the heartbeats have to be synchronized throughout the base so that you don't have a heartbeat on some place and another. heartbeat elsewhere is now not the same as wireless, but I think this could be a potential option if everything works so we have a stream of water running down the center of the base from bottom to bottom. heart, which to be honest, is not visually horrible, I think it could actually look pretty good and then off to the side, in hidden places, we would have these systems.
hermitcraft 7 episode 54   new heart
Now you can see, I have Redstone lamps, that's just so I can see it. the upper and lower one activate at the same time, which means that we would have a central clock that controls the heartbeat and then all of these would be branches and we would know that they are all synchronized, I mean, already I think this is ridiculously cool and neither we haven't even added any variability yet, but now it's all in place and it's also relatively smart, so obviously we have the regular number one beat and then I thought when it starts to increase a little bit.
So we'll just activate a second clock that makes the heart beat a little bit erratic, you know, all of a sudden, a very irregular beat, like things are going very, very wrong with the bass, the heartbeat is messing up and finally we go down to This setup is a very slow and still slightly irregular heartbeat, so we'll have two heartbeats and then there will be a huge delay between them, you know, in its later stages and finally there's the full setup, which of course is no beat. Anyway, everything is completely shut down and the base is dead.
Well, I'm very happy with this. I think this is a really clever little system, so let's work on building it into the base. Now the first question is do I have a clear line of sight going from the center of my base to the top, the answer is yes, I actually have the perfect amount of space to build this thing, look at that, that made me happy day I really hate having to relocate the Redstone gadgets. In fact, I have little tears in my eyes. This is shameful. This is what true, pure happiness feels like. Okay, let's get this annoying headlight out of the way and maybe clear some space underneath.
Now I think it would have been like that. It's smart to clean the space underneath before removing the annoying beacon. Yes, that would have been smart. Hopefully this is low enough that we won't constantly hear the piston going up and down, but we'll be able to hear the blocks of notes. My goal next is that we need tons and tons of glass panels and I don't know why I always look at these chests. I forgot that I have a complete storage system that classifies every item in the game and yes. I'm still looking at the one I still have, I still don't have any glasses, I go to the shopping district and I go to the top of the base.
Now the interesting thing about connected textures in optivine is that they become invisible, this is all it means is that there is a glass panel here, so the old heart mechanism no longer exists. I guess technically the base just died. Just, oh my god, I just murdered my base, don't worry, come on down. You can hear me from beyond. They will update you, but it is a temporary death. It's okay, you'll be back soon. The glass panels are now in place. I could totally be lying. Okay, they can't be there, but I promise you they can.
How can I prove this? Maybe if I tried to fly towards them, here we go, I started to panic. I wasn't even going to be able to hit them now that we have the water, which looks good now that we have the now broken cow, but now we should have a bubble elevator, oh, which I guess I should probably explain, so the way where we're getting the Redstone signal to travel through this water elevator is that we're creating a bubble elevator and then turning it off, it turns out that observers can actually detect that block state change in the blocks of the source of water and it happens uniformly throughout a stream of water, everything happens instantaneously all the way to the top, that's how we send the signals. to the heartbeat, I apologize, I probably should have explained this earlier in my Redstone test because I just realized that many of you probably didn't know about it and are wondering: how is it sending a Redstone signal through water? now for the Most of these things will be hidden, they will be in areas of the base that cannot be accessed, other than this one, I think it will be the only one they will actually go through, so I have done everything I can to make it look as good as possible and I think it's okay, it's pretty close to the water stream, it's not a horrendous design, it's pretty compact, it's okay, I have to be very careful here, I did it.
I've also decided that I want to tighten this stuff up a bit, so I have three blocks of notes for each beat in each of the modules, so hopefully it will be a lot more audible. This video should definitely be sponsored by them. and here we go here we go here we go redstone target block that's the new heartbeat oh that's cool how far away can we hear this? That's really cool, as long as you are close to my base, you can hear the heartbeat. I actually have a beaming smile on my face right now this is so much better this is so much better I didn't even recognize what that was I'm the first person to get caught up in the creepers' camouflage I can't believe it okay all of our Redstone watches Now they're in place, obviously our heartbeats are very, very out of sync because all the Redstone clocks are ticking at once, but the whole infrastructure is there.
This is now ready to go with your variable heart rate. All we have to do is connect that variable heart rate to the brain at the base up there, which could be a challenge. In fact, I'll be honest with you, I currently have absolutely no idea how I'm going to do it, so I've decided to head over to this area right now for those who don't know that this is Stress' Haunted Mansion, it's a very attractive build and it's Full of really interesting puzzles. Now I know it's the day after Halloween but here's the cool thing, I was away for Halloween and the few days leading up to Halloween recently ended and I didn't get a chance to play it and I would really be upset if I missed it.
Let's not talk about it, so I want everyone to ignore the Halloween theme and see it as a scary house full of interesting puzzles. Okay, let's do this. Alright. It's scary. Find trinkets in barrels. And yes, he collects things. You know I actually did. read it but it took me two minutes to read it all out loud and that's not the most interesting clip this doesn't sound good and it definitely doesn't sound good I think I'm going to go with the warrior class just because I know it feels really good and now I guess I I'm fine, there's nothing here, ah, I found a barrel, okay?
I managed to find something, some clotted blood, just what I wanted this afternoon, okay, okay, okay. There's something I'm getting really good at this a magic a magic crystal I'm not sure if technically that's where I'm supposed to be let's see if I can detect something down there no I'm pretty sure most of the barrels actually they are inside the mansion oh yeah I knew that, I knew there would be one behind a painting, but you have to be a little careful when you jump through the paintings. I need to open this trap door and also This iron door opens and I'm trying to listen, it doesn't seem like any of the buttons are doing anything which keeps surprising me because I think I'm thinking it's doing something but it's just opening this trap door ah .
How quickly do I have to be okay? Wait for it. Wait for it. Wait for it. Ten were established. Oh, he has, no, I can't believe it. Now I have to use that clip. It's a joke. I don't think I was ever going to use it, I was going to cut it off but then the door opened when I said it oh no no, today I'm embarrassing myself, today I'm embarrassing myself, okay, that sounded like it opened, can I get there? yes, he has, this could be the death of me, so I think there's a pufferfish detector right here.
Do I think I could do it? Do I reasonably think I could do that? Oh no, well, that's just terrible. Oh, uh, that didn't do it. Hey look, I found an extra barrel and another one, so we managed to get all the trinkets we had last time and also an extra couple, so let's pick up where we left off. I found a combination. Look and I can hear a piston move when I hit this I can't I can't work it oh yeah yeah I love it when that happens I can also see a barrel over here but I don't see any way to access said barrel oh oh yeah that's how I get to the barrel fantastic, i have learned just try to jump through each painting i think the paintings the paintings are the key here this definitely looks dangerous i do it i knew it i knew it there is no way you are putting a barrel at the end of a long thing if he wasn't going to try to kill me I'm very proud of myself what's open was open was open what's open opened something those those those yeah okay button run run run run run, take this, I can go.
I was afraid of being locked in there forever. Wait, why don't I go? There may be more barrels there. This also seems dangerous if back is front, left is right, who decides that? right is right left so yes he has done it he has done it with pure logic and genius oh I didn't realize where I was I was back where I died I was so lucky so I was just walking and I walked a little bit also near the puffer fish I don't even know how I stayed alive you don't really see that corridor that corridor is somewhere around here yeah it's the back of this but it's closed it's closed when you're here mortal though I've beenmessing around a lot in these two rooms and I hate to say it.
I think the pufferfish is actually activating that gate and I don't want to take any chances. Well, now we're on floor number one for some reason. I started on floor number two because I'm a strange human being. The same process I can hear something. I can hear something. I can hear something. Is something opening behind a painting? This is like a double layer trap. Oh, I already moved out of that room. because I was getting stressed, okay, we have different noises, I can hear things happening, it sounds like something is opening somewhere else, but I can't figure out where, if I run here, there is no closed door, this is much more stressful and confusing than it was.
Hoping it's okay, I think I'm onto something, so we have a button that says one of two, so if I run over here, bam, we're not over anything, nothing, actually, I thought we were going to be a winner, aha , two of two, boom and boom. order backwards but I'm sure it's fine it sounds like it's fine and I'm on the money oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah oh for anyone who's seen it outside of season 6 you'll know what it's about if you'd never found Fedora that would have been incredibly annoying okay okay I don't know if these buttons do anything now I wonder if there's a barrel here behind the zombie it doesn't look like it doesn't look like it and I won't take your chances things are getting really scary okay we're at the top we are at the top use what you have and don't fall if I step on the carpet I can't die what happened there okay run run run run run barrel boom yeah I'm definitely wary of rooms like this , is there something behind this painting?
No I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared, it definitely feels like I'm channeling somewhere now that I'm on top What I can see well is that somewhere I really want to go or it's going to kill me I've decided take a risk I have decided to take a risk It could be my death How high does this place go? Okay so we're up to 18, I'd say I'm getting to the point where maybe I should cash out, yeah the decision has been made, okay I think that works, if I just press this button here I can throw away my 18 little ones. trinkets in position I mean, I don't know if that's a lot or not, to be honest with you, I mean the fact that there is a double chest maybe has me a little worried because I didn't do a particularly good double check, oh, it's intended to be a coffin, please forgive me because I'm an idiot anyway, my friends is that we have done it.
It is notable that the Halloween Mansion was completed the day after Halloween. Okay, let's pack up our gear and get back to work. In fact, I think I came up with a cool idea and it's inspired by something we did with Sahara in season 6 of Hermitcraft and that we would send people's order information using a token item so that the item would go into the warehouse and then they turned out well. We can do that with this system so we can send an item that falls to the bottom and then the system knows what heart level we are at even without having a redstone line there, now we just go back to the base.
Do you think I need? to tone down the heartbeat a little bit, you know, it's a little intrusive, is it going to take me around the bend? I can feel it luring me around the bend, I'll let you be the judge of that anyway. our item sorter is now in place, so that's what will determine which items actually dropped into the system. Now we need to build a little snorlax rs which is basically like a button selector panel, except instead of having buttons we have an item sorter. and that means we're going to get a single constant output once an item drops and that took me a lot longer than I expected, but now everything is fully functional, so we can replace these buttons with the redstone dust and now that rs latch is connected to this and that should be it now if I look at this yes that one is selected which means the base is currently in dead state with all the bits below ready now I'm just putting the elements that they're connected to the health of the base, how much health does it actually have left, so this will trigger the element and it will land in that hopper down there and that will send the signal and finally I just need to make sure. that none of the items are going to fly off somewhere we don't want them to so this is just a little camera that will keep them all perfectly aligned and with that I think everything is completely completed so if I give this thing a very quick test just breaking this piece of redstone dust that will cause an object to fire and I guess Land Hopper, yeah, there we go, so now we have a jagged distress, which means the thing is on its way. to die, but it's not quite dead yet and then if we do this, it would be the equivalent of putting in a new golden apple that should have fallen and now things have leveled out, so the Redstone system works, everything is working, We have updated. the heart and we have also played stress it is an amazing game did it break then or am I imagining things?
I found a lot of Minecraft today. Leave. I listened to it for a full minute afterwards and everything was fine. my mind is playing tricks on me which is actually okay when I say I've been playing too much Minecraft today it seems like I just go away I don't know my brain gets a little tired I'm also really tired and I've been filming for the last three days and It's already three and four in the morning. We called at four in the morning. Why do movie shootings start so early? I love it though.

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