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Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 016: REVEALING MY SEASON PLANS!

Jun 01, 2021
What's going on everyone? My name is Impulse and welcome back to


seven of the hermit crab. I love this view, it looks fantastic, my goodness, but we talked a few episodes ago about what to do with this section. Here I mentioned building a wall up to something like that. Get this on a nice solid foundation and you guys put up some designs on Twitter and linked some ideas and comments and stuff like that, and I also spotted a lot of you guys who didn't want to see these pillars. I think today I have a fair commitment that we are going to make and we are going to maintain the pillars and we are going to have a wall and we are going to do more details on that wall.
hermitcraft 7 ep 016 revealing my season plans
Well, you probably clicked on the video when you saw the title that mentions something about me telling you my




7, this is going to happen. I'll tell you my


for season 7 in this episode, but first I want to take care of these pillars, these actually need to be moved to another one. thing that I built and I just had to tear it down and move to another place, but we are going to do it, we have to do it. I'm going to tear down these pillars and then we're going to build a backup in a new place where the pillars have been removed and I feel a little bad about that.
hermitcraft 7 ep 016 revealing my season plans

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hermitcraft 7 ep 016 revealing my season plans...

I'm really sorry, but again it will be the same reason why I lifted my entire base from a block. It will make sense why I move them in the long run, so now I think what. I'll do it because now it looks really fun with zero pillars supporting it. I'm going to put them back but in a new place and I think we'll see, we'll see. I was thinking about going to the end. around, but maybe just do the front so we can see what it's going to look like with the wall as well, so let me rebuild them now, we'll see what we're doing in time and I'll make a decision that I guess is okay.
hermitcraft 7 ep 016 revealing my season plans
I'm going to be especially careful this time because yeah, as they say, measure twice, cut once and yeah, I don't want to move them again, so I'm on the inside of this little corner structure here. and what I'm looking for is the center of this is right here, right on this, you can see the center of this 3x3. I want the center of the column to be here, so I measured it a little bit and I think yeah, that's the center, so now I can build it and know that it's in the right place. This time I'm starting to build the pillars again in the new place and I'm realizing that it actually looks great even without the little cross pattern on it.
hermitcraft 7 ep 016 revealing my season plans
I think I still put that cross pattern back in, but I thought it was kind of interesting. Look how cool the wall looks and I think it looks really good right now. It is very well lit. I can see it underwater and yes, I love it. I love it. We found a way to incorporate Prismarine bricks into the build. I said I was going to build this with a lot of Prismarine bricks. At first I changed my mind and then I felt something like that. bad and now we've found a way to integrate them back together and I think because it's underwater, it actually looks pretty cool, let's go underwater here and see.
I can add more details. I don't know, I can leave it, but it definitely shows. really good and I took a page from Green's book and just did the front. I still need to do the pillars everywhere and that looks a little funny, doesn't it? But yeah, I was taking a lot of materials. There's a lot of materials to build, not that we have any problem with the Friz Marine, but just to build those columns, there's a lot of concrete, there's a lot of gray concrete, there's a lot of light gray and stone, that whole middle pillar part.
Everything is saved and that is my main obstacle at the moment to be able to complete all these pillars. Over time, it actually takes quite a while to get that detail done, but my gosh, I love it, it looks fantastic, we have a chest here, which is nice, so we have some leftover material, what I really want to do is because the smooth stone is my limiting factor in finishing the rest of those pillars. I think I'll go see if a zuma has shown up recently. He restocked his rock store so we could buy more of these guys.
Okay, so I'll grab some diamonds and we'll go shopping. I completely forgot. I only have one diamond left because Tango and I paid for all that land. In fact, I didn't even have enough to cover my half. I owe you. I don't know how many blocks of diamonds. I forgot to do the calculations. But I owe you and I can't buy anything right now. I have a diamond that is not going to take me very far. I think what I'll do is take half of the profits from our concrete store and give it to tango until it's paid in full, but I'm being nice.
I hope I have made some diamonds in my own stores and can use them to buy more stones, so Prismarine Dark Furs Marina has actually been one of the best sellers here, let's see that it hasn't sold out. Actually, it surprises me. it's not out of stock with so many people needing it ok so there's 12 we're starting to come back here oh sea lanterns are always a hot item they're running out of stock actually ok yeah here we go, we'll be back. They're coming back, that's good. Wow, I can't believe how fast they navigate. Alright. They are easy to store.
To see if the advertising we did a few episodes ago paid off, we'll see how we sold more totems since the last time we were here. He really did it. We sold it this time they paid full price. We sold another totem. Beautiful. It worked, I guess we visited 22 vases, we sold a totem and gave away 22, but hey, I'll take it, I'll take it, okay, the emeralds continue to sell, look we're now up to 77 plus the one we already had. 78 diamonds now like this and I can afford to go buy a stone from Mazuma, assuming he has something from Zuma, it's all good, friend, oh oh, I'm interrupted, I've interrupted the novel, oh, what's behind, I'm interrupting something here.
I was going to make a purchase it seems like these guys are planning something I don't know what I don't know what I hope they're not too upset I know they were planning to do a business I know We were planning to start a business to sell concrete just like we did and yes, in I had actually spoken to Zuma about it and let him know that, hey, you know, take what I planned to do this concrete business. I heard you plan to do the same. I think that's what all this nonsense is about and Zuma said, "Okay, we'll get into concrete wars, we'll see who could sell the most concrete, basically, it's like he and Corrales are maybe discussing their strategy, so I think I will leave." let him have a moment and I will come back and buy that stone when they are all finished while waiting for his Ummah in Corrales to finish whatever they were doing.
I decided to restock this place because the secret to having a successful business here in the shopping district is to make sure you never run out of stock because whatever you do, people will just assume that you're always out of stock and stop coming in and even browsing as well. that I resupplied the guardian farm and I think I will also head to the Emerald in the totem shop, there we go all stocked up now, with chests full in this one that is amazing and I also have some news for you. A few episodes ago I asked for a good name for this place and I got a suggestion that I really liked, let's call this impulses, in fact let's change it to welcome impulses, M&M Emporium.
I love that name guys, you get it, you get it, M&M, you get it. Do you know why emeralds and toad temps perfect right perfect this starts with M this ends with e m mmm I love it, I love it, so if you were also the one who commented in the comments about this name, congratulations, that was it, by far , the best suggestion I saw, but thanks again. everyone who submitted, could you do it, I always appreciate it and yes, thanks for all the help. I think we got a very good name for a store.
I have my diamonds ready and I'm ready to buy some stones and look at this place. It's changed quite a bit since the last time I was here. I hope these aren't spoilers, but there are clues everywhere. There's a large set of furnaces back here that appears to be preparing to do an automatic smelter so we can get there. it's these guys that's exactly what I'm looking for so I hope to have some here again it was a diamond for two stacks so yeah that's not bad I mean that's a good start we'll be a lot longer where that came from .
We also have our foundry so if I need to buy there we go, if I need to buy this we can oh and there's a lot of that so they brought me my shulker boxes for a reason we'll load them up here hopefully I still have them. a few diamonds left over when this is said and done, it wasn't that bad. I bought it completely sold out of the smooth stone and the normal stone and I still have 41 diamonds, plus I have a little bit still in my chest and/or so that's not bad, we still benefited today, that's amazing now that we've taken care of our stores and we went shopping.
I think it's time to finally tell you what my master plan is for the season and instead of just telling you what my plan is I think I want to do a little visual of this okay I'm ready for the big reveal are you guys ready to this? It's right behind me, this is people, this is the plan, the master plan. For season seven, first of all, obviously our main goal here is to build an awesome base and that will definitely still be our goal, but aside from that goal of having an awesome, ginormous base with all kinds of cool stuff, the goal is make a big wall with random signs, we did it, yes I'm just kidding, this is a to-do list as you can see and it's pretty big.
I had to make a whole wall for this, I've basically written all the things down. all the farms I want to do throughout the season and I want to move them from one do to another if I'm in the middle of the project to do it, I hope that as the season progresses we will see more and more signs. go from left to right and yes, that will show the progress we make now. I don't know if I'll keep it on this wall and these signs or not, but yeah, we can check. I was thinking making item frames with the actual items you get from farms could be cool, but then again, the item frames I've heard are a little slow if you have too many, like I even care about the ones I have on my little. classification system your storage system isn't even classified yet, but the one I'll have here too, so I don't know, let me know if it still exists, I think it might be, so we can take a quick look at some of the things I've marked like farms we want to do so there's a lot of farming type stuff here as you can see as we go down now look at that seaweed we actually did this a couple of episodes ago so now we can actually come here, we can take this sign off the to-do list and there's basically a floating scaffold.
Although Oh, Minecraft, you're so funny, but basically, did you know I could set up a scaffold here somewhere in the end? area and then go down the sign that says we've made a seaweed farm and it's amazing so yeah I would go somewhere we'll just say here and put seaweed and that's the idea and there's a few more signs that I need to move so Let me show you the rest of the signs real quick, why didn't I understand them? I should have taken him down like that. It was up there, oh well yeah, the farming stuff and then we have just the passive mobs here, you know a lot.
Of these, you know, there are some Eddie farms in the server form, but I can make small versions just for fun for myself and for Skelly's help. There is another one that we have already done, so I will have to move it too, let's see if there is one. If there are more here that will be a fun creeper farm that also makes music records which would be cool and there are a lot of these here that probably won't be doing the inferior things anytime soon because we're resetting the inferior ones so they may doesn't make sense. for me to do that and then there are several different blocks that we could possibly harvest.
I may be missing some farms, so if you can think of any that aren't on the board with the Rose, we can remove those too and Yes, if you can think of any that I'm not showing here, let me know in the comments potentially I lost one. Oh, there's no emerald on the totem pole and what else did I miss? The Guardian, where was The Guardian? An advertisement had to be there. a no here somewhere I just didn't even put up the keeper sign oh I must not have done that should have been listed here but obviously that will be on the done side so yeah we have definitely made a farm of guardians anyway, so that's it guys, that's my plan.
I want to address these farms. You know it's not like every episode we're going to make a farm or something. We will spread them throughout the season. I anticipate the season to be a nice, long one, long enough to make my base super ginormous and long enough to do all these farms and of course long enough to get to some mehgan, I might Have you noticed this whole clip, my levels are zero again, yeah yeah, that's because while I was building this board before a little visit from B Dubs. In fact, I wasdancing tango, producing some concrete and to get a proposal, and things got a little crazy after that, so to finish this episode, I'll run everyone's clips. the shenanigans that ensued between me were Tubbs and tango, so go ahead, enjoy my flight, what is this?
What are you doing? It's concrete to serve 9000, yeah, yredstone stuff and it makes concrete, right, yeah, we have stock in our store now, man, we got a new buy, um, I've seen it, I've heard of it, yeah, in between, You might want to okay, you're okay, yeah, yeah, Pistons and things are going well, yeah, it's a little intimidating, that's why I came because what's going on? Well, personally, I recently started my own business and your store is entrepreneurial, yes, it is my first store. It sort of implies like blowing things up, like I blew up some things in a bad way, like this is more of a help, like proof of why I need help because I came up with this business idea.
I'm going to use tt to fly. large areas and things number one I don't have TNT I was going to use TNT to decorate the store I don't need much more than I expected I don't have I don't have any knowledge Okay, like TNT is a risky business mm-hmm, like you just finished , yes, so eloquently, yes, yes, as you know, you know how, like tea and tea, like a blast radius through a certain type of block, like a cobblestone, how close is it? be in the black ones wear both, yes, yes, I see conversations that I can't walk with, so I'm curious.
I feel like this is a big potential deal in the season, people want things to be cleared up. It's true, you know, you came to the right guys, sure, yeah, we have exactly what you, so the tango actually has a very nice Cooper farm to me and I heard it through the grapevine, but look at this, you I have showering, the other half of the recipe is sand, so I have this look covered. this training in the meantime to learn how to juggle paddles, amazing, okay, honestly, I thought I would really have to sell you guys, you know, so that you blow things up and we're on board, really, yeah, I thought you were going to push.
I wonder what percentage you get and stuff, but now I know I can keep 90 percent of the profits, it'll be fun, maybe we can tango it and I just finished building the store so you know if we're supplying like the actual store, the store at that time at least we don't have to see, we don't like building the store, so, yeah, yeah, yeah, I have the store, I have two guys, okay, come on guys, here it is. your future diamond road these these words, I guess words, we built little cubes there on the ground and this is what the teacher builds, like there's a piece missing here, yeah, you got fires up there trying to decorate with TNT, ya You know and I accidentally put it next to a lever and super cool man, yeah this is cool, we know people will know when they walk by, they will know that this is a place where people do things right.
I can trust this guy, look, come here, take a look at this, there's a place like what we put up like it's just a regular oak sign, instead of just hearing who's b-dubs, we were too lazy to even think in a name for our store, we would like you to call us yours, that would be us. They would be boomer movers, let's make the sugar go, so you have some white. Last night I had all the red and then I realized, oh, this is too much snow, so I had to farm a bunch of snow. A snowman helps me. excited this is going to be a storefront effort where people can make requests because this is a service industry where there are no products here yeah yeah so they'll ask the RIC question but then up here's where and up here I would.
I'd like to have some tea and tea carts and stuff, but like I said, I ran out here, this is our office, oh, I like it, it's a little breezy, it's a little breezy, there's three seats. I like it, yes, yes, so these chairs. You're not the best, yeah, there was going to be tea here too and then again the supply would run out, so this is where we do our devious plots of eating boomers and stuff, is what you're saying well, well we don't . I want to say devious on camera because then all the humans will look at us and know that we are legitimate religious people, they work for us, we will do the job well, we will keep our word and our client will be satisfied. -hmm, that's how I understand, I understand that I like it, that's how you talk, that I like it, okay.
I joked about how I get to keep 90% of the profits and stuff. I would like us to divide this 33.3 33333 three ways and Where does the last point go? I'm curious because you guys are seeing a lot about his skills and not just one because you see what a great deal he is. I would like to see it if you could. This is a little last second. but if you have something, okay, yes, I know you're a good shovel, yes, I'm ready, okay, shoveling, it's a very good skill that I would like to see because we may have to use some machinery, some TNT type machine I say, I would like to.
Let's see if maybe you guys might have some ideas just about the sound of the spa, you know what I'm saying, come up with it, so this is like the technical interview stage of our relationship, is what you're saying, right, yeah, it's okay, got it, go ahead. Go ahead, interview, okay with that, yeah, okay, how about you give us something together? Okay, five minutes. Okay, b-dubs. I have something here, we beat it together. It's called it's called a death sprayer. Oh yes, I know you're proud of your shovels, but can you keep them quiet? Sorry, sorry, shovel boy, it's okay, I'll put it away, I'll put it away, I just, I can only, with one arm, the shovel, at least you can, yes, you can.
You just have to keep them still, okay, this here is the safe end, okay, this here, this is the end of the business, this is the end you don't want to be on, right? This is what I'm talking about, yes, as I have done it. a little knowledge of Redstone, as I read, I could do something like this, like this line from Redstone, this goes towards the ice and the flash and I at the same time, I'm pretty sure I saw my life flash before my eyes. scary, you have a trained technician, do you have some kind of bomb badge on your shirt, do you want to light it up and give him a shot or what?
To do, we have to have certain safety measures here, right, yeah, so I mean you have everything I have turned off in case accidents happen, right, yeah, I feel like I should be behind this barrier, it's clearly sturdy to TNT and we would never do it. get hurt behind this, yeah, okay, smart, smart and if you want me to shoot it, yeah, well someone has to do it, so there's a button on the side, we want to shoot that thing, what if I do this new? Shoot, this was the end of the business we did. beautiful waterfall, you are proud, yeah, oh okay, so this is if anyone wants, so if anyone wants a beautiful waterfall, we know exactly how to do it, successful boomers when we get into a waterfall business, we are ready, you got it, we are ready.
I love that, okay, okay, yeah, give him a reconstruction that would be amazing, yeah, okay, b-dubs, do you think you can handle this this time? Pop yourself, there's a shiny button on the side, okay, oh you really should when you do it. these things you should do my uh manual or some instructions yeah, yeah, I don't care, I've already put up with my eyebrows, okay, yeah, okay, press the button and I hope it works, yeah, okay, here we go TNT TNT I see it well, oh, okay, that's a lot of TTE. Oh, where is he going?
Oh, okay, the times may need some work, but I think you blew up a little spot there tonight, yeah, let's try again, okay, okay, now that word like that, those words are a cool, it's great design, I think it's really nice, let me check real quick how much we've gone down, real quick, looks like I'm going to go over it because I think there are people who will want things to blow up a little bit. bigger than this thing, it felt like you used about 16 tea and tea to make that stack and a half of terracotta.
Okay, I'm thinking it would be nice if we could get a little more, then you know. we want to be able to handle jobs big and small, okay, okay, I can do it. I'll need a little time, but I'll get you something. Okay, okay, okay, I can't wait to see this push, go do something. digging, okay boss, okay, gentlemen, I brought the big guns here, this is crazy, I feel like we shouldn't be on top of this thing right now, it's called the destroyer of worlds, you know, it's got the hydraulic booster triple flow for Kader. with the extra TNT compressed into the hyperbolic extension mm-hmm look, this is what I'm talking about yeah, I don't know what that all means, that's true, it sounds amazing, yeah, that's it, it's all ready to go, it's prepared .
I just looked at one of the dispensers, oh this one, this one is measured in TNT per second, let's say yes, it will use up a lot of TNT batteries per second on this one, oh wait, yeah, we're not behind the counter shield suggestion explosions, oh right. blast shield this is a suggestion ok Sheila is standing right there are plenty that will stop all the explosions ok yeah right I love how you're whimsically placing blocks in this I mean I totally know what's going on to pass right now, hunting force, an entire pile of terracotta. okay Oh no, where did my shovels go?
I'm not going to leave my paddles like the paddles her mom and her dad gave her when she was in junior paddle camp. Not bad for a prototype unit. The timings again need to be tweaked a bit, but oh wow, that thing was fantastic, wasn't it? Made a crater, so yeah, this is nice, that mountain didn't even see it coming, pile after pile, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah, this is now, we're talking now, we're talking about something like this, now you have a partner, eh, absolutely tango. You're so useful that I think it would be slow for you to join me in a partnership, right, yeah, and that's just what we need, right, just technique, just hang up, well, I mean, you're going to be the same guy, listen , do you think?
You can, you think you can do it, yes, definitely, I will get new shovels, I will get your rack, I promise you they are very special, they will be very, very special, they will be the best diggers ever, I promise, okay? okay, okay, if he brings the shovels, he says a lot of guys, guys, please, you're right, man, I can't let us use your time, special time, I have a good tan, we could hit, we need, it we're going to bring like a trial introductory rate okay this is okay it sounds good yeah it's definitely a three way partnership that you're in I mean I can't wait I'm already going to go get some new paddles okay ?

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