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Jun 06, 2021
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another episode of Kirby Crafts season 6 today. If we start things where we left off with this giant eyeball, my goodness, the number of comments or name suggestions in the comments field of the last one. The video of this monstrosity is pretty crazy. Thank you so much for investing your name suggestions for him and I don't think there are many comments saying it shouldn't bother him. There were some, don't get me wrong. There were some people who didn't want to see him mustache, but most people definitely want to see him mustache, so the anime will definitely be a thing, not today, although today we will save it for the future, what I want to do today to start this episode is trying to find a system for slime collection so that right now this thing gets all the slime balls shooting out of these slime tubes and it's actually like I mentioned in the last few episodes or at except in the last episode, it's actually really fun to see slime balls shooting and right now it would be really nice, oh yeah, really nice to see some slime balls because otherwise that gives me life, but yeah.
hermitcraft 6 91 sahara order challenge
We go very often, slime balls appear in these tubes up there and they get packed into shulkie boxes and every time Shanker's box is full, they come down here now. I haven't been on the server for In the last 7 days I had to go on a trip and yes I was away so I didn't get screwed. I haven't tested this farm properly or anything, but it's definitely working and I can't, for God's sake, why can't we fly on this server anyway? Despite the flight problems, everything is packaged in Schalke boxes and, as I mentioned in the last episode, I now need a system where I take the Schalke box. it is placed with a machine and then I make them together into slime blocks because if we had to store them all in sulky boxes we would need many sulky boxes as this system would require so many Schalke boxes before you know we start nullifying items if we want to keep a considerable amount of slime and buy a considerable amount.
hermitcraft 6 91 sahara order challenge

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hermitcraft 6 91 sahara order challenge...

I mean tons and tons and tons and tons of slime because it's the best lock in Minecraft and if you're wondering does everyone care about slime now I'm absolutely sure there are tons. different ways we could do this. I've seen some pretty strange ways of doing this and maybe not so delay friendly, that's a tremendously large amount of melons, okay, I hope I can do this fast enough. Oh wow, I may have done that too. a lot of them and with that in mind I really want to try to create a very clever type of crafting system.
hermitcraft 6 91 sahara order challenge
Basically I go here and I can easily turn the slime balls into slime blocks and repackage them into a new shelter box and Then I guess I would also like the shelter boxes to be replenished there, that will be a bit of a problem to do the case. I would need to add another tube for all this. Now I feel like this would be a very good point to get into my creative test world, but I realized that I think I've already created something in our base that we can use the circuit from and I have to remind myself how it worked.
hermitcraft 6 91 sahara order challenge
Enter the ETM, do's Emerald Trading machine. This basically does what I wanted to do, so any chakra box that is empty will replace it with a new one, so I would take out some melons, turn them into blocks, and upon taking out the last one, the chakra box breaks and presents a new one, yeah, that's exactly what I want for piece one of this puzzle, the second piece would be to make sure that when I give a sly sigh, I tell them to go to some sort of storage that packs away. them in the new Schalke Box or something like that in this scenario of course I use them to trade with a guy and everything is fine, how did I build this thing?
I'm impressed by myself, so I have an inverted comparator that goes on a pulse generator. that sends a signal to that piston and I assume at some point it will also send that signal to the dispenser. Where did I put this dispenser? It's behind there. I sent the signal here to the dispenser that dispenses the new shell skewers. and the shell key box of just the stored melon slices from a shelter box loader on top here and that's already what we've built in the slime farm or the slime compactor robots thinking about doom , so yeah, basically, this should be pretty straight forward.
I don't even know why I had to look at the circuit. This is a super simple Redstone. I guess that's what happens when you don't play Minecraft for a week. I really don't think I've had a week off from Minecraft for a long time, so yeah, it's probably not a good thing, so knowing that I use this atm, I decided to come to my test world and try to recreate it, but doing so a little bit different because it should be like looking differently and I'm ready to try this so this would be our entry here.
In this design, we could probably make the hoppers go like this and then this would place the Shanker box, which I also have to remember. I figured out, oh for God's sake I should use the same layout I had, shouldn't I do it anyway? If I took out packs of slime blocks that would be broken and a new, absolutely brilliant one put in, don't worry, and I did it lightly. different, I added a one shot delay to the piston so that now I have time to double click on items but not get lost, you close the inventory and then a new one is dispensed, but yes, the jack-in-the-boxes are stored in that hopper that It's absolutely brilliant, so with this dish we should have something.
I mean, this seems ridiculous, but I think it will do what I wanted to do. Let's try it, so we come here, we take out our slime balls that are sent there and they are placed. here, empty, very nice, we come here or we just stay still, I guess we stay in this place, we create them in blocks and then once we've done it a few times, this eventually fills up and when we put the last one. that breaks, I put it in my inventory and I guess because there were no more cranky boxes, it didn't actually put anything in, so let's try all that again okay, so we craft this into slime blocks and enter the last thing that is put.
I put it in my inventory and a new empty key box is dispensed. Honestly, I think that's it and the only bad thing about this system is that we're going to have empty Schalke boxes queued up here now for every, I mean, for every dugout box there'll be like nine for every one we empty let's hmm yeah , we're going to have a lot of grumpy boxes just chilling on the system I guess, so I decided to take a look at YouTube before I implemented this on the home craft server, it's always interesting to see how people do things differently and Of course, our dear friend the handle has named this exactly and this is his design, so I rebuilt what he has and I'll put his tutorial in the video description if I remember, but basically it does exactly the same thing as my design, but the advantages of this is that it stores the Kubota shell separately, so to demonstrate this, let's see, then we have a clear inventory. take out the slime molds and then come in here create our blocks on the crafting bench very nice like lined up and then in this box we would fill all these locks and once filled he breaks them and puts them in this chest like this and in this chest he receives all the empty shelter boxes, so it's very, very, very useful to recycle the shell boxes, which is really good.
It also has an entrance for the empty Schalke boxes here on this dispenser and it has an entrance here for the filter key boxes, so this would essentially be our entrance to our slime compactor and I think I want to stick with this design, it looks a little neater, actually I think it's a little bigger which is awesome but it has the corner design and also doesn't have the storage in separate shulker boxes, I mean I could do the storage in thick boxes separately but so yeah, so I would say it would probably get bigger than that, so I think this is what I'm going to go with and come back to the hermit craft server.
I think we're going to go ahead and build this pretty far away because right now if I want to build it here I have to go down and then build it underground here and I don't think that's what I want to do, cool though, but now I think I want to build it here same, which means we have to transfer the Schalke items or boxes that are packed up here and then maybe move this building a little closer. I don't want it to obstruct this and I just like that to complete the front and that completes the entrance.
I think so, it looks pretty good. We can cover it. I guess we can cover this block here and these blocks. Yes I believe. I think that's what it looked like, although it feels weird with the hopper there, yeah, it's definitely better and now I seem to remember it, so again we took things out and crafted them into the blocks and if I had had a proper inventory. We have all the slime balls, the slime blocks and then, here and now, the recycled Schalke boxes arrive in the garden, so somehow we have to restock the slime robot with those who have those salty boxes and I'm not very sure. if there's a nice or neat way to do it automatically because I don't really want to create another pipe then I'll have to think about that one but now I need to like this together so it needs to run on the right or left hand depending on where it is Let's look, in this hopper we need to send these items.
Honestly, I think designing like this will look better and then we could have things like that to wrap around instead of having them like Three wide tubes. I think I just want to have it as a 1 and the items flow down because we have to send them an ice and I want it to look neat, so I think hopefully it'll look decent. so I connected the tube to that inlet hopper and now if I have to be a water source we should be able to travel up here and I guess that's not the quickest way to do it because it doesn't break the glass instantly and then here we are .
We'll put an ice pack so we can put a pressure plate on top. By the way, pressure plates can make you depressed, so that's good and then everyone should know that we'll probably need another one. This should send items to everyone. the way there and oh my goodness how lucky that an ebook was just sent out about sharks, that's amazing, did you see that if they come back, I'm pretty sure. I mean, I already had some crappy boxes in here, but I'm pretty. I'm sure that just happened, it's crazy, these should work as they were and this has been tested, so if I drop this box without selca in there now, if I drop these guys they should all go into that dispenser and it really looks.
Well, I mean, it's just a normal water Vader or a stream of water, but it's always very important to test these things, so now I have, yeah, they're okay, so storage here is maybe a little bit of an issue now that I see this because it's only nine plus five plus five, which is nineteen in total and that gave me a bit of a problem because if it fills up we're going to lose Schalke boxes and slime balls, to be fair it's basically about making sure we do the right thing. correct. crafts and let's not relax with this, we have to come here from time to time, the problem with this form is that it runs all the time, so because it is so central to my base, it can't be run and really, I really think it's oh no oh no what happened because there was water here so it seems to me that every time I take everything out of the Schalke Box I get that error about how long does water come out here oh wow okay, that's from the water flow and that's because that thing is pushed up no that thing is pushed down okay I see I see I see this thing is pushed down so if I do this we should be fine the water will just spill out there and then yeah, I don't think there's anything else you can do about it, unless you have that stream of water that's not there until the end, which I mean, that's also something you could do.
Actually, let's try this again just to make sure the timing comes out and then we'll go in. here and we crafted them and we put them here and this time there was no water, but I didn't actually check that, so let's do this, yeah, everything is fine, very good and in fact, this should fill our first shot of the boat, yeah and they give us a new one. We get a salty box full of slime dogs. We also have all the voids here. We have a transport back to the slime compactor. But this is exactly what I wanted.
I am very, very happy with it. It's very I'm very happy so I decided to spend a couple of hours trying to design this thing and I see it as a very ugly dog ​​with one tooth and ears and I can't get over it. I've changed it so many times regardless of the one from a tooth or whatever, I think I have to keep it for now and I'll see if I want to change it later, but I think once I connect the tube type, these are the same tubers. Once you plug it in, it should look a little better, but honestly, we have this thing up and running and I'm ready to something else and the next thing I want to do is go back home to the Sahara, which for the The way Green has done some amazing work and some amazing details within this place.
I mean, look at this, it's really taking shape. What I really love about this store from the construction area is that this represents how great an architect's style was. build is isIt's such a huge project. I really like what he's done with the elevators, which are arrows up and down. I didn't know, I didn't realize that, but it looks great, it looks absolutely great, so this area here is going to be the front of the store and I think I might want to start addressing that right now, but before do it I just want to take a look because Mumble messaged me and he's done quite a few things in here, I mean when we talk about how great this project is it's easy to just take a look at the warehouse because the nonsense installs all the pulse extenders, like this that now we have each cell practically finished and that's amazing, all these things that connect things have been installed, which means that we can now count the number of elements and that was the reason we set up this configuration.
I must say that although my frames are dropping here, yes, I have 60 frames. You know you've succeeded with the basic project when the frames I realized this is supposedly the front of Sahara's store, so the customer comes in and uses a panel we're going to build here to select the items they want to purchase and the actual store panel so far. As we have talked about before, there will be a large chest that can contain 27 times 252 different types of items and each item represents what you want to buy, sand, for example, if I want to buy an enderpearl, I would open the large chest.
I would press Q on the bottom pearl and then it would send me the default amount of the ender pearl, so let's say we are selling Stax for one diamond, it would send me four stacks of ender pearls and in addition to the chest, I would also have a selection of quantity, so the default would be this lamp here and then if I want to


double that quantity, I press the second button, if I wanted to


triple the quantity, press a third and a fourth, etc., and these lamps Of course, it will light up to indicate which selection was made and that's fine so far.
My horrible understanding is that we have to send a line of redstone for each item we get, so first of all we have to sell an item there, which I have already designed in our creative test in Test Redstone World, but then we have to send one line of Redstone per item to here and then they must connect to the search in the correct cell, so we have to send 50 different lines of Redstone that may not be connected from there to here. 50 blocks of Redstone are at least 50 blocks wide and that's if you use repeaters alternating with them so they don't connect, that's at least 50 blocks wide.
I mean, that's all. plaza, it is actually exactly 50 blocks from the staircase to here, so everything underground here must have red stone lines leading to that warehouse from there, this can be really very problematic, we may have to try to find a different solution for the selector now to better demonstrate what I'm talking about. I decided to go into my Redstone test world where I actually built the selection panel a few weeks ago and this is it here so if I bought it Redstone. it says a stack for two diamonds so a stack of redstone blocks in this example would be two diamonds and then I would queue them up and this panel here should flash the redstone block so that's how the system will know that I have selected the right thing and I can Do this again with potatoes for example and now it will select the potato that is right there and the way this works is super simple it's just an element built into an element filter and then I take the output and yes, then this sign is what we need. ship 50 blocks away, we need to have 50 of these under the pick panels and that needs to be shipped all the way to the warehouse.
I feel like there has to be a better way to do this, otherwise I think it would be instead of having the item filter filter the items in the panel and then send a redstone signal, which is pretty much one instance minus the amount of repeaters and the delay, the other way to do it would be to have instead of having the redstone line that We could have a stream of water running to the end, but as you can see this would take quite a long time. I mean, that's probably the distance, it's not super, it's not super slow I guess, and the benefits of doing it this way would be that we don't have to send 50 different signals because we can then decode the signals in the warehouse with this decoder.
Yes, the more I think about this, the more it makes sense. It would reduce the speed of the order. It would increase the speed of the order. slower, but I don't think it's viable to have 150 different redstone lines under all the plots. Ah, that's just going to cause a lot of lag and stuff like that, so back on the Hermit Craft server, I think what I want to do is set up and a long stream of water lines up to the warehouse and then does some kind of board test pressure to see how long it takes the item to travel there.
We can do it with a light source and see if it's a viable option because Actually, this is something that's stressing me out a little bit right now. I'm not going to lie, this is going to be yes, this is a setback in this whole thing that we hadn't thought of. So I ran a water line from the front of the Sahara store to here and the way we're going to test this is like this, okay, so I'm going to have my viewer account sitting here with the volume up and then we're going to cast a Saharan object so prone to here and then we should hear how long it takes well, so my spectator account is right above those note blocks, I should be able to pick up the sound, let's try this. and maybe I should have had a timer for this, this is kind of the feel, so before I get to the note blocks, it will be more than ten seconds for the decoder, but that's just for the selection, then also has to deliver. and uh, okay, well, it got there, that's good news, it got there, it actually didn't take that long, so now, at this point, the system would know that I ordered stone in this example.
I'm going to have to run this with nonsense, let's see if you have a better idea, but if we follow this idea in theory, it shouldn't be difficult to make the red stone here because all we need is the element cell decoder that I already built. In our creative test, well, there are perspectives, but I've already built a creative test world and that means sitting here and then we need to send a signal to each and every cell, which of course will be a pile of red stone like that . There will be a lot of redstone to connect to, but yeah, that shouldn't be too complicated and I honestly think this is a much better way to do it than sending 50 weird red cell signals across the square because it will probably be very slow. .
But with that being said, that will do for today. We no longer have video time for this episode, but thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this episode, if you did please hit the like button below. If you're new, consider subscribing and I'll see you in the next episode.

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