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Heinrich Himmler: Architect of The Final Solution | WW2 Documentary

Nov 11, 2021
It is all too easy to place all the blame for the Holocaust on one man, Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany and the man who has now come to personify true evil; yet no man could truly achieve such horrors alone since the beginning of his political career he had allies people who would flock to his cause and ultimately help propel him to a stage where he could inflict such cruelty. in the world, there was herman goering, commander of the german air force, the luftwaffe, joseph goebbels, the propaganda minister of the third reich. and Heinrich Himmler, the leader of the SS and one of the main


s of the holocaust against the Jews and anyone else who did not fit his vision of a pure Germany.
heinrich himmler architect of the final solution ww2 documentary
In today's


, we'll delve into this terrifying figure of history and explore his career. of a man who on both ideological and practical levels is literally responsible for the deaths of millions this is the story of one of history's true monsters welcome to the world wars early years




in german was born in munich on 7 October 1900 In a conservative middle class Bavarian family his father was a teacher while his mother was devoted to her Roman Catholic faith, but both had close ties to the then ruling German Monarchy with Heinrich taking his name from his godfather Prince Heinrich From Bavaria in regards to his education, the young Heinrich Himmler proved to have a keen intellect and did well in his academic studies while attending the Cathedral School on Salvottaplatz before attending the primary school in Lanshut where his father was the deputy headmaster, however, European primary schools of the time emphasized that children demonstrate their prowess both physically and mentally.
heinrich himmler architect of the final solution ww2 documentary

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heinrich himmler architect of the final solution ww2 documentary...

Before and sadly for the young Himmler, this was an area in which he struggled, he was prone to bouts of ill health throughout his life. especially because of stomach aches that inhibited his athletic performance in his first year at the salvatoplat. He missed around 150 days of school due to illness that led his father to take steps to shore up his son's education, such as lessons during the Summer Vacation; Such ailments returned but nonetheless persisted throughout their school days. It is known that Heinrich's father expected a lot from all his children and it has long been speculated that these stomach aches were probably the result of the stress of this incredible parental pressure.
heinrich himmler architect of the final solution ww2 documentary
It was often noted by his classmates that the young Himmler was always quite awkward in social gatherings, but from his diaries, which he began meticulously taking from the age of 10, we can see that he was a keen observer of people. He jotted down his thoughts on topics including Imperial Germany's growing economic and military power. In the run up to World War I and the relationship between religion and sex reflecting his own questions about sexuality as he entered puberty Heinrich was too young to join the German army when World War I broke out in the summer of 1914 and he would have to wait another year to join his school's cadet corps where he would be prepared for eventual military service during this time, like many boys of his age and class, he heard the stories of the glorious campaign against Germany's enemies and longed being a part of it, however, he was dismayed that in the towns around his school there seemed to be less enthusiasm for the war than he would have liked, possibly emphasizing the naïveté of young adolescent Heinrich Himmler, even as the initial patriotic mania that swept through Germany during the early stages of the war began to wane.
heinrich himmler architect of the final solution ww2 documentary
Himmler remained excited at the prospect of earning a living. glory commanding troops in battle and was envious of his older brother, who reached military age in July 1915 and immediately joined Himmler, seemed oblivious to the suffering that was occurring as a result of the war, even when it began. to affect their own family, the once privileged


s saw their influence dwindle as, like all other families rich or poor in Germany, they had to live under the restrictions placed on them. Like rationing, perhaps the biggest blow to the family came when Prince Heinrich, Heinrich Himmler's namesake and godfather, was killed in battle, cutting off the family's access to the aristocracy and severely limiting its future prospects and influence;
Yet despite all this, Heinrich Himmler eagerly continued to play soldier in the cadet corps and then pretend to go to battle with his friends in the fields around the school where, as Heinrich recorded in his journal, they accomplished feats as imaginary such as capturing 1,000 Russian soldiers almost single-handedly, it would not be until late 1917 that he would


ly join the German army as an officer candidate, but the war would end in November of the following year single-handedly. After completing his training after missing out on the war, he completed his primary school education before attending the Technical University of Munich, where he studied agricultural techniques.
It was at this time that Heinrich Himmler began writing in his diaries on the subject of German-Jewish relations. had long lingered below the surface of German society since the birth of the country in 1871, but mostly it took the form of social isolation with very little interaction between those in the Jewish community and the rest of Germany at Heinrich University and its the classmates always separated from their fellow Jews creating a perfect environment for Germans to see the Jewish population as different and not as true Germans, so when the war was lost and a scapegoat was needed, many Germans reignited their antisemitism and began blaming the jews in august 1923


's political ideologies led him to the small but growing nation socialist german workers party himmler had joined the nazis the sa and ss early on the nazi party resorted to the experiences of the militaristic mentalities that prevailed at its higher levels forming the blueprints for When they would eventually come to power the Nazi party adopted uniformed departments with specific functions.
One of the most significant in the early days was the Storm Detachment or Thailand Storm, but more commonly known by the abbreviation SA, the SA wore brown uniforms to distinguish themselves. and adopted military ranks and discipline while carrying out their duties. Providing security at Nazi rallies and gatherings, they later took a more aggressive role by actively attacking opposing political groups, particularly those who supported Germany's adoption of communism. , and the frequent public brawls that resulted left the impression in the general public that the SA was nothing more than a criminal gang or mob that missed out on fighting the war that Himmler was attracting operated in the military environment of the sa and that's why he signed up to join them, but just like in the military, there were elite units within their ranks and one of these was the schutz salt, which translates as security room, but its members were known as the ss the The ss had the important task of providing security for party meetings in their It is based in Munich, but like the SA in general, its role evolved as the fortunes of the Nazi party rose and then fell dramatically in 1923, when Hitler attempted to seize power in the failed brewery. putch the unit was largely disbanded while hitler was briefly in prison but was re-established after his release hitler now wanted a bodyguard unit to take direct responsibility for his security as he suspected there were opponents to him throughout the match , particularly among the sa it soon came to be called the closed or protection squad in 1925 and a new member was absorbed into its ranks heinrich himmler the ss were initially commanded by julius shrek, a trusted friend of hitler, but within a Year he was succeeded by Joseph Birchdolls, one of the founders of the SA, however he quickly grew frustrated at having to report to the essay, so he delegated many of his duties to his second in command. erhard haydn haydn


ly replaced birchold in march 1927 and appointed himmler as his own deputy at a pivotal moment in ss history as the force was in decline thanks to being overshadowed by its parent organization .
It was also around this time that Himmler met his wife Margaret Bowden and after a brief relationship in which they exchanged letters between them they were married in July 1928. Margaret was seven years older than Himmler but had similar interests. She was also known as an anti-Semite as in one of her letters to her husband she made negative comments about a Jewish doctor before describing all Jews as the same. Himmler's excellent organizational skills, coupled with Haydn's strict discipline, meant that in the SS they saved themselves from oblivion by proving their worth to Hitler and perhaps more importantly their loyalty to achieve this.
Himmler oversaw the establishment of an intelligence agency within the ss to monitor groups such as the freemasons, the communists, and the jewish political groups in germany, all of which were potential obstacles to the rise to power of the nazis. Himmler eventually dictated every detail of the daily operations of the ss, right down to their uniforms, which distinguished them from the brown shirts of the sa, but were not yet the famous blacks. in january 1929 himmler's work was recognized by hitler and he was appointed as haydn's replacement after it was announced that he would retire in official documentation hitler stated that haydn would leave the ss for reasons related to his family, however for a long time it was long suspected that himmler either deliberately or unintentionally gained hitler's favor over haydn either way himmler was now the führer of the reich ss at t the eve of the party's breakthrough in german politics nazis in power the best political weapon is the weapon of terror cruelty demands respect men may hate us but we don't ask for their love just because of their fear himmler on september 14, 1930 the german people went to the polls at the trial of hitler after the beer hall putch had catapulted him him and the Nazi party into the spotlight, this, along with his famously hypnotic personality and his message of restoring Germany's prestige after the terms h In the end of the 1920s during these elections, the number of seats the Nazis held in the German Reichstag increased from 12 to 107; however, this was still not enough to take power legally;
However, they were now a formidable political force, but this new power brought with it new problems for the Nazi leadership. The SA began to demand that some of its ligators occupy the newly won SE ATS, but Hitler refused, prompting his resignation. of important figures of sa in protest. the sa frustrations with the party they formed to protect only worsened and they often took it out on the ss men, especially when it was discovered that himmler had ordered his ss intelligence staff to begin monitoring meetings of the SA in the coming months. The SA turned openly against the party and the SS found itself protecting Nazi leaders from other Nazis.
Himmler would later claim that the SA rank and file were loyal Nazis, but had been corrupted by a power-hungry cabal. at the top of the sa leadership the crisis only seemed to end when hitler appointed himself official head of both the sa and ss which seemed to put the former back in line though the whole thing he left a deep impression on the future German leader that he taught. hitler that the sa could not be fully trusted while himmler and the ss had unquestioning loyalty himmler hoped that the experience would finally free the ss from the shackles of being subservient to the sa and even declared this at the height of the crisis but after ernst rome's appointment to handle the daily running of the sa rome issued a formal order that solidified himmler's subservient status to him himmler would not be happy about this and was determined to distance his elite ss from the sa in all possible ways.
He enforced special rules of conduct that were intended to perpetuate the view that the ss were akin to medieval knights by being of nobility and honor compared to the often less respectable lifestyles of SA members, many of whom displayed more dishonorable traits, such as drunkenness, womanizing, and homosexuality, all of which were considered great taboos by the Nazis. mere propaganda by opposition groups for their part rome tried to mend the gap between the sa and ss by clearly defining the functions of each department and when t These duties would cross authority and fall to the highest ranking member of either two.
However, within a matter of months, the SS again found themselvesforced to crack down on dissidents during a virtual replay of the crisis. A year earlier, the gap had only grown when Himmler outlined his plans for the ss to become more than just an elite bodyguard unit, but the very best of Nazi society itself when they finally seized power, explaining that the ss would become they would become a first-rate fighting military unit in combat, while their members in everyday life would embody National Socialism in all aspects. including their genetic purity, but this would not be limited solely to members, future wives would have to meet the same strict criteria or the SS man in question would have to be laid off as Germany plunged into the great depression and flocked to more and more to the Nazi body.
Seeing them as their savior in their promises of restoration to greatness with Himmler's election to the Reichstag in 1930, the SA more than doubled to over a quarter of a million men in 1931 alone, but while the SS also grew, it was actually at a slower pace than either Rome or Hitler would have liked due to Himmler's strict entry requirements. only 10,000 in the same period were of such high caliber that they could achieve feats far beyond anything the sa was capable of, at the same time himmler founded a department tasked with safeguarding the racial purity of the ss, while members soon began to adopt their now familiar black uniforms for the first time as the sa continued their street warfare against communists and anti-nazis it should be noted that the sa and ss were by no means the only political parliamentary force at work in Germany at the time, but its uniformity and effectiveness raised its public perception in early 1932 with the Nazi party still making political gains, though not enough to legally seize power, the SA engaged in violent street battles with groups pro-communists who caused many deaths.
This led the newly elected government under President Paul von Hindenburg to outlaw both the SA and SS in April 1932, but this did little to stop their role. and the deaths continued, leading many to speculate that Germany would soon plunge into civil war finally on January 30, 1933 after much politics. during the turmoil and negotiation adolf hitler legally became chancellor of germany both the sa and ss which were now agencies of the german federal government held torchlight parades through germany to celebrate their triumph nazi germany Almost overnight the world seemed to change for Germany, for Heinrich Himmler, the Nazis coming to power finally allowed him to mold his beloved SS into the new aristocracy of Nazi Germany, the purest and best of its ideologically driven society, but it wasn't enough to simply dictate how SS men and their families should act and act.
I even think they had to be protected from external threats to their Nazi elites, whether they were racial or political, and for his part, Himmler had to ensure that his SS was still useful to Hitler given Hitler's newfound power, therefore Within months, Himmler found himself searching for a suitable location in which he could imprison such threats to Hitler and, by association, the SS in March 1933 inspected a disused munitions factory north of Munich and decided to reconstitute it as a concentration camp. prisoners for political prisoners the camp would take its name from the nearby medieval township known as dakao would become the first Nazi concentration camp many of the prisoners themselves would be forced to live build the facility in dakao with the original goal of housing around 6,000 inmates both himmler and his lieutenant reinhard hedrick increasingly took control of the country's police forces and this allowed them to arrest anyone who opposed nazi rule and in doing so to prevent the feared civil war and cement nazi authority an arson attack on the reichstag building that hitler decreed was part of a communist takeover plot resulted in president hindenburg restricting many civil liberties declaring a national emergency which only relaxed legal restrictions on himmler's crackdowns one of those arrested was erhard haydn himmler's former major in the ss who had been accused of colluding with jewish businessmen and being a practicing homosexual , as the nazis called him, was assassinated on the orders of himmler in dakao himmler appointed the prison commandant theodore ike, who was a convicted criminal but also a dedicated nazi under ike's leadership, the decal became the plan to how the future concentration camps would be administered, but although the mass exterminations in the gas chambers still n had not begun, deaths in the camp from violence and disease were frequent soon after the Nazis came to power, Hermann Goering established a new secret police organization from the remnants of existing ones called the Gestapo, an abbreviation for the german words for secret police.
The organization was tasked with exposing opponents of the new regime and collecting information on anti-Nazi groups. On April 20, 1934, Hitler appointed Himmler to take command of the organization, since he and the SS were already fully involved in protecting the new order, so it seemed like a logical decision. Hitler was pleased with the job. of himmler and soon promoted him to the rank equivalent to any member of the sa, but this did not please the leaders of what should still have been the parent organization of the ss; in the new order, compared to how close himmler and the ss were to hitler, it didn't help that hitler himself no longer fully trusted the sa after his revolts in 1933 and that the general public still saw them as a group of thugs Starting fights and even riots in the streets that embarrassed Hitler and caused friction with President Hindenburg in early 1934, SA leader Ernest Rome was demanding more and more of Hitler, including that the SA become more take charge of the army, which was still under the limitations of the world. war one peace agreement the treaty of versailles hitler knew he did not yet possess the political capital for such an act and therefore the sa were becoming a problem that had to be tak he was in charge and he knew the man who would help him do it himmler and his ss once again served hitler's will and from 30 june began arresting leading ss men who were then shot or sent to prison in prison rome was visited by theodore ike who gave him a pistol with a single round telling him to kill himself when he refused demanding hitler come and shoot him personally ike and his aide opened fire and killed him the sa was now destroyed clouded with leaders labeled traitors and executed their exact number who died in the event that now it is remembered as the night of the long knives it is not clear since during the operation many sa men were shot in the place, like edmund hines, who was des covered in bed with a sa 18 year old man when the ss entered the official figure is 85 but some historians argue that he was much higher in rank and the sa file now had to find a new life in nazi germany while The power and prestige of Himmler's SS seemed to only grow and this allowed them to focus more on what they saw as cleaning up the undesirables from Germany, such as the communist homosexuals and, of course, the Jews who purged the undesirables when they were killed. nazis came to power their hatred for jews had become akin to a runaway train that no one inside or outside the nazi party could stop hitler himmler and all his followers were convinced of jewish treason and sabotage of germany achieving victory in World War I, therefore, they were quick to wipe out this group of so-called undesirables in January of In 1933, the total population of Germany was in the region of 67 million. millions of people, excluding Germans living outside the homeland on the newly redrawn map of Europe after 1918.
Of this number, the Jewish population numbered only 520,000 or 00.83 of the population, needless to say that for the Nazis the Jews were nothing more than a convenient scapegoat for their cause, an ethnic minority that could be used to focus the anger and resentment of postwar Germany without their having sufficient numbers to resist, although there was certainly this element, we also have to remember the protective measures that Himmler put in place for his SS to truly gauge the Nazi mentality in regards to Jews for Himmler and other older Nazis there was a clear distinction between a Jewish man and a German man, the man being Jewish the inferior specimen, even worse for himmler in his mind, inferior jewish blood could potentially contaminate the lineage of a true ss man, hence these strict co hereditary controls before becoming a member of this elite social class was rampant and unadulterated racism in its purest and most primal form this racism was so severe that it led to a level of paranoia that today we would call outright insanity is to acknowledge this fact of that there was almost an immediate mass emigration of the Jewish peoples from Germany after January 1933 approximately 37,000 in fact in just six months but still more than half a million remained to threaten the prospect of a racially pure Nazi Germany the Nazis began by organizing boycotts of Jewish shops and businesses while the first formal restrictions were largely administrative Jewish civil servants lost their jobs amid the law for the restoration of the professional civil service which also covered the removal of Germans deemed to have unfavorable views of Hitler and the Nazis, other professions soon followed, including abo lawyers, judges, doctors and other health professionals, while a law on overcrowding in German schools allowed the Nazis to exclude Jewish children from attending the Nazis.
He began to clamp down on Jewish culture itself, preventing them from attending gatherings and celebrations, as well as the ritual slaughter of certain animals in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. through his door and the pu The punishments became more and more severe. Eventually, in 1935, the Nazis passed the law for the protection of German blood and German honor, which was intended to prevent intermarriage between Jews and Germans because, remember, the Nazis didn't see someone born in Germany raised in Germany. educated in Germany. and having worked all their lives in germany as germans if they were jewish they combined this law with the reich citizenship law which stated that only those of german or related blood were eligible to be combined reich citizens these were known as the laws of nuremberg, it could be argued that Himmler wanted to go even further by arranging marriages for his men with women who had the correct genetic traits to produce desirable offspring;
However, in the early years, despite the efforts of the Nazi party to purge Jews from German culture, it was often the German people who offered the greatest resistance, in fact, as well as the fight against the communists, the Anti-Nazis and Democrats. hen the gestapo under himmler found itself investigating opposition groups within the catholic church, especially after pope pius xi denounced nazism for its treatment of jews, the gestapo also had to deal with teachers who opposed the the new professional education laws that came to the defense of their Jewish colleagues and middle-class men and women who wanted Germany to return to a more aristocratic pre-war society Himmler's men divided numerous groups throughout 1934 and 35 , including a handful that were found to have been planning Hitler's assassination, which no doubt only reinforced Hitler's will-belief that as long as he had Himmler by his side he would be safe from his enemies, many of whom were arrested by the Gestapo. they were placed in what was euphemistically called protective detention where they would be held until they could join the growing number of inmates at once .
In the equally growing number of concentration camps if arrested by the Gestapo there was very little legal protection given the ruthless efficiency with which Himmler's men operated in Germany and the consequences of arrest by the Gestapo terror became the most effective tool at himmler's disposal to forge and protect the ideal nazi germany in the belief of establishing such a nation which he saw as being opposed by anyone in any way including the germans as enemies as he would say in 1936 i know that there are some people in Germany who get sick when they see these black uniforms, we understand the reason for this and we do not expect to be loved by all that many people who come to fear us in any way or at any time must have a bad conscience towards the führer and the nation because these people have established an organization called the security service the nazis continued their strong measures case against theJews within its borders, including thousands of Jews forced into refugee camps in Poland, those who tried to return to Germany were allegedly shot by S border guards after a 17-year-old Polish Jew, Herschel Grinspan, shot a German official in France, the resentment towards the Jewish people in Germany that the Nazis had been fostering finally erupted in November 1938 when the Germans attacked Jewish shops and homes while the police only interfered.
If German property was ever put at risk, now remembered as the Night of Broken Glass, it served as a final warning to the remaining Jews in Germany that anti-Semitism in Hitler's Reich was not a passing phase other than purging Germany. Himmler and several other leading Nazis also engaged in research for historical and anthropological evidence of the genetic superiority of the Germanic people. Himmler's authority included the Annan Urba organization, which carried out numerous archaeological excavations throughout Europe. Often the group's findings were interpreted in such a way by the group as to show that the German people were examples of the so-called master race and had been held back by the impact of the im The pure peoples further cemented racism in Germany.
Nazi for anyone who did not meet the Nazi criteria. Himmler and the SS were especially interested in the medieval world, but this was not at the expense of Himmler's own religious belief, something he insisted the SS men embrace however. found his new order to be in conflict with the christian world and in many ways began to form his own religion for the ss, i would state categorically, in fact, i quote: i have not tolerated an atheist in the ranks of the ss, all members have deep faith. in god in what my ancestors called in their language walada the old man the one who is more powerful than us we are himmler and the ss at war while most of the attention of the german people on the role of himmler and the ss a In the mid-1930s they were focused on their security roles when of course they were not being Nazi posters for propaganda purposes, the SS was slowly adopting another role that focused on the threat from outside Germany.
Undaries eventually known as the Waffen SS, this small military arm can trace its origins back to a 120-man unit known as Sonder Commando Berlin formed in March 1933, this number would swell several times by the end of the first year and all members were pledged. his support for adolf hitler above all others, even if it cost them their lives, himmler was eager to have his ss men prove themselves on the front lines of future battlefields that most in germany knew would eventually come The Nazi drive for the restoration of Germany as a superpower fighting Germany's enemies also played into Himmler's ideas that the SS are the modern equivalent of the ancient knights as well as related concepts of German citizenship and manhood.
Not being a true military unit at the time of conception, Himmler initially had to go to the army for training and equipment, this led to resentment among army leaders who viewed the Waffen ss as rivals, particularly during the period before the that hitler abolished the military restrictions imposed on germany in the treaty of versailles these concerns will demonstrate even be justified since in the next war the voffin ss would possess some of the most modern equipment in the german army as the 1930s inspired hitler who began to expand the borders of germany to pre-war borders as in the rura and czechoslovakia as the western allies swirled around with their response, himmler's ss units joined the regular army as they entered these countries and he hoped they could prove their superiority in battle, but the resistance never came.
In the summer of 1939, Hitler relied on his top eight, as Himmler his next target, the invasion of Poland. At this point it was obvious to all that such open hostility against a neighboring country would trigger another major European war with Britain and France. while the threat of the soviet union had been neutralized by berlin at least for the foreseeable future thanks to secret clandestine meetings in which they divided eastern europe in an effort to justify the invasion not only to the world, but also to itself German people Himmler and his second in command Heydrich conceived of an operation that would provide them with such an excuse called Operation Himmler SS soldiers disguised in replica Polish Army uniforms and staged a series of border skirmishes with Germany's border forces despite Polish d enemies. that they had anything to do with these skirmishes the German people were adequately motivated for the g war when the german army crossed into poland on september 1, 1939 while the invasion sparked war with britain and france the western allies could do little to stop the fall of poland which took only a month to complete with the invading soviet union the east of the country according to his agreements with germany for himmler personally the absorption of this new land into the great german reich expanded the scope of his operations to maintain the safety and of course the purity of the german people from his paranoid, crazy and racially motivated poland was infested with undesirables that needed to be cleaned out if the german people were to develop their new territory for the good of nazi germany, unlike in previous years there were fewer places for poles and jews to be deported so the Their only option was to house them in ghettos and concentration camps, but even then some would have to be removed from the equation to enable those places to cope with the nazi demand for this role himmler turned to the ss einsatzgruppen or task force under himmler's instructions the einsatzgruppen began their massacres almost immediately the lands earmarked for german development were cleared of all jewish towns roma intellectuals and anyone with a physical or mental disability how they were to be killed himmler left it up to his men but the most common method was by shooting the einsatzgruppen they were by no means alone in these atrocities such was the scale of killing they carried out Having to enlist the help of the German regular army and air force, the Luftwaffe and even Polish collaborators to help them, ordinary German soldiers joined in the firefights while German pilots machine-gunned and bombed large bags of refugees, many of whom were overcrowded. on the roads. trying to flee the attack, however the german army was not as enthusiastic as their SS counterparts with army generals writing to hitler asking his men to not perform these duties as it was damaging their morale to some 65,000 civilians died in this initial orgy of blood to himmler's satisfaction in 1940 the killings slowed down but the nazi leadership had decreed that poland would be completely cleansed of jews, though it was still unclear how in the meantime the ss began rounding up the survivors and herding them into squalid ghettos in Polish cities as Polish leaders and soldiers who were being held by the ss until it was decided what to do with them they were held in a Polish army barracks that had been taken over and turned into a prison camp their name was auschwitz in before long the war spread to western europe and the waffen ss finally engaged in a duel with opponents for Exactly what Himmler had dreamed of proving the valor of his superman on May 10, the SS joined the assault on the then-neutral Netherlands by commanding the Dutch border.
A week later, they allowed the German army to flood the country without passing By France's main defensive line, they managed to repel an Anglo-French tank assault at the Battle of Araz despite the fact that their anti-tank weapons proved poor against the thick armor of the British tanks. one of the most prestigious of the waffen ss was the leipzin starter adolf hitler unit formed from hitler's personal bodyguards and eventually grew to become the most elite military division on 28 may 1940 members of the 2nd leibstand battalion data gathered 80 allied soldiers in a barn near the village of vermhout, once inside the ss men threw some hand grenades which detonated and killed most instantly.
A handful of survivors simply died of their injuries, but some were eventually saved from death by regular German Army medics who encountered the carnage. in the summer of 1940 most of continental western europe was under german occupation and this meant that himmler and his men, especially the gestapo, we now have to protect germany from occupied land, land that would grow again next year as the war spread once more. The usual crackdowns against undesirable elements began, while more and more concentration camps were set up to house the growing number of Nazi prisoners. claws but hitler knew the advantages of recruiting collaborators for the nazi course and authorized himmler to start recruiting new members of the ss from the occupied lands provided, of course, they met the physical and genetic requirements to form these new foreign battalions. himmler relaxed the background requirements necessary to become a member of the ss, but it was still a feat to be accepted;
However, more than forty thousand Belgians and twenty thousand Frenchmen, among others, would serve in the Waffen SS at the height of the war after Hitler withdrew from his agreement with the Soviets and launched Operation Barbarossa, more than half of them. the waffen ss would be non-german but all units would still be commanded by german officers as the germans pushed towards the soviet union the waffen ss recruited many nationalist and anti soviet groups into their ranks from countries like ukraine a unique unit was the tiger legion, one made up of some 4,500 indian nationalists who joined the ss to fight the british when india was still under british rule one of the smallest but also one of the most notorious foreign units was the free corps made up of 54 ex-British Army soldiers captured in action who were recruited on the promise that they would fight against communism, only 54 men s would serve in this unit but they were of enormous propaganda value to the Germans after the war, the surviving members were hunted down by the British authorities and one member, John Amory, was hanged for high treason when ss joined the invasion of the soviet union in 1941 hitler promised that no one fighting for the german army would have to answer for their actions in fi fighting the soviets because in his opinion no war in the east could be fought in a civilized way, essentially the SS and the army The German had a free hand to murder, loot and rape, but for Himmler, the invasion made his job to cleanse Europe worse.
The old methods were too inefficient and he had to find alternative, faster methods to orchestrate his plans for genocide. Jew what did himmler say on the subject of antisemitism quoting antisemitism is exactly the same as removing lice getting rid of of lice is not a question of ideology it is a question of cleanliness in the same way antisemitism for us has not been a question of ideology but a question of cleanliness less than a month after the start of the invasion of the soviet union himmler was appointed by hitler to assume full and sole responsibility for security and racial resettlement operations in the occupied soviet union, this included the physical annihilation of the jewish population as in poland in 1939 large tracts of land were to be cleared of undesirables for eventual use by the German people to promote the great German reich; however, not all of the local population was killed or displaced; in fact, himmler was well aware that there were people in these lands who had Desirable Traits for Germany specifically with regard to children who had not yet been corrupted by their parents' own ideology.
He said that obviously in such a mix of towns there will always be some racially good guys, therefore I think it is our duty to take their children with us. remove them from their environment if necessary by stealing or stealing them in any way we gain whatever good blood we can use for ourselves and give it a place in our people or destroy that blood einstein's groupon immediately went about shooting thousands of people and burying them in mass graves, but it was a matter that required a lot of time. Another method that saw wide use was gas vans.
The compartments in the rear where carbon monoxide from the vehicle's engine would be fed to suffocate the victims inside the vansgas had been used since 1939 to euthanize sick and ill patients in Polish hospitals, but again, this method could not kill in the quantity necessary to be effective. due to hitler's ambitions himmler traveled to occupied soviet territory at the end of 1941 to observe his men working on the eradication of the jewish population according to ss obergruppenfuhrer carl wolfe his unit was inspected by himmler in one of his so-called special actions outside minsk recounting experience later said and there an open pit had been dug and they had to jump into it and lie face down and when they had already shot a certain number they had to lie on the people they had shot at and himmler had never seen people before dead and in her curiosity she leaned over this pit a sort of triangular hole and looking as she looked in himmler had the deserved bad luck of one or another of those who had been shot in the head who had a splatter of brains on his coat and I think it also splashed on his face and he turned very green and pale, he wasn't really sick, but he was agitated and staggering he fell and stumbled back out of this pit and then i took him away in december 1941 hitler tasked himmler and the ss with the final


for all jews in all of europe their complete and utter eradication hitler himmler and hedrick devised their plans to shoot gas or work his Jewish prisoners to death until they were no more than a memory on the mainland after briefing leading Nazi figures at a conference in onesie heydrich was traveling in an open top car in occupied prague when he was assassinated by czech resistance fighters under british control in retaliation for this murder hitler and himmler decided to demolish the town of ladiza during the massacre of the ladies 199 men were shot 195 women deported to concentration camps and 81 children ev Finally, murdered in gas vans, while eight others They were adopted by German families.
Finally, in honor of Heidrick, Himmler called the intensification of the operation to exterminate the Jews. roma people slavic people homosexuals and anyone considered inferior in poland four death camps auschwitz being the most famous began their murders using zyklon b gas with incredible efficiency in mid 1942 under operation reinhard nearly two million jews were killed by november of 1943 in Polish camps, there was never an ounce of remorse or regret on himmler's part in emphasizing the true cruelty and madness of Nazi ideology, on the contrary, he considered the task not only necessary but even noble, as he would say while the killings were taking place, it's one of those things that is easily said the jewish people is being exterminated every party member will tell you for Perfectly clear it's part of our plans we are eliminating the jews exterminating them completely we can say that we have carried out carry out this difficult task out of love for our people and we have not suffered no flaw within us within our soul within our character by some of the unfortunate souls within their reach and an even more cruel fate befell them being used in Nazi medical experimentation SS doctors treated prisoners in the camps of extermination as genetic material for his twisted experiments for the betterment of the German people, as well as to investigate diseases and their possible cures. the experiments were designed to push the limits of human endurance, such as extreme heat or cold.
It is a curious contradiction in their ideology that the Nazi doctors who had gone to such lengths to prove the genetic inferiority of people like the Jews used them for such experimentation since by their own definitions they were not people to the Nazis but while himmler cleaned the inside thre In relation to the Reich, the Waffen SS and the rest of the German people focused on external threats as 1944 loomed and the beginning of the end finally began. The beginning of the end. Hitler's leadership for much of the initial period of the war could be described. As one wager after another on several occasions, he came into conflict with his most trusted generals over Germany's war plans, the two most significant being the invasion of the Soviet Union and the declaration of war on the United States, however, the German forces were able to achieve what was previously thought unthinkable on numerous occasions thanks to superior weapons and tactics, but once the United States, Britain, and the Soviets were fully engaged in the war, things began to change thanks to the incredible industrial production of arms and materiel that the Allied powers were able to achieve compared to Germany in 1944.
It was the sheer weight of enemy numbers that seemed destined to doom the Nazis, but Hitler remained convinced that Germany was the new Weapons In development, such as the I 262 fighter jet, they would keep the odds in their favor, but their generals weren't so sure. Many in the German leadership now saw Hitler as a problem due to his interference at a strategic level, something that only worsened after June. 6 1944 when the western allies invaded normandy a plot was devised to kill hitler with a bomb on july 20 Hitler was attending a briefing when an explosive device detonated under a thick wooden table which absorbed much of the blast and in doing so he saved Hitler.
The German leader was furious at the betrayal and equally furious at Himmler's failure to uncover the plot before the assassination attempt could be made necessary to save face himless gestapo sprang into action arresting over 5,000 people from levels Germany's superiors around 4,900 of these people were executed for being associated with the plot, including one of Germany's top generals, the desert fox Erwin Rommel, who took his own life rather than be executed so that the Nazis Any lack of faith Hitler had in Himmler after the assassination attempt seemed to be redressed by these reprisals and Himmler gained even more power in the Third Reich Hitler placed Himmler in charge of the reserve army. and made him responsible for prisoners of war before naming him Commander-in-Chief of Army Group Upper Rhine at the end of the year, Himmler was now a front-line military commander protecting the Reich from its enemies, an ambition he had harbored since he was a boy, but while he was an effective man in the offices of power, this did not translate into being a good man.
A military leader, he frequently clashed with more experienced generals, causing delays in operations that the Allies successfully exploited. Himmler was also tasked by the führer with creating the volkster or popular storm similar to Britain's national guard. The volksterm recruited the young and old into militias to help repel the invasion of germany quote our opponents have to learn to understand that every mile of our country will cost rivers of blood every apple every town every farm every ditch every bush every forest will be defended by men boys old men and if necessary by women and girls himmler meanwhile the nazi elite that himmler had created continued their desperate fight against the enemy on all fronts in december 1944 the germans launched their last major offensive of the war directed at the ardennes forest in belgium spearheading the assault would be the 6th ss panzer division which would use bad weather to deny the allies their powerful air cover but whose battle plan was based on capturing allied supplies to maintain the advance.
The offensive began on December 16 and achieved great success in the first days of what history now remembers as the Battle of the Bulge on the second day of the offensive. The SS men rounded up 84 Americans. prisoners of war and massacred them near the town of malmedy, belgium eventually the weather cleared before the ss could capture allied supply stocks and allied aircraft returned them to their lines in february 1945 himmler was beginning to Reeling from the pressures of all the duties he had absorbed at this point, particularly his military necessities, as he commanded troops on the Eastern Front against the Soviets, his inability to keep his promises of victory to Hitler finally saw the relationship of the couple was beginning to break apart in all honesty the situation in germany was so dire at this point that not even experienced german generals could do much to change the fate of germany on the eastern front especially the german soldiers began to utter words to the effect of enjoy the rest of the war by emphasizing the reprisals that everyone could expect at the hands of the soldiers In the Soviets when peace came, himmler's nerves began to fail him and he soon began to experience all the ailments that had troubled him as a child which led to his being taken to a sanitarium which was run by an old school friend of his while he was recuperating there himmler concluded that germany's only chance was to negotiate a peace agreement with the allies after running the sanatorium that was about to be destroyed invaded by the soviet himmler met hitler in his berlin bunker on april 20 declaring his loyalty to the führer and wishing him a happy b Thursday would be the last time the two men would see each other in person the following day Himmler did what must have seemed unthinkable only five years before he met with a Swedish representative of the World Jewish Congress Sweden had been neutral during the war and negotiated the release. of some 20,000 concentration camp prisoners during the talks, himmler downplayed the exterminations, saying that many of the deaths the world was becoming increasingly aware of as germany moved away from its occupied territories were They were due to illness in the camp, something that would ominously presage the claims of Holocaust deniers for years to come.
Of course, this was nonsense, and Himmler and the Nazi party's meticulous records of their own crimes serve as irrefutable proof of the murders they committed. in the next few days himmler would meet with more swedish delegates until the bbc broadcast what was happening on 28 april hitler was again furious at the unquestioning faith hitler once had in him mmler was devastated and hitler described himmler's negotiations as the greatest act of treason in history the death of a demon hitler wanted to arrest himmler pe but just two days later the führer committed suicide pardoning him for a short time more at least hitler appointed admiral carl dernitz as his replacements while stripping himmler of his post and title himmler offered his services to dernitz as second in command of his new government which he wanted to negotiate peace with the western allies, who he thought would then join what was left of the german army to wage war against the soviet union and while it was true that the united states and great britain did not trust the soviets and vice versa, they had carefully negotiated a plan to end the war without the two sides fighting each other by mistake or on purpose Himmler's views were fanciful and unrealistic and he was denied a role in the Dernitz government which was now demanding a unilateral ceasefire in On the night of May 8, 1945, Germany surrendered and the war in Europe was over.
All that was left for Himmler to do now was trying to evade capture and certain death for the crimes his men had committed in his and the furious name himmler was generally ill-prepared for life on the run except for a fake revenge under the name sergeant heinrich hitzinger he and a few others they fled blindly through germany but had no final destination planned at any time as their own country was now torn in half by two huge invading armies on may 21 himmler and two others were rounded up and detained at a checkpoint Established by former Soviet prisoners, making the prospect of them finding out who he really was terrifying for Himmler, who had been responsible for his conditions during his imprisonment, the Soviets transferred Himmler to the 31st British civilian. interrogation camp near loonberg on 23 may where duty officer captain thomas sylvester began a routine interrogation himmler eventually admitted who he was and was soon transferred to british 2nd army headquarters.
Upon his arrival, a British doctor performed a medical examination on him, but when he attempted to examine the inside of Himmler's mouth, the older Nazi refused despite repeated requests. Himmler still did not open his mouth and so on. The doctor decided to force the issue instead. Himmler bit into a hidden potassium cyanide pill and collapsed on the ground just 15 minutes later. He was dead, soon buried in an unmarked grave near Loonberg with the location unknown, thus preventing him from becoming into a sanctuary for survivors or even future nazis as much of nazi germany history himmler has becomeThe source of fascination for historians around the world in their attempt to understand the mindset behind why Himmler and the SS carried out their atrocities have sprung up legends of things like himless fascination with the occult and some have increased their importance and , in many cases, they overshadow reality, but perhaps this is to be expected, perhaps we find it easier to imagine some hidden fascination than to understand that it was simply another human being who orchestrated and committed such horrors

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