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HENRY WITH A WORLDIE! | Arsenal 4-2 Liverpool | Highlights | April 9, 2004

May 02, 2023
the periphery only had words with one or two players around the goal mouth in a more hippie place right next door played the layman his Kurata and they put into action or Conklin scared who scored an own goal and the match at Enfield here in the season of could this really? be the beginning of the end of Arsenal's Premiership dream Paris things change ivory blows to cancel beautifully done let's go for Gerard what's next the ball splits Arsenal's defense in two and a clinical shot blamin defeated and a Liverpool back to front Michael Owen's 14th league goal of the campaign and how critical it proved to be not only for Liverpool but also in the title chase Liverpool have had to deal with their fair share of pressure throughout this season's fourth place barely lives up to its expectations Pop's Perez showing his true class has just started his smile road still a big bill to protect his internship record this season this is it again they want to win smell one of those in those that the season entered the character to misschien snow is becoming a classic that now hopes to return to the construction of the hostel with per cap of the images still Japanese rose
henry with a worldie arsenal 4 2 liverpool highlights april 9 2004

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