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Helping a Pro Rider to Master Scary Big Jumps in Squamish, BC

Jun 01, 2021
I'm going to get it, I'm going to improve it, so what happens on the takeoff has the last part, almost the second takeoff, so you basically preload the bike to do your endless work, you set it up with your body. position and your speed and then suddenly just before taking off the bike, it's almost the second take off and I think that's why it puts my bike too far back, but when doing a Norwegian curve you obviously don't want to go nose heavy, So it's kind of a balance that has to be found, so let's see if I can improve it.
helping a pro rider to master scary big jumps in squamish bc
Yes, it's better, definitely not perfect. I'd like to dip a little into the front of the bike and be fully extended, but yes, I'll do that with a little more practice towards the end of the summer. I will come back and do better. Okay, so you've seen me doing the whole line. Which jump inspires you the most? Which one will you feel most comfortable doing first? Probably the second one because it really feels and looks like the


we've already done and the landing is super wide, um, the wood doesn't seem too slippery, no, you come in a straight line, it's good, it's a good job, yeah, the first one seems quite technical.
helping a pro rider to master scary big jumps in squamish bc

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helping a pro rider to master scary big jumps in squamish bc...

From wood to wood you have to pull, so the first one you have to go slow and since the landing is so steep, you have to lift a bunny, so unless you are very comfortable going slow, lift a bunny until you reach a rest . It's not the best jump to start with, but luckily you can eat two, three, four without doing the first jump. You can go around it well, so we can do that and do two, and the third one is probably the easiest. He's definitely a pitcher. distance wise, but it seems the easiest, you have a straight run, a straight run, it's the smartest, a long landing, nothing to worry about, you have a couple of corners before to set up, which I like, that's not it can give you the speed, yes, I don't like it when you have to brake and on the last jump you have to brake before, yes, and you don't really have anything to measure your speed, with this you have the corner to brake, yes, so I I prefer that kind of setup, well the last one is probably the easiest technically, you know, it's very easy to go too fast, yeah, and if you go too fast, a little heavy, too much on the back, something bad could happen, so this is to continue the good days when you feel fit and unfocused, let's try this one, it seems doable, yes, yes, we should start with the third one, I think it will be easier than the second one, just uh, because already you know, it's been a little while since I haven't redone it, yes, it will be good for you, would you like to do it again and then secondly, set the sick switch, we can start from the landing, it's a good technique to do it, but right now we can do it because there are no passengers.
helping a pro rider to master scary big jumps in squamish bc
Coming in we can see an air from afar, but we should be doing that, we still have to be careful and you can cut the corner, come in, maybe a couple of pedals here and then really like you know, pump and cruise your way and Yes, there. You can't possibly come up short on that jump, so normally when I jump like that I try not to rely on the power I can put on the pedals on the chain, but rather on your line choices and pumping on the bike as you do. I'll do the


instead of just pedaling, but in case you have to pay, you'll want to have equipment that's tough enough to be able to provide the watts to clear a space, so maybe double that.
helping a pro rider to master scary big jumps in squamish bc
I'll go down a gear or two so you get a little more and also a little more support if you know you've ever put too much weight on one leg over the other. I like that. I liked a safety bomb because I thought, "Oh, yeah." I'm going big, that felt good, although yeah, you could definitely go too fast, but I guess if I had really taken the corners, it probably would have been sweet, yeah, so I've seen a comment from Krishna because I filmed with the phone when you come. on takeoff you compress the bike and do a pop using the clip head-ups where you have to preload the bike and do more like a bunny even if it's very subtle you just compress the bike and kinda like that Basically leave the front wheel , transfer your weight a little bit to the back, just a little bit, because what can happen if you like a pop like this, you could accidentally clip it, for example, if your clits are worn out and you could also go. a little bit or television, yeah, that's something I mean, a lot of people do it, including me, sometimes it's what we usually do, but, yeah, it's good feedback, you know, try to practice that technique of almost bunny and that, for example, will help.
You're a lot for the first jump, which is slow with a steep landing where you need to get up, you can't really jump using your clip pedals, you really want to burn out, so it's a good, good practice, it's the jump. landing actually you want to go a little bit to the right you don't want to end up in the bushes but then the next one I like because you can see the next takeoff from here yes yes you don't want to land this kind of control your speed, you don't want to go up that curve, just you want to take your time yeah be super on your bike so you can see as far as you can and then the next one is pretty short. a lot of speed but you want to slow down a little for the next one and especially the last one, yes, it seems complicated to link them as if there was a lot of speed, yes, it's not a no break like last time, it's like you have to do it. feel the speed, the good thing is that with the line you just rode it gave you a good feeling of the speed and those jumps are very similar in size, yes, yes, this one looks a lot like the second jump, I would say yes, like she.
He did so well on number two and three that he's now considering number four, considering I don't know if I'm really going to do it, it's a lot, for some reason, it's a little more intimidating than the others. Hey, how about you follow me? We begin. from the second landing do the third jump yeah follow me I break I jump you don't do it okay but that way you have a better idea of ​​how much I break yeah yeah so I basically landed right there and keep going being an Impact and to land there I had two good brakes and sailed, I didn't blow up, yeah I really let go so I still had like four or five feet of clearance so if you don't break enough you will land. on the second landing, which is where I was landing, but yeah, but if you trust me for speed, I'll have you land right where your feet are, obviously you don't want to be too close to the ledge because yeah, but you need to be prepared for that. impact, to be able to go too short here, you really need to take a lot of breaks, yeah, to be able to go too, really, too long, you won't have to take breaks, okay, so something in the middle, though something inside me.
Yeah, okay, sick, yeah, let's try it. I'm vibrating. Why aren't you sure you feed it? If you want to do. Yeah, okay, anything to let everyone know. He's not pressuring me. There is a disclaimer like a full disclaimer. I'm


her do that. The jump I just wanted to do and I'm not pushing her, very different, now there's no camera pressure, it's like when it feels good, it feels good and right now the conditions are pretty perfect, there's absolutely no wind, so as long as you feel good, yes. I feel good, I think we had a good preparation, yes, to get to that jump, totally good, yes, I think it will be great, speed is your friend, there is a lot of room to lower the landing gear, turn down the heat, you have You have to remember to break up.
Yeah, if you don't break you'll feel like you're going too fast and yeah, I see, yeah, I'm not going to look at the thing because you'll be in front of me, I'll be like I'm just looking at you, I did. a break and then I still felt like I was going to catch it so we can do it as many times as you feel like you need to. I'm happy to stay there all day and just do it and if you feel it, feel it if you don't it's all good yeah it's okay we just looked at the footage and actually Kristina sent it to the second lane so straight to the professional line, how was that?
Yeah, that was bigger than I anticipated even with the double brake check, I thought okay, two brake checks, this is going to be terrible and then yeah, we were big, but a little heavy on the rear wheel, but I feel like it was safer if you raised the rim. Oh yeah, the tire is gone. like completely between the legs not even the butt which was and that's one of the main reasons I prefer the mullet is just because you get that extra room so like a super hard compression or a big bottom you can just squat lower, so for short people like us, it's definitely an advantage and that gives me a lot more confidence to use big things on the deck, yes, 27.5 bikes only 1299, yes, I see it now, I see the spacious shape because that was really too big for me. and you do stuff like that all the time so it makes sense if you have that anyway, congratulations on shipping that thing, don't I mean you've done well?
Yeah, I think I used up all my air miles today, even though you landed. a little bit deep like you're really mandatory strong on the landing as good as the previous jumps like a little more technical you're really dying so completely uh you feel a little safer and more comfortable jumping and I'm excited oh my heart The pace doesn't even It's high, that's how you know it's been a good day, we've been taking it down all day, that's awesome, well thanks so much for coming, thanks Jimmy, I'm going to keep riding, but I know you have to climb the stairs, yeah .
I have to go eat now I have to go get ice cream after all that oh yes you only have ice cream yes I would have said pizza with the beer but I have Alice and Broome in my head now I say thank you so much guys. From watching that video that was great to put together with Christina, she really stepped up today and submitted some huge spaces that she had never done before and I guess that was even cooler for the culture, help her be more confident and give her some tips for doing it . safely so if you enjoyed that video make sure you like it subscribe to the channel and we'll have a bike check on the propane spinning mullet setup soon and if you want to support my channel as always when you make a purchase on jensen usa using one of the links in the description you really support me and I can make more and better videos so thank you very much for that.
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