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Jul 10, 2023
Do you want me to leave you here? Oh! Uh, yeah, yeah, this looks good. I uh... I haven't been here before LOONAAAAA!!! Hey girl! I'm glad you were able to do it! Texas! Yes hears! Thanks for inviting me. Course! Course! Hello everyone, meet the new face! Do you want a drink or something? Oh, uh... sure, yeah, totally. Offscreen: And then I told him, I'm not going to go look for it- -unless you throw it away this time That's how it is, don't look Don't look... Loona: hahaha, yeah, that's how it happens all the time... Ah , ha...
helluva boss   queen bee s1 episode 8
Oh my God, Loona? Crazy Loona? What you? Uhhh yeah. This is Loona...yeah...Wow, I can't believe she's showing up at another party. I mean, do you even remember the last one? I'm sure you'll remind me. Yes, this... this. you're right? Why do you still have that? It brings me joy. You know you're supposed to keep the things that bring you joy. Wow... you're being very negative. Your aura is very aggressive right now. Oh yeah? Well, maybe it's because I'm in the presence of a huge BITCH! That!? Isn't it okay to say that?
helluva boss   queen bee s1 episode 8

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helluva boss queen bee s1 episode 8...

Come on! It's true! You can not say that. Did I miss something? No, no, no... no, nothing... no. HA HA! How are my dirty bitches doing tonight? Oh, oh! You're ready to party with the Queen Bee of Gluttony! Come on! Hell yeah! Because the honey is flowing tonight. And this bitch is about to get... FUCKED! WILD! LET'S GET IT GOING!!! Cotton Candy, Cotton Candy, Candy, Candy, Candy Hey! I'm what you need, I'm looking at what you want. I have it all, a carnival. I'll raise you, I'll take you DOWN. I'm sticky and sweet, stuck in your teeth like...
helluva boss   queen bee s1 episode 8
COTTON CANDY COTTON CANDY COTTON CANDY COTTON CANDY CANDY I'm what you want, not what you need Hey, I don't know why, I'm what you want, but it's the true, I'm not your lie, let them eat cake, let them eat PIE! Or better yet, let them eat- COTTON CANDY COTTON CANDY COTTON CANDY COTTON CANDY I AM WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT YOU NEED COTTON CANDY HEAVEN! SWEET AS APPLE PIE I ​​CAN'T HELP SHINE BRIGHTER THAN THE STARLIGHT IN THE SKY COTTON CANDY COTTON CANDY YES COTTON CANDY I'm seeing what you want, not what I'm seeing what you need SO LOOK WHAT YOU WANT!?
helluva boss   queen bee s1 episode 8
Are you hungry? Take a bite! FUCK YOU TONIGHT! So watch out, your


bee brings the sweet stuff. So keep making me that damn honey. Yes, it keeps coming. HELP YOU SHINE BRIGHTER THAN THE STARLIGHT COTTON CANDY SKIES SWEET LIKE APPLE PIE I ​​CAN'T HELP YOU SHINE BRIGHTER THAN THE STARLIGHT IN THE SKY OW OW! Vortex! The party is on now, SHIT! I feel like I tried too hard with the confetti this time, even though I have like a rainbow... In my vagina right now Oh, hey! Is this the sweet puppy you told me about? Excuse me?
He's a fucking cutie! Where are you hiding girl? Is there anything funny? No, I'm really high on all this tasty energy right now. Tex says you don't get invited very much. I hope this little reunion can serve as a fun first timer. Mmhmm, I would have organized a bigger one, but I couldn't convince Belphegor to let me into his stash of party drugs. SO fucking dumb, I mean, I usually just steal them, but Belle changed the locks. She says I'm a complete "asshole" for trying, but hey, I'm proud to be one. a complete idiot. Anyway, yeah, Bee, this is Loona.
And Loona, this is my girlfriend Bee. It's good to meet you, BITCH! Oh, this is...she's HOT! Ha! Shit! Okay, Tex, you didn't tell me she was funny. That's very funny. Right... I love that that's the first thing you tell me. You don't give a shit how weird you look. And that is. Damned. Beautiful. You are my new favorite person. Although... Yes, BITCH! Not really. Reminds me of the first time I saw Satan shirtless and thought: OOF BOY! YOU'RE HOT AS HELL! But then I wanted to die, because it was very uncomfortable. Because he's more like a brother to me, you know?
But he's REALLY not my brother, so I guess...he was fine. I COULD hit that... Anyway girl, have a good time tonight. Eat some candy, eat it, drink it, smash it, fuck it! WHO! Greetings darling! Thanks for coming. You need something? You are having fun? Are you OK? You're drunk? Okay, okay, great... Yeah, I'm leaving. That? Because? You just arrived, at least one drink, right? No, you really wouldn't like me after a drink. How stupid. I shouldn't have come Hello Loonie, how are you? Are you OK? Yeah, I'm fine, I just want to go Hey, hey!
That sounds like Blitzo! The "O" is silent asshole! Hey, hey, I knew it was you. Damn, where have you been? Are you here for the party? No, I'm just here picking up my daughter. Oh shit! Do you have a daughter now? ADOPTED! Oh man, are you leaving already? Things have just begun Come in and show us all again No, no, thank you, but I think Loonie wants to come back. Hey, does the hottie next to you want to leave? Look at it, I mean, we could stay a little longer. I think we have to go, okay?
I think it's been a long night. Well, these people seem to know you. Come on, I think I want to try it again. Please? Okay, maybe ONE drink BLITZ, BLITZ, BLITZ, BLITZ! Aaagh Oh wooow HA! That was nothing, bitch! Give me a real challenge! Oh yeah? Do you want to fuck the imp boy big bitch? I have a challenge for you. Oh...he's going to die. Ah well, let's do this! From Bee's personal supply, the hardest shit ever. Are you ready, friend? OH I WAS BORN READY! Bring it barking! I'll drink you under this damn table.
You have no idea what kind of night I've had. Alright, shit talker, but there hasn't been a soul yet who can beat me at my own game. So you better bring the fire, baby. Oh. Is Queen Bee too scared to lose to a little imp like me? Oh, okay, let's get into your little bastard. Let's go Blitz! Fuck him! You can do it! Who is the


now? Yeah! That's my dad! Well fuck me! It's the first time, I haven't had a first time in a long time. It was magical, seriously, impressive. I tip my crown to you, imp boy.
Respect Hey Loon, I don't want to be a bully here, but your uh, dad... buddy boy... He's um... He seems a little out of control. like... a disaster. Yeah, it's worrying, maybe you want to check on him or something. That!? No! No, Blitz is fine. He's always a mess, believe me. Look honey, I see people having fun and fucking each other all the time, but he's clearly getting drunk and causing trouble on purpose. So I feel like you should at least control it. He just watches. If something happens Don't act like you know him like I do.
I'm not saying I'm pretty sure he's had like four tongues in him at once. I mean... Good for him, but... I can taste the taste. taste of the people at my parties, and he's giving off a really... bad vibe, you know? Oh yeah, and I bet you'd know the "not okay" vibe, right? I mean, everyone really likes you. What is that supposed to mean? Do you have a problem or something? Don't fuck with me! Sorry, yes, no, I will... I'll check Uuuugh sorry, sorry. I know I got a little spicy, I just hope everything turns out well.
Now let's dance BLITZ! BLITZ! Where are you idiot? Blitz- Oh, piss on a cock! What the fuck are you doing Blitz! This guy looks like you're in the middle of a fucking orgy, STOP! Look, I didn't expect you to come here and see any of this Loonie. I'm so sorry, but it's a party, I'm just having fun with uh... what the fuck is your name again? Dennis Christ on a stick, you'd be a Dennis Get away from me! I'm not going to fuck Dennis tonight. I need Monica or Alejandro here IMMEDIATELY! Better... You don't need anyone else to suck your face, you weirdo.
You need to drink something other than Beelzejuice Uuuugh, no... Do you need to throw up? Mmm... no... Yes, you do. I had a really shitty day. Oh yeah? Is that why you drank five gallons of who knows what? Damn, Fizz was right. I'm going to die alone, right? Just a crumpled, old, withered waste... Will you be there, Loonie? Be where? I don't know, just... ...lonely... Die alone... I'll be there, dad. Now go to sleep... okay? Millie...Moxxie...Stolas...Fuck! Yes, I needed to vomit

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