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Hello Kitty's Paradise: Learn With Love (Full 2003 ADV Films VHS)

Apr 30, 2023
whatever it has to do with time that's right it's a clock but what kind of clock remember it can be loud an alarm clock is that's right you got it see you later bye can you count them where in the world could they be hmm how could i have missed them oh huh I'm running out of places to look tell me what you're looking for and I'll help you I can't find those little things I think I can copy anything you know what I mean is we were playing with them the other day these tiny shiny beautiful things colors the Whatchamacallit draw a picture of that might work they have little holes in them you could thread a string through you play a game with them we do but Mum wears hers around her neck.
hello kitty s paradise learn with love full 2003 adv films vhs
She bought them for us the last time we went shopping together. When mom bought her necklace, we threaded. This store had a sofa


of beads for people who like to make their own necklaces. Yes, and we both decided to start. collecting them forgetting an easy word it's embarrassing happens to everyone at some point i've forgotten easier words than that if i can't even remember the word for beads no wonder i can't remember what i did with mine i'm starting to wonder if i have some kind of memory i think i might know what you did with them i think we should look in the bottom drawer of your dresser oh sure they're in my jewelry box i made a bag for them i don't have as many as you that's because you spent most of it of your money in candy that day.
hello kitty s paradise learn with love full 2003 adv films vhs

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hello kitty s paradise learn with love full 2003 adv films vhs...

I spent all my allowance on accounts. Wait a minute, that can't be right. try again one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen and oh-oh what's that


I really hate to admit it but I've lost count again I think I was at 14 but I'm not really sure I think we'll have to start over one more time okay i know this is hard yeah all those colors make it easy to get confused maybe daddy will help you i bet i will there's nothing more fun than a numbers game what is it? a numbers game is counting beads a good game can be C numbers can be fun just a little bit of math oh no math what game is work is the hardest subject in school oh i hate having to study math my tummy hurts just from think about it but you


puzzle games and that's what math is a game where you use numbers instead of words or pictures to solve a puzzle.
hello kitty s paradise learn with love full 2003 adv films vhs
Math is a game to you because you


numbers, but I always seem to get confused when I try to count. Every game has its rules and number games are easy to play when you know them. I knew there was some trick and I'd love to teach you one or two of those tricks if you want me to, so now you want to split. the beats the first thing you do is count them all so let's start Kitty you first I want you to count the beads in front of me one two three four five ok it's easy to count to five so we stop there then we start all over again we count another row of five beads and we put them next to the first row now we have two rows of beads and each row has five beads two times five is the same as five and five is ten five beads in the first row and five beads in the second row five and five it's ten hey that was easy right ten beats now we'll put these 10 beads aside here no one mixed up and we've already counted 10 beats now we start again and count another two rows of each and that will give us another set of 10 beads 10 beads here and 10 beads there 2 times 10 equals what I got 10 plus 10 is 20. math doesn't work it's fun right and now that you've


ed to count rows of beads you can count anything the same way that's the cool thing about math works the same whether you're counting beads or elephants or anything I don't think me and


have to count elephants dad but if you ever have to count them you'll know how I love helping my daughters we must have the smartest dad around the world.
hello kitty s paradise learn with love full 2003 adv films vhs
I have one, two, three, four, five, and I have two rows of five, so you can take another row. okay now five plus five is ten so we each have ten beads and all together ten and ten makes twenty let's add some more now I've added one two three four more and here I've added five plus five and four is nine that looks like that we're all 29 together. I want it fruity and sweet, but not too fruity and sweet, so I have to be careful to follow the recipe to the letter. I can't guess because I have to know exactly how many berries I'm putting. this job i mustn't be distracted i have to concentrate one two three four five i'm so glad you're doing this for me darling i always lose track when i'm counting it's just a matter of keeping your mind on what you're doing so you don't get confused and lose track of your numbering, oh my god i forgot where i was now.
I'll have to start over. What do we do next? We could count them by color first. Let's see how many different colors we have then count how many there are of each color ok start there are red blue orange and yellow four different colors the best way to count them would be to put them in groups of ten of each color oh no I don't have 10 of any color let alone all the colors, how am I supposed to put them in groups of ten? Well two groups of nine, so I have two groups of eight, one group of seven and one group of six, how do I get them to come out? even hey, I'll do what dad would do.
I'll take a few more beads out of the bag, that's all, and add a few to each of the groups. Okay, now eight blue beads plus two more blue beads. They give me ten. Six orange beads plus four. makes ten and I have eight yellow beads so I add two more in there for ten put them in groups of five and see if it comes out well five blue beads plus five blue beads make ten five yellow plus five yellow make ten five orange and five orange is ten but you only have seven red beads and there are no more on the back ok we can still calculate how many beads we have by adding the groups of four colors ten blue ten yellow and ten orange three times three times ten is three plus seven red beads equals 37 beads well just think we solved the puzzle by ourselves without having to ask dad or anyone else to give us the answer I bet dad will be proud of us when he finds out how quickly we can


to play math games by following in his footsteps like great mathematicians.
We inherited our talent for mathematics from him. We are lucky to have him. use 70 berries for each jar how many will i need? I can't believe it. I forgot what number he was on. I'm so distracted right now. I will never get it. We better call the girls to do this job. for you both have excellent lines for numbers. Guess what kind of animal it is that looks like some kind of wing, don't you show us more? Hmm, what could that be? Maybe it's a tail, hey look, I think I know what's weird. Know what it is? outside i knew i knew it's a chicken and a pretty big one at that wow that was fun bye now see you next time now more fun and games from


this one is called guess the dots are you ready to play everyone look very closely now try to guess what would be the way if you connected all the dots here are some clues it can take you to the ends of the earth and it needs a lot of air but it's not a plane it can be big enough to hold a hundred people or small enough to fit your bathtub Do you know what it is yet?
I bet you almost got it, hey can you flip it for us foreigners? There it is, did you guess right? It's a sailboat, everything has its place Mimi, we're going to have fun girls, but be careful we're coming Mimi hurry up we're late I enjoy these gatherings with our friends we have a lot in common plus it's good to go out and do different things with different people for a change




we cleaned our room that's why we were late you two we were all waiting for you take it say Fifi hey now the party can start later we will have milk and cookies. we have all kinds of books and there are all kinds of toys everywhere take whatever you want to play so mimi what would you like to do um good diaper time i think you're right yes that's what i want to do let's look in my doll chest and see yes there's a set of twins like us yeah great idea hardly anything left to play with the dolls they're all gone robot rocket ship car nothing left i like it let's try and find that doctor bag from toy and then us.
I can play hospital Mimi let's go find it in the toy box hmm I'm sure that's where I saw it last time we were here oh boy what now let me think hey remember that nature book we were reading we never finished it yeah come on look on the shelf oh no I guess we can't read our book either what's going on oh I guess Jody likes nature boots too so we'll read it after I finish it you're not upset about it of course we no, but what do we do we are waiting for it to finish I know why we don't draw well I love to draw you have talent you are an artist but I'm not good at it I'm just a hobbyist I'll help you why don't you draw me first I'll try now I did a red crayon oh no what's wrong i don't think so i have all the colors but the red you can't really look at check again you're right the red is missing.
I can't draw the ribbon of your hair without the red. I'm sure it fell out of the box somewhere. You've seen the red crayon anywhere, okay, this is a real problem. Hi, Kathy. box but it wasn't there I guess someone forgot to put it back when they were done that's really weird we should help her find it Kathy what are you all doing we're looking for the missing red crayon hmm she couldn't just leave where is everyone going the red crayon is missing we are trying to find it everyone is scattered looking everywhere oh it's here you looked in the bookcase Kitty a little lucky not yet how are you Tippy you found it if I found it I wouldn't keep looking could Fifi?
Hey wait who used it last time I did it but I put it back in the box when I was done using it so that means someone used it after you and they either forgot or don't want to admit it you mean someone lost it and they're afraid to tell us stop and think about it maybe they're afraid everyone would be mad at them if we knew they lost the crayon I'm not mad at anyone of course not why anyone would be mad anyone can make a mistake we all lose things all the time the red crayon and what did you do with it after you did it try to remember each thing you did yesterday and if you were using a crayon to do it and where were you when you did it try to see yourself with the crayon what were you drawing with he?
Did you leave it somewhere and forget to put it back in the box? I'm the one who lost the red crayon. Tracy, come back, there's no need to run. Tracy must have thought we'd be mad at him. She's in the bathroom. I apologize to everyone. I'm so embarrassed. You combed through the red crayon, okay, you found it. Tracy found the crayon, everyone, where was it? I remembered that I used the crayon after Tippy did it. dirty, so i went to the bathroom to rinse them, that's better while she washed me. I thought of something else I wanted to do and forgot I left the crayon in the sink that's where I found it don't worry about it I think everyone has done those things all the time our mom says everyone does yeah yeah so don't be so mad we all forgive thank you i shouldn't have taken him in the bathroom with me i know i learned my lesson now yeah so from now on everyone put things back when done with them because i already have become a habit. nobody's mad we know it was an accident ok tracy uh huh i promise it will never happen again i say we should promise each other if we put things away they will never get lost so we fix it if you agree say yes yeah what a relief when i draw red things i want them to be red ok and don't forget to put it back when you're done that way it's there when we need it like mom says there's a place for everything. and everything should be in place look now i see why Jody was using the red crayon so much, she really needed it.
I'm surprised she didn't use all the crayon. He only needed enough red to draw the ribbon in your hair but he sure drew a big fire truck, didn't he? Now where do you put things when you're done? Leave them where they belong? Goodbye for now. More fun and games in Paradise. This one is called Guess the dots if we connect the red dots. what shape will it have first we have to find them all now let's make the move so everyone can see them can you guess what it is yes no then let's connect the dots and see what we get yes that's good hey wait you're going the wrong way go back there that's better wow this is hard go the other way now it's starting to look like something this is cool i'm really starting to see it now can you guess what it is i'm still pretty sure i got it figured out.
I'll give you a clue. Most are red.a few patterns and once you learn them the rest will fall into place if you understand what the colors and traffic lights mean just look at the color of the sign and that will give you a good idea what type of sign it is and it helps you figure it out so red means stop or don't do something and anything yellow is caution because yellow is so easy to see well it makes sense that must be why they use it for umbrellas and raincoats and things you should see at night yeah yellow is always a really good color when you're trying to let people know to be careful thanks dad it really makes a lot of sense and it's also nice to know there's a reason he did things this way a lot of people he works very hard to keep us safe, you learn fast, you will see and then if you are careful and pay attention and watch other people you will be fine.
I say we go home and see mom. So what's your favorite sign, Mimi? Let's start with some fun and games from Paradise. This one is called Guess the Dust. All you have to do is figure out what the shape is when you connect the dots. So let's start with the puzzle. there are 13 dots to connect to find the shape, can you still see it? me too let's connect all the number points with a line and see what we get. two two go to three and so on until you go past 13 and back to one ok let's fill it in and take a better look I think I know what it is let's give it more detail and see if we got it right a rocket ship you know what I think it is about to take off let's count down five four three two one block bye foreigner

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