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Heath Caught His Girlfriend Cheating On Him - UNFILTERED #70

May 31, 2021
Like yes, yes, no, yes, exactly, completely forgetting that this story is bad for Heather? I said, oh, you probably feel so good, yeah, she's raining in this cheater episode. Then I look at it and I'm like, oh my God, what do I do? I like the car to be there, obviously she's in it, so do I get in? Called? What I do? She would have sent him a photo of her work and she would have been there. I'm surprised you let me know when you're there. Hey baby, let me know when you're leaving. I'm waiting outside in the parking lot, please, she wouldn't have done it.
heath caught his girlfriend cheating on him   unfiltered 70
I know, but I was so hot. like she was like oh my gosh that would make your blood race and uh so I was like let me come in and see what the deal is yeah let me see what's going on she said it was her friend's birthday party. at night, whatever, maybe she forgot to text me, so I walked in and it was her and a guy sitting together at the bar, next to each other on the bar stools, and they were on top of each other of each other, as if they were talking tactfully, ah, have a drink, let's go and I walked over, I don't know how I did this, it's actually like a scene from the movie.
heath caught his girlfriend cheating on him   unfiltered 70

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heath caught his girlfriend cheating on him unfiltered 70...

I should have turned around. I should have. I should have bit my tongue and never talked to you. No, no, I still think you did the right thing right now. I got my keys out so I walked over and her back was turned. I walked in the door and stood between the two of us, walked over, put my arm around them both and said, "Holy cow, you've got a nice knife, I hope it's worth it," and turned around and walked out. It was dude, that's powerful, powerful and you know what made me mad, she didn't chase me, oh, she didn't follow me, it wasn't like stopping, no, it's not like what it looks like, she took it, she sat there, I walked out and between.
heath caught his girlfriend cheating on him   unfiltered 70
I got my car and left, oh, it's probably like 20 minutes, it's not what it is, it's not what it seems and I'm like you, you couldn't even, that's how much I wanted to say, you couldn't even come. behind me and say no, you know she is my cousin, you were at a birthday party, you had a birthday party on her birthday with her birthday friend, I will never understand the guts of that kind of people, I feel like you are very good to her, you're really nice to her too, it's not like anything you did, you never did anything to hurt anyone and you know what i hope it was worth it because you're not together mm-hmm and that's something, Matt Would you like to tell him? your story no no we don't need it one day I would have handled it completely differently I mean I would have done the same thing I would have left but I would have just screwed him up I would have just told him everything I felt and then I left oh no, that was good, the fact that your silence says a lot, I said what I had to say, yes, and I just didn't want to participate, I'm done, yes, that's good, I respect the way you handled it, look at you.
heath caught his girlfriend cheating on him   unfiltered 70
Now yeah, you're so cool, she just has a way of bringing it in and look what you ended up with, isn't that something? Look what you got, baby, what you got, baby, prosper, yeah, oh man, wow, I'm proud you said that. thank you, who makes me feel good, she was, she's prettier than me, but isn't it crazy how long it takes to be so mad about it and then how it's great, time heals everything, yeah, it's in the What moment do you think you are at? I'll never make you think that life is over, yeah, it's crazy, how about you think that it's never going to get better, that it's just going to go downhill from there when someone, I mean, keeps going downhill, but I can tell you something I learned from tic tac.
It's really, really you do very crazy things. I saw this video of um, it was a guy explaining that it showed a black screen and it appeared like, uh, the numbers one, two and three, see it for a second. You can guess where one, two, and three were correct. That's pretty easy if you look really fast, yeah, pretty easy, yeah, and then what if I pulled out nine numbers really fast? Could you determine where each number was? Oh, like a photo it would be very difficult to guess where each number was, no, yes, you have to do it in order, press it in order on the board, one at a time, one at a time, so that the numbers on the screen black one to appear from one to ten and it would disappear and you have to click on one, that would be difficult, that would be very difficult, yes, they showed a video of monkeys, chimpanzees, chimpanzees showing them, they would show them the scr, they would show the numbers from one to nine, one to ten, and they were able to memorize the numbers and then they go, they get all the numbers from one to ten, yeah, how do they know what to look for?
How do I think your mind is? Because they live in nature active in the survival of the fittest. They have to be like that. aware of your surroundings all the time, yes, but it's like knowing numbers, no, they are patterns that you don't know, wait, you don't do it perfectly from one to two, yes, well, then you start little by little, you learn the pattern, you learn . learn that code and then it gets bigger and bigger and bigger they're making the pattern, I mean, it must not have been survival of the fittest if they didn't become us, well, I think they're capable of their brains, their brains They are The strongest birds can fly.
Can't you? You can't exactly tell an animal apart, but I'm just saying animal capabilities. I don't know how we haven't seen that video already. That's because they hit him with us. They've been chimpanzees, baby. It's not a movie that's real life, they're smart and they're also being rewarded every time with a uh, you could have, you could reward me whatever and I wouldn't understand that, I think if you were starving, you wouldn't. you would do get any food until you can solve that puzzle, that doesn't change my brain, although it couldn't, yes it's because our brains are programmed to focus on information differently, they are just seeing a pattern and you are being rewarded as if you don't out like it was bing bing bing bing bing it's all at once and they have to figure out the number they have to do, I think if you did it day after day and practiced, you would get it.
You probably think they skipped three years of training and then say, "Oh my God, look what these chimpanzees can do." There's definitely some editing going on, they had to learn it, but it's pretty strange, it's fun to believe that. yeah, it's cool that it happened that they were just monkeys, right, I mean, I'm sure there's a human that could do that, that's true, that's true, we have a good, smart monkey, why don't we have these monkeys working? Do you know if? Just because they are so smart that they could be doing that doesn't mean he likes adding, subtracting and dividing.
Did you see the video of the uh, it was some kind of big monkey? I don't know if it was a gorilla, it could have been an orangutan chimpanzee no, not that big, I think it was a chimpanzee um, he was dressed in people's clothes like pants, t-shirts, his baseball card, he was literally walking around and it was security footage in an apartment, oh, and open the front door, grab the pizza. He gives her the money and then grabs it and then comes back and closes the door. Yes, he was like a baboon that looked like standing animals completely.
Can you imagine being a pizza maker delivering a pizza and a cute animal is the time of day? I mean we have to pay the police, pay the pizza delivery guy, give him the time of day, please, are these monkeys in the wild or are they locked up like this, like they're doing it, like they're experimenting on a baby, show them the show. Show them the way, show them how to work, can you imagine? Yeah, I don't think that was the right thing to do. Wait, so you think monkeys should start working for us? Not giving people the time of day, not giving them attention.
No, I said like us. I have to give them the time of day that's what I said why no one can imagine imagine getting into an uber you like to close it behind you you look up and it's a monkey you let it do human there's a guy in tic tac who posted he has on an uber and no one was driving it was like one of those teslas and he was like no one was driving my uber right now oh really yeah no I don't like that I know you could afford an uber tesla no I'm sorry So.
The guy just started telling him in the back seat. Okay, sorry, I'm so cynical. I mean, honestly, I didn't believe all that. I am also cynical in that I say we should have monkeys that do two jobs. Should monkeys be paid the same? Yeah, I don't understand that. I like people whose dogs work like no one else's. Yeah. Horses are pulling carriages and stuff. They don't get paid. Hopefully. I wish they had a concept of money. Hopefully. think about animal actors who just work all the time and the owner just makes all the money, these dogs are in more movies than us, they get paid more airbud than diamonds worth millions and where is now someone made money with airbud?
I'm saying someone made money on it, but they got a lot of cool toys. I don't think those dogs are treated well. I don't think so, but with Air Bud they did a lot of live covers now. They live their asses in the frozen air, the musical air, I was actually playing in the damn games, aren't they parents? What the hell is there a dog? How is that? Okay, the pta meeting must have been spicy, okay, I think that's it. We have for now ladies and gentlemen, if you like what you see, there are tons of highlight episodes, as well as exactly all the good and little things from every time we part and laugh, cut everything, just take all the good, the good. stories, the funny moments and we will post them on our


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Continue with all the previous episodes, if you don't feel like going back and watching the full episode, you will get the best moments and the funniest moments on this channel and as always you can check out our cafe We have a homemade French toast blend with Tahitian vanilla and cinnamon and, yes, it is the best coffee in the world right now. We only have the homemade mix. We are very sorry again. We are waiting for them to replenish us. It takes a lot of time. We can only. make so many beans at once exactly so um but it'll better beat my ass yeah exactly um also uh I'm going to shout it out.
I just started the golf YouTube channel. I'm very excited about it and this is something that I'm very passionate about and I'm very excited to share with you guys, it's not about golf, it's very serious, like a lot of other people, uh, it's fun, we're just up all the time hitting, literally, loves golf. that's all he wants to do outside of the work he does literally all he wants to focus on is golf yeah so he created a channel for us so make sure you go we'll all be on the channel here and there . I'm going to have guests every week, it's going to be fun, yeah, it's going to be fun, mostly drinking and just partying, um, if you see me on their channel, it won't be me playing golf, it'll be me. probably drinking, which is fine, you don't know, you'll learn, yeah, because I don't know how to play golf.
These guys have to teach me how to play golf before they have to give me training sessions before we like making these videos. I have you. honey please get me and as always you can listen to the audio of the podcast every Monday and then the video comes out every Tuesday. uh Heath, thank you so much, we love you and have a good rest of your week. Have a good Monday, have a good baby and if you have a feeling, baby, cut exactly the point, period, okay, I love you guys, bye, come to the local bar.

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