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HEATED: Jason Whitlock and Warren Sapp Debate Deion Sanders

Sep 10, 2023
We were having a very fascinating discussion about Deion Sanders and Warren. He was so close to making me believe that Dion was going to be a big hit in Colorado. I'm still not totally convinced, but it started because Brett Favre like, oh, Warren would be a great coach and I say Warren Sapp would be a great coach to get out of here and Warren has been down with Dion and Colorado, they've seen it all from first hand, uh, concrete important, just know this, y'all. I'm Seth, I'm going to include you in the group although I don't know your thoughts.
heated jason whitlock and warren sapp debate deion sanders
Everyone probably thinks the Dion thing is going to work once they start us. I am completely here because the man is very consistent and patient. with them young and then he surrounded himself with greats with good coaches around him it's not just him it's not just him if it was just him I'd be like Prime you can't do all this alone baby you're A kid from Florida and I know that we walk responsibly and we think we walk on water but that's too much, he has a great staff with him and the kids are all involved, I mean when he's in front of them talking.
heated jason whitlock and warren sapp debate deion sanders

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heated jason whitlock and warren sapp debate deion sanders...

I mean, it's almost like they're in a trance and you know how that is when you have a football team at one time when you have a football team at one time we can do whatever we want because we're all coming in. in the same direction and when you have that as a football team that's special I'm just telling you he's a special individual leading a special group of men right now and he brought it and he's the one who brought them all . I'm just telling you what I saw with my own eyes and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have come home, I got on the plane and went back to Dallas with him to TCU.
heated jason whitlock and warren sapp debate deion sanders
They are simply great players. I don't think they're great coaches not always not always normally nothing ever normally never but there's always an exception to the rules that's right, we'll call them uh Beyoncé and the Sanders will be like that a game no, no, he wanted Jackson State, yeah, wait. Let me, let me ask you, let me ask you one more question before you know you go with Brett and then you finish with me on Dion, what is it about Dion besides being a great player that makes you doubt that he has swagger? You have to have supreme confidence that you can go out and exclude a third of the Earth.
heated jason whitlock and warren sapp debate deion sanders
I disagree Warren I. I have seen all of you play and have great respect. Did you end up running for the defensive player of the year award and I mean you? You are all special level players. I saw them all play. They are incredibly talented and I think a lot of times incredibly talented people have flaws that their gifts make up for, but they believe that their flaws are part of their strength and Dion was not him. In my opinion, the best corner to ever play this game is fine because of his arrogance. God bless his arrogance.
No no no no. What I'm saying is, I don't think that's what made him great. God gave you some incredible gifts in the womb. he maximized that and worked hard and did all that, but it's not arrogance, he, arrogance to me is a shield or a beard for a certain insecurity and to be honest, when I see people so exaggerated, when I see people, he is My age is 56 years old, we are from the same class. I see people still wearing gold chains at 56. That's a bit of insecurity and because I bought some gold chains and I'll never go change them at first, but now I have a nice cubic one.
It's not the level I'm talking about, he runs with Run DMC and again, I don't hate Dion, I just have a little bit of male jealousy, no, not really, I would. I love that Dion is a success at the Foundation of all sustainable success sustainable success Swagger and all those other things we love to talk about we love to rap about it we love it we have to show it off that's useless your patience some of the things you were telling me , I tell you that you are humble, you act, so I tell you patience, the training that you talk about when you were driving, it's driving 90 minutes to go to the high school coach, yes, that's humility, yes, it's you, but now I see.
Too much arrogance to think it's sustainable, but I'm open to getting better enough, you know, you know, look, I like that you're open to it when I, when I, oh, without a doubt, okay, when I saw Dion and When I saw what happened, it's okay. I got into a little dispute on social media because someone fired, they were talking, you know, it was over the top and I said, you know, and now I'm part of the media, but I think one of the biggest injustices and one of the biggest. The problem with the media is that when someone writes something or someone says something and they are proven wrong, they don't have to eat crow, they don't have to go back and retract it, they don't have to go back and say they got it. bad to see my brand is that you know I don't bite my tongue, I tell it like it is and sometimes it may not work nationally, but that's in Philadelphia that flies because that's what they want, but when I'm wrong like he said Brandon Graham is never going to be a double-digit set guy because I've been around football long enough to know that I can look at a guy and tell you, guess what he got with 11 sacks last year, you know, the moment he He got 11 sacks, I went. on the air after the game and I said, you know, hey, I was wrong, congratulations to Brandon Graham, I texted him, that's fine and I think that's the way it should be, but you can't talk about Dion and you can't talk about his kids. and what they can and can't do in the national media and they think he's not going to attack you, you know who you're dealing with, he's been arrogant and I won't say arrogant.
I'm going to call Dion. One of the most confident soccer players I have ever seen in my entire life. He is too confident. If everyone else walked with that kind of confidence, they would be amazed at what they can accomplish. Okay, so you can't go up to him and think. that he's not going to come back to you you know you just can't Ed Worder didn't come to him that wasn't like that it wasn't Eddie he was talking to everyone I missed this what are you talking about? The guy wrote an article saying that all this hype in college football right now slaps you in my lane.
I'll show you this guy, no, he wasn't in the water, was he? Why would I be asking Ed? If he believed what Edward Ray did, you know, you know me and Edward are partners, brother, this would be like me arguing when I'm sitting here. I know the guy he didn't know. I know Ed Warner, right? He didn't write anything. I read that book as a joke because you can hear the voice of the guy at The Exchange that Edward was talking to, the Indian journalist named Shadiq something like that, and he wrote all this noise about Colorado, we're basically going to talk about a two and a team. team two and ten or worse Ed werder I'm a friend of Sapp you weren't there I talked to edwarder Ed water can't hurt Edward's voice oh god say uh believe in what it was Ed who said believe in what I know the voice of Edward shows up again.
This is like I'm arguing with you about that, hey, you weren't there. I received the video from the guys who are there. I know exactly who he's talking to. I can show you the reporter with his tweet because I even tweeted it. Come on, stop. After a while I just let it sink. I do. That's what I'll do. What did Edward do right? He didn't write anything. You're not talking to him. He said. I have read that message. Believe in God? I believe in what Add Water was not. I think they are going to win more than two games.
They will definitely be 2-0 after this week. I think he is a great player. I mean it through this. I understand it, I don't understand it. I think any of you could be a great coach, you are two better players, but no, no, no, no, you know what you have to be. You could be a great person. I could, you know, what you can get now, but now, but now and. later in my life because we've learned and you know I'm not, I'm not as impulsive and out of control as we were, sometimes it's better to just pause, think about it instead of talking or yelling or Yelling, I think there's a Call for that if necessary, but going back to Dion, I think Dion has had a place in his life where he's ready to accept that role, absolutely, he's a marketing machine, there's no doubt about it, you can't blame him for that.
The first day, in the past, maybe he, when he was drafted and played baseball and football, he was feeling it and it was all because of him, now he gives the glory to God and himself, well, I think he deserves it . some no, not as a Christian I can, I can well and I and we can discuss this, you know what level Christians have achieved again and he's not at a very high level in the sports writing business. I have achieved a lot. It has nothing to do with me, nothing, nothing that you achieve in football, you may not know it, but one day you will find out that it had nothing to do with you, you, you, this, uh, I mean, this It's for believers, if you.
You're a believer and it's a fact so I don't think Dion doesn't realize that and I think at our age nothing to do with this is already written, you just have to live it, no it's not written but man. I'm so imperfect I'm so broken and then I'm nothing I'm more than the sin that I have I have that part So unworthy I just need a faith as big as a mustard seed I'm fine, no, come on, I was raised in the church, you beat me in school Sunday and you found me in church, this is what happens, although this is what happens with great athletes, it's literally, although I mean, you are so successful, you get so much adulation that it clouds things and and and you start to believe that you become yourself and you know what you do to yourself and it's called idolatry, you do yourself and I, I've been through that on a lesser level, on a much lesser level, but yeah, I was very successful as a journalist, just I'm kidding, I'm a Hall of Fame journalist, sports drugs, I'm a Hall of Fame sports journalist, they have one of those, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, they do, yeah, yeah, they do and I've been through therefore mental. deal where I thought I would, man, I meant, look mom Jason, everyone's counting on me, blah, blah, blah, have there been, have there been, it's not me, have there been coaches in the NFL that you think haven't been players? and that they are guilty of the same thing that was successful, the blame is the coaches, they are arrogant, yes, everyone, even Bill Belichick's area, you had a little success, that's the only way you can be successful, although it I know from the way you pick a rugby player in the third round. and he plays like it's a good thing for the team the smart ones are at war with his arrogance Dion leans into his arrogance and confidence he thinks that's what makes him successful that's a mistake I think you need to visit him you haven't seen him in a while time, well, no, I haven't, so you have to go visit him, so the only thing I can do is watch this post-game press conference.
He walked into his postgame press conference and sat with the receipts shouting receipts. he sat down and started talking about his son Shador and then well and then about himself and then finally and then he started bothering Edward and other people in the media and all that other stuff and he finally managed to buy on Monday when he started jumping. The Bayless and Pat McAfee show finally picked up on Monday he started talking about the kids and everyone else and Dion means well, but what's going on? And you know it because you have been very successful.
Star athletes in high school, college professionals and when you're paying all the bills, people don't question what you do much and it can create an arrogance that you have to be humbled by and because of that, there is and because I've been through it, I need to be humiliated a lot and I'm also a very bad boy so yeah that's what I'm saying, it could all be in one big cylinder, you're just spinning around here and that's all I'm saying. for long term sustainable success that arrogance is going to bite Dion in the ass in my opinion I am rooting for him I hope he finds this humility I hope he listens to me if he hears this in context I would love for you know who of mine I am, literally , who I had a very negative opinion of for years, Michael Irvin and then I sat down with Mike and I was like, oh my God, that guy is passionate about everything, yeah, and he is. authentic and all the flaws because I am every mistake that Michael Irvin made in his life.
I am very capable of having made that mistake and that is why I love Michael Irvin after sitting with him and seeing where. he's from I sat down with Dion because you know Dion and I have had disagreements over the years and I sat down with Dia. I think Dion means well, but he's still drunk on his success and I understand why, he's fine, I get it. why, but I hope that we come out of this, we can all recover from this, man, I mean, and again on this show and this Seth has said it and and and you know, I always keep it real and that's why I'm glad I spoke up seriously about this conversation.
It's been amazing, it's all I think, yeah, all from all of you because I just want to have a real, but if anyone listens to the showman, except I talk about everything. I used to live in strip clubs. I used to live chasing. 25 years, you know, I used to do it, you know, I talk about all that and I needed to be taken out of it and humiliated and I left Los Angeles and a lot of money on the table because I needed to do it right, okay. Uh, can I make this analogy? You know, a leopard may never change as much as possible.
A couple of times in his life, he iswell, while Dion may not be able to change her points, you know the transformation, you know she's seen it up close and personal, the one thing she is, she's passionate about what she does, she's passionate about these kids and me. I think he's going to upset the NCAA football album card because he's going to start snatching up more of those top 150 athletes and he's going to piss off Georgia and Alabama and everyone else in college football bro ATM said oh Jacksonville no oh yeah brother yeah then maybe you need to go see the pride

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