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He QUALIFIED For THE OPEN! #30shotchallenge

Jul 21, 2023
last year. Yes, I played too many holes. If before. to the event, yeah, so this year I'm only playing nine, yeah, yeah, maybe I'll try to treat it like a normal week, yeah, it's hard, essentially, that's what it is, right? Basically, the trophy is a little better, yes. We have two shots left, we just missed 185th Street towards the center of this point. July. I think we're going to cheer up Marco. Very soon he looks like potential flyer, so we'll use the seven iron. Yes, that has a flyer written all over it I'm telling you after two holes today I thought it was going to be I thought it was going to be there soon the game tricked me going out of bounds doesn't help oh that went to the left didn't it I know it's not good it's not good Alright, Marco, my uh, Roy Ace is pretty close to me, so it's all up to you once again, I have to be a partner, I need to make a birdie here, really, yeah, what do you have one, one, four, seven, you know, pins hidden behind a trap, yeah, I'm coming?
he qualified for the open 30shotchallenge
On the rough ground the ball won't stop as fast so I need to hit it a little bit. Exchange really playing around 155. oh no that's good buddy I need to go a little bit oh it sounded like it landed on the grass, yeah, Greek likes it to stick out a little bit, so I think you might actually be really tall, you know, okay, maybe not. what a pity, then it's better than mine, put it that way, friends, we find ourselves once again in the elephant grass, it's deep, thick, nasty, it's horrible and this will be my thirtieth hit.
he qualified for the open 30shotchallenge

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he qualified for the open 30shotchallenge...

My game today was a real roller coaster. that's it, I didn't even get the green, that's me, I took 30 shots, guys, now it's Marco's turn. Now I'll be a substitute caddy for him, maybe I could get a job for next week, you never know, I could have done it if I did it. be the caddy of the year they are from right to left he straightens up he could go the other way yes, you would be right Edge I like that yes, of course Edge, roll him in this is to keep him alive and away I think you make two in the next one we are hitting him there , that's how we say now, yeah, caddy, we're hitting it now that I've chaotically retired and left that way.
he qualified for the open 30shotchallenge
I knew it was going to end at the end, but I thought it was left out bad enough. Bad reading of the Paddy, yeah sorry mate that's me, I'm not going to Royal Liverpool at the back folks it's a four though well done thanks it could have been too low today yeah I mean, he's three under 26, I think after seven holes, how many shots? Do you have any left now? You have eight left, right? So you have four left. Four remaining. Yes, we need a two-two ending. Yes, it is feasible, it is feasible. Marker, it is and you are the man to do it or a 3. -I end up a three, oh yes, I like that, please make it happen.
he qualified for the open 30shotchallenge
We need a big Christmas bonus. We're sitting here, the Green's 360 and Marco just said we'll have to wait for the green to clear up. downwind, didn't need to play too fair, we respect the players around us, yeah, no, don't hit their ankles while your balls bounce up, green pineye, three, thirty-five, leading edge, yeah , that is your transportation. 320 3 15 320 I would say yes, so the eighth hole today 360 yards is downwind. Marco has asked us to wait for the green to clear because he is going to hit it. You need that three one or the 2-2 ending straight down. when this is just green light, this light reached it high or you're still fading what we're doing.
Fades out the window now, just understand. High drawing, love, you saw it right, we have to fall, oh kick. trap on the right side of the green I think so, I'll chip in an easy play, easy play, this dirty shot, I mean, I couldn't do it. Marco cam, go to full links here, yes friends, we are in for a treat. We played this practice, this shot. The other day, a lot of times it's one that you'll use with Royal Live technology, yeah, yeah, it's when you have a little bit like you know when you hit a long putt and you feel like you lose your rhythm, yeah.
I feel like you could also free yourself without and the same thing, yeah, that makes sense, excited about this one, basically, that was the hardest side, yeah, I mean, with a little bit of Loft to lift a little bit of this initial yeah. of nonsense keep traveling keep traveling keep traveling also keep traveling keep going oh I'll get it there you go there you go well done great shot thank you it's all part of the teamwork all this part of the teamwork you make three here the ninth The hole is so good for a full par three yeah for a hot hole like there was a hole I wanted to make one yeah it would be one of these because it's just a class par three yeah absolutely brilliant that's right hey. was in that preword, yes I did it, I know it came out slowly, didn't it come out of the difficult?, straight up, go up, roll the rock, that's what I say, he has the dream alive, the dream alive, people holding one for finish it well done well done let's go get your putter it's going to do my job correctly thank you you're um now you're first and second place in the challenge right no one's made it to the night yet except you it's just your victory lap folks I think, uh, a hole in one I heard someone say the other day that the odds of a hole in one are 12,000 to one, yeah, for a setup, something like that, this must be the one twelve thousand, so everything The ninth is reduced to this. hole one way three 170 yards absolutely stunning Marco has one shot left can he hold on to complete the challenge what are you hitting Marco 170 I feel like he's playing around 165. yeah hitting a 10 o'clock iron 99 10 o'clock nine I'm going to try to start on that white post right next to it, I'll tell you what a wind it has, it's still windy, it's still windy, it's still windy, I'm not sure there's a little bench there that I can kick towards, so we'll have to wait until we get down. on the green to discover a beautiful movement of the swinging stem, yes, I thought the wind was going to hit it, keep it tight friends, 32 shots at the end for Marco, four under par, although on this back now on these front nine in the old st ann links, amazing effort, Marco.
Best of luck next week that's right I hope you do well if you see Marco in the


field go and say hello give him some luck and we hope to see you there next week guys thanks for watching sub as always , show a little love. to bookmark on your Instagram and see you next time

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