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He NEVER Looked UNDER THE BOAT! (Human Fall Flat)

Jun 11, 2021
today catchphrase man Craner and I are playing hide and seek you see me can you see me try to find me if you can see me right now then click the like button but if you can't then uh if not allowed to press the like button oh yeah you're right i'm not wearing a jelly shirt today make sure you buy it at jill easter come let's play hide and seek hide and seek time in the finders house. hide point me come on you know where to go ok Craner yeah ok ok actually it's hard oh besides that ok this is ok i'm going to get to the top there we go ok i'm going right now me I'm ready to catch your jelly where do we hide the crater?
he never looked under the boat human fall flat
Where are you hiding? I mean we'll be pretty visible here, so I think we may be behind this or crater. invisible like that, i don't think this will work, am i more invisible now? lol I'm just some kind of buff on my ass okay crater hey I knew I had to go with you. oh but yeah i didn't want to


ok time work y'all done yeah ok i left the finders house wait what are you doing? I'll hide better now, yes, there's so much. I see you look at me don't say that don't say we see them they look and leave I want to play with those who believe Josh oh wait hammer where do you see what is happening no I don't see what is actually happening what is this right here in front of us is helping us in this wait why do you guys like his mana oh the hammer knocks Josh down we're not hiding in a tower definitely not in that tower there definitely not in that big tower I can't oh these boxes look like jelly why not see you like this? oh yeah those boxes though y'all felt the box y'all see me oh any box right here i'm just playing with it. it makes you fly ok wait wait oh i just flew through them ok are you guys up here no yeah but you don't have to move the crane oh i gotta get that's kind of cheating you know oh i moved and it's too late now alright crater listen i'll make sure you don't do well bradley to finish this off for me you know yeah i got ya yeah amazing on a pickle here hey you're hanging on the tower yeah it wasn't my intention not to let you go, that's a really good place.
he never looked under the boat human fall flat

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he never looked under the boat human fall flat...

I'm a little jealous now that I see Foley, there's susceptibility. Hey, you'll


catch me. cheat now, in the next round, it's Darcy's turn, I see, I see you can count to 100, right? When we're done, okay, Kelly, where do we go. find a good lesson we will get the best place in the universe out of all hiding places we must remember the crane is bad at making any move so yeah ok maybe here don't say here because he might be listening yeah then he will have to check every inside of everything yeah we can find some sneaky places wait this is really good but we keep doing it I'm sure we'll find something.
he never looked under the boat human fall flat
Oh, I've been trying to chase you, Josh, but you're going a little too fast. I think I'm doing it. I'm not one hundred percent sure. Josh, listen to this undercover. the place is kind of like yeah next level oh hey come here jelly it's all good there you go good this is this he's getting somewhere josh i like this it's going to be hard for him to find it okay and then from here we can go - wait any way is it's actually a thing okay Stan oh wow wait Josh you might have to catch me yeah I don't know this is really really good Dilli oh yeah I know it's okay Jenna come on I'm really trying to be like this we I'm gonna make all of this come on just jump wait you did good about time you could have warned me but okay Josh this will take him ten years exactly that is the point of this game. you might want to just oh we got it got it yeah i'm up alright be careful be careful i'm holding on to you jelly really slippery we call the chance to make it all right We're going after me, Josh, yeah, I think we're here.
he never looked under the boat human fall flat
Alright guys time time we're ready oh hey tow truck uh ok good luck finding a. I'm just telling you this is not easy, okay, this really should be five times. guys ever stop occupying circles they might start looking yeah i think what i'll do is bring my cushion to a high point and that's where i'll look for you guys ok that's a good idea actually alright thinking, okay. So where would I be if I was dumb if I was a dumb idiot? He's already been Josh. No, you are the fool for yourself. You'll notice that we already searched, but that's okay, no, I'm here to be able to search for a green. dog and a


face I'm NOT a dog man she forgot oh yeah you


saw him fly again josh competition look what that was a clue to him look no idea ok for a second i thought it was washing yeah yeah a circle you're on the right track mate keep coming back you know i don't like it in delhi is this a circle? a high circle Craner is giving a clue oh my god where did you go?
I just walk just stretching my legs you're on the opposite side of the map for us craters I'm going wait what I see the circle I mean no it doesn't mean going to the right circle now I'm not sure what Cyril told you because you're walking in the wrong direction you don't like the sky well you have to decide if that's the right crayon cause we can't see what you're looking at so it's not corrected just kidding oh yeah all right much warmer because I'm closer to you and I move you forward. or something not, maybe it's the escape route Josh is doing some parkour moves with oh please in a circle right now is that me?
No problem Josh hi I mean it's in a circle so you guys aren't writing where it's there anyway I can't see you I can't see you won't you hold my hand Josh I'm really scared here stop doing it to me oh huh I found you guys , I only see blackness, I see a head, oh, I think I just died, we were crushed by a crater, where are they? did they find us? I don't believe it. I am in the searchers house. I don't know what just happened, but we're good, so I have to sit in the county to say hello, play again, hide the boys. on the other side why what's wrong wait wait i'm finding you guys just do that oh my god i see jelly ok i think it counts he's stuck here just hold still now jelly it's ok just stay there jelly i blew you guys sorry josh i gave up his place sorry i called you ok you want to go to jelly let me show you ok i think ok guys i am the secret. n now in this house let's see guys if you don't go and hide i'm going to start right now and then i have the screen guys i'll go wherever you are ok thank you sorry see ya i found you guys that was easy what do you mean what did you find?
Didn't we find a garbage thing or something? It's just a fountain that's ok so I'm going to start walking and you guys let me know when you see me ok no wait ok again wait a minute what are you doing? I want to help him. You guys are here haha. It would be a great thing for you. To sigh. it's so much fun oh yeah we should die michael i can see you guys ha ha nice try though we're magic if we held on to the other side though it would have been so much fun especially since we bring it up now huh Yeah? hey guys it's kinda weird they say that yeah it's very specific let's say I'm looking Even though I don't see anything you're not because we would see you there.
My arms are getting pretty tired from holding on to this giant who watches from a distance. It's okay, Josh, yes. I knew you would be doing that. Hello, hello, Karina, wait. Wait, are you kidding me? Where are they kidding? I think I'm getting close. No, they are not at all. Why would we be in the same place from the first round? he was trying to escape good point pheebs was struggling him a bit there looks like he's hanging over the edge some reason why what a good team Jilly we're going okay I don't think they're here okay he jumped into the dumpster right above us okay , you guys are not holding on to the map ring, yeah that will be cheating, de


ion, what do you mean by holding on to the ice, you're not holding on to the map? where oh really up Yahweh I'm like around the hammer you know crate ah hold still for a second I can't hold still.
There is something wrong with my brain. Wait a minute. Are you the best in the tower? Yes, we have seen it all the time. I'm pretty far, how so? Oh I'm far ok I know where to go I think I know where to go yeah I have no idea mate he has no idea but we'll see when it's not fun that we've been. in this hammer all the time and he's still oh you guys are obviously either lying or you hate it that tower has a basement too jelly just fyi but you're on top you're on top you just said that's a crane, he said. en no you said so i think you're lying you know stop camera sorry how are you so useless? a corner like this so much fun guys stop i'm on the right track stop sitting on me Josh hi stop riding me Josh oh no Creina be careful oh hi hi i'm on top of this trailer Nice to meet you hey we're definitely on top of that jelly tower wait seriously guys you know how hard it is to climb this tower wow there's more that's more hey guys. cheat grab oh god my leg is stuck in the map i can't move anymore yes we won actually you can't win i found you my leg yes i can literally see you btw wow that wasn't that much fun click here for another video which is even more fun , like 10 times funnier so yeah if you thought this one was cool check this one out it's not even kidding come on what?

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