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He Man Official ?? The House of Shokoti Part 1+2 ?? DOUBLE PARTER ?? He Man Full Episode

Jun 01, 2021
and the masters of the universe i am adam prince of eternia and defender of the secrets of castle greyskull this is cringer my fearless friend fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day i held up my magical sword and said by the power of grayskull cringer became the mighty battle cat and i become he-man the most powerful man in the universe only three others share this secret our friends the enchantress together we defend gray skull castle from the evil forces of skeletor come on cringer just a little jump please let me in peace or go i'm tired you're always tired how much you need sleep anyway leave me alone and i'll figure it out if you do this trick and a king likes it he'll probably give you a nice reward like a cake or a big bowl of ice cream ice cream or maybe even yummy fish yummy fish here i come hey uh you two having a good time this jumping cart are you sure it's making my magic hoop roll dumb co if you hadn't been dumb enough to float right in front of that dumb thing ho omg what's up?
he man official the house of shokoti part 1 2 double parter he man full episode
Adam. I receive a telepathic message from the sorceress. He-man and Battle Cat are wanted at Castle Grayskull. Looks like we're going to visit Sorceress Granger. I have received disturbing news from the fortress and. the sands i would like you to investigate what kind of news ten days ago a nomad came to the fortress he said he saw a strange building rising from the desert by his description it must have been something like this why is it a Pyramid The fortress sent men to look for it but They didn't find any trace of her. The pyramids don't disappear simply because of that.
he man official the house of shokoti part 1 2 double parter he man full episode

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he man official the house of shokoti part 1 2 double parter he man full episode...

I'm afraid some ancient evil is behind the strange occurrence. I'll go to the fortress immediately. going alone good gun man and helm after some space pirates but i can take ram man and orc then do it and good luck everyone the fortress should be right ahead of us loser fire is the fortress is under attack i have never seen spiders like that they are not real ones they're just machines trap jaw he made them up which means he's probably behind this attack are you sure these machines of yours will destroy that fortress they'll crush it it's time we launch it we're banged up wait I'm going to smash those metal buggies he- man your machines have failed he-man showed up damn who's the most powerful man in eternia and i hope he doesn't come here you said he'd be safe in your life it's you it's you believe me there's no way he-man could find us here , you better be right tractor here is just like you asked what is it man a control box from one of the jaw trap robots automatically brings them back from v return to trap jaw i get it we'll put it on our storming wind and it will take us a trap jaw look oh i don't get it when will your machines be ready to attack the fortress again?
he man official the house of shokoti part 1 2 double parter he man full episode
What is the hurry that the fortress sends me to look for my mistress's pyramid? is this your mistress anyway you will know that when she has awakened the sleeping beast and spreads the darkness through her hernia the fortress is just a small problem mask the real threat is he-man nice of you to say it metal mouth game se time's up for you two he wouldn't find us what ever since he's waited to come back mask is escaping we still got trap jaw won't you thank me so easily e-man huh the man needs my help what happened i hope this ain't too tight trappy what now amen take trap jaw back to the fortress in the orc sands and i'm going to the royal palace, shouldn't we try to find that pyramid?
he man official the house of shokoti part 1 2 double parter he man full episode
That's why I want to talk to Malacta, the royal archaeologist. In the past, he is the one who can help us find the mysterious pyramid that the mask is so eager to protect, okay, let's move on, you'll be sorry you meddled in my plans, key men, you'll be so sorry, well, you didn't give me much to go on. , I think I came up with something that might explain this problem. disappearing pyramid this ancient map tells of a


of darkness where a sleeping beast dwells it's here deep in the sands of time it must be that i bet it's a creepy old temple actually i'd say it's a tomb what do you think we should Find this tomb, I'll lead the expedition myself and we'll all go, right?
Do you want me to go to it? the monsters are on their feet they know they shouldn't barge in like this and i didn't give them some work to do yes sir sorry sir but i heard the prince had asked for help and well i thought we could finally go on an expedition it's true it's hooray that's no reason to disobey yes sir wait first say hello to prince adam and his friends will go with us prince adam this is stanley my apprentice nice to meet you stanley you are the prince oh wow i mean nice to meet you sir and i'm marco but you've heard of me uh no but it's nice to meet you and this is my friend my friend now where did he go? get the hell out now we have a lot to do tomorrow yes sir he is a good boy if only he learned to follow orders the king used to say the same about me when i was a boy he still says it what is our first stop malacca kalish village to hire a good guide from the desert, so they need a guy today to give me an idea.
I can not believe it. I have searched all over the city and there is no guide. I will be your guide. I've never seen you in college before. I'm new here, but I'm a good guide. We don't have many options. It's up to you to delay them long enough now to contact my new allies. We didn't know it was you. We were following this group just like you. Now listen care


y. The group will arrive at the pyramid sometime tomorrow. the night when they do i will give you a sign and you must capture them they will be good gifts for the sleeping beast bless this breakdown we won't reach our goal until long after dark hey what is that wow you gotta stop. that bulldozer im on my way ready or not yeah here i go we are far enough out of sight now let's keep it up sorry buddy but it takes he-man and battle cat hey man back in the arena with you sulky looks like i've had enough cats of battle wow prince adam told me all about you but i never thought i would find your way here i thought it would be a good idea if i kept an eye on you all i have to go now but i'll be around if you need me so we don't have to worry no reason.
You said it according to the map. We'll find the grave somewhere up there. I suggest we camp for the night and get started. digging in the morning good idea we can use the rest the time has come start your attack while i weave the spell to discover the


of darkness again get ready to attack better check it out randy okay wait for me what's going on well we'll find out but not like him prince adam and cringer something's going on up there hey what's going on reptile men the other two should be in that tent they're looking for us scale free face ram werecat i'll take care of that overgrown reptile yay get them wow don't put me down everything you say i guess we show those critters yeah but there's still one more villain to deal with and he's all mine house of darkness mask not so fast your scaly friends have failed you better give up wow this time i'll create a whole army of demons oh no no you will funny face marco not to get my mask back you're alright little friend the power of darkness was all contained in that mask but not anymore it will bother us, this mask was certainly a strange creature, it seems to have been more an evil shadow than a man, I hope the orca is okay, the sorceress will have him up and around in a few days at least mask did us the favor of discovering the tomb and now that he's gone it should be safe to explore i hope you're right molecular i hope you're right to continue in today's story i sure was busy boy that hurts ramen things may look funny but it's really not trying to use your head the way i do it not only is it dangerous it's silly i mean you could seriously hurt yourself so listen ramy play it safe and when you use your head use it the way it was meant to be used to think till later and the masters of universe i am adam prince of eternia and defender of the secrets of castle greyskull this is cringer my fearless friend fabulous secret powers were revealed to me the day i held held up my magic sword and said that by the power of cringer i became the mighty battle cat and i became he-man the most powerful man in the universe only three others share this secret our friends the sorceress together we defend castle grayskull from the evil forces of skeleton i hope we are doing the right thing molecular this pyramid could be filled with the evil prince adam as royal archaeologist it is my job to explore it regardless of the danger notice anything strange on this wall the standing bricks are not as old as the stone and the rest of the pyramid very well you are like a detective which means molecular well it means that almost a thousand years after this pyramid was built someone was afraid of something inside it that wall keeps it in good idea and to find out what it is we'll have to tear down the wall bad idea very bad idea well uh no point wasting wow good solid time i see the dark once again po We may need your head again no problem no it's not too dangerous we should wait for the sun to rise upstairs who is this shaboody shakoti she was an evil sorceress from the dark side of eternia very good your highness look the prince has been studying and if i remember those studies you're right about waiting for tomorrow let's go back to camp ram m and i'll stand guard here it's cool with you remy sure all the shabbos sashimi don't scare me a little scary huh? entering the pyramid at first light sir i will go in you will go back to the palace but sir you will need me who will carry the equipment it is too dangerous i promise next time will always be next time next time all i do is read these dog books i can never go exploring it's not fair listen stanley malacca he's right i know you're disappointed but you have to go rayman can go i bet even cringer can go i don't want to go Stand up when will you learn to obey?
Now go to bed at once and not another word. I know how it feels. It's hard to understand when you really want something. evil sorceress nothing to worry about good no problem no problem stanley whoo i thought you were a fungus well what are you doing here man you think you can walk through that door yeah right why malacha sent me from back tomorrow? just what's behind the door wow wow uh i don't think i should prince adam said please ram man please well maybe just what's behind the door hey good door man in two seconds i'm back in the royal palace so you better raise your sword not for power oh look up amen what are you doing here no time to talk stand numbers there oh what happened boy come to me come follow follow me there are many ways to go and i don't trust everything what i see in this place who is there welcome guys wait for me this is my house and you are my first guest in a long time what was that the sleeping beast will soon rise and what will happen the living darkness will cover the world i think i would better find the exit now melaka will be very worried you can't leave now boy you must stay and meet the beast when he wakes up bring me my darklings and i will prepare a trick for those behind him there is a wall in our way you want me to hit it he-man wait a minute let's take a closer look first hmm it looks solid but looks can be deceiving especially in the dark an illusion and a trap probably for you you mean i saw one wall, but there was no wall there, that's right, an illusion, a sorceress like chicoti.
He could use the darkness to trick us. We cannot be sure of anything we see. He discovered my illusion. Who are they? Boy. He is Ram Man and met in Battle Cap. Yes, they must come to my rescue. i see something there battle cat yeah i'm so much more come and find out the heroes are coming the beast will be delighted to see you amen stanley wait come on come on take care wicked boy boy glad to see you another illusion run what i have to drop don't fight ree oh he -man is in trouble and there is no one to help me the help is within yourself stan who is that i am the enchantress the enchantress prince adam said you help he-man sometimes boy if he needs it now then listen there is nothing to make fear in the dark the power of jakoti is the power of fear fight it with a sorceress sword wait what did you mean how i fight how i am shakoti mistress of the night set whats going on i think we are about to meet something we dont want to know if i may just breaking this must be magic sleeping nothing to be afraid of she said nothing get up get up take your sacrifice and spread the living darkness across the world don't be afraid don't be ace scared but never mind the beast lives again here's your story man good job stanley though i'm not sure how you did it the enchantress said don't be scared i think he's hungry i'll give him some snack grab stanley and get going.
I'll give you something a little bigger to eat. up yeah andhe dropped this whole statue on shaboody boy that was something i was never so scared in my whole life i should have obeyed malacca fine since you know i guess we can spare malach all the details but you're going back to the palace tomorrow yes sir and thank you prince adam don't you think i should go back to yes wait don't tell me you're still scared of chicoti man you said it right i did it oh yes i did yes yes great what did i do?
Let's say that in today's adventure, Stanley got trapped in an old dark building. He had to face many dangers, from demons to monsters. Now in your world there are no demons or monsters, but there is still danger in the old dark places. Empty buildings or caves may seem exciting, but you. you could get badly hurt or trapped in places like that so stay away from them even if one of your friends dares you to take a risk like that its not brave you are just dumb

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