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HARRY POTTER Phelps Twins Panel - Fandemic Tour Houston 2019

Jul 17, 2023
Yorkshire, so it's like a bit, I thought we described it, it's made from flour and milk, your pudding, yeah, yeah, that's pretty much it, yeah. Yorkshire pudding, yeah, and one more thing, I just got back from Australia and the first two days I was there because they had Harry Potter on Netflix, they literally just downloaded it and my sister got mad at me because I didn't want to leave the hotel room . because I thought I was bingeing mid-flight, it was like you were no longer in this area and that kicked me out, so thank you very much young man, your turn, good question, I've only played it two or three times.
harry potter phelps twins panel   fandemic tour houston 2019
My next door neighbor's son is too good at it and he's only 12 so I tried to play with him and they handed me his butt and I gave it back. How is that? I want to challenge him to a 1v1 and then catch James because he's not. It's going to be anyone, but he's not going to be worse than me, yes, no, I don't play for fifteen days for the simple reason that I played Red Dead Redemption: an incredible game, but my wife literally banned me from PlayStation afterwards of that because they got to a point where I was just going to take the horse for a ride.a little bit say happy wife happy it's okay thank you young man I appreciate the question ma'am then you talked about the topics at the Yule Ball that were movies but never made it into the movie, do you have any other scenes you filmed that you loved?
harry potter phelps twins panel   fandemic tour houston 2019

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harry potter phelps twins panel fandemic tour houston 2019...

There were a couple of things we did. I remember there was one just because I was watching the first movie a couple of weeks ago. I was at my godson's house and he's six years old and he really got me into it and he. if he had it on and he was looking at you saying that when he filmed that was this here, you know, this is very different than seeing fireman Sam with you and he was asking, they ask me the same thing and there's a scene at the Quidditch match and there's a part where I flew over and filmed it on green screen.
harry potter phelps twins panel   fandemic tour houston 2019
I flew over and then one of the gliding guys threw it over the back of my head and no, they knocked me down and I went flying in it. which I really wanted to see and then I remember the first time I saw it in the movies that do it, but they didn't need to do it. I think to double the violence fishing in Quidditch because they put me in the age rating went up so they had to make it a little less violent so you were too violent oh I don't know because Angelina Johnson gets rammed into the side of the state and, as a points system, allows three hits in a Quidditch match, otherwise.
harry potter phelps twins panel   fandemic tour houston 2019
He says, so I could bloat that job, you have to sit there, no, it's okay, thanks for your question, man, it's okay, because we got to play the characters' job, it seems like a lot of people wanted to be able to play, we were able to laugh. I could smile and in almost every scene, especially in the later movies, when things get a little dark, something you probably see goes by a lot. We are a little serious, but then there will be a smile, always thinking there is something more. because that's what the characters are, they're very driven characters, but they're very much like not taking, not taking things too seriously, so even when they're launching the joke shop and you know starting a business could be It's a kind of stressful time, they're more interested in just pushing everything, they're brothers asking for something, we're going to raise the price for that for you, so they were really cool characters to be able to play and the best.
The thing is that when we go out and people recognize us, they see us as the good guys, so they talk to us to chat, which is not the same because I was actually having a drink with Tom Felton a couple of ago. A few months ago and a guy came up to us at the bar and said something: "I'd love to buy you a drink, no, you're a bad guy." Thank you very much for your question, okay, what was the funniest thing that happened to you? There were a couple of funny times, yeah, the thing is, sometimes, we just laugh and you know, when that happens and it's impossible to stop, so, and if it were Oliver Rupert and I together, that would happen a lot. almost every day at one point, the worst I remember was in the fifth movie, when the Room of Requirement is discovered and the camera shot goes through the entire cast like an arrow and it always fell on Oliver Rupert and someone did it . just see, we're at the end of the line too, if you look at the end, it was literally like just look away, look away, look away, look at this, hold your breath and there was another one that worked like that.
Something happened in the third movie when Harry was the second, a third movie, it's after a Quidditch match and everyone is looking around Harry and he wakes up and he's in the hospital wing and everyone is around him, but that's a lot. longer than it should. I kept having cramps, there were a lot of you because it's a cramp because of the type of camera and we were around, but at the same time some of you say: I can't, I need the bathroom or something like that. Someone says something dumb and it gets dumber and dumber so yeah I guess that proved that theory never works with pets or kids we were 21 okay ma'am you have a question um yeah there's been a lot Harry Potter. questions, but stepping back from that a little bit, we know that Harry Potter is a huge franchise, so if you guys could be in any other kind of really big franchise and maybe it wouldn't have been Harry Potter, what would it be? you're in and why are you going so big, big, big everywhere.
I really like the crown on Netflix. I'm a pretty historical person, so it'll be cool, yeah, yeah, there's something against it online, so it was the Lego movie to be the yellow guy, thank you. I really appreciate it, we're running out of time, so we only have a chance to ask a couple more questions, so ma'am, go ahead, hello, tonight Houston has an important baseball game, so my question is how is, since yes I'm right, you all are on the opposite football, like you have a proper football, yeah, what's it like to be on the opposite team?
So your question is always, oh, what's it like being on a different team, like supporting two different football teams? true yes yes those who don't know Oliver good support there are two teams in our city where we are from and we both support each other so I support Birmingham he has Aston Villa and they don't get on well but Aston Villa is far away. better than my team yeah, that's true, that's true, so no, it's amazing, it's really cool. I guess it's, you know, just seeing them play well too, that's really cool, but I mean, like you say, with the big thing about the city today, especially with the While the baseball game is going on, we love watching the local sports wherever we are, whatever it is, because I think that's where you see the true meaning of the city, especially because they're doing big, so on Thursday night in the hotel bar they were watching the game and the place was full of excitement and everything so I'm really excited to be able to watch it tonight with all the locals and hopefully I hope you guys make it to the World Series well hello go ahead and ask your questions which movie Was your favorite the Philosopher's Stone or in London the Philosopher's Stone the Chamber of Secrets the Prisoner of Azkaban the Goblet of Fire the Order of the Half-Blood Prince of the Phoenix or The Deathly Hallows which was which or two Jackie did you really do which Do you remember much more than I do? about that Prisoner of Azkaban.
That would be why yours maybe because I was reading The Prisoner of Azkaban when we got the part and you know the smell of a book. Yeah, you know, that's mine every time I smell that smell. Now I think about when I was reading the book when we chose the American edition of Deathly Hallows, why in the first part I always wanted to have a battle wound in everyone, so when they cut my ear off, that was it, that was it . one of them because we were able to make everything really gory and in fact, the first test they did they had it really gory, even though they had it literally hanging, it was grades.
I was like they literally said we can't do that because you know those low skill bits on the side and it wasn't that cool and they would say yeah so in the end it was more like a hole with a bunch of singed hair in SF, Yeah? We'll have to stop asking questions because we'll have to finish, but I have one last question for you, if you could go back in time and tell your younger selves where they would be today, what would you have told them? them, so my younger self I still am, but I was a big space nerd, so I would say you'd be in Houston and you'd go to NASA Houston.
I hope to go there on this trip, so I can't wait to go and check it out, but also traveling to meet you guys is really cool, so thank you so much for making us feel so welcome here. Yes, I would tell my younger self no. I wouldn't prepare it. what to just ignore it because that's the emotion of this, that's the emotion of this because we've just let ourselves go and I think that's kept us not knowing what's on the horizon, it just made us embrace it a lot more. for whatever we are, because I'm into this kind of thing where people almost plan to meet in advance, so either you're thinking too much about the quick, I see myself in front of you or you're looking away in front of you.
It's a really philosophical way to finish your jet lag thoughts. I'm lying in bed at night thinking like this, so today the main thing is just having fun with all of you and just enjoying the moment, living in the moment, loving each other tomorrow. Let's get it over with. Thank you very much James and all the results. Thank you all. This is Goku, thanks for watching. Remember, don't forget to subscribe.

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